It was a hot summer day, Adam remembered that. He was skateboarding in his hometown when hell broke loose. The horrifying screams were what most marked him. His mother trying to run to him, but with no luck. She was caught by two of those dead things. Children calling for their parents, adults pleading to God... Adam chuckled, looking down from the tree he was in. At that time, even if the teen knew it was bad, he still had hope. But not now. Everyone was dead. Now Adam knew how to raid, he knew how to survive.All by himself.

Right now, Adam was on top of the tallest tree in the wood, watching how the walker's situation was. There weren't a lot of them, maybe ten or twelve, but Adam wasn't dumb enough to fight them all. He was smarter than that. Smarter than most adults, for what he saw. He took his binoculars and watched his surroundings. No one in the perimeter.

"Good. " Adam leaned into the tree. It was a cold day today, he noticed. The teen grabbed a jacket from his backpack and relaxed, hearing the sounds of the woods. Until he heard footsteps. He dropped off the tree and picked up his bat. A very silent weapon, nice to use when killing walkers. He ran to the nearest bush and tried not to make a sound. The man was in his thirties-forties and had a huge crossbow. But then the teen moved and the man noticed him. Adam grabbed a nearby stone and threw it when the man was looking around; fortunately, it landed near some bushes on the other side of the path.

"Who is there?!" The man screamed, making Adam shiver. Some moments later, the man turned around and left. The teen sighed and clamped up the same tree again. He was relieved that he could survive one more day.

"Carl? Where are you?!" Rick shouted. They were surrounded by walkers, and it was bad. The ammo was running out quickly and they were getting tired, but they didn't know that someone was watching. Adam quickly ran to the other side of the woods, where there was a radio with functional speakers. He could put some CD on it and the walkers would let them go. But he needed to be fast; the teen wanted to help them, but he wanted to survive. Adam turned on the radio and started the music. As the first piano stroke sounded, he ran the hell out of there, into the woods and up to the trees. He was a great climber and now that was a great advantage. Grabbing his binoculars, be started to watch the walkers slowly walk away. The people down there were really confused, and Adam smiled. They could go back to their families now. Thinking about that, the teen laid back and quickly feel asleep.

"That didn't make any sense!" Rick said, pacing around. Daryl looked at his feet thinking about who it could be. Until he realized.

"Someone's in the woods. Someone alive." Michonne gauged her eyes and Rick stopped dead in his tracks. If there was someone there, he or she would not last long. And Rick was in debt with him/her. They needed to get that person out of the woods. " I don't know for sure where he is. Or she."

Michonne shifted in her seat. Rick would certainly try to get that person, but they didn't know if he was trustworthy. Not that she wasn't grateful for what he did, but the woods where were full of walkers, and she wouldn't repeat what happened today. "Rick, we need to now if the woods are safe before we go there. Because I know that you want to do it."

Carl heard the conversation and he decided that he would poke in. "I can go with someone. Daryl can go with me because he knows where he saw him."

The boy had the leadership of his father, Michonne thought. She smiled, but the woman needed to be rational in this situation. They had an unknown person in the woods that could be already dead and Rick wanted to get him. The man started pacing again, thinking about a solution.

Adam woke up with the sounds of footsteps. He quickly grabbed his backpack and bat; climbing down the tree and running to hide behind a bush. Adam stopped breathing, not to make the same mistake. He saw a teenager walking around with a shotgun. To distract him, he threw one of his dead batteries against a distant tree. With affect. The boy runs to check on it and Adam pulls out his throwing knife and runs quickly but quietly to the long haired boy. Striking his knife his ribs, Adam whispered.

"I'm sorry for the knife, but I don't know you."

Carl turned around and that was the first time they saw each other.

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