Kettle whistles

Cup fills

Beans scattered on the table

Bubble rise

Tub fills

Clothes scatter on the floor

Papers rattle

Cup empties

A quiet morning begins

Body settles

Mind empties

A quiet morning begins

Russet hair ruffles

Body settles

Bertie Botts hit the door

Chestnut curls fall

Bubbles rise

Water hits the floor

"Mione, love

You can't hide in there.

It won't go away."

"Ronald, dear

I am not hiding.

Go away."

Water cools

Cup empties

Beans hit the door

Water cools

Bubbles disappear

Towel falls to the floor

Azure eyes twinkle

Restless finger twine

Questions fill his mind

Chocolate eyes close

Restless mind turns

Question wanting answers

"Mione, love,

Just get out of the bath.

Bubbles won't make it go away."

"Ronald, dear.

Just go get the book.

Bertie Bots won't make it disappear."

Kettle whistles

Cup fills

Book settles on the floor

Drain opens

Water disappears

Feet settle on the floor

Scarred hands steady

Pages turn slowly

Waiting for the door to open

Scared eyes scan

Reflections emerge slowly

Waiting for secrets to reveal

"Mione, love.

I am going to continue drinking my tea

And pretend you did not say that."

"Ronald, dear.

I am going to continue explaining my point

And pretend you are listening."

Head lifts

Arms open

Rising on unsteady legs

Door opens

Tears fall

Walking into open arms

Azure eyes close

Savoring her trust
Holding his greatest treasure

Chocolate eyes settle

Soaking in his strength

Holding her greatest fear

"Mione, love.

This is what I knew we could do.

Trust me."

"Ronald, dear

When did you grow so strong?

Love you."