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This is exactly like back home... everyone just hates me… why?




I continue sobbing. I probably look pathetic but I don't give a fuck.

I get back up and walk towards my room.

"GET OUT!" I hear from Angela's room.

She probably didn't realize I left a while back…

I open the door and enter the room.

If this is what she thinks of me…

So be it…

-1 Week later-

(Jayce's POV)

Last week was uneventful. All I've been doing was training and getting used to the armor. I keep to myself mostly, Angela and I kinda drifted apart since…the fight. Well...it was more of her yelling at me and hurting my feelings but whatever. We don't speak much anymore, we just act like we're colleagues now and nothing more.

Nothing more…

It stings every time I think about that night. In just one fucking night everything between us changed...and it hurts.

I miss her...

Nothing much has happened regarding Unicron too and it concerns me. This silence means he's planning something…

Something big.

I hope I can stop him…

I should probably teach Gat and the others about Cybertronians and Unicron . The info can be pretty useful in battle for the future...assuming Gat and Fareeha are willing to listen to me..

I've closed myself off from everyone excluding Zenyatta, Minerva and Dan. I adopt a more stoic and mature attitude when I'm around others.

It became clear that they don't like my happy-go-lucky nature and I have to be more of a leader. Someone who can be taken seriously. They don't want a person like me...like Jayce Primus. They want...no they need someone who they can take seriously, a person more suited for the role of a Prime.

Like... Optimus Prime.

I keep my armor and mask on when I'm around them because of this.

As I was lost in my thoughts, Angela and I walked past each other in the corridors of the mansion, bringing me back to reality. She didn't even acknowledge or glance at me. Things between us aren't good…

I sigh as I enter the main hall, where I see Gat and Fareeha talking calmly. They quickly turn to look at me.

Fareeha with a look of surprise and Gat with a look of...Gat.

"Ah Cazzo, here we go again" Gat says, letting out an annoyed grunt.

Hello to you too, Cat-man…

"Hello Jason." Fareeha greets, getting a wince from me.

Come on! It's been a week and she still gets my fucking name wrong?

"It's Jayce!" Gat and I corrected her.

SEE? Even this asshole knows my name. And he hates me.

"Fuck! Shut up!" Gat yells at me.

"What?" I look at him.

Side note. I'm still not used to the voice modulator in the helmet.

"Sorry" An embarrassed Fareeha looks at me .

"Now you shut up!" Gat turns to her. This confused her

"Why? I was just apolo-"

"Wait...what are we talking about?" I ask, cutting Fareeha off.

"YOU. Of course. You're always the center of attention. This world just happens to revolve around you." Gat points at me, glaring at me.

Honestly...I'm used to it at this point.

"Okay, I get it, fine. What are you actually talking about then?" I sigh.

"You." Gat plainly replies.

I just stare at him, not amused. He's just pulling my leg.

Gat just sighs, as if he saw my stare from under my helmet.

"Listen, there are some things that I need to sort out. Some pretty big questions." He says finally.

"Very well then. Ask what you must." I say.

"Now I'm going to say this as clearly as I can." He states.

"I'll manage." I say stoically

"Try your best to answer me CLEARLY and CONCISELY" He says, his eyes narrowing at me.

Just get on with it!

"Just ask." I say almost impatiently.

I'm actually intrigued about what he'll actually ask about all this.

"What the hell are you wearing?" He asks.


"Really that's what you want to ask?" Fareeha asks, just as disappointed as I.

He stares at her, looking defensive.

"I mean I need to start somewhere, let's start simple. Trust me, you'd be surprised how

stupid he-"

"This is the Prime Armor gifted to me by Primus and the great Alpha Trion. A Prime who was well known for his inventions and wisdom." I cut him off.

Keep going with the insults. I can do this all day…

Did I just make another reference? I feel like I just did..

Fareeha looked completely lost while Gat just glared at me, making me sigh.

Maybe I should give them a more...simplified version.

