Hello there! Well, here it is! The start of the rewrite! As you can see, Chapter 1 is big and it is my hope that you all will enjoy it. This story is the rewrite of the Expelled Jedi, even if it goes by a different name. Think of this as a prologue, well, treat the first few chapters as a prologue if you will! I am sure you will notice the better grammar, flow and so on. Remember, this is just the start. The pairing will remain the same, that I can assure you, but there will be built up to that relationship. With that out of the way, I hope you all enjoy it!

The unknown regions of the galaxy are a vast expanse of space that has yet to be properly explored. It has long been the source of many tales and wonders parents have told to their children before bed. Many have tried to venture off into the unknown region, situated in the west part of the galaxy, and far beyond the Outer Rim. Seeking after the many systems that have yet to be explored, the many resources yet to be exploited.

However, long ago, the region was once a seat of power for a very old, very ancient empire that ruled with an iron fist. It was an empire forged upon slavery, and aggressive expansion. It was an empire that predated the Republic, the Jedi, and the Sith. A very old and ancient empire indeed, yet, like all empires, it withers as the sands of time tick onwards. However, the after effects of that empire can still be seen.

Far into the unknown regions, deep enough that one might even call it the edge of the galaxy, lies a star system. In that system is a planet with lush forests, large deserts, massive oceans, and a vast expanse of mountain ranges. It seemed like your average planet where life had found a way to thrive. Expect in a…unique way.

"He's done it again!" A man shouted to his comrade as he gazed up at a large rocky formation with a frown, lip curled into a nasty snarl.

"Why is the Hokage always letting him get away with vandalizing the monument?" Questioned a female as she shook her head and bore her teeth in a sneer. The Hokage Monument, an iconic monument to display the visage of the fourt greatest men the village had ever known, carved into the side of a large mountain that overlooked the village below. The people greatly respected the Hokage, after all, they had all led the village thought troubling times.

"You'll never catch me at that speed!" Shouted out a young boy, clad in a horrible orange jumpsuit. It wasn't the jumpsuit that was repulsing, it was the color, really, a very vibrant sunset orange that made the eyes scream in pain. The boy ran, lept, and skidded through the village at great speeds, while being chased by uniformed adults, all trying fruitlessly to catch the orange eyesore.

"Get back here!" One of the adults yelled, he was wearing a few bandages on his left arm and some holsters on his right, along with a vest. Tied around his head, was a forehead protector, with a metal plating on the front consisting of a leaf engraved into it.

"How is he this fast?!" Another one shouted as the all stumbled and keeled over to catch their breaths, they were being outrun by a freaking kid! He wasn't even a real genin yet!

"Must be the work of that demon..." One of the men replied with venom in his voice. It was clear that the man was no fan of that kid. However, he was silenced by the next man.

"Are you crazy?! What if someone heard you? The Thirds law is still in effect", his comrade-in-arms reprimanded him in a hushed voice. The man just shrugged.

"The village hasn't done too good of job at hiding it now, have they?" the man dismissed his colleague before returning to chase after the little orange speed demon. The other man sighed as he jumped on top of a buildings and began his search. They failed to notice a section of the wall behind them peel off, revealing the blond-haired kid they were rushing after. The boy only looked at the retreating figures of the two men chasing him, trying to figure out what they meant. This wasn't the first time he was called a demon, but in all his years he still did not know why was he called such a thing.

"And they call themselves ninjas!" The boys expression changed from the sulk into a grin as he laughed at the so call ninjas. Clearly, they weren't anyone special if they couldn't track down a single kid. His laughter was cut short as a shadow was cast down upon him, a large shadow. The boy started to nervously laugh as he slowly turned around. Standing behind him, was a very tall man, who's most dominant feature was the scar that traveled arcos his one cheek, over his nose and to the other.

"H-Hey Iruka-sensei…" The boy stated as the said back stared down at him with anger, something the boy had gotten used to over the years.

"Naruto…first you skip class and then you go and vandalize the Monument? You're in a lot of trouble." Iruka hung on those last few words.

Naruto huffed and turned his head away from his sensei. "Whatever" he replied, this caused the man's anger to rise as he raised a fist and brought into down upon the blond mop of hair.

