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Pocket Beyblade

Chapter 1

Somewhere around the around the world, Tyson was having a fierce battle in a tournement. No time to waste, he'd better get serious.

"Dragoon! Phantom Hurricane Attack!" Tyson stared as a blue glow emerged from his beyblade. But instead of the usual blue dragon, something strange came out of Tyson's blade. It was long and blue, like Dragoon, but had scales, fins and a huge mouth.

"GGRRRRAAAHHH!" Gyarados roared. A Gyarados had replaced Dragoon. And he looked mean, all right!

"Ah! What the heck is that thing!! Where's Dragoon? Oh well, whatever you are, use your Phantom Hurricane attack!!" Gyarados blinked at Tyson's order. Phantom Hurricane wasn't an attack he recognized. "What's your problem? Attack your opponent already!"

Gyarados ignored Tyson, then noticed the oppenent's beyblade bumping into him. He got annoyed at that, and ate it. Everyone sweatdropped.

"Waah! That thing ate my beyblade!!" The kid cried and runned away.

Kenny opened his laptop. "Dizzi, what kind of bit-beast is this??"

" I'm afraid that's not a bit-beast, guys! If I'm correct.you guys better be careful!" And Dizzi was right, Gyarados decided to use his Thrash attack and destroyed everything in sight.

"Do something Tyson!" Rei screamed. "Call him back!!"

"Um.come back!! Return!!" At the word return, Gyarados returned silently into Tyson's blade. Part of the stadium had been destroyed. The Bladebreakers return to their hotel, to listen to what Dizzi knew about that strange creature.

" So tell us, what was this thing?" Kenny asked.

" A Pokemon."

"Pokee-mon?" Tyson repeated.

"That's PokÉmon!" Dizzi corected. "Short for Pocket Monsters. These creatures are not of this world! I don't know how this one got here."

"So all of those 'Pokemon' things are snake-like dragons who destroy everything?" Max asked.

" Not at all, there are 386 different ones. This one, Gyarados, just happens to be one of the most vicious. "

"Woah! 386? So what can this Gyarados thing do? Except destroying everything?" Rei asked.

" Let's see." Kenny downloaded a Pokedex program. "Gyarados, the atrocious Pokemon: 'Huge and vicious,rarely seen in the wild, it is capable of destroying entire cities in a rage'"

" Tell us something we don't know!" Kai said, he was watching them from behind.

Kenny continued. "Evolves from Magicarp at level 20. Attacks: Bite, Rage, Hyper Beam, Dragon Rage, Thrash and Hydro Pump, among others."

" Wow! That's more attacks than Dragoon! Gyarados sounds powerful! But.where is Dragoon? I want him back. Gyarados is kinda ugly." Tyson pouted. At this last comment, a big roar was heard and Gyarados rose from his beyblade and chased the Bladebreakers around.

" You just had to open your big mouth, eh Tyson?" Kai said, barely avoiding a bite attack.

Dizzi watched the scene in amusent. Gyarados was a bundle of action! Would Tyson become a Pokemon trainer and go train his new 'friend'? Also, was Dragoon the only one to have been replaced with a Pokemon?