Chapter Nine: Epilogue

Two Years Later

Gray walked down the familiar path of the university's campus. His class just let out, and he was looking forward to relaxing in his dorm for the rest of the day. He gave a slight wave to a few of his friends as he entered the building where his room was located, sighing as he came to his door.

He thought he was going to lounge around for a while, but he realized that wasn't going to happen a moment later.

As soon as the door opened, Gray heard the sound of music in his room. He furrowed his brows, knowing for a fact he hadn't left his stereo on when he left that morning. He doubted it was his roommate, seeing as they were always spending their time at their girlfriend's apartment off campus.

Gray swung the door open, revealing the culprit responsible for the music. Laying on his stomach, flipping through a textbook, was Gray's significant other. Natsu glanced up, the corners of his lips quirking up as his eyes returned to the book. "What's up?"

Gray blinked, his mouth opening and closing before he found his voice. "Wh-what are you doing here?"

Natsu ignored the confusion in Gray's voice, instead turning the page before jotting down a few notes. "Studying."

"I can see that," Gray said, his heartbeat calming down. He pressed a hand to his bare chest, wondering two things. 'When did my heart start racing, and where the fuck is my shirt?'

Gray's eyes trailed down from Natsu's face, looking over his arms to his torso. Only then did Gray realized Natsu was also without a shirt, but that wasn't all. Upon further 'investigation', Gray saw Natsu was clad in only a pair of boxers, a pair he recognized all too well.

"Are... are those mine?"

Natsu let out a hum before writing something else on his notebook. "Oh, these? Maybe."

"No, not maybe," Gray said, his voice growing more firm. "Those are definitely mine." He recognized the navy blue boxers with light blue pinstripes down the sides. After spending the night at Natsu's house a few months ago, neither could find his boxers the next morning, or so Gray thought. "You told me you couldn't find those!"

"Did I?" Natsu asked, his coy smile giving him a way.

'That bastard! He stole my boxers!'

As if sensing what Gray was thinking, Natsu closed his book, putting it and his notebook to the edge of the bed before turning on his side, allowing Gray to see every inch of his chest, stomach, and legs. "If you want them so bad, I guess you're gonna have to take them from me."

The teasing tone left no room for doubts, Gray knew Natsu was up to something. "Are you tryin' to seduce me?" Gray asked, barely holding back a chuckle.

Clearly Natsu wasn't amused, his coy smile turning into a frown. "Well I was, but now I think I'd rather do something else." The way his hands balled into fists let Gray know he was looking for a fight, but Gray didn't have the energy to grapple with Natsu right now.

Gray chuckled as he sat on the bed, smiling at the way Natsu's eyes went wide. "Actually, I think I prefer the first one," he whispered, laying a hand on Natsu's waist, trailing it up towards his chest. "If that's still an option?"

He was too tired to fight, but he always had a little energy saved for other activities. Well, that wasn't completely true, but right now he felt up to play.

Natsu leaned into his touch, the gleam in his green eyes revealing his interest. Gray leaned down, sealing his lips against Natsu's. The kiss started slow, each one getting a feel of the other's mood before progressing deeper. Before either of them knew it, Natsu was pinned down, cooler hands running over his toned arms before venturing over his defined abs.

Gray swallowed the moan Natsu released when a hand brushed over his crotch, his cock hardening from the pleasure that came with kissing Gray. A hand moved to grab Natsu's head, running his fingers through damp hair. He pulled back just enough to whisper, "Did you shower?" before kissing him again.

Natsu nodded, his own hands grabbed at Gray's belt, deft fingers working to loosen the offending object. Natsu nipped at Gray's lips, earning a groan before Natsu mumbled against his lips.

"And I prepped myself." His voice was airy, making something in Gray's lower stomach coil with anticipation. He didn't need to ask, knowing Natsu wanted to be taken, but he moaned the words anyway, loving the way they felt and sounded out loud.

"You want me to fuck you?"

Natsu arched his back, his fingers undoing Gray's pants stilling for a second as he let the words sink in. Dirty talk was one of Natsu's biggest weaknesses, sending fire through his veins. "Yes," he whispered, his green eyes growing hazier by the minute.

