Hope you like my first story based on this awesome video game series. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Crash Bandicoot.

This is the sad story of how I – Doctor Neo Cortex – found and lost love.

I know what one must be thinking about me; I'm a evil scientist who wants to take over the world. How could I possibly love anyone?

I'm perfectly serious! I did once!

It all started when I was in a dark, broody place, full of dark, broody thoughts like the dark broody man I am.

All of a sudden, I saw a bright glow. My attention was grabbed immediately. I set my sights on what it had come from – and there I saw the most beautiful sight there ever could be. It was truly love at first sight.

That was how I met the only one in thie world that could ever make my heart leap just by looking at her.

Her name?


She and I were never apart. Wherever I went, she came with me. She was just that precious to me. I always made sure to show how much I loved her. I'd nuzzle my yellow face against her warm purple one. I'd hold her in my arms, never to let her go. I'd take her to bed with me each night, promising we'd always be together.

How I wish that were true. Crystal was the only one who could ever make me happy. I really thought nothing would tear us apart.

Where is my precious Crystal now?

She was stolen from me by another man!

When I say another man, I actually mean, a bandicoot!

Yes, the love of my life was taken from me by none other than my sworn enemy – Crash Bandicoot!

Here I am now, stripped of the only one who could ever make me happy. All the plans I had for our future are ruined. We were going to take over the world together! We were going to make it all mine-I mean, ours! I was even going to ask her to marry me! I wouldn't have even had to spend a dime on getting her a diamond ring, as I would have told her she's already as previous as a jewel.

I was absolutely distraught for some time after losing Crystal. None of my henchmen knew how to comfort me. To really rub salt in the wound, my old rival, Nitrus Brio, taunted me over how while Crash had stolen my beloved, he'd found one for him called Gem!

So can one really blame me for trying to destroy that meddling marsupial so much when he always ruins every chance of happiness I get in my life?

I won't let him get away with this! He won't beat me over this Someday, I will destroy that wretched bandicoot! Once I've got rid of him, I will take my precious Crystal back, then she will be all mine forever! Muhahahahahahahaha!

Thanks for reading! Hope this gave you some laughs! :)