AN: I'm sorry.  I know its non-canon, but I couldn't resist.  Let's see what happens when one life is saved.

Chapter 1

Year 2509 of the Third Age

                  Elrond greeted his wife with a quick kiss, taking her hands.

                  " I trust your trip was satisfying?" he asked in a low voice.

Celebrían leaned up, taking one more taste of his chapped lips.

                  " Aye. I was glad Nana sent extra guards.  We moved swifter and were able to defeat an orc band."  Seeing Elrond's dark and worried expression, she quickly added: " No one was injured, but if we had lagged a day, they would have caught us in the Pass of Caradhras and surely the outcome would have been different."

His brow puckered further.  Celebrían gently caressed his cheek, tilting her hand and causing her hair to ripple over her back in the most alluring way.

                  " You need not worry, Herven.  Twas my last journey for a while.  I believe I find you a far more attractive partner than solitude."

                  Elrond laughed a little.

                  " Anyone is better than solitude."

                  " Not Sauron," Celebrían reminded.

Elrond's bright countenance faded. His shoulders slumped a little and his demeanor shifted back towards the stern lord.  Celebrían sighed, shaking her head.

                  " Forgive me, Elrond, I just-"

                  " Nana!"

                  Two identical bodies slammed into her at a fast speed, planting twin kisses on either cheek and then trying to hug her at the same time.  Elrond was unwillingingly drawn into the jumble of arms containing his wife and sons.

                  " Nana, we missed you so much," Elladan kissed her cheek again.

                  " Aye, Ada is always in a foul mood when you leave.  If makes it hard for us to get anything our way," Elrohir added with a dimpled grin.

                  Celebrían swatted at him.

*He has always been the heartbreaker with those dimples.

She shook her head, looking at the two generations before her and marveling at their identical bodies.  She finally lifted her chin and crossed her arms.

                  " I was going to remain here for the rest of my days, instead of returning to Lórien.  Do not already make me change my mind."

The twins smiled inwardly at the tender glance their father sent their mother. It was always reassuring to know their marriage was far from the political settlement that the rumors made it to be.

                  " Where is Arwen?" Celebrían asked.

                  " In the library, no doubt.  She has become a bookworm at Ada's leading," Elrohir answered, his gray eyes twinkling mischievously.

Elrond this time swatted at him with one hand; the other now protectively around Celebrían's waist as they slowly strolled towards their homely house.

                  " Is this true?  My little girl has turned to the numerous volumes of Imladris?" Celebrían asked.

Elrond shrugged.

                  " She enjoys it."

                  The twins delivered two more kisses on her cheeks before striding towards Glorfindel, to listen in to the Elf's words.  Celebrían smiled slightly.

                  " They have grown up.  They are Rangers, part of Imladris' head guard, and the heirs of Imladris," she hugged her husband's waist gently.

                  " They are great warriors," Elrond conceded, " As this war looms, I fear their skills will be called out to join the Rangers in Gondor."

Celebrían shook her head, looking up at him with a smile.

                  " They will listen to you before they do their Captain.  They respect your opinion," she rubbed his arm, " They know you have already lost so many to Sauron."

Elrond shrugged, hating his wife's perception.  She turned down his face.

                  " What haunts you now?"

He shook his head.

                  " I will not speak it in the open for even you may find it hard to believe."


                  Elrond sat on the edge of their bed, twisting his hands.  Celebrían sat beside him, beginning to undo his luxurious hair from its braids and bindings.

                  " We are all alone and no one will bother us," she said softly.

Elrond surprised her by putting his face in his hands.  Celebrían climbed off the bed, kneeling before him and moving his hands. Her eyes searched his.

                  " What is it?"

                  " I am so relieved you are here.  I saw…" his voice trailed off abruptly and his expression hardened, " It does not matter now.  You are safe."

                  " What?  What did you see?" Celebrían pressed.

Elrond pressed his lips together, finally consenting to her pressing.

                  " Your party lagged a day behind in its travel routine.  You were in the Pass of Caradhras and a band of orcs struck.  Everyone of your guard was killed and you," Elrond looked up at her, his eyes dark with grief, " And you were taken."

He opened his mouth to say more, but decided against it. 

                  Celebrían rose, pulling him close.  Elrond sighed.

                  " I am glad you are home safe."

She looked up at him with a smile.

                  " That seems to be a resounding thought with you."

                  " You did not see what I did," Elrond replied.

He rose with a sigh.

                  " Where are you going, Elrond?"

He glanced back at her and then at the night sky.  He smiled slightly.

                  " Forgive me.  It becomes a habit after two months."

                  " Stop locking yourself in that study.  Now come.  I am tired and there is no way that you are going to your study and leaving my bed cold."


                  Elrond turned over in the middle of the night to simply watch her sleep.  The moon lit her pale hair and skin with its silver light, causing her to seem to glow.  It was a relief just to have her here, safe and whole.

*No other vision has shaken me like that one. I do not know if I could have gone on if she indeed would have left these shores. 

He leaned a hand across, gently running a finger over her cheek.  She stirred slightly, making him draw back his hand quickly.  She only shifted, snuggling closer to her husband's warm body.

*I am so blessed to have her.

                  It was then he noted that two light eyes were watching him as steadfastly as his watched her.

                  " You are awake," she murmured.

He simply leaned over, kissing her forehead.

                  " Sleep, Bree."

