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~~~~ Chapter 7 ~~~~

They arrived to the place after an hour when evening came. Boromir made a fire and sat on a log near it. Sam was preparing supper and other hobbits accompanied him.

He was patrolling the neighbourhood.

"Legolas!" he heard a voice behind his back.

Turning around, he saw Aragorn with his healing satchel.

"Come here, I can take care of your cut now."

He smiled lightly and nodded.

"Sit down." the ranger pointed to the small, smooth rock.

"You don't have to." he whispered obeying him.

"Actually, I do." he took a bowl with water and washed the dirty and bloody face of his friend.

After that, he took a mixture which he spilled into the bowl.

"Easy now, it could hurt a little." he whispered putting a wet cloth to the elf's red temple.

He didn't make a sound, although he felt a small pain.

"Oh-uh, Legolas, it's a pretty deep cut. But luckily, I don't have to stitch it."

"I was lucky?"

"Pretty much, yeah. But it doesn't mean it's nothing Legolas. I'm going to put a plaster on it and leave it to heal, but if you feel weaker or nausea, tell me immediately, okay?"


"Okay?" he asked with worry but stubbornness in his voice.

"... Okay." he smiled.

"Very well. Now, rest."

"No, I don't want to..."

"You may not want it, but you need it. And we both know that." he smiled lightly.

He didn't answer but looked into his eyes with sadness. He was thinking about Gandalf's sacrifice.

"Mellon nîn, we all miss him. We all loved him as much as you."

"He.. was my friend. It was him who informed Elrond about my situation with father. He was the one who saved me from him. And now... he's gone. Forever." he whispered painfully, trying to hold on.

"No. Not forever." he gave him a small smile. "He is and he will be in your heart. He won't be gone from there. Our memory of him won't let him become forgotten."

"I just... you are my best and dearest friend ever and forever. But he was.. he was first, you know, until I left Mirkwood. He helped me as much as you. Okay, maybe you helped me the most and I will never forget it but.. but he.. he was like a grandfather to me." he looked into his grey, sad eyes.

Aragorn placed a hand on his shoulder smiling.

"I know how you feel. He was like a grandfather to me too. And I also miss him and I would like to lay here and cry all the time until I dehydrate. But.. his sacrifice was the best proof of his love and care to you, to all of us. And he wouldn't want you to cry. He would want you to get up from your knees, smile to life... and prove everyone that you are strong. And that you deserve something more than tears."

"Estel I want you to know that-"

"Legolas, I know everything and you don't need to tell me. I also know that life wasn't sparing you, this all you've survived, that all you've been through, just prove how great and strong you are. You are the truly warrior, outside, and inside too. And please, don't cry and show Gandalf how much you're grateful for everything he has done for you, show him and everyone here. And definitely don't give up and don't lose your hope. I'm with you, mellon nîn. And I will always be with you and for you. So will Gandalf. He is next to you. Although you can't see him, he is." he smiled and pointed to the prince's heart.

He smiled looking down at the green grass and his feet.

"I really appreciate this all you have told me. You're an amazing friend, I would go with you even to the end of the world. Even for death. Why are you helping me that much?"

"Don't ask stupid questions mellon nîn. I'm helping you now, and I help you always because I love you, you're my brother. How could I not help my own family?"

They smiled and heard Gimli.

"If you have closed the salon of beauty, could you maybe help us picking up the sources and looking for food and water?" he asked annoyed, looking at the elf.

He wanted to answer but Aragorn was faster.

"We'll join you in a minute, Gimli. Be patient." he responded calmly and gave the dwarf a small, friendly smile.

Gimli nodded snoring under his nose. Aragorn looked at his friend.

"What? I haven't wanted another argument between you two." he smiled lightly.

He chuckled.

"Alright. I can forgive you this time. But now, let's join them, because Gimli definitely isn't in a mood today."

"Right. Come. And remember, when you-"

"Feel weaker or nausea, tell me, yeah, yeah, I understood."

Aragorn laughed and Legolas smiled widely.

"You know, I must make myself sure your stubbornness and pride won't be an obstacle and you will let me heal you in any case."

"Don't worry. I will."

"I don't know I should believe you." he smiled and they both joined the group.

"I'll take the first watch." said the elf.

"No. I will take it. And you will rest." protested Aragorn.


"No buts Legolas. Not this time. You haven't slept for too long."