"It's Armor given to me by space Gandalf." I dumbed it down quickly with no emotion.

Gat stared at me, looking pretty frustrated. He then pauses before looking at me calmly.

"Teach… Me." He says, catching me by surprise.

What the fuck?!

I was expecting insults and words to belittle me. Not this!

"Teach you what?" I ask with a raised eyebrow under my helmet.

"Everything. Everything you know about this danger to my world. I ridiculed you before, sure. But I must admit. You've proven that you are more capable than me at fighting them… for now." He says, surprising me yet again.

Wow...guess I was wrong earlier..

"It was my plan to teach you...but I never had the opportunity thanks to...well." I struggle to find the proper words to say without angering him.

It's tough to say that I couldn't attempt to teach them before because he was being an dick who didn't listen to me ever since we met in a nice and less angering way. Not that I should fault his behavior to begin with, It's mostly towards me.

And with my story...it was expected.

"You being a Piece of shit to him, sir." Minerva chimes in the most appropriate thing to say at the perfect moment.

Gat looks down at the floor.

"Okay. you have to understand, things were different before now. I didn't realize how powerful our enemies were until now. Or more accurately, how powerless I was against them. Jayce, you saved all our lives, and I am not one to ignore something like this." Gat says and steps closer to me.

Huh...I've never seen him like this…

He's being genuine too...I think.

"I know I haven't shown you kindness, but this is war, and one that threatens more than I could ever have imagined. I'm not a kind man, I'm barely a man at all. But I realize when I have to draw the line. I ask for your knowledge, not because we're friends, but because the world may count on it." He says.

Wow...I never thought I'd hear this from him.

Maybe we can win this. If Gat is willing to work with me, I have a feeling we can beat Unicron together.

The thought puts a smile on my face.

"I never faulted you, Gat. I promise that Unicron will be stopped, no matter the cost. I shall see to it personally...even if it costs me my own life…" I say, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"You show passion to protect the world. THAT makes you more man than you think, Gat." I praise.

I stare at him and Fareeha, determined.

"I shall teach you all what I know, I just hope we all understand they are living beings too." I say.

They need to understand that we're not facing mere robots. These are living things that can think creatively and learn. They can show that through their fighting.

Like Megatron…

"Living or not, this isn't their world, and after what they've done, I will be the judge of whether or not they deserve to be treated as 'Living' beings." Gat says, not getting my point.

"I think all he wants to say is that just because they look like machines, it doesn't mean you can just expect them to behave like them." Minerva chimes in yet again, understanding what I was getting at.

I need to make sure she's around while I teach the others…

"Machine or not, they don't belong here, that's all that matters." Gat says, still not understanding.

Maybe I should've been more clearer...

"I meant, they can surprise you in battle. Not all of them are mindless, assuming Unicron will learn and stop sending drones after us. Like Jessica, we should expect someone unpredictable and capable in the art of combat" I clarify.

"I saw what they did, no machines would take such pleasure in genocide…" Fareeha recalls, looking disturbed.

Yeah...When Cyclonus and the drones attacked, they hit hard. There were a lot of casualties. And Fareeha still is affected by all that…

"Yeah...Unicron is ruthless. He only wants to see everything burn and die." I say in a sorrowful tone.

Fareeha's eyes were shut as she was trembling.

"Hey, go rest, you're making me uncomfortable." He says in his usual Gat attitude.

And here I thought things were gonna be different…

"Gat, really?" Minerva says, not amused.

"Misspoke, I meant to say 'You look uncomfortable'. Go rest." He reluctantly corrects himself.

I agreed with him, however.

"Gat is right." I adopted a softer tone, understanding how she felt.

Fareeha nods and leaves the hall, still looking shook.

"You should make sure she'll be alright." Minerva says.

Huh...was she talking to me? Or…

"What do I pay you for?" Gat growls at Minerva, irritated.

"Nothing." She replies back.

Ahh. To Gat.

Gat sighs.

