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Appetite For Destruction



I've got a tongue like a razor, a sweet switchblade knife. And I can do you favors, but then you'll do whatever I like.

Here I am and you're a rocket queen. I might be a little young but, honey, i ain't naive.

I've seen everything imaginable pass before these eyes, i've had everything that's tangible, honey you'd be surprised.

I'm a sexual innuendo in this burned out paradise. If you turn me on to anything you better turn me on tonight.

Here I am and you're a rocket queen. I might be a little young but, honey, i ain't naive.



"We're twins, right?"

Stella King opened her mouth to scold her brother for waltzing in her room but decided against it because it never seemed to do her any good. She merely glanced at him from her mirror; attention focused on the hair straighteners in her hand.

"Hello, brother."

Saul held out his arms with a flourish, looking expectantly at his sister.


When she didn't instantly reply he placed his hands on his hips, voice raising."Right?"

Just to irk him even more, Stella took her time to reply, brushing through her brown locks before gently clamping down on a wave. As she did, the young woman started to pick out which colour would best suit her dress.


"Uh, we share the same birthday and shared our mother's womb so..."Stella slowly replied, pretending to ponder as she studied the collection of lipstick she had before rolling her eyes."yeah, we're twins."

"And, yes, you look delightfully handsome."Stella smiled up at her brother when he sent her a pointed look, setting down her straighteners and turning to get a better look at him.

Saul beamed with his famous crooked grin, smoothing down his suit jacket."Of course, i do."

Her brother wore a crisp white suit with a crimson tie that matched her own dress. It was sure to have disastrous consequences, mainly for Stella herself, but the vibrancy meant something to someone. And because it meant something to that someone it meant something to Saul who meant everything to Stella.

Saul gave an obviously forced smirk as he fixed his cuffs."I hate to say it, but I am going to outshine our guest of honor."

Stella smiled tight, playing along as she brushed out her hair.

"No, you don't."

He swiftly nodded, repeating."No, I don't."

Stella gracefully got to her feet and slowly turned in a circle, holding out her arms, waiting for her brother's opinion on her crimson dress.

"And what about me?"

"Delightfully heavenly."Saul softly replied, nodding in approval with a small smile, turning to look at himself in the mirror on the wall, lips curving up at his reflection."Perfection."

Stella sent her brother an unamused look, scoffing.

"Are you referring to yourself or me?"

"We're twins."Was her brother's short answer, as if those two words were enough. He lingered at the mirror for a moment before he suddenly frowned, quietly muttering."Where was i?"

"You were wondering-"Stella started with a long sigh, cutting herself off when Saul suddenly snapped his fingers in realization."There it is."

"So we're the same? "Her brother inquired, spinning on his heels with a small smile, pointing at his sister with his ringed pointer finger."More than regular siblings, right? Let's say i somehow ended up throttling our mother..."

Saul trailed off, large hands coming up to his neck and he mimicked strangling himself, imitating choking noises that Stella couldn't help but giggle at. But, since her mother had almost supernatural hearing, she attempted to stifle the laughter and remain composed.

"You're gone barmy."Stella scowled at her brother, crossing her arms over her chest, glancing at the door with a nervous look, just waiting for her mother to burst in."Saul, if mother-"

"We all go a little mad sometimes..."Saul calmly stated as he continued his performance, innocently smiling before suddenly scowling bitterly baring his teeth."A boy's best friend is his mother, my ass."

It didn't work and Stella, unable to hold back the bubbling laughter, found herself laughing along with the performance.

Saul was a charismatic character who seemed to garner attention whenever he entered a room. He was full of life, blessed with a sense of humour and a smile that one was unable to resist.

Her brother made a show of rolling his eyes at the back of his head, and he started to convulse. Clutching his chest, Saul feigned slowly losing air before he jolted and played dead.

He waited a second before cracking open one eye."...they wouldn't be able to differentiate between us, right? Twin DNA and all."

Ignoring Stella's second exasperated eye roll, Saul gracefully brushed off his suit before he slumped onto the two seater cream love seat. Eye almost twitching at his shoes on her cream seat Stella, once again, opened her mouth to scold her brother but ultimately let it go.

Not just because he never listened but because of the troubled frown on his face and how he, every few seconds, tap his fingers against his jaw. A sign that he was bothered by something.

"What's up, buttercup?"Stella finally asked in a lazy tone, turning back to look at her reflection.

He scowled at her, shifting to get more comfortable and facing his sister in the process. The pair remained silent until, finally, Saul huffed out an annoyed groan.

"Mommie Dearest is enforcing me to make friends with Red so that she might get in good with Mommy and Daddy."Saul sulkily answered, kicking out his legs as he finally realized he was too tall for the seat."His sister or not, we're not friends."

Stella swallowed as Saul kicked at the air again, turning to look at her brother before she stepped closer to him. She offered him a small smile, kissing her fingers before pressing them to his forehead.

"Saul, it's gonna be okay..."

Her brother glanced up at his sister, eyes cloudy but, most of all, guarded.


