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Ange De Soi: Angel of Self


Charlene's POV

Eugene Bleumont; a famous psychiatrist, first used the term Autism in 1908. Three years before Gaston Leroux publishes his novel about the Phantom legend. But I am getting ahead of myself.

It was the year 1881, and at the age of 13, I came to the conclusion I was different to the way society wanted me to be. Also at the age of 13, I lost my parents to cholera. I wandered the streets for three years, stealing what I needed to survive, whilst looking for work. However, due to my 'quirks', no-one, not even the brothels of Paris, wanted to employ me.

That was until the day of my 16th birthday, three years later. I was performing for the people of Paris in the streets, when one Madame Giry, took me under her wing, and brought me to the Palais Garnier. At first, the managers were reluctant to employ me, but after much persuasion and an audition in front of the managers, I became a chorus girl. There I danced and sang during La Carlotta's performances. However, the first time I heard her sing, the pain was too much for me to bear, and I was found in a corner rocking backwards and forwards. Tears streaming down my cheeks. After the incident, I was given cotton wool by Madame Giry, before each performance, to muffle the sound of her voice. Soon enough, I was able to block out the sound of her voice, without appearing dazed, and without the assistance of cotton wool. However, once again I am going off tangent. The story is starting on a normal day, when I meet a man, only thought to belong in legend, and is not so different from myself...