"Fine, I'll see to it she calms down." He says, heading towards where Fareeha went.

This...This is concerning. People losing their lives because of this battle with Unicron…I can't have more casualties. No more.

I need some fresh air…

I frown as I stepped outside, heading towards the front garden, needing some time to myself.

To get my head in the game.

And to think.

I then see Zenyatta, hovering in the garden, with butterflies sitting on his head. He looked like he was meditating.

"Ommmmmmm" I heard from him as he meditated in peace.

How he's not as shook as everyone else, I'll never know…

I walk up behind him to greet him, he knows of my presence.

"Ah, Greetings. " Zenyatta says, turning around and giving a friendly wave.

"Greetings, Zenyatta. How are you?" I greeted back, trying to keep my stoic tone.

"I am feeling alright, thank you. How about you, Jayce. How do YOU feel?" He asks, earning a curious look from me.

What is he up to?

"I'm feeling...quite well." I hesitate, which Zenyatta took note of.

"You seem troubled. Hmm. Everyone does, at times like these. Go on Jayce, tell me what troubles you, it will make you feel better." Zenyatta says, seemingly have read me through my mask.

Should've known he'd do this…

Knowing I can't fool him, I call off my mask and decide to be real with him.

"I don't know where to start…" I sighed with a frown.

Wow...I almost forgot what my own voice sounds like.

Also..even thought I could breathe well through the mask, nothing beats breathing without one.

"I just had a great idea, why don't we take a walk? It's a beautiful day, and you could really use the air. You've been breathing through a mask for far too long." Zenyatta says, heading off. I follow him.

Huh...he read me like a book.

"Sure...maybe a walk could be nice…" I say.

We end up wandering into the forest. It was pretty peaceful actually. I kinda regret not spending my time doing this with Lilly back home...she would've loved this…

I smiled as the birds flew past Zenyatta and I.

They look so happy…

We continue to admire life in the forest.

Now... I should probably say something...

"It all started a week ago. Angela said some things and it hurt me. It got me thinking...maybe I am the problem after all." I opened up to Zenyatta.

"What has led you to such a belief?" Zenyatta asks.

"I've caused more harm than good... I ruined her life…" I say, frowning.

It's basically true. So far, I've been the Indirect cause of all the attacks from Unicron. All the death and destruction is on my hands.

"Do you know enough about her life to believe that?" Zenyatta questions me.

"Well...she's the only one who knows if I did or not…" I reply quietly, looking at my feet.

"Then it isn't a label you can bear upon yourself fairly, is it? Don't dwell, Jayce, on that which you've already committed to memory, focus on what you must do NOW." He says.

Yeah...I should be focusing on Unicron. I shouldn't dwell on what happened with Angela.

Primus is counting on me.

I can't mess this up…

"...Very well." I say after being silent for a few moments.

We continue to walk around and talk. I took the opportunity to get to know him more.

And well...me being me, I asked him a lot of questions.

"How do you keep floating like that? Do you ever touch the ground?" I ask, noting how he literally floats everywhere.

At this point, we are wandering deep within the forest. We found a grassy valley...but something was off…

We see metal objects littered all over the valley.

I kneel down for a closer look.

Is...that a head and...an optic?

Wait...these are metal bodies! They do look familiar actually...

"What..the-...what's this?" I look around.

"Those are dead Omnics...this is a resting place for fallen bastion Units from the Omnic Crisis. The battle was...Brutal." He says, looking down.

I examine one of the torn apart bodies. It was covered in moss and other plant life from over the years.

"Oh...so these are...Bastions, right?" I ask, still looking at the body.

"They were, once." He said as I looked at him.

We have a moment of silence.

I..I don't really know what to think of all this.

The Silence is cut short as we're interrupted by the sound of gunshots in the air. I then get on my guard, summoning my helmet over my head.

Where is it coming from?!

A bullet then hits my armor.

Fuck! Never mind! It's from the forest!

