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Talking: "I"

Thinking: "am"

Flood/AI speech: "eternal"

Flood/AI thoughts: "I am gravemind"

Interesting new concept that came to me while i was listening to Halo 3 tracks and putting some finishing touches on the chapters for the other stories, Gravemind Harry, the flood with magic? A rather terrifying concept, I'll try to get this to epic proportions by the time this story ends, I'm talking cosmic :) and though my other Harry Potter story doesn't contain Dumbledore bashing, this will have slight Dumbledore bashing as Harry will scare the shit out of him, I'm thinking of making the flood a mix of the symbiote race from Spider-Man and canon flood, enjoy!

Harry knew by now the entire neighborhood, hell even the teachers at his school, though he was mentally challenged due to his very meek attitude and stutter he had developed out of fear for the Dursley's, even though the librarian knew otherwise as he was ridiculously intelligent she was only one person, no one would believe her, the wizarding world and the Dursley's, especially the Dursley's, would come to regret their decisions because with a sharp pain in his scar and a bright, green flash of light, the fate of the prophesied boy changed drastically.

~Hogwarts, Dumbledore's office~

The instruments used to monitor Harry had went crazy, causing such a racket that it nearly burst his eardrums, finally blowing up after a rather miniscule mass of sickly looking tentacles burst out of them, both the monstrosities and the instruments gone, Albus had a real bad feeling about this, he must get to Harry quickly.

~your end is merely my beginning~

The scene before him could only be described as an unmentionable horror, the house, along with the wards that were meant to protect the boy, was gone, actually, destroyed would be the right word, he nearly threw up out of sickness and horror when the bodies of the Dursley's rose up once again as abominations, he was forced to kill that day, Merlin, he didn't even think magic like this existed.

~somewhere in the endless abyss~

Voices, voices everywhere, inside his head..that deep, booming voice felt so familiar..his own? Precursors..Forerunners? Who..What was he? Gravemind..the memory of a woman told him different, Harry..consume, consume biomass..

Prologue! Beware Wizarding World :) The Nightmare has returned