The Unnatural: The Lost Scene

by Ryuu-sama (

Classification: MSR

Rating: PG

Spoilers: One Breath, Redux I & II, FTF, The

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Summary: This is the fluffy and shippy continuation
of that famous 'baseball scene' at the end of 'The
Unnatural'. Mulder and Scully finally admit their
feelings for each other. That's about it.

Notes: I promise, this will be quick. This is a very,
very bad XF shipper fic. Mercifully, however, it IS
short. The only reason I'm even posting this is the
same reason that people stop and look at car wrecks.
It's terrible, but just can't turn away.
Oh well. At least the grammar and spelling are

In the words of a friend of mine, "This thing reads
like a bad Danielle Steele novel." So, let's get on
with the horror, shall we? Happy reading!


The stars shone with a brilliant crystal
clarity above the small baseball diamond. The smell
of early spring and slightly damp earth hung in the
air. Scully giggled, awkwardly swinging a baseball
bat that was guided by Mulder's arms wrapped around

"That's it. Hips before hands, move into the're doing great, Scully," he said,

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Scully
exclaimed, still laughing, "This is crazy!"

Mulder chuckled. "Who cares? It's fun. And if
it's so crazy, why are you still here?"

"Because I like doing crazy things with you,"
Scully answered, unthinkingly, "I lo-" She bit off
the rest of the sentence sharply, suddenly realizing
what she had almost said. *Oh my God, what am I
thinking?* she thought.

"Scully?" Mulder breathed, hardly daring to
hope that he'd almost heard what he thought he'd
heard. *Please, please, let it be true,* he prayed,

"" She felt the blood rising hotly in
her cheeks and hoped that it was too dark for Mulder
to see her blush. She was about to deny her words,
but suddenly realized that that was the last thing
she wanted. She was tired of being the "ice queen"
and tired of hiding her feelings for him.

Looking into her clear, blue eyes, Mulder saw
the truth of her feelings and everything she wanted
to say. His heart leapt as his own green-hazel eyes
brightened. He bent his head and tenderly pressed his
lips to those of the woman he loved.

His auburn-haired goddess stiffened in surprise
for a moment but then eagerly leaned into the kiss.
She turned around in his arms so that he held her
completely against him. His hands unconsciously moved
lightly over her back. The kiss became the purest,
most passionate moment that either one had ever
known. Their spirits mingled, became one, and
suddenly they had no secrets from one another. They
knew the other as completely as they knew themselves.

They broke apart and regarded each other
wonderingly for a long moment. Mulder lovingly ran
his hand up her cheek and into the warm, silken mass
of her hair. She closed her eyes, blissfully
surrendering to his gentle caress. He moved his
fingers up and down the side of her face, amazed at
the depth of his feelings for her, amazed that this
angel, this beautiful goddess that he had loved
silently for so long should love him too.

"Dana..." he uttered softly, unbelievingly,
saying her name like the prayer it was. "Oh, Dana."
She loved the way her name sounded when he spoke it.
"Why didn't you tell me before?"

"I-I wanted to," she confessed, "But there were
all those rules about partners getting involved, and
besides that, I was scared that you wouldn't feel the
same way or that I'd embarrass you. You're my best
friend. I didn't want to lose you." She sighed. "I've
wasted six years over those damn rules and my own
stupid fears!"

Mulder kissed her forehead. "You could never
lose me, Dana, even if you tried...I will always be
there for you." He laughed. "Anyway, did you know
that our co-workers are running a pool on whether or
not we were going to 'get involved'? We've just made
AD Skinner a small fortune!"

"Skinner-? They're *what*?" she said,
incredulously. "How did you hear about *that*?"

"You'd be surprised at how much of the office
gossip I actually hear." He smiled down into her
eyes. "What changed?"


"When did you decide to forget all of the rules
and 'get involved'?"

"I realized how you really felt. You risked
murder charges, the loss of your job...all to find a
cure for my cancer. You went all the way to
*Antarctica* with a bullet wound in your head to save
my life! Every time I'm in trouble, every time I feel
like I have nothing left, you've been there to
encourage me, to give me strength. You're like-like
an anchor, Mulder...the one constant in my life."

"No one else has ever supported me-believed in
me-like you do, Dana. I owe everything that I've
become in the past six years to you. I would have
given up long ago if you hadn't been with me."

Her blue eyes became serious. "I love you," she
said in an intense whisper, "I've always loved you,

He laughed and put a gentle finger to her full,
red lips. "Not Mulder, Fox," he replied, teasing her
with the words that she'd said to Melissa, long ago.

Her eyes sparkled. "I love you, Fox," she
replied obediently, giving him the sweetest smile
that he had ever seen from Dana Scully. She reached
up to touch his cheek. He put his hand over hers and
moved it to his lips, planting a kiss in her palm.
She leaned towards him again, her smile growing
tender. Mulder bent to kiss her again, when a sudden
thought occurred to him.

His hand reached around to brush lightly across
the back of her neck. She reached back and caught his
fingers in hers, looking up at him curiously.

"What are you doing, Fox?"

He grinned. "Checking for bees."

She laughed as he bent once more to the
incredible sweetness of her lips.


Bright and early the next morning, Assistant
Director Skinner came into his office to find a
single red rose placed neatly across a sealed note
that sat in the center of his desk. He stopped short
and stared confusedly at the sight, trying to figure
out where it had come from.

"Hmm, maybe I have a secret admirer..." he
murmured finally, with an ironic smile.

He picked up the note and opened it. It
contained a wad of cash and a neatly written message.
His smile widened as he read it:

Dear AD Skinner,

Thanks for believing in true love. Enjoy your
winnings! We're taking today off. We're sure you
understand why.


Mulder and Scully