"You neither."

"You see, dear friends? This is an example of how much elves can be stubborn." he pointed to him smiling.

"Are all elves stubborn, mr Aragorn?" asked Sam.

"No. But this one is the most stubborn and sometimes irrational elf you probably have ever met."

"I'm not." he smiled as well.

"Quiet there. I'm showing the fellowship a life with elves like you." the ranger said smiling, but he knew that his real reason was to distract them from their painful loss.

They all chuckled, except for Gimli.

"Good for me I'm not interested in any ways of living with an elf. Especially, the Mirkwood one." he hissed.

"When will you get bored of this?" asked the blonde elf.

"When you leave the fellowship."

"I must disappoint you, I'm not going anywhere." he smiled lightly but with mean look.

Gimli answered him with snort and turned back.

"Alright everyone, I will take the first watch, Legolas is sleeping tonight, Gimli's stopping insulting him, and hobbits..." Merry and Pippin looked at him with a pot and supper in their hands. "Yeah, you do what you use to. We're here to rest, but I'm suggesting going to sleep pretty early and, when you want to go for a walk, tell me. We shouldn't split up and go too far."

Pippin and Merry nodded, so Aragorn came up to Frodo and Sam.

Legolas was walking around. He misses Gandalf so badly, but Aragorn is right. He should go to sleep.

The flames of fireplace were dancing burning off all wood.

Suddenly, when he was next to the forest, he heard something. He turned around, and stared into dark trees. There weren't orcs. There was something else, but whatever it was, still dangerous. The voice was calling him. It was soft and gentle. But it wasn't a woman. He was listening to the voice when someone jumped on his back trying to gag him. He quickly bit the hand of the being, who shouted loudly, and he throw him off of his back. He took his bow and aimed an arrow in front of the attacker. It was a man in his 40s.

"Legolas!" he heard Aragorn behind him. He didn't look back, but felt the human and others ran up to him. "Legolas, are you alright?"

"I am." he answered not throwing his gaze and bow away from the man. His eyes were filled with anger and fear.

He was scared inside, he wanted to run away and hide like a coward. Aragorn came up to him and croached next to the man.

"Who are you and what did you want from my friend?" he heard him whispering angrily.

The man was silent.

"Speak!!" he shouted and with one move, put a sword to his neck so Legolas could lose him and get away.

He did as Aragorn expected. He went a few centimetres farther, hiding behind his back. That human has touched him. He wanted to hurt him.

"I don't need to answer you." the man hissed.

"Oh yeah, you do." he get the blade even closer, cutting his neck.

"Argh, fine. I will tell you."

"I'm waiting..." his whisper was so quiet but filled with anger and hate.

He looked back to see Legolas. He had tears in his eyes but was strong. He glanced at him.

"I... I was looking for something precious here. I was told that one of you have it."

"And who told you that?" asked Boromir.

"I met him in the forest. He was like a ghost. He was white.. and old. A wizard."

"A wizard?"

"Y-yes. So I thought this elf has it. He was standing here alone so I've decided to attack him. I swear I wouldn't do anything to him. C-can I go now?"

"If I let you go, swear to Valar that you won't bother us anymore and you will not follow. Or you'll die as quickly as I will spot you. Understand?" the ranger asked still angrily.

The man agreed. He looked very scared so Aragorn released him, not seeing a lie in his eyes. The guy disappeared behind bushes and trees. Strider came up to the archer with concern.

"Are you alright?" he asked quietly, looking into his blue, scared eyes.

He nodded silently, but on his face he had a painted fear. He felt a hand on his back. Aragorn, although almost died of worry, was proud. Legolas defended himself and didn't let his feelings take control of him.

But he was broken inside again. He touched him, he jumped on him. It wasn't difficult to throw him off, he's a warrior, but at the same time, it was also very scary and hard. He heard Aragorn sighing with a heavy heart. He pitied him.

"If you want to talk..."

"I know. But I do not. I think we should rest and go sooner. They know about us. Saruman knows about The Ring and our location isn't hard to track. We must go as soon as possible."

"I think so too. But I don't want to worry the others. I'll tell them that we'll have a shorter break. They need to sleep. So do you."

"And you."

"Legolas I must take this watch."

"No, you don't. Gimli can take it. Or..." he stopped and looked at his feet.

