Title: And She Arrives Rating: PG-13 (Sorry- couldn't cram anything worse into the first chapter) Summary: Some background information on Myth and her relationship with Legolas Disclaimer: I own Myth, Prynne, Layne, and Deserae. Not anyone else though.

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A boy walked swiftly through the halls of the palace of Mirkwood holding a small baby in his arms.

"Layne!" The firm voice of an elvish maid stopped him in his tracks.

"Whose baby is that?" She demanded. Layne looked at the baby who was sleeping peacefully.

"My sisters. She arrived last night"

"Myth has a baby? Who is the father?" Her tone became no less commanding. Layne attempted to walk on, and answered.

"We do not know. Deserae, don't you have work to do?" Following him, and ignoring his question, Deserae, reached over Laynes arm and tilted the baby's head.

"She must have lain with an elf. Look at is ears." She said coldly.


Myth, a short, dark haired girl sat alone on the bed in the room that the prince of Mirkwood had so kindly lent her. She almost couldn't bear the familiar scent. It was everywhere. A knock came at her door and she opened it to find her brother holding her baby.

"Deserae is a nightmare..." he muttered as he entered and handed the baby to Myth. "She wants to know who the father is-"

"I don't know," Myth answered shortly. Layne nodded pensively.

"That's what I told her..." After a moment, he bowed and turned to go. "Sleep well."

Now finding herself alone, Myth held her sleeping baby and listened to her brother's footsteps fade. When she no longer heard them echoing, she opened her door slowly and began to roam about the palace, searching for something.


Legolas, the blonde, hot, attractive, and desperately sexy, prince of Mirkwood left dinner early. Although he had told his father he was tired, it was thoughts and worries that afflicted him- thoughts, worries and guilt. He drifted back to his room in a daze and opened the door. Once inside he sat down on his bed and began undressing. Suddenly he gasped as he turned around and saw Myth standing in the corner of his room.

"Myth..." he said quietly. She nodded, and let her eyes glaze over his naked upper half. He turned and swiftly attempted to put his shirt back on.

"Don't worry about it." She said swishing her hand. "I've seen more than that."

Knowing she as right, Legolas surrendered and tossed his shirt on the floor.

"I think you know what I'm here to tell you" She said.

"Is it the child?"

"Yes. He is your child."

"Are you sure?" Legolas asked, approaching her. She nodded and held the baby so he could see its face. Its ears were pointed.

"You were the only elf. I need your help."

"Yes, but you know my father-"

"Legolas!" Myth shouted and the baby awoke and began to cry. "This is not mine alone, I- shush..."she rocked the baby, and continued, "You can't keep this a secret."

"I know. I won't. Just give me a little time. My father already told me I couldn't marry you once. This will change his mind, but he will be angry."

"Alright. I'll let you take your time. But I've been struggling for- argh!" Myth let out an exasperated sigh, as a loud wail from the baby could not be ignored. "Why won't he-... oh, what's wrong with him?!"

"Maybe he's hungry." Legolas suggested.

"I've already fed him..."

"Let me see him." Legolas held out his arms and Myth handed him the baby, as if glad to be rid of it. To her surprise it stopped crying. "What have you named him?" Legoals asked. Myth gazed in awe at the now silent baby. Then answered,

"I was not sure at first.... I thought to name him after you, but I wasn't sure if I'd tell people he was yours."

"What did you decide?"

"I call him Prynne." Upon hearing Myth say his name, Prynne looked up from gnawing his fist.

"Prynne what?"

"Prynne nothing. Just Prynne. You can give him a last name if you like." Myth reclined onto the bed and looked at the ceiling.

"He can have my last name. Once I announce the truth." Myth shrugged. She starred blankly at Legolas's back.

"You look good." She said dreamily. She pressed her hand against his arm and he shifted uncomfortably.

"You're so skinny," Legolas replied. Placing Prynne on the bed, he grasped her bony shoulders. Myth shied away from his touch.

"Pregnant whores can't work. Workless whores can't eat..."

Legolas felt weak, like touching Myth was draining life out of him. It made him want to hold on longer. "I'm sorry... you can stay here. I'll take care of you."

"I'm not your responsibility." Myth sighed. "Help me take care of Prynne instead. I know nothing of being a mother. I dislike children. You would be a good father."

Legolas looked at Prynne, who was now sleeping peacefully in his arms. He was a strange looking baby. His hair was a streaked combination of two colors- both of which were darker than his, but lighter than Myth's. He couldn't guess at the eye color because they were closed now, and he hadn't looked before. And the pointed ears... they did look nice on the baby. Perhaps it was just the ears, but Prynne resembled him.

"I will be the best father I can be." Legolas said, admiring his son. Myth nodded and closed her eyes. For a moment Legolas watched her. She was gaunt and thin, but she still had that beauty or whatever it was. and he still felt that ache. That ache of knowing she was a whore- he could buy her over and over again, but never really have her. To her, he was nothing different.

Just when he thought she was asleep, Myth got up, took Prynne from him, and left the room.

"Good night," she muttered.