Despite Natsu saying he prepped himself, Gray wanted to 'make sure' he was ready. Of course, that was a cover. He wanted an excuse to feel every inch of Natsu's body.

Gray leaned back, shifting his hips to rid himself of his pants and underwear while Natsu laid still, wanting Gray to undress him. Once Gray's fingers reached for the waistband, Natsu swatted his hands away, a smirk spreading on his face as he said, "No hands."

Holding back the urge to groan in frustration, the wheels in Gray's brain started to turn, figuring out what Natsu wanted. It didn't take much thinking, especially when Natsu flashed him a grin, revealing his sharp teeth.

Chuckling, Gray positioned himself on the bed before placing both hands on either side of Natsu's waist, preparing himself for what was to come. Natsu's lips parted when Gray tried biting at the waistband, his teeth and tongue brushing over Natsu's waist every time he messed up.

"I love watching you struggle," Natsu laughed, a hint of lust hidden in his tone, but Gray heard it.

He wanted to fire off with something clever, but he decided teasing might get him more results. With the boxers still on Natsu, Gray's mouth went straight for his covered cock, wrapping his lips sideways over his erection while his tongue started wetting the material.

As soon as Natsu's warm hands wound themselves into Gray's hair, he knew he had him right where he wanted, but he didn't stop, continuing to play with Natsu through the thin material.

"Fuck, that feels good," Natsu groaned, trying to push Gray's mouth closer to his tip, but Gray wasn't budging. He wouldn't give in that easy, wanting to taunt Natsu after the earlier request.

Impatient, Natsu started shrugging off the boxers, revealing his thick cock. He wasn't fired up enough to start leaking, but oh, was he close. He growled when he felt Gray's mouth directly on his cock, tongue licking and lips sliding along the heated skin. As if that wasn't enough, Gray's hand started stroking him as his mouth traveled south, sucking lightly on one of Natsu's balls before going further down.

Natsu cried out when he felt Gray's hot tongue on his asshole. His hands tangled in Gray's soft hair, pulling him closer to his body. The wet muscle licked circles around his ring of muscles before trying to breach it, Natsu's heart pounding as he let out a moan. He loved the feeling of Gray's tongue licking him, and this was no exception.

Gray darted his tongue out, trying to penetrate Natsu's ass. He almost smiled when he tasted a hint of lube, letting him know Natsu did more to prep himself than Gray thought. He wanted to ask what Natsu used to loosen himself, but he was too busy listening to the pleasurable sounds coming from his boyfri— No, not boyfriend anymore, not since one month ago.

Gray pulled himself up, almost smirking when he heard Natsu whining that it had ended too soon. "I'm not done," Gray whispered, voice deepening with lust and anticipation. He shifted over to his nightstand, pulling out the bottle of lube and an injector. Just as he thought, a bit of lube was missing.

If Gray wasn't too preoccupied with filling the injector and sliding it into Natsu's ass, he might have asked Natsu to demonstrate what he did to himself, but he could ask later. Right now, Gray wanted Natsu to only think of his touches.

After filling Natsu's body with lube and then licking at the twitching hole for another minute or two, Gray started slathering two fingers with lube, some of the liquid running to the base of Gray's middle finger on his left hand. He didn't mind getting a little lube on his engagement ring. He could always wash it off later.

Gray's breath ghosted over Natsu's leaking cock, his voice dark as he asked, "What do you want me to do to you?" As he spoke, the tip of one of his fingers bumped against Natsu's asshole, his body leaning towards the touch.

"Finger me," he moaned, not an ounce of embarrassment in his voice. "Please."

"You're so fucking sexy, Natsu," he moaned as his free hand stroked himself. Natsu didn't answer, a strangled moan passing through his lips as Gray worked his two wet fingers into Natsu's ass.

After countless times 'practicing', Gray knew what Natsu's body liked, and Natsu knew how to relax his lower half, allowing Gray to penetrate him without it hurting. It helped that Natsu had prepared himself before, making it easier to loosen his tight passage.