"Don't 'whatever' me you little brat! You're going to clean the Monument from your latest act of vandalism. After class that is!" The man yelled out as he restrained the boy with some rope as if he was some sort of criminal, which in a way he was.

That Afternoon

Naruto groaned as he washed the Hokage Monument. His sensei had other things to attend, leaving him alone to clean up his mess. At first, he had thought about simply leaving. Sure, he had painted the Monument, but how could they not see it was an improvement! Boredom ultimately set in as the sun began to approach the horizon.

"I guess it's time to head back to the house…" Naruto thought as he left the momument unfinished. The sun had already begun to set, painting the sky with an orangish color similar to his jumpsuit. He walked slowly on his way home, but along the way he grew hungry and started to run back home. It wasn't long before he arrived home.

"More like back to the dump…" He thought as he nearly tripped over an empty bowl entering his small apartment. It was run down, smelled like garbage, and was an overall mess. Yep, this was a dump alright, but it was his dump. This was the home the Third had given him after he could take care of himself. Entering the small kitchen, which was really an extension of the living room, he opened a cabinet and pulled out some instant ramen. He readied some water to boil and waited. Closing his eyes, he took in a deep breath.

"That feeling…it's back again" He thought as he pondered the strange energy around him. It wasn't chakra, it didn't feel like the chakra he'd used in his exercises. It was…different. He could feel many different life forms around him, the owl soaring in the sky, the crickets chirping in the grass, the bats awakening in the trees, but the strangest thing was that all these life forms felt…connected.

"My senses lately have always felt so…clear. It's as if I can see everything, feel everything…" He continued to feel the world around him. However, his experimentation was cut short as his mind was bombardment by some strange images. Images of war, of soldiers clad in white armor, of these strange warriors wielding some strange weapons that glowed. A rasping breath echoed its way into his mind. Then, he saw the most disturbing of all images, genocide. Thousands were slaughtered, men, women, and children. He turned to see a large menacing figure clad in black armor that reached out to grab him. His eyes shot open as sweat poured down his forehead, his breathing labored the horrifying echo slowly faded from his mind.

"W-What was that?" He questioned himself as he stood up, a bit disoriented from the experience. It was the strangest event with these powers of his. He had discovered them on accident a while back and had no luck figuring out what it was. It was clear to him that no one else seemed to possess this strange power. As if they would help if even if they did. He was broken out of his thoughts as he heard the signature whistling of steam from his kitchen.

"Crap! The water!" Naruto yelled as he quickly ran to grab the kettle, however, in his rush he accidently grabbed the more metallic part of the kettle. As soon as he grabbed it, his hand recoiled back from the heat. However, as he drew his hand back, an invisible force seemed to pull the kettle off the stove, the water spilling over.

"What's going on here?!" He questioned himself in disbelief. Did he do that? No, that's impossible. He didn't launch any kind of attack, in-fact, he hadn't seen anything touch the kettle. His thought grew frantic and then suddenly came to a stop. He gulped as he began to sweat.

"Is it a g-g-ghost?" He stuttered out as he looked around carefully. The odds of his apartment being haunted by some ghostly being were quite likely, after all, it looked like someone was murdered here long ago. He slowly approached the kettle and picked it up carefully as to not offend any spirits. However, he quickly dropped it with a yelp as he heard a knock on his door. His heart began to beat faster and faster as he slowly turned towards the door. It didn't help that it was dark outside and only a single light source illuminated the hallway to the door.

"Please be Iruka-sensei coming to scold me… PLEASE be Iruka-sensei… " He prayed Iruka had noticed his unfinished work and was coming to make him finish the job. He slowly made his way to the door, sweat pouring down his forehead. With a trembling hand, he grabbed on to the knob of the door and gulped.

"This is it…" He thought, readying himself for the worst. Time stood still as he slowly opened the door and found a…green imp?

"What the hell?" He questioned as he stared down at a strange green being. He was short, even shorter then him, yet the green little creature used a cane. The little thing had pointy ears and seemed quite wrinkly. It wore a robe the size fit for a toddler. The unknown creature seemed to be giving him a smile.

"Found you, I have." It spoke. It talked! Was he dreaming? Yes, this had to be a dream! He must still be experimenting with those strange powers of his or it could have been that expired milk. This was all too much for him to handle and so he did the next best thing; he fainted. The green little creature blinked as it stared at the boy. Expected a reaction like this, he did not.

