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I'm currently driving, on my way home after band practice….


I like music and I love singing.

But I never thought I would be a member of a band, I always thought I'd be a scientist or an inventor. I like science and inventing things.I was considered a genius…a prodigy, if you will.

But unfortunately, I lost that opportunity….

I got framed for something I didn't do…

A damn fire started in my college and everyone pointed their fingers at me. I got kicked out and my mom had to pay for the damage…

I'm glad she believed me though, she already had to deal with my father…no…he's no father…she had to deal with that bastard walking out on us, leaving her with me and my little sister.

But that was years ago, I still have scars from then…. mental and physical….

Anyway, I always had a passion for music as well but it was a thing I did on the side.

Years after the college incident, I met up with my best buddy Dan and we started a band together with his other buds, Zach, Max, and Jack. We're working on an album that will hopefully release at the end of fall.

The guys didn't like me at first. But thanks to Dan and some time to prove myself, I gained their friendship and respect.

I owe everything to Dan. He helped me at my lowest. He basically helped me raise my little sister after my mother's...passing. And I can't thank him enough for that.

Now here I am, right now I'm in my car driving and listening to Linkin Park...

Crawling in my skin,

These wounds they will not heal,

Fears is how I fall,

Confusing what is real.

As I am listening to Chester's (may he rest in peace) godly vocals, I headed to an intersection and I took the turn. I took a quick glance through the window to see the birds flying, the cars passing by as we make the turn and huge truck coming at me….






"Wake up, young human".


I open my eyes, only to be surrounded by darkness…and nothing else….

Where am I?

"Look behind you, young one". I hear the deep yet calming voice speak to me.

I turn around only to see a robotic god-like figure emitting this... calming blue aura towering me.

"Umm...hi?" I said, clearly confused by the odd situation I'm in.

"Hello". He replies happily.

He seems nice….

Yet I can't help but feel slightly intimidated….

"Who are you and where am I?"

The 'god-like figure' nodded and replied. "I am the embodiment of creation and the life giver of Cybertronians, Primus. You are in the realm of the primes, I've brought you here from purgatory".









"Holy shit! You're 'The Primus' from the Transformers franchise?!"

The being now known as Primus smiled and nodded.

But then it hit me….


So I'm dead...


Goddamn it! What's going to happen to my sister? She is gonna be alone…

Tears start to blur my vision. As I sit there, burring my face in my hands.

What about the band? We were supposed to release the album this fall….


How will they feel?

I lost everything…

"I am terribly sorry, I can't imagine what you are going through, but you can be given another chance at life, my boy". Primus says. I could hear the sympathy in his voice.

I look up at him.

"W-what do you mean?"

"Well…are you familiar with the individual known as 'Optimus'?"

Yeah, I do!

Who doesn't?!

"Yes I do, he was the first ever Cybertronian ever since Cybertron's golden age to truly be worthy of being a prime, in fact, he was the greatest prime that ever lived".

I am a huge fan of Optimus, he is so inspiring. Especially with that voice, I mean good God. I get Goosebumps every time I hear him.

Primus smiles at me before continuing.

"Do you believe in the possibility of other universes existing?"


I'm not sure where this is going...

"Well consider this, there are many universes in existence, one where Optimus never became a prime, one where he dies in battle on Cybertron, one where Megatron became a prime, but in your universe, my boy, there aren't any cybertronian's, but they will be different counterparts of people from different universes in yours."



Then he says something that made me shit myself...

"In fact you are your universe's counterpart of Optimus." He States.


"WHAT!" I yell what I was thinking.

"Are you serious?"


"Huh…so now what?" I asked with a confused tone.

He sighs.

"I'm going to need your help, there is another world that is strikingly similar to yours, yet different, that is going to be in danger."



"I don't know Primus. I'm just a regular guy…." I say in an unsure tone.

I mean come on!

I'm just a guy in a band with a shitty life. How the hell am I going to save a world in danger?

"So was Optimus, in cybertronian standards."


That was a good point...

And by what he said, people are going to be in trouble...

I wouldn't be able rest easy knowing I could have done something….

I stand up with a determined look.

"Fine…where do we start?" I asked in a determined tone.

He smiled.

"Thank you, you are doing this universe a great service."

"Hey…all life is precious, I won't let unknown power extinguish them." I say with a big smile.

"Well said young one, I knew I made the right choice."

I blush at his remark.


"Here is how it will go, I will make you a prime , which will make you my disciple, which will grant you the wisdom , strength and fighting experience of the primes including Optimus. Then I will send you to the world."

I laugh at him thinking he was messing around.

"HAHAHAHA! g-good one man, me? A prime? That's a good one..." I said while wiping a tear from my eye.

He just stares at me with an unamused look.

Is he serious?!

"Your joking right?" I asked with a frightened tone.

He just shook his head to signify a 'no'.

"Primus…are you certain that I am ready or even…worthy of being a prime?" I asked with an incredulous tone.

He looks down at me. Clearly amused at my statement.

"Boy, have faith in your self. Even the other primes are vouching for you, Optimus being one of them". He says with assurance.






I won't let him or the other primes down…

I'll make them proud...

Determination filled me.

I'm ready to take on whoever threatens the peace.

I'll fight till my last breath, just like how the Bayformers Prime does things...