When his fingers were completely inside Natsu's hole, Gray looked up, admiring the flush that coated his fiancé's chest. He waited just a moment, stretching his fingers outwards to feel how tight Natsu's body was before retreating, keeping only one inch of fingers inside of Natsu before pushing back in.

Natsu's hand tightened its grip in Gray's hair, his green eyes hazy as he accepted the fingers thrusting inside him, slowly gaining speed.

Gray angled his fingers to brush over the firm bulb of tissue that made Natsu see stars. His thick cock throbbed, milky fluid seeping out of the head the longer Gray stimulated his prostate.

After a few minutes of playing with Natsu's ass, he was dripping with need, voice turning raspy as he said, "Gray, I'm ready."

"Are you sure?" Gray asked, scissoring his fingers to stretch him further.

Natsu nodded, his head feeling dizzy as he moaned, "I want you so bad."

Gray couldn't argue with that. He took his time withdrawing his fingers from Natsu. While he grabbed the bottle of lube to smear over his cock, Natsu panted, on the verge of getting overwhelmed. Gray knew without a doubt if he had continued, Natsu would have finished from just using his fingers, but he wanted it to last a bit longer before they were done.

When Gray was satisfied with the amount of lube on his cock, he went to grab the towel hanging off one of his chairs. He set it down, ready to instruct Natsu to lay down over it, but his voice cut out when he felt strong arms pulling him downwards.

Natsu pushed Gray on his back, forcing him to lay on the towel. Gray was about to ask what was going on, seeing as he thought he was going to be the one fucking Natsu, but his confusion faded as soon as he felt the bed dip, Natsu climbing on top of him to straddle his hips.

The thought of Natsu riding him had Gray groaning. He didn't know what he did to get such good fortune, but he wasn't going to question it. Instead, he was going to enjoy his treat and the view of his love bouncing on him.

Natsu lowered himself onto Gray's cock, holding the base with a firm grip so it would go in easier. A string of mumbled curses fell from Natsu's lips as he shifted his hips, lining his body up to accept Gray's arousal.

Gray felt his cock penetrate the tight ring of muscles, Natsu stopping to take a few deep breaths before sinking further down. Gray massaged Natsu's thighs, hoping it would stimulate some pleasure and lessen the discomfort.

Natsu was halfway down Gray's cock when he stopped again, adjusting to the feeling of being spread. He leaned down, gasping at the new angle of penetration as he covered Gray's mouth with his, his kisses fast and sloppy as his hips moved again, taking more of Gray into his ass.

Gray tried to tell Natsu how good it felt, but it all came out as moans which Natsu swallowed, hungrily licking and nipping at Gray's lips and tongue. Natsu used Gray's mouth as a distraction while burying the cock deeper inside himself, relishing in the sensation of being filled.

Once Gray was completely inside Natsu, he thought he might stop again, but Natsu started pulling up without hesitation, only to thrust back down. "Oh fuck!" Gray managed to grunt, his hands grabbing at Natsu's ass to spread his cheeks apart, allowing another half-inch of himself to enter that hot body.

Natsu's hand gripped at Gray's chest, feeling the firm muscles beneath his fingers as he massaged the area, flickering his thumbs over Gray's nipples once or twice to draw a whimper from the man he loved.

Natsu used his thighs to lift and drop himself over and over again, riding Gray's cock like a pro. After years of experimenting with different positions, he found he loved this one and one other the best. Luckily for him, Gray enjoyed them too. They switched often, neither being satisfied with doing the same thing too often.

When they first started having sex, they were like rabbits, going at it whenever they were alone, but now they had calmed down, realizing they had all the time in the world to explore each other's bodies, needs, wants, and desires.

They were comfortable, something not everyone could say while being in a relationship.

After a while, Natsu's legs started to shaking from exhaustion. Gray took it upon himself to keep things going, bucking up into Natsu so he could take a break. Natsu didn't mind one bit, enjoying the way Gray thrust into his body while Natsu's mouth went to cover Gray's neck, sucking at the flesh.

He moved downwards as much as he could go from that angle, leaving love bites and faint hickeys on Gray's chest and shoulders. He didn't want to leave anything too dark, knowing Gray liked to strip out of his shirt when he was nervous or anxious.