A Few Minutes Later

Naruto groaned out as he sat up right in his bed with one of his hands massaging his head. He had the strangest dreaming apparently. First, some ghost knocked over his kettle. Second, a strange green creature had knocked on his door.

"I should really get some fresh milk next time." Naruto muttered with a sigh as he got of his bed and headed to the kitchen to grab some water.

"Awake, you are. Good." He heard a voice, thought it sounded old and odd given how the words were spoken.

"Yeah, I'm good…wait a minute!?" Naruto shouted as he turned around to find that green little creature.

"Wait you say? Hmmm." The little creature hummed as Naruto now looked at it with curiosity. It wasn't human, that was a given.

"What are you? A frog? Toad?" Naruto questioned as the creature laughed, even the way it laughed sounded odd to him.

"A Frog? Me? No." It answered as Naruto sweat-dropped, what was up with this little creature?

"Then what are you?" Naruto questioned as he took a seat. The creature hummed and hobbled over to a chair and jumped on top of it. Naruto's jaw almost fell to the ground. That chair was too tall for it and it jumped on it!

"Ok, who are you?" Naruto questioned seriously. The little green creature looked at him with a smile.

"Grand Master, I am" The little thing answered as Naruto almost fell out of his chair.

"That's not an answer!" Naruto questioned as the creature laughed.

"An answer, it was. Perhaps not the answer you seek?" It answered back, causing Naruto to simply sigh. It was clear that the little green creature was smatter then it looked.

"Grand Master of what?" Naruto questioned. Maybe this creature from some super secret ninja village?

"Of the Jedi, I am." It answered as Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"What's a Jedi?" Naruto questioned, was it a type of ninja he'd never heard of? Maybe an organization like the ANBU?

"Protectors, they are. Protect the galaxy, we do." The creature answered as Naruto was now lost. What the hell is a galaxy?!

"Ok…I didn't get any of that. Who are you again?" Naruto questioned, wanting to know the name of this odd creature was talking to.

"Yoda, am I." The creature answered as Naruto nodded. It was clearly that whatever he was, he was a male, given his vocals and his name.

"What an odd name." Naruto stated as Yoda laughed before he pointed his cane at Naruto.

"And what is your name, young one?" Yoda questioned as Naruto grinned and pointed at himself with a thumb.

"Me? I am Naruto Uzumaki and I am going to be Hokage someday!" Naruto introduced himself as Yoda hummed and nodded.

"A strong name, it is. Maelstrom, it means. Not wrong, am I?" said Yoda as Naruto's grin got wider. Finally! Someone who didn't call him fishcake!

"Yeah, and you better remember it!" Naruto stated as Yoda laughed. Clearly, this boy was more then he seemed. The Force was unusually strong with this one. It had to be, after all, he wouldn't have left the Jedi Temple and journeyed into the uncharted edges of the galaxy to find one boy.

"Guided me, has the Force, yet clouded the future is…" Yoda thought, not knowing what the future held for this boy, but it was something grand. However, there was something else about this child. Looking around the room, he noticed that there wasn't much, only the essentials one needed to survive. Food, water, clothes, and a bed. That was it. No pictures, no luxuries items, nothing. If Yoda were a Padawan, he might have thought that Naruto was living like a Jedi.

"Hey old man!" Naruto shouted out as Yoda raised an eyebrow.

"Old, I am?" He questioned him, acting a bit surprised that been referred to as old.

"You… kind of are? I mean, look at you! You got wrinkles, you use a cane to walk around, and you hobble while you walk! I bet you're as old as the Third!" Naruto proclaimed as Yoda chuckled at that. He was far older then Naruto had assumed.

"Old, am I, but also wise." Yoda stated, establishing that fact that his old age had made him wise throughout the ages. Naruto snorted.

"Whatever old man. How did you find me? How come I've never heard of jedis and galaxies and…creatures like you?" Naruto questioned, not knowing what a Yoda was, other than this Grand Master.

"Guided by the Force, I was. Led me to you, the Force has." Yoda replied as Naruto gave him a blank stare.

"Ok, first off, what is this Force you speak of? Then tell me why you came here!" Naruto demanded as Yoda hummed. Clearly, it would hard to explain this to the boy as this planet was quite some ways off from the known Galaxy and hadn't achieved space travel or even an industrial revolution of sorts.

