Carl sat down near an old oak, feeling the cold breeze run through his hair. 'Adam is taking his time' he thought as he leaned against the strong tree. Suddenly, a pair of hands covered his eyes.

"Guess who is it?" A silky voice asked. Carl chuckled as Adam came into his sight' "I'm-officially-not a threat to society. Unless you piss me off."

Adam sat down next to Carl, smiling. They grew silent, thinking back to their misadventures and adventures.

"It's a shame that the world is like this," A pair of eyes looked at Adam as the teen stared at the sky. A sigh left his plump lips, "It was really beautiful, even with all its scars."

Carl was really curious about the boy. He had a mysterious background but a very calm aura. He was always optimistic, even if all his family is dead.

"Can I ask you something?" The bright-eyed teen asked, watching the smaller boy sit up.

"You just did," Adam joked, making Carl laugh, "My jokes today are great. But yeah, what is it?"

"How are can with all of this," He asked, pointing to the gates. Outside, walkers tried their best to eat some human flesh, "Knowing that your family is most certainly dead?"

Adam took a deep breath and looked up at the sky once more. After that, he shifted his gaze to the grass surrounding the oak tree, ignoring Carl's stare.

"It comes down to the survival of the strongest. Is it really worth feeling depressed and eventually killing yourself or dying just because your family died? I'm my opinion, you should take them as an example and learn how to survive. Besides, bashing the fuckers in the head is fun and it's a way you can revenge your family," Carl looked at the teen next to him, surprised. Adam hugged his knees to his chest, feeling his eyes tearing up, "You can't have feelings for anyone. You need to be able to identify others' weaknesses so you can be stronger and live longer. I know this sounds horrible, but the world turned upside down to a dark place, full of death, betrayals and vengeance."

The taller teen was speechless, but then he heard a sob come from the other boy. He instinctively wrapped his arm around Adam's shoulders.

When he realized what he did, Carl waited for the boy to pull away or something like that, but the smaller teen just rested his head on his shoulders. Adam stopped sobbing after it, wiping the tears away.

"I'm going to tell something that I never told anyone. Before we found Alexandria, me and my group found shelter in an old prison," Adam's dark eyes shone as he looked at the taller man, "We lost some people there, one of them being my mom."

The boy held his breath as he stared at Carl. His eyes were wide open, showing every kind of emotion.

"Her name was Lori. " Adam curled up against Carl's chest, listening closely to the teen, "She was pregnant with my sister at that time. Maggie had to do an emergency cesarean section to deliver Judith and-"

Adam sat up and hugged Carl, seeing the tears on his face. He started drawing small circles on his back and whispering sweet nothings.

"Shh, it's okay. Everything's going to be fine," Adam said, calming Carl. The teen stopped crying some time after that.

The two boys maintained that position, finding comfort in each other's warmth.

What they failed to notice was that Michonne was behind the tree, listening to their conversation.

Adam walked into the nursery and he immediately saw a blonde head pop out of the crib.

The teen chuckled as the small girl made looked at him with a curious expression.

"Hey there, Judith. My name is Adam and I'm going to babysit you for a while," He said, gently. The baby in front of him smiled like she understood everything he said.

Adam kneeled down in front of Judith and started making funny faces to entertain the girl. The baby started giggling and clapping at him.

Adam bowed, thanking his audience for the attention. Somehow, this made Judith laugh so much she fell backwards from her sitting position.

"Come here," Adam picked the girl from her crib when tears formed in her blue eyes. He started to walk around the room with the baby in his arms, "It's okay. There's no need to cry."

Judith rested her head on the boy's shoulder and yawned. The teen smiled fondly at that as he gently rocked the girl.

"Getting sleepy, aren't we?"

Adam hummed a song to put the baby to sleep. A song his mother used to sing to him when he was Judith's age.

The boy kissed her forehead as the young girl fell asleep.

"Sweet dreams," He whispered, putting her in the crib and covering her in the blanket.

He sat down on the bed next to the resting baby and picked up a book that was laying around.

After some pages, someone entered the room. Adam instinctively ran put himself in front of the crib, to protect the peaceful girl.

"You have quite the motherly instincts," A woman- Michonne - said. Adam calmed down and sat on the bed again. The lady looked at the crib and smiled at the sight of Judith, "Thank god she's asleep. We had a hard time with that. How did you do it?"

"I made her laugh and then sang to her," Adam said, shrugging his shoulders. Michonne sat next to him, sighing. 'This is the boy Carl is so attached to', she thought.

"Where did you learn to defend yourself?" Michonne asked, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"My dad taught me. He was in the army," The teen leaned against the headboard, feeling the woman's eyes on him.

"So you know how to fend for yourself," Her voice was quiet and Adam barely heard her, "Being here most feel really strange."

"Yeah, kind of. I was used to surviving on my own," The boy looked up to the ceiling. Michonne nodded, understanding very how he felt. After all, she used to be alone.

"Are you thinking about staying here?"

Adam sighed. This wasn't in his plans. He worked better on his own, but there was something in his heart that told him to stay. Something related to someone.

"Yeah, I'll stay."