"Take cover, Zenyatta!" I yell, my commanding tone amplified by the voice modulation of the helmet as it covered my head.

He nods and takes cover behind a boulder.

We look for the attacker. We see a Bastion walk out of the forest, its red eye glowing. It looked ready for a blood bath.

The Bastion then starts shooting at us.

It doesn't do much damage because...well..the bullets bounce off my Armor.

Okay...now how do I ta-



I'm suddenly blinded in one eye.

"GAAHHHHH! MY EYE!" My hand covers the wounded eye.

He shot my damn eye!

Zenyatta chants something, I couldn't quite hear him as I was occupied by the pain...the excruciating pain. It suddenly gets worse.

Fuck! It's Unbearable!

The bullet falls out of the wound as I suddenly can see through my eye again.

Oh god...oh god…

That was horrible.

Wow...so much blood. I'm not used to seeing so much of my own of my own body…

"That was...Painful" I summon my blaster and get up to fight.

Huh? Where is the Bastion?

"Something is wrong here. Why would they run if they wanted to fight us?" Zenyatta questions.

"I don't know… do you think it'll be back?" I ask.

"Perhaps, it's best we stay vigilant, we can't be sure that we are entirely safe in this forest. I've heard rumors that some units are still active after all these years, roaming the forest, unaware that the war has ended." Zenyatta states as he gestures to the dead Omnics.

"It's a shame, this was a beautiful place once, now it lies littered with remains of violence and hatred." He continues.

"Yeah...I hope to prevent this same thing by beating Unicron and his forces." I say.

This..experience...furthers motivates me actually. This is the outcome if I don't stop Unicron soon.

"If only that were possible. It seems that our world is always plagued by some conflict or the other. Only in the Iris have I found true peace." He sighs.

"And I'm happy for you...but this is Earth. Everything about this planet was founded through conflict...well most of it anyway." I look at him with a weak smile.

"Which is why it is naive to believe that you can prevent it. Who are you to say that Unicron is not part of Earth's destiny? That this must happen in order for the universe's grand scheme to unveil?" Zenyatta questions me.

Those are good questions…

I sigh deeply and look at him.

"Unicron wants nothing but destruction of all life. Primus, his brother, fought him for Centuries. And now, I'm involved. I'm stopping Unicron for the sake of all life, Zenyatta. Destiny or not, everyone has the right to choose their own fate. Even against the likes of Godly beings." I say, staring at him intently.

He hums to himself as there's now a silence between us. We walk back back to the mansion in silence as Zenyatta thought about my words.

It was awkward…

~Meanwhile ~

(3rd person)

Angela makes her way towards the brig, her heels clicked as she walks. The recent events got to her and that just made her more curious about Jayce.

She needed more information on him. Information he is probably keeping from her. Could she really trust him anymore? Was he even telling the truth?

So many questions that need answers.

And Dan is the only person who knows Jayce through and through. So that's a good start.

She sees Dan quietly sitting in his cell, bored out of his mind. He probably was waiting for another visit from Jayce. He made it a routine to frequently visit Dan in the brig.

Dan makes a voice of surprise as he sees Angela walk in. He wasn't expecting to have her to visit him any time soon.

He couldn't help but feel on the edge due to her unreadable expression.

"So...You're Daniel Cavver Aka Cyclonus…" Angela ends the uncomfortable silence.

Dan crosses his arms at that name. He grew to hate it with a passion.

"Just call me Dan... I'm NOT Cyclonus. My body and mind were controlled." He frowns.

"Is it true?" The blonde doctor suddenly asks, still with an unreadable expression.

"What?" Dan wasn't sure what she was referring to.

"Are these..things here for him? All the death and destruction...was it because they were trying to get to him?" Angela clarifies, with a hint of sorrow in her voice.

The questions Angela was asking Dan really didn't sit well with him. Was she really questioning his after all the time she spent with him?

"Well it's quite the opposite. Jayce is here because of them." Dan says after sighing.