Understanding the meaning behind the word, Stella touched her brother's shoulder once, squeezing it before she turned and made her way back to the mirror.

Saul turned onto his side, reaching out and picking up a cushion he'd nudged off. Placing it underneath his head, he set his head down on top. Stella watched him from her mirror, shaking her head as he clutched the cushion with an unsettled frown.

"She's pimping me out, 'Ella!"Saul cried out grouchily, mouth tight and brows furrowed, an almost constant expression he gave after being nagged by his mother.

"Poor baby."Stella feigned sympathy, pausing to apply the peach to her lips, noticing Saul's indignant eyebrow raise at her tone. Stella capped the tube of lipstick before turning to face her brother."What's with the pout? You never turn down a chance to be just charming."

"Because she's crazy. Haven't you looked into her eyes?"Saul responded in a tone that implied his sister should've already known."She's not the good type of crazy."

"There's a good type of crazy?"

"Oh, yeah..."Her brother nodded with a knowing laugh, letting out a pensive sigh as he shifted to get comfortable on the love seat."Y'know, before he got all lovey-dovey, J would get together with this girl who was the good crazy. Like freak between the-"

"Okay, okay!"Stella held up a hand, giving her brother a once over with a revolted look."You and your friends are disgusting."

"I know. Good times."Saul laughed to himself with a shrug, eyes glancing around the room as if he were attempting to hide from something. Saul's laughter faded, a faraway look on his face as he seemingly relived a memory. A fond one."It won't be the same."

Stella felt a tug in her chest at his lifeless tone."Brother."

Once again, he pushed it away, and Saul straightened in the love seat, eyes wide once more with horror.

"Mother needs to be stopped. Which is why-"

There was a flicker in his eyes, as if a lightbulb had gone off and her brother got to his feet with an almost giddy jump. But, before her brother could carry on with his inquiry Stella held up a hand to stop him.

"Don't think it works that way, brother and, besides, we're not identical."Stella gestured to herself, making pointed gestures to her chest brother wagging a scolding finger at him."I'm a girl."

"Really?"Saul drew out the six letter word as he came up behind his sister, looking at their reflection with a furrowed brow."You sure about that? I mean, we have the same moustache and everything-"

Brown eyes growing wide in horror, Stella's clasped over her mouth with a squeak.


Stella cried out in annoyance, hissing her brother's name as she slapped her brother's hand from her face when he attempted to pull hers away. She struggled against her twin and elbowed him in the ribs, cheeks flushed with anger as his laughter only ended up becoming more louder.

Stella smiled as her brother cried out in exaggeration, his fingers ticking her sides as he attempted to gain the upper hand.

"You are such a-"


The young woman in question froze at the demanding tone, her smile instantly fading and her stomach knotting nervously.

Saul's smile also faded, and his lip curled up."Here it comes..."

Sophia King was heard making her way down the hallway that held her children's bedrooms. Heels clicking with each determined and superior step, the closer she got the colder the room seemed to get.

"Stella, honey, i've been calling for you!"A booming, shrill voice was heard as she doors to Stella's bedroom suddenly opened and entered their mother."We leave in five minutes; I will not allow you to ruin today for me!"

Dressed in a knee length black pencil dress with her long, dark locks pulled up in a bun, Sophia scanned the room before her eyes landed on her children. And the second she did her face fell, her eyes darkened, and she shook her head.

"No."She muttered to herself, breathing heavily and eyes wide."This isn't right."

Stella held out her hand as if attempting to keep danger at bay."Mother..."

"What are you wearing?"Sophia demanded as she strutted over to her children, shaking her head at

Saul's suit but, for some reason, seemed more appalled at her daughter."What is the meaning of this?"

Sophia gestured to Stella's crimson dress that fell just above her knees, accompanied by crimson heels that matched her brother's tie. Stella was aware her parents were wearing black, just like most of Riverdale. Mostly the parents. But to those who knew Jason personally and his personality, there was a small group who had chosen to dress lively.

Stella had also been aware of the consequences of going against her parents, mostly her mother since her father probably didn't care either way. But she wanted to be there for Saul. The Blossom parents would wear black, presenting a black cloud that had hung over Jason all his life.


Stella parted her lips, unsure of what to say as her mother's dark eyes bore into her own."I-"

"It's my fault!"

Sophia's head snapped in Saul's direction, finally allowing Stella to breathe.


"It's not firetruck red. It's crimson."Saul defended with a shrug, smiling proudly at his sister before he firmly added."Jason would've wanted people who actually knew him to respect him."

Sophia continued to glare at her son, as if the hard stare would break him down but Saul remained in his spot.

And, realizing this, her expression suddenly softened and she stepped forward, hand attempting to reach for her son but he backed away. She stilled, looking tempted to raise her voice once more but bit back the urge.

Sophia smiled at her son, tone suddenly shifting to a motherly tone that didn't suit her."Honey, I know that you would want to honor him, but this isn't about-"

"He liked everything vibrant, anything to be in the spotlight."Saul cut in with a firm tone, rolling his eyes fondly, looking out of place in the suit but he refused to let up."He wouldn't want it to be doom and gloom."