"Or Boromir." finished Aragorn.

"Yeah, he can take it too." not looking at his friend he came back to their camp.

Aragorn followed him by his gaze with sad look. He knew Boromir couldn't take the watch because Legolas won't fall asleep. And Gimli can complain too much. Finally hobbits, they couldn't be on watch, they can't even fight. Frodo must sleep, so does Sam, and Merry or Pippin aren't responsible enough.

Legolas sat on the grass with sigh when he heard Gimli's voice.

"Is it legal for Wood Elves to sit on grass?" he asked with contempt.

He looked at him but didn't answer. Then, Aragorn showed up.

"Gimli, could you take this watch, please?"

"What a question! Of course I can! But don't think you won't have to pay me for that! In... for example... more hours of sleep."

Aragorn chuckled.

"Don't think I will agree to that. We are on the mission. When we have time to sleep, we sleep, when we haven't, we don't."

Gimli snorted unsatisfied but nodded gently.

"Fine. I will take it. Good night mr. Human."

"Good night."

"Hey, elf!" began Gimli and Legolas looked at him with questionable gaze, waiting for his next words. "Good job, y'know, with this man today." he whispered but turned his head away.

"Thank you, Gimli." he smiled.

Gimli nodded and came up to the fire. Aragorn looked at his best friend.

"Are you happy? I will take a rest." he smiled.

"Very." he smiled back.

Aragorn saw the elf closing his eyes, hoping that he will be sleeping soon. Then, he also closed his, and fell asleep shortly thereafter.


In the morning, except for Gimli of course, the first one who has woken up was Legolas.

He opened his eyes slowly, sunlight was shining bright, looks like they all have been here for a little too long. The dwarf was trying to not fall asleep, it was really hard for him.

He got up, his head stopped pounding so he felt better. He looked around, the sun was quite high.

"Gimli, what time is it?" he asked.

The dwarf looked at him with unhappy gaze, but answered.

"About noon."

"Noon? Oh no... we should've gone from here before a dawn."

"Well, looks like you all have overslept."

"Yes. Because you haven't woken us."

"That's not my fault. Aragorn was tired so I've decided to give him a few more hours. He's our guide, he must be conscious. Yesterday was really rough. Everyone deserves a rest."

"Yes, but Lothlórien is a little far. And we should be there before the evening."

"They needed rest. They are all sad." he hissed.

"Being dead won't help."

"Do you have a heart? Do you even miss him?!" he shouted, but quiet to not wake the others.

His eyes went wide. A pain which was filling his heart rose.

"Of course I do. Do not even dare to tell I don't. He's been my friend longer than yours."

"I tell what I see, princeling. Being honest is my duty."

"But you aren't honest. You're subjective because you hate me. You look for any occasion to kick my ass, isn't it right?"

"Every occasion to see an elf weaker than others is a good occasion."

"You don't know me."

"Your Elvenking didn't know my father and his companions either. But he hadn't got a problem with that."

"I told you I'm not my father. Stop blaming me for something I didn't do. Blame my father instead." his whisper was soft but he was hurt inside.

"I will do what I consider right. Now, if it is really important for you to get to those another elves quickly, wake up the rest." he stood up.

"And what about you?"

"I need to smoke. I will be nearby."

Legolas shook his head in disbelief how stubborn and mean one dwarf could be and stood up as well to wake Aragorn. He crouched next to him and patted gently.

"Estel, please, wake up, time to go." he said.

Aragorn moaned something and ignored him, rolling into a ball, deep asleep.

"Aragorn. Wake up you lazy human!" he said louder and hit him gently in the arm.

The man jumped off his sleep and looked at him.

"What's happening?" he asked scared of eventual attack of orcs.

"Only it that we all overslept. It's noon already."

"What is it?"

"A noon, my friend."

"Why are we still here? We should be on our way to Lothlórien now." he asked and looked up, meeting eyes of his elven friend.

"Gimli decided to let you sleep. He was right in some way, but also wrong as well."

"Hobbits are awake?" he looked around.

"As you can see, not yet. I was going to wake them. And Boromir..." he hesitated with fear.

"I will wake Boromir. Don't be afraid." he saw him smiling so he responded him with the same.

"Thank you." he whispered.

Aragorn only nodded and got up as Legolas. They started waking up the others. Aragorn felt small panic, they've been here for too long...



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