After he said that, Gat suddenly bursts through the door, glaring at Dan.

"I've heard that stupid excuse too many times, I swear to god, I refuse to let you keep making it." He growls, not really intimidating Dan, more so annoying him.

"Oh my goodness, were you listening to us?" A shocked Angela asks.

"I was LISTENING to HIM. you know, the man we have imprisoned for trying to kill us. It only seems fair that we keep an eye, or ear, on him." The Cat themed Vigilante kept his glare on Dan.

"...How does Jayce deal with you?" He asks, annoyed.

"I remember how Jayce dealt with you, knocked the evil out of you if I remember. Or so he says at least." Gat sneers.

Angela closes her eyes and massages her temples in frustration. She didn't want to deal with this right now.

"Gat, I was hoping to have a private conversation." She states with a frown.

He looks at her and then pulls a chair from the corner of the room, surprising Dan. Was the chair there the whole time?

"Well, you can have one. In fact, let's have one together, all three of us." Gat says as he sits.

"...was that chair always there? Jayce always sat on the floor-" Dan is then cut off by Gat, who suddenly grabbed him by the collar.

He is then slammed against the cell.

"Tell me, if you will, what connection your boss has to Primus, and why he can't seem to get enough of him." Gat interrogates Dan.

Angela, having enough of this, decides to intervene.

"Gat, stop it! There is no need to be violent, he is restrained." She narrows her eyes at the Vigilante, making him let go of Dan.

"Which Primus are you referring to? There's the God and then there's my best bud." Dan asks, brushing himself off.

To be fair, it does get quite confusing when you call Jayce only by his last name...but then again Gat only knew Jayce and not the god that brought him here.

Why exactly did Jayce use 'Primus' as his last name?

"The one who handed you your ass." Gat replies almost immediately.

"Ohh...well from what I remember...umm...Unicron wanted to destroy this planet but his brother sent Jayce here to stop him. Unicron, understandably pissed that his brother is trying to stop him again, then sends everything to kill his brother's disciple...aka Jayce. The point is, the planet was in danger from the start, Jayce was sent here to prevent it." Dan simplifies for Gat.

"I dumbed it down for ya, Cat-Boi." He smirks at Gat. But the vigilante wasn't having any of it.

"Even if you're right. Even if Primus is here to stop them. You cannot deny that they decide to strike wherever he goes. I understand that they want to destroy the earth, fine, that is a problem that is independent of Primus, however, at the moment there is too much evidence pointing towards them treating Primus as a priority." Gat leans closer to the cell, Glaring at Dan.

"Let me dumb it down for you: They may be after the earth, but they are after 'Jayce' first. Which is why I believe that everywhere he goes is at great risk." He finishes, making Dan glare at him.

"Let me ask you something. If there was a person who could completely eradicate you and your plans...would you take action against said person? Or let things be?." Dan asks, staring at Gat intently.

"Obviously, I would destroy whatever stood in my path. Which is precisely the reason we should get Primus as far away from civilization, hell, as far away from this planet as we can. Because they aren't going for the earth before they kill him first. " Gat kept his glare on Dan, who stood strong and didn't quiver under the glare from the Cat themed Vigilante.

"Unfortunately for you, Jayce is the only chance you have against Unicron. You're literally suggesting we get rid of our only hope of survival." He shot back.

"He has a point, I haven't seen anyone make as much of a difference as Jayce has against them. I don't want to offend you Gat but… you don't stand a chance, none of us do." Angela adds to the conversation.

"AND here's the thing, this is bigger than the earth. Unicron is a multiversal being. This will continue with every life outside of earth. No one is safe. No universe is safe." Dan adds on, raising his voice. The reality of this situation is getting clearer to Angela and Gat.

This is probably the biggest thing she has ever faced in their life.

Gat gets up solemnly

"I know you don't think we stand a chance, but you don't know how close I am. How close I've gotten to the breakthrough that humanity needs to match Unicron. You don't know what I'm capable of, what humans are capable of. I'll show you, and your goddamn machine overlords too." Gat says, clenching his fists.