"Hmm, my ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us." Yoda lectured as Naruto's head was now spinning. For an eight year old, this was all crazy talk that made no sense. Yoda knew that the boy had no idea what he was talking about, but he went on.

"Ask you why I come? Simple, strong you are with the Force. Hmm, yes. Very strong. Created powerful disturbances, you did, years ago. Searching for the cause, I have been." Yoda answered the second part of the question, however, there was more to it than that. Yoda is considered a very wise and powerful Jedi, one who is very strong with the Force. Naruto however ruffled his hair in confusion.

"I still don't get it." Naruto stated as Yoda hummed before he thought of an idea.

"Knew the woman was with child, did you not?" Yoda questioned as Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"What are you…" Naruto started off before his eyes widened. He remembered that day three years ago. He had congratulated a woman for being with child in hopes of having someone noticing him rather than ignore him. The woman in return got angry, claiming that just because she was on the heavy side didn't mean she was pregnant. This earned him a lot of angry glares from the people around. Thinking that it was an honest mistake, he had apologized. However, nine months later, the very same woman was holding a newborn.

"Yeah…I guess I did know…but how did y-" Naruto muttered out.

"Know you did, but how?" Yoda continued as Naruto was left speechless. How did he know that the woman was pregnant all those years ago?

"I…all I remember was this feeling and a voice in my head." Naruto started to explain as Yoda nodded.

"Guide by the Force, you were. Of the life within her, the Force told you." Yoda explained as Naruto was now deep in his thoughts.

"Was it really this...Force? These abilities of mine…are they really this Force he speaks off?" Naruto questioned himself as he thought over it. Now that he did think about it, there were many times he would gain a sense of clarity and understanding of his environment, but that mostly happened during fights. Then his thoughts came back to those visions he had.

"Wait…then those images, those visions I had today…" Naruto questioned as Yoda raised an eyebrow. Paraphs the Force was telling the boy something?

"Images? Visions? Hmm. Possible futures, the Force tells you of." Yoda stated, while the Force did send various visions of the future, they were all the possible future, nothing solid.

"But it felt so real. All the death, destruction, and chaos." Naruto said as Yoda's facial features turned serious.

"Hmm. What images, did you see?" Yoda questioned, clearly the Force was trying to tell the boy something important.

"I saw these strange warriors clad in white armor. Genocide of thousands of men, women, and children, most armed with these strange glowing swords. I…I could feel their deaths, the pain, the suffering… and that terrible sound…" Naruto answered as a tear rolled down his cheeks unknowingly. Yoda hummed once more. This was truly a disturbing possible future the boy had received.

"Know not of these warriors, do I. But, know I do, of these swords." Yoda responded as he pulled out a strange device and activated it. A green energy shot out and leveled out. Naruto was awed at the strange piece of technology.

"Those are the swords! Those are the ones I saw in my vision!" Naruto said, surprised by the sword.

"A Lightsaber, it is. The weapon of a Jedi." Yoda stated as Naruto dumbly nodded, not knowing what lightsabers were really. He slumped back into the chair and sighed. This was like a dream. Everything was happening way too fast. He, an eight-year-old child, was being exposed to so many things that didn't make any sense.

"Sense conflict within you, I do?" Yoda questioned as Naruto looked down, his features hardening.

"Why? Why me?" Naruto questioned as Yoda hummed. It was a reasonable question, coming from an eight-years-old child, more so if the said child was from a backwatered world.

"Works in mysteries ways, the Force does. Sense potential greatness within you, I do." Yoda answered as trustfully as he could. He himself didn't know why the Force chose a child that knew nothing of the known Galaxy, but he trusted the Force. It was his guide that led him here.

"I don't know much about this Force thing, but I am starting to like it! There's no way I'm not becoming Hokage now!" Naruto boasted with a grin as Yoda chuckled. There was something about this boy that gave off this warm feeling.

"Become this Hokage, you very well could. However, not possible it is, if you choose to join the order." Yoda busted Naruto's bubble as he looked at him as if he had grown a second head

"What do you mean it's not possible? And why would I join this order?" Naruto questioned as Yoda sighed, this was part of why the Jedi took children away when they were just infants, with the parents' permission that is.

