Author's notes: A Herald's Wings

Okay here's how it stands. I got bored and started writing yet another fic. I know I should be working on the ones I had already started but this idea and those damn plot bunnies just wouldn't leave me alone. This is an original fic using mostly original characters and is set in Misty's world. It takes place at the end of The Owl Trilogy.

I have created my own race of people which are called "The Lost" or the children of the White City. One of the main characters is called YoShen, he is a member of The Lost. He also has some "strange" magical gifts that you briefly get to see in this first part of the story. You'll get to see more of them as the story goes. YoShen's people are a lot like the ancient Japanese or Chinese people but slightly different. They do not like strangers and have very strict cultural rules. Many of which make the Valdamarians seem like barbarians. So how will YoShen be able to get along with Herald Alexian?

Herald Alexian is out on his first assignment in the field. He saves YoShen and ends up becoming the "owner", for lack of a better term, of YoShen. Alexian's companion is called Ylsa and is not the Ylsa from the books. It just happens to be a coincidental name. Both Alexian and YoShen are around nineteen years old. The two find themselves stuck with each other, unable to speak the same tongue and trapped in a situation that makes it hard to become friends.

The story is slash oriented. Their will be more graphic shaych relationships in later chapters. The later chapters may contain lemon so I'll have to post them somewhere else. You will be able to find the graphic version at If I can ever find out how to make a web page I'll post this story up with my other stories and the art work I have done for them. I have several pics of YoShen and one with both him and Alexian. So I really want to make a web page. *PLEA!! If anyone knows how and would be willing to help me contact me at my email :

Thanks. Have fun reading. C & C is most welcome. And will cause chapters to be posted faster.