He then slams Dan against the cell before leaving.

"He's becoming worryingly erratic. All he's done for the last week is pace up and down his laboratory in the Cloud. I don't like it." Angela says in thought, having a bad feeling about all this.

This wasn't how she planned her questioning of Dan to go…

Dan looks at Angela with serious intent .

"Listen...Doc. This is serious. Jayce was chosen by Primus himself. Jayce poses the only thing that can save us all. If Gat surrenders him to Unicron or god-forbid kills him...all hope is lost. All life as we know it will be gone for good. Please do the right thing...I'm begging you." He gets onto his knees and pleads, catching Angela off guard.

"...I-I need time to think about all this…" She walks out the brig, leaving Dan to curse to himself

~Angela's Quarters ~

A few hours has passed since her talk with locked herself in her quarters, trying to process everything.

She was now on her bed reading a book called 'Cyberpunk 2020'. She wants to get her mind off things for a while. She needs to.

"Hey, would you like to talk? You seem distressed " Minerva says out of the blue.

At this point, Angela was used to Minerva popping in randomly, she doesn't get startled anymore.

"Minerva...please, I'm not in the mood…" Angela says, sighing deeply.

"That's what Gat always says...and you KNOW how troubled he is." Minerva sighs, reminding the doctor of her boss.

Angela gives in and puts her book away.

"Okay fine…. I'm not sure who to trust...it's like I can't trust anyone. I've always trusted Jayce, but with everything that has happened, I'm not sure I can. And Gat is-"

"Gat…" Minerva sighs disappointingly, cutting off Angela.

"Yeah…" Angela frowns.

"I mean, I understand the Gat part, but Jayce? He never really gave you a reason to doubt him. He just has enemies that want him dead and those enemies want to destroy the world. So far, he's been telling the truth, people just haven't been believing him. In my opinion, he's as genuine as they get." The AI says, making Angela re-evaluate the situation regarding Jayce.

Angela instinctively glances her purse that was kept on her bedside sees a note poking out of it.

It was the note Jayce wrote to her before this whole journey started, back when she originally didn't plan to come. She found it when she woke up and kept it with her.

She never took the time to read it…

She grabs her purse and pulls the note out and stares at it as it sits in her hands.

"Thanks, Minerva…" She says, her eyes still glued to the paper in her hands.

"Always here if you need me!" Minerva says cheerfully before leaving Angela to herself.

Angela then reads the note, and to say she felt guilty was an understatement.

Jayce truly did care for her and trusted her. He was grateful for all that she had done for him and wasn't using her for his benefit. He truly cared for how she felt.

She truly regretted what she had said to him. She used her experience at Overwatch cloud her judgement. Unlike them, Jayce wasn't using her for any ulterior motive. He truly respected her and her work.

As soon as she finished reading the note, she hurried towards wherever Jayce might be.

~The training room ~

Angela finds herself hurrying to the training room with a little help from Minerva. where she finds Jayce armored up and practicing with the Star Saber.

He looked focused as he had his eyes closed while holding the legendary blade in his armored hands.

"J-Jayce! We need to talk." Angela says with a guilt ridden look.

Jayce merely looked at her with a deep sigh, his helmet still covering his face.

"What's there to talk about?" He asks, the sadness in his voice fueling Angela's guilt even more.

"Jayce..I-I'm..-" She managed to utter before getting cut off by a door opening followed by heavy metallic footsteps.

Gat walks in with a black bulky suit of armor. The suit was different from what anyone was used to. It looked ready for a war. It had a blade sticking out of the left arm. There were transparent tubes running over various parts of the armor, many of which went from the back and attached to the right arm.

"Primus, I'm done waiting" He says as another helmet folded over his current one. The eyes glowed purple as they came alive. " It's time for us to have a talk, Cazzo."The purple eyes narrow at the disciple of Primus.


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