Chapter 1: The Letter

Twelve year old Harry Potter sat in the dining hall chatting and laughing with the rest of his friends when the morning post came Harry never gets mail so when a big tawny owl swooped down handing him a letter he was quite shocked .

Opening it he read

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this than I am dead and ,Right now things are completed and you are just a small baby but the threat of Voldemort has increased so our family has been assigned a guard one James Potter I know you may think of him as your father ….harry I'm sorry but James isn't your father but for our own protection i had to pretend to marry him though I am grateful for the love and care and bravery he provided he is not the man that gave me you Harry your father is a wonderful man named Severus Snape find him he can explain everything and give you more family and love than you will know what to do with to you my darling I love you Harry ….always.

With love Lily Evans .

Harry's face was pale he felt like he would be sick the famed bat of the dungeon was his father? 'bleh' but there was another feeling anger he knew and instead of taking him in he ...he abandoned him left him to be abused and used by the Dursleys without thinking he shot a fierce glare at the potions master stomping on the piece of parchment before storming out of the great Hall not giving a rat's ass about the eyes watching him . At the head table Albus turned to his wife then his two adopted sons (Severus and Remus ) " I think our young Harry might know. " Remus sighed watching as his brother left chasing after Harry Lily's bit of parchment clutched in his hands. though he's happy for Sev now that Harry knew he hoped the boy would come to accept it he just wished he could tell Hermione the truth as well. Sadly Snape wasn't able to catch up with his wayward child so instead his 'parents' and lupin arranged to tell both Hermione and Harry together tonight in the headmaster's office . After dinner the headmaster approached his two unsuspecting grandchildren " hello Hermione , Harry "

"Headmaster" both children spoke respectfully

"If you two wouldn't mind I need to see both of you in my office"

Albus watched as looks of worry came across both of their faces before each turned back to him and Hermione asked " professor are we in trouble "

" my dear just some things that need to be clarified " he then waved his hand motioning for them to follow "come along then "

Reluctantly both followed behind him looking at each other distressed "what do you think he wants harry "

"I' don't know I just hope it's not about this morning "

"What happened this morning"

"Nothing moine "she nodded her head before stoping looking up to see a giant gold owl and a staircase which lead up to a rather large office and in a circle in the middle of the room sat professor McGonagall , professor Snape and professor lupin both kids turned to leave but were blocked by the headmaster who guided them to their seats next to each other Harry looked to his friend he knew why he was here but why the bloody hell was hermione there not that he didn't love her like a friend should but if she was the friend support the should have brought Ron in to he would be cracking jokes and making the tension less awkward breaking out of his daze both students reluctantly sat down "Now" their head of house professor McGonagall said "I want both of you to listen to what we all have to say and be respectful then once we're through you may speak there will be consequences if you don't listen understood."

The two nodded their heads "good now I guess we should start at the beginning me and Albus are married " she stopped to glare at the two whose mouths were about to open to ask questions and we have 2 adopted sons I believe you know them as professor's Snape and lupin . "

"What does that have to do with us - "

At this point lupin decided to step in " Hermione I'm your father I had to hide you to protect you from death eaters " Hermione nodded her eyes wide as saucers Hermione stopped looking between the two teachers her eyes going wide "oh bloody hell"

"Language Ms Granger This is your only warning "

"S..sorry professor...but is this true " both professors nodded

before she turned to her friend "does that mean " Harry nodded

Hermione glared at him before punching him in the arm "ow the hell Hermione that hurt " Harry wined

"You could told me you foul git "

"How was I supposed to know I only found out this mornin "

"So you had all day to tell me or ron for that matter might have made this mess better "

"Oh sod off 'mione i don't wanna be here anymore than you do"

"Ok sorry for being harsh on you 'arry "

"It's ok Hermione"

Ahem a voice interrupted both students turned realizing the glares from all four adults and that's how they found themselves both sitting an a counter soap suds in their mouths as their 'fathers' watched .