"Okay, if that's what you want."

Saul didn't reply; he simply shrugged then shifted his eyes to his sister who remained quiet. Sophia followed him, turning to face her daughter with a soft smile. Stella raised her head, chewing on her bottom lip nervously as her mother walked over to her.


Stella smiled a little at the tone and perked up."Yes?"Sophia reached out, hand cupping her daughter's face and she gave her daughter a once over. The soft expression suddenly faded and she observed her daughter, no doubt picking out flaws that Stella had tried to fix.

Saul noticed this, his eyes clouded and he sighed."Mother, isn't it time for us to leave?"

"Honey, are you sure it's right to wear this?"Sophia asked once more, tone soothing but there was an edge to it that chipped away at Stella's already low confidence."Especially after last night's binge?"

Stella's face paled, and she drew in a sharp breath, eyes shining over. But she bit the inside of her cheek to keep the emotion at bay. She wouldn't allow her mother the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

Hugging herself, Stella shakily attempted to defend herself."Mother, it was one cupcake."

"One cupcake too much, it seems."

"Rabbit food isn't exactly filling, Mother."Saul gritted out through clenched teeth, shaking his head resentfully as his sister bowed her head."Especially if one doesn't need it."

Sophia didn't react to Saul and, excluding whenever she wanted to play house in front of others or wanted him to charm a socialite, she rarely ever did, and he had no clue how lucky he was.

"Mother, the dress does is also black. I mixed. I-"

"Just wear the black, sweetie, it's respectful and slimming."Sophia murmured with a sweet smile, brushing Stella's brown hair from her eyes, the touch making her daughter flinch."I'm just looking out for you; you know that, don't you? That's what mother's do."

Stella didn't meet her mother's eyes, she kept her head bow but did bitterly answer."I know."

"Good now be a dear and put on the black dress."Sophia cheerily smiled, hands back on her hips as she spun on her heels with a flourish."I expect you to be downstairs at...Stella?"

Sophia trailed off, looking over her shoulder at Stella expectantly.

"Quarter to,"Stella answered.

Nodding in approval, Sophia turned away and continued towards the door, smile wide and cheery as usual.

"Let me get that for you, Mother."

"Aw!"Sophia gushed, hand over her heart and the other reaching up for her son."You are a dear."

Saul swiftly dodged his mother's hand and opened the door too quickly, gesturing for his mother to leave with a false, loving grin. Her smile faltered a little, the hand that reached for him lingering in the air before she awkwardly let it fall by her side.

"Thank you."

"It was one cupcake, Mother."Saul repeated once his mother stepped out into the hallway, stepping into the entrance and blocking her view of the inside."What happened to the other ten?"

Sophia's eyes widened in horror."I-"

Before his mother could reply, Saul shut the door with a firm but gentle enough slam so that she couldn't have a fit. Especially not before they were to step outside in front of scrutinizing eyes.

"Going by the weird walk which proves the spandex-"Saul mimicked his mother's strut, staggering now and then with a fussy huff."I know who the cupcake culprit is."

Saul scoffed as he heard his mother muttering to herself as she made her way away from the door. Walking back over to the mirror, he mouthed along with her annoyed words, making a mouth motion with his hand.

"I knew she wouldn't like it."He heard his sister mumble to herself and turned to see her fussing over her reflection.

"You're not going to change, are you?"Saul asked as his sister looked down at the crimson dress she wore, shaking his head at her."You can't let her win this one."

Stella numbly shrugged and opened up her walk in closet, turning on the lights, and frowning at the black dress that was ready to be put on. The dress her mother had picked out.

"It's for an easier life."

"What?"Saul was unable to hold back the disappointed expression, but he quickly hid it by looking away."'Ella..."

Stella felt a tug in her chest again as Saul, who was almost always indifferent, struggle to keep his disappointment inside. She looked at the door, always expecting her mother to forcefully enter like she usually did with a complaint then back at her brother.

"But when is our life ever easy?"Stella piped up with a forced smile, switching off the light and closing the walk in closet door with a slam."Besides, she'll probably be too busy sucking up to the Blossom's soI'll get away with keeping the coat on."

Saul slowly nodded in approval, offering his sister a tight, appreciative smile.


He reached out and clasped her cheek gently with his hand, patting her cheek which made his sister roll her eyes once more.

Stella picked up her coat, brushing her hair to the side as she shrugged it on, eyes on Saul who started to look somewhat troubled.

"Are you ready, brother?"

He blinked, seemingly snapping out of a daze and looked down at his sister. She kept his eyes, quietly asking if he wanted a moment but he shook his head.

"Ready to be in a room filled with fake socialites who wear try to pass of wigs as their own hair?"

Saul gave a half suppressed laugh, mouth curving up into a forced smile before offering her his arm.

"Shall we?"

Stella smiled in understanding before accepting his arm, lacing her own through his.

"We shall."

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