Chapter 13: its all about perspective

Severus walked down the corridors in a rage how stupid could his son be running off to fight a basilisk the nerve of that child. when he gets his hands on him oh just wait …..but at least he is unharmed a voice in the back of his head exclaimed at least he is for now. Severus had to keep these thoughts running through his head otherwise he knew he would break apart he stopped himself for a moment before entering the infirmary taking a calming breath just as his mother walked up.


"Hello mother" Severus said a solemn look on his face

"Oh Sev it's ok ...harry is fine"

Severus didn't speak just nodded not wanting his mother to see him so vulnerable.

"Sev you can go see him I promise he's there safe and sound asleep right next to your now unpetrified niece." Severus nodded taking another breath before clearing his throat, "yes well ill go in and see them now were you coming too mother"

"No dear I saw them earlier I saw you and wanted to make sure you were ok." she said as she gently stroked his cheek.

"Well thank you mother"

"Any time Sev now go be with the kids" she whispered to him before heading back down the hallway Severus sighed as he watched his mother go before opening the doors to the infirmary seeing his niece sitting in a chair by his sons bed as he got closer he could hear her quietly sobbing as she held Harry's hand.

"Hermione" he watched as the girl gasped rubbing at her eyes which were now red and blotchy from crying. Severus gave her a small smile, "professor I...I was just" not even caring if anyone saw them Severus got down to the child's level and hugged her before speaking. "you gave us quite a fright Hermione we all care very deeply about you and harry myself included I love you child." He waited as she cried some more " but if I was there I could have-Ow."she stopped as Severus had smacked her bum. "you listen to me young lady had you joined in Harry's antics you would be on the same amount of trouble he will be in do not blame yourself for his actions he and Mr. Wesley will both be fine ok." It was all he could do not to fall over as he was tackled by the child hugging him again. after some time they parted as Severus informed her she was able to leave the infirmary that she may want to go and see her father as he was very worried about her the past few weeks she nodded before leaving.

"bye uncle sev wish harry my best"

"I will my dear" he said as the doors closed again Severus then sat where Hermione had once been sitting by his sons side waiting which he didn't have to wait long before Harry began to stir groaning softly as he woke.

"glad to see your awake"

"Dad" harry grumbled.

"Yes everyone's been worried do you know why?" he waited till the boy looked at him before exploding,

"because two 12 year old little boys decided to go on some adventure with a basilisk and were almost killed" harry looked down not at all liking where this was going "have you anything to say for yourself young man"

"I'm sorry" harry said daring to look up at his irate father as unshed tears threatened to spill "really I am but i.. I was the only one who could hear it and it was gonna kill Ginny I couldn't let her die she's my friend"

"I am very aware of that but the teachers had it well in hand we were discussing what we were going to do to save misses Wesley"

"I'm sorry" harry said lying his head back down on the pillow before turning back to his father "how much trouble am I in"

"As i already told your cousin you are in a load of trouble but as there is only a week of school left we can wait until we arrive back at the cabin to deal with your antics." Harry looked down again before realization came to him "Hermione's awake where is she" he asked excitedly.

"she is with Remus and you will be able to see her tonight in the great hall for dinner but for now you need to rest I'll come and get you later for dinner alright" Harry nodded as his father carded his hand through his hair before gently kissing his forehead "sleep well child, i love you"

"Love you too" Harry mumbled before closing his eyes and falling asleep again. later that night as promised Severus came to collect Harry from the infirmary taking him to the great hall smiling as he spotted his cousin and best mate talking with each other before running and hugging each other. Severus watched from the back it was honestly so cute he thought he'd be sick. Dinner went on as normal until the headmaster stood making everyone go quiet, "uhem" Dumbledore said clearing his throat "In light of recent events we have decided to terminate exams for this year making the last day a day to have fun before saying goodbye to another year" Albus ended his speech and everyone started cheering well everyone except for Hermione but honestly this was brilliant. So harry Hermione and Ron spent the next day hanging out finally being a kid and neither Harry nor Hermione had to worry about leaving cause they finally had a family and a place to call home.

(the end for now).

I am so sorry for my atrocious grammar and spelling English is not my first language but thank you and again I'm sorry if this was hard for any of you to read.