As much as Natsu loved marking Gray, he knew Gray didn't want to look like he was attacked by a piranha around campus. Besides, the ring Natsu gave him was plenty to show they belonged together, Gray's heart taken by the fiery man currently riding his cock.

Jolts of fire and electricity sparked all throughout Gray's body as Natsu started moving his body too, meeting Gray's thrusts to make them faster and harder. He looked at Natsu's face, seeing his teeth were clenched, trying to hold back from allowing the pleasure to overwhelm him.

"You feel..." Gray started, realizing he was panting as he spoke. "... so fucking amazing!"

Natsu moaned in response, his eyes screwing shut as his fingers dug into Gray's chest. Gray's cock was sliding against his prostate, giving him just the right amount of stimulation. Too much and Natsu would be uncomfortable, but when riding Gray, it was perfect.

"God damn! Nggh!"

Natsu's mouth went to Gray's neck, kissing him as they moved fluidly against each other. Gray's cock slid in and out of his asshole with ease, well lubricated and loosened to make them both feel nothing but pleasure.

"I love the way you fill me," Natsu murmured, pressing his nose against Gray's jaw before gliding towards his ear. He nibbled on Gray's earlobe as he purposely clenched around the cock in his ass, causing Gray to shout out.

"Damn! Ahhhh!"

Natsu loved that sound, his own moans accompanying Gray's. He gave his heart to this man, knowing he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him. He trusted Gray in every aspect, the two of them growing closer over the years. Their bond was strong, and Natsu knew it would only get stronger.

Natsu didn't know how long they were at it, but judging by the burning in his thighs and the way Gray slowed down his thrusts, he could tell it was a while. He abruptly stopped, his ass pressing against Gray's body. Before Gray could ask what was happening, Natsu was lifting himself off, a low groan tearing from Gray's throat as he felt his cock dragging against Natsu's walls.

Natsu stood on wobbly legs, his smile turning lazy as he motioned for Gray to stand up too. He did, much to Natsu's satisfaction. Instead of getting straight to the next position, Natsu wound his arms around Gray. He pulled him tight against his body before capturing his lips in a heated kiss, tongue invading Gray's mouth a second later.

It took a moment for Gray to catch up, his mind foggy with lust and need. He matched Natsu's intensity, fingers weaving into that soft pink hair, tugging at his scalp to earn a soft whimper from his partner.

Natsu led them back to the bed, positioning Gray at the edge while his tongue worked to distract him. Natsu's teeth bit Gray's lower lip, pulling it as he let out a growl. Gray shivered in his arms, causing Natsu to smirk. He knew what his fiancé enjoyed, and Natsu aimed to please.

After ending the kiss, Natsu cupped Gray's cheek, dragging his thumb over the swollen part of his lip before tilting his head, letting his pink locks shift with the action. Judging by the look in Gray's eyes, Natsu had his full attention.

Without saying a word, Natsu turned around, looking over his shoulder to watch Gray's reaction as he placed his knees on the bed, his hands steadying himself as he bent over. Gray's lips stayed parted as he panted, but the flush on his chest and neck darkened, his eyes slowly flitting from Natsu's face, down his back, then finally resting on his firm ass. Natsu didn't have to ask, he knew Gray loved fucking him like this.

Just because Natsu loved torturing Gray with his teasing, he dipped his back so his ass stuck out closer to him. In a growl, Natsu whispered, "Please, fuck me."

Gray didn't have to be told twice, but he did let out a curse as he grabbed the bottle of lube, slathering more on his cock before tossing the container back on the bed.

His wet hand grabbed Natsu's hip as he moved closer, his other hand spreading one of Natsu's cheeks so he could get a better look at the ass he was going to enter. He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down Natsu's crack, his partner moaning at the sensation.

He took a deep breath before grabbing the base of his cock, pushing against the ring of muscles, feeling Natsu's anus grant him access without much resistance after everything they did before. Gray moaned as he sank in, relishing in the tight heat that engulfed him. Natsu's ass seemed to be sucking him in, desiring his cock just as much as Gray desired to fuck Natsu.