She snuggled closer, laying her head in the crook of his shoulder.  She rubbed her head slightly against the smooth silk nightshirt.

                  " Im meleth le," she murmured.

He gently laid another kiss amidst her hair.

                  " I have never doubted that."

Celebrían just smiled, looking up at him.

                  " Sing for me."

Elrond began the soft lullaby he had found lulled her quickly to sleep even after all these years.  He watched her eyelids grow heavy and finally her submission into dreams.  He laid another kiss on her forehead.

*May she never be asked from my side.


                  The door creaked open a little, followed by whispers.

                  " You look.  I do not wish to."

                  " No, you.  You are the one that thought of this."

Arwen silenced her brothers, before peeking around the door.  She sighed in relief.

                  " They still wear nightclothes."

A sigh of relief went through them all.  The children could remember a few times when they had been surprised in the mornings at their parents' state of dress.

                  The three crept in.  Arwen carefully juggled the tray.  She set it aside, going to her father's side.

                  " Ada, Ada," she said softly.

Elrond's eyes opened almost instantly.  He blinked a few times, turning over and glancing at her.

                  " What is it, Undómiel?"  He sat up on his elbows, careful not to wake his still sleeping wife.  " Is something wrong?"

Arwen shook her head with a smile.  Elrond glanced over at the twins waking their mother.  His eyes immediately became wary.

                  " What do you three Balrogs want?"

                  Arwen simply kissed his cheek, sitting on the bed.

                  " I do not want anything Ada."

The twins sat the breakfast tray between their parents with much pomp and hurried talking.  Celebrían and Elrond exchanged a glance.  They put down the forks offered to them.  Elrond ran a hand over his hair with a sigh.

                  " What is it you two need to ask me that you try and butter up your mother for?  Could this not have waited until breakfast?"

                  " Breakfast was nearly three hours ago, Ada," Elladan replied softly while Elrohir just grinned, a little too cheekily for Elrond's liking.

                  Elrond shrugged.

                  " What is it then that you could not wait until I exited this room?"

The twins exchanged a glance.  Celebrían caught Elrond's lips tighten as Elladan took a step forward.

                  " Our Captain had relayed news to us.  He wishes to send us to Gondor, to Osgiliath."

Elrond glanced at Celebrían.  She wore a worried expression.  She made sat up and motioned for her robe.  Elladan handed it to her since he was the closest.  She rose, wrapping it firmly around her.

                  " Come, Arwen.  This is a discussion to be held between your father and brothers."

Celebrían met Elrond's eyes.

*Tell them you advise against it, but do not bar them from leaving. 

Elrond nodded slightly.

*I can no longer protect them as if they are children.  Sometimes I wish they had never grown up or had become healers.

Celebrían rubbed her husband's shoulder, before leaving them alone.

                  Elrond bid the twins to sit.  He sighed, before looking up at them.

                  " I will tell you that I am set against allowing you go to Gondor."  The twins' faces fell.  " But, you are past your fiftieth year.  I am not allowed to make such decisions for you.  You must decide yourself.  If you decide to go, then my blessings follow.  If not, then I am even happier."

                  " Ada, we do not wish to displease you," Elladan began.

Elrond shook his head.

                  " It does not displease me that you wish to serve your Captain.  I only fear that my sons may be struck by a stray arrow or worse," Elrond interrupted, " I know your skills surpass many, but there is always that small margin of chance that you deal with every time you wage a fight."

The twins nodded.  Elrond began to rise also.

                  " If you two will excuse me, I need to become presentable.  There were no guests this morning, were there?"

The twins shook their heads.  Elrond nodded briskly.  He disappeared around the corner into the private baths.  The twins exchanged mournful glances.

                  " What do we do?"

                  " One of us goes," Elladan answered, " And one stays here."


                  Arwen enjoyed listening to her mother sing.  The sweet soprano notes danced upon the bright morning air completed with the soft strumming of a harp.  Arwen leaned forward, her eyes bright as she watched her mother's long fingers brush the harp into submission.  Celebrían glanced over at her daughter, before ending the song.

                  " Nana, please continue.  It sounds so beautiful.  You never sing anymore because you are always…gone…"

Arwen's face immediately became apologetic.  Celebrían's eyes lightened with sadness.

                  " I know.  I have not been here very much, have I?"

Arwen shook her head. Celebrían bid her over.

                  " Put your hands here."

                  " Nana?"

                  " I think you should learn how to play."

                  Elrond watched the two with a sad smile. 

*Why could my sons not be content with Imladris? 

He scratched his head, turning into his study across the hall from Celebrían's.  He collapsed, looking at the many papers strewn about.  Elrond sighed, before setting to make some sense of their order.


                  Elladan sat in his mother's study, pretending to read, while in fact, he was busily listening to her lesson with Arwen. 

*She is home to stay.  Arwen has sorely needed her for the last few years. 

His thoughts turned to his brother.

*I hate being the eldest.  I was cheated out of Osgiliath.

He shrugged slightly to himself.

*Maybe it will not kill Ada so if he knows at least one of us remain.

Elladan shook his head, putting down the book.

*He will worry continuously anyways.  Elrohir said he did when I went with Mithrandir to Dol Guldur.

                  " Elladan, come join us," Arwen laughed.

Elladan let his book fall as he sat at his mother's feet.

*All shall be well.  It always ends well for the Sons of Elrond.