Okay a moment of attention here please! I am from Poland, so my English isn't perfect. Please, be kind and patient and if you notice any mistakes in grammar or anything, tell me. Same with elvish, this isn't very easy language so tell me in case if any mistakes.*

*This is NON slash story, only brotherly love. And Aragorn here isn't in love with Arwen, nor is he a heir of Isildur, he is immortal here so if you don't like it, don't read, simple.*

*This is basically a rape story, I mean, there are no very brutal scenes, but some of them may appear so it is rated as M.*

Disclaimer: I don't own LOTR or any others of Tolkien's books. *sniff*


He was laying in his own blood, in a dark room, tied up. They raped him, used him. In all possible ways. In all methods and pleasures. He was exhausted and wanted to be dead. But he couldn't, Estel is looking for him. He will come for him. He will save him, he knows about his capturing. He was cold and scared to death, but he didn't want to give up. Suddenly, he felt dizzy again, and lost his conscious very soon, after a hard battle. He has been woken up by the sound of the shouting and sword.

"Legolas" he heard a beloved voice.

"Aragorn.." he whispered weakly and hoarsly.

He was totally naked, his clothes were laying in the corner. But the chain didn't help him, he was unable to reach them.

"Legolas!" the door violently opened, and his best friend appeared.

A human. Immortal human.

"Oh Elbereth! Legolas!" he shouted on the view of his elven friend and ran up to him crouching next to.

"Es.. Estel..." he whispered with a broken voice.

"Shh, do not say a word." he watched his blooded back and bruised body, releasing him from the chain.

His heart was breaking on the sight of the elf, weakly avoiding any touch. He was in a shock, firstly he thought he's dreaming, but afer a while he stopped struggling and let his friend embrace him gently and brotherly.

"E.. Estel I.. get me out of here.. please.." he whimpered.

"Shh.. be calm, mellon nîn. You are safe now, I'll take you to Rivendell... It's all over. All over..." he was whispering.

"Where.. where are.." he was sobbing. Aragorn had never seen his friend like that, never seen him crying.

"I killed them all. Leave them here, let them rot..."

Legolas was silent. Aragorn wrapped him with his cloak and embraced again. The Elf did the same, his cold, blooded hands were warming up in his tunic.

"Get me out of here.. take me home... "


That's it, my first prologue. This is my first story ever. Don't be very mean and cruel to me because I will be sad :((