The first three thrusts were slow, getting Natsu used to the new angle while also ensuring he wasn't going to get hurt. However, Natsu seemed to enjoy it all, moans and soft grunts slipping past his lips as Gray picked up speed.

Natsu grabbed the pillow on the bed, bringing it to his mouth before biting it. He knew if he didn't watch himself, he was going to get Gray in trouble... again. Natsu had a bad habit of being a little too loud in this position, but he couldn't help it. The way Gray's cock slid over his prostate and spread him wide had him crying out for more.

"Oh fuck yes!"

Natsu's forehead burned as he blushed, knowing he was on full display for Gray, but he loved it. He loved the rush beating through his veins, his heartbeat pulsing in his ears. He loved everything Gray did to him, his throat vibrating as he moaned, biting the pillow hard enough that it could have ripped.

Gray's hands were gripping onto Natsu's hips with bruising pressure, his own hips bucking hard to get Natsu to lose control. He knew he would get in trouble if they were too loud, but part of him didn't care. He absolutely loved Natsu's sexy voice when he was lost in pleasure, but he also loved hearing the desperation in Natsu's voice when he was trying to hold back.

"Fuck," Gray moaned, throat feeling tight and dry. "Everything you do is so fucking sexy!"

Natsu clenched around Gray harder. Whether it was in response to what Gray said or not, Gray didn't care. It felt amazing, everything about Natsu was incredible. When his nails dug into Natsu's skin, he clenched again, bringing Gray closer to the edge.

Natsu's teeth released the pillow, moan after moan tumbling from his mouth. "Yes, oh fucking hell yes! God! Fuck Gray! Fuck that feels so good! Y-yes!"

Gray's hips stuttered when they both heard a knock on their door. Someone shouted something about keeping it down, but honestly, Gray couldn't hear, his attention on Natsu.

Unfortunately for Gray, but fortunately for everyone outside of his room, Natsu bit the pillow again, muffling his sounds. Gray didn't let that get him down, knowing if Natsu wanted to keep it down, he would respect his wishes.

Gray regained his pace, giving Natsu long and fast pumps to his tight passage. Natsu began clenching more often, signaling his end was near as well. Gray wrapped his arm around Natsu's body, finding his leaking cock.

Natsu let out a choked sob when he felt Gray stroking him. White spots dotted his vision as pleasure overwhelmed him. It didn't take long before Natsu's cock started twitching, his head burying into the pillow as he let out a loud moan, thankfully muffled so it didn't disturb anyone outside.

Gray didn't last either. Feeling Natsu's cum shoot out onto the towel and all over his fingers, combined with the way Natsu's ass wrapped tighter around Gray's cock as he clenched over and over again, was his undoing. He released with a groan, filling Natsu's ass with his essence. He continued to thrust inside as he spurted out, making sure to give Natsu everything he had.

Natsu fell forward on the bed, exhausted and needing a nap to recuperate. Gray was hunched over Natsu, his chest rising and falling rapidly. He had one hand propped up on the bed while the other was wrapped around Natsu, holding him close.

Gray held him until Natsu started moving, his hands supporting himself so Gray didn't have to. Still, he lingered for a few seconds, loving how warm Natsu's skin felt against his chest and face.

Natsu moaned when Gray pulled out, some of his semen seeping out of his ass and landing on the towel. He waited until Natsu stood, folding the towel in half so their cum wouldn't get on them as they cleaned themselves off, Gray rubbing at his dick while Natsu discretely wiped his ass.

When they were clean enough, they both fell back onto the bed, sweat clinging to their skin. Neither of them cared as their limbs tangled together, both of them needing to feel the other against themselves. Gray nuzzled his nose against Natsu's neck while Natsu sighed peacefully.

Natsu enjoyed paying Gray visits at his dorm, loving their time spent together.

"Oh," Natsu chuckled, remembering the reason he came over in the first place. "I was wondering if you wanted to spend the night tonight?"

Gray hummed before nodding, thinking of what he would need to pack for the overnight stay. Natsu still lived with his parents while going to college part-time. Gray was a full-time student, choosing to move out of his parents home to live in the dorms.