I'll take their FACE!

Well... I wont go that far…

But I'll still kick their ass!

"Wow...ok…you won't regret your decision!" I say, filled with determination.

He smiles.

This guy's smiles a lot…

"I know." He said with a calming tone.

His expression then changes to a serious one. He brings his hand forward and opens it.

"Now, behold the Matrix!"

Out of Primus' hand came a blue orb.

And it's coming closer to me…



Once it was close enough, I stared levitating…

"Whaaaat?!" I exclaim in with a nervous expression.

One the blue orb made contact with my chest, there was flash of blue light. I couldn't see as this blue aura covered me.

I feel different...

I feel stronger…

Once the light died down there was a big change….

Before I was just a pudgy guy wearing a black leather jacket with a red tee shirt, blue pants and red sneakers.

But now, I'm different…

For starters, I gained a lot of muscle.

I'm jacked like captain America!

And my clothes are different…

I'm now wearing some combat boots with red highlights, blue combat pants, a black tee-shirt and a red coat ( like the one star-lord wears in Guardians of the galaxy) with cybertronian symbols on it.

I take a look at my self.

"Wow…this is amazing." I say I keep on looking at my self. I noticed there is a sheath for a sword on my back.

Primus seemed content.

"Looks like it worked…. congratulations, my boy, you are now a Prime." He smirked.

Wow…I'm a Prime now.

"And as I have stated before, you now have the wisdom, strength, experience and knowledge of the previous primes".

Holy fuck!

That explains why I know a lot more scientific stuff!

More importantly that explains how I suddenly know how to fight…

Primus turned serious.

"That doesn't mean you can slack off on training and such…" He says sternly.



I guess I can't have everything going my way…

A green portal starts to open up behind me.

"Now your mission begins, my boy, keep this world from falling into darkness, be the people's symbol of hope!" He bellows.

A symbol of hope…

Who would have thought?

"Please do keep things discreet and don't tell everyone about this…only to people you'll come to trust."


I'll do that….


I start making my way to the portal….

"You don't need to worry Primus, you can count me!"

Primus chuckles and then nods.

Well….time to save a world…

Those we my last thoughts before entering the portal.

As I exit the portal, I realize that Primus teleported me into the air... and know I'm falling….




Those were the last things I thought befor-




That fucking hurt…

Looks like I am more durable too...

Now all I need is to figure out where I am an-


Someone running over to me with a concerned expression cut me off.

"Are you all right?" She asks with concern.

I look up to see an attractive blonde woman with a pale complexion. Her luscious blonde hair was tied into a pony tail with a few bags covering her right eye and forehead. She had beautiful deep blue eyes which show her concern for my condition. She was wearing a white blouse with a black skirt and was carrying a purse. And from what I heard, she has a German accent.


I get up and held my side.

I look around to see where I am. Looks like I'm in an alleyway.

Shit my side hurts...

Goddamn it!

"Yeah... I'm good, thanks for the concern!" I say, trying to play it off like as if I wasn't affected by the fall.

The woman frowns at me, clearly seeing that I'm lying.

"No you are not, let me help you! I'll take you to my apartment to patch you up." She says sternly.

I sigh in defeat and nodded in agreement.

She helps up as we leave the alleyway on our way to her apartment, with her supporting me along the way.


I wonder how much she saw?

Might as well ask…

"Hey can I ask you something?" I asked awkwardly.

She looks at me with a smile.

I don't know how, but just with that smile she puts me at ease.

"Of course." She says cheerfully.

"How did you find me? I mean from what it looks like the streets are empty and you reacted pretty quickly."

She giggles.

I blush at that.

I mean come ON! That's so cute!

"Well I was walking home from the park and then I saw a big green portal in the sky, I assumed it was a portal because you came out of it." She states.


Good job with discretion PRIMUS!


"L-look…. I'll explain my situation at your place and I'll be as truthful as I possibly can." I say in panic mode.

The pain in my side was excruciating and if she can really help me with that, then I am not passing that up.

I smile weakly.

She nods in understanding.

"Don't worry, you can leave out all the areas which you don't feel comfortable with". She says reassuringly.

I don't know why…but I feel I could trust her with the truth…. I mean…at least I won't be entirely alone here…

"Thank you…" I say with a small smile.

She smiles at me….

That smile…that beautiful smile…it's because of that smile I feel the comfort from her….

I was suddenly snapped from my thoughts when I realized some thing…

"Hey…umm where exactly are we? And please me specific." I blush in embarrassment.

Why am I so awkward?

She nods her head and smiles.

"It is all right, we are in Zurich, Switzerland." She says.


I always wanted to go to Switzerland...huh…

What are the odds?

"Ohh…neat!" I say in a pained yet cheerful tone.

Wow… It just occurred to me…

I don't even know her name.

And speaking of names…I think I know what name I'll have from now….


A new life and a new world, why not go with a new name?

"So…umm…we never introduced our selves, my name is Jayce, Jayce Primus." I say with a grin.

I blush from the awkward introduction.

She giggles at that.

"My name is Angela, Angela Ziegler." She says with a bright smile.


Beautiful name.

I smile.

"It's nice to meet you, Angela." I say happily.

She smiles at me.

"It is nice to meet you too, Jayce".


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