They went to different colleges, Natsu's being Magnolia University while Gray went to school in Hargeon. It was a short train ride away. It was unfortunate they couldn't see each other every day, but the University of Hargeon was the only college in the area that offered the classes Gray needed for his degree, so they made it work.

The love and trust they had for each other was strong enough to withstand a few train rides. Besides, they could video chat or call each other whenever they couldn't make it to the other's city. Plus, in a few years, they would both have their respective degrees and be ready to start the next chapter of their life, starting with their wedding.

Natsu fiddled with Gray's engagement ring, holding his own ring up to see the matching black tungsten bands. He remembered how nervous he had been right before he asked Gray to marry him. His voice cracked as he got down on one knee, proposing to Gray when they went to visit Crocus last winter. He was going to wait until later in the day, but it had started snowing, and the look on Gray's face was just perfect, so he chose that moment and never regretted it.

They were waiting until after they both graduated before tying the knot. Natsu wanted to live with Gray when they were married, so they agreed to wait. What was a few more years anyway? Besides, it would give them time to grow closer and learn more about the other. They had their whole lives to be together, neither in a rush to get to all the best parts, simply enjoying the ride while it lasted.

"What's for dinner?" Gray asked, laughing when Natsu's stomach immediately growled.

Natsu chuckled, untangling himself from Gray so he could sit up. His legs and arms felt numb, but his head was clearing up. "I was thinkin' of cooking something."

Gray feigned fear, his body shaking as he pretended to shiver. "We should probably make sure the fire extinguisher works before you start."

"Hey!" Natsu snapped, narrowing his eyes while his lips quirked up in an amused grin. "I only burned dinner once! Don't make it sound like I do it all the time!"

"Yeah, yeah." Gray continued laughing as he sat up. "Seriously though, what are you gonna make?"

Natsu's smile grew coy as he stood, looking around the room to locate his clothes. He could shower when he got to his house, but he would have to swing by the restrooms before they left the campus so he could feel comfortable.

"I was gonna tell you, but now it's a surprise!"

Gray shrugged, accepting defeat. He would find out soon anyway. "As long as it's not too spicy, I'm fine."

"Oh," Natsu started, keeping his back to Gray so he couldn't see the grin on his face. "We may have a problem then..."

However, Gray didn't need to see Natsu's face to know he was joking. After years of being best friends and partners, he could hear the expressions in Natsu's voice.

While Gray spoke, he wasn't sure if he was talking about dinner or Natsu, but it could be applied to either. "I'm sure I'll be able to handle the heat."

Natsu grinned wider, turning around to give Gray a kiss, only to be tackled in a hug by his naked fiancé. Life with Gray was certainly interesting. Natsu was glad he came to terms with himself, no longer ashamed or confused over who he was and who he loved. His sexuality didn't define him. His character did.

After the hug, they two men got dressed. Natsu went to the bathroom while Gray packed a bag. They met outside of the dorms, Natsu grabbing Gray's hand as he led him towards the train station. He wasn't looking forward to getting on the giant metal deathtrap, but he was excited to have Gray stay the night and spend time with his family. He knew Happy had been missing him too, the cat growing fond of Gray over the years.

Natsu absolutely loved his life with Gray, even if sometimes they fought or argued. What relationship was perfect anyway? At the end of the day, they had each other's backs. That was enough for Natsu, knowing Gray loved him with his whole heart, just like Natsu loved Gray with everything he had. They weren't the perfect couple, but they loved their relationship and the silly adventures they found themselves on.

"Love you," Natsu said right before they got on the train, knowing he wouldn't be able to talk much once they were moving.

Gray squeezed his hand back, giving Natsu a soft smile. "I love you too."

After sharing a slow kiss, they stepped onto the train, Gray's arm wrapping around Natsu's middle as they found a seat. Gray held him tight as Natsu rested his head against his shoulder, murmuring a thanks before closing his mouth for the rest of the ride. Gray didn't mind the silence, simply enjoying the way Natsu would cling to him, as if he was a lifeline.

Gray would always be there to support Natsu, through thick and thin. And he knew without a doubt that Natsu would do the same. That was what people did when they loved each other. They cared, nurtured, and protected.

And Gray intended on doing all three and more with Natsu, until he drew his last breath.

The end.

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