"Learn to use the Force, you must. A dark path you could follow, if unchecked is it's influence." Yoda stated as Naruto looked at him confused.

"What do you mean a dark path?" Naruto questioned, flashes of how they looked at him as if he was a demon, a monster.

"Two sides of the Force, there are. Light and Dark. Walk the path of Light, the Jedi do. The Dark path, did the Sith. Great power lies in the Dark Side, but also great pain and suffering." Yoda explained as Naruto gulped. He wanted to be strong, to prove everyone wrong and the best way to do that was to be Hokage. Now this green creature was telling him that would never be possible if he should learn the ways of the Force.

"B-But being the Hokage is all I have! It's the only dream I know!" Naruto protested as he jumped out of his chair.

"Then new dreams, you must follow. Vast, the galaxy is. Much is there to do." Yoda stated as Naruto sighed and looked towards the window. He could see the Hokage Monument from here. How he dreamed of seeing his face being part of that Monument. He then turned towards Yoda and steeled himself.

"Nah. I'm fine right here. I'm going to become the Hokage one day and then everyone will acknowledge me! I'll learn these fancy schmancy Force powers of yours on my own!" Naruto said with a stern bravado. Yoda grew concerned. For someone as potentially powerful as Naruto, letting him learn the Force on his own would be dangerous.

"Learn the Force on your own, you must not. Grave danger, I sense would come. Fall to the dark side, you could. A threat to the galaxy, you might not be, but to your friends and home, you could be." Even if his planet's technology was lightyears away from hyperspace travel, it still wouldn't bode well for the people of his home planet.

"F-friends and home? Well, I don't have any of the first one, but the Leaf Village is definitely my home." Naruto stuttered out, but Yoda saw right through his facade.

"Think of this place as home, do you? Remember, a Master of the Force, I am. See through you, I can. Yearn for friendship, you do. A place to belong, you desire. Become this Hokage, you want, but realitsic, that goal is not." Yoda said quite harshly. He felt guilt using Naruto's feelings against him, but the potential danger was too great.

"I-I'll make friends one day. Once I become a great ninja, everyone will pick me as the fifth Hokage! Then everyone will want to be my friend!" Naruto said, his conviction growing flimsy.

"Elected, the hokage is? Elected, how would you be, if well liked, you are not?" Yoda's words cut deep into Naruto. He hadn't thought about that. He had always thought if he just became the strongest ninja in the village eventually everyone would choose him as the next Hokage. Naruto couldn't process that information, and so his first reaction was to get angry at the person responsible for this confusion.

"Then I don't care about becoming Hokage! Konoha village is still my home!" Naruto snapped. He was about done with this little frog man.

"Home, this is? Feel like home, this does not. Where the Force takes us, is our home. A destiny you have, young Naruto. Tether yourself to false concepts of home, and squander it, you will." Yoda stubbornly refused to back down. Yoda's questions had really gotten Naruto thinking about his future. He had no friends, and the few that he considered friends he saw in the academy from time to time. But the Leaf was his home, right?

"What kind of home shuns and abuses a child?" Naruto thought as he started out the window, towards the Hokage monument. They wouldn't make him Hokage just because he was strong, no, a Hokage was chosen because they were respected by the people. No amount of strength could force someone to love him. Hell most of them wouldn't even care if he vanished, they would celebrate it instead! He sighed as he though over his choices. Stay and live the rest of his life in the leaf, trying to become Hokage of a village that shunned and hated him, or leave and see worlds beyond his where he wouldn't be ignored without reason. In a sense, it would be like an adventure. A vast galaxy, filled with the unknowns. It really was a tempting and a logical choice.

"He said that these powers will endanger people around me if I don't do something train them…" Naruto thought as his fists tightened into balls. They would hate him more if he harmed someone simply because he didn't know how to control his power. He took in a deep breath before exhaling. He had made his choice.

"Fine…then let's go." Naruto stated as Yoda raised an eyebrow.

"Say goodbye to no one, you will?" Yoda questioned as Naruto looked down sadly.

"There is no one to say goodbye to. You can use the Force, you know my instructors at the academy hate me, the villagers ignore me, the other children don't play with me. The only one who might actually care about me is old man Hokage, but it doesn't matter. So, let's go, the sooner we leave, the better." Naruto said as he stood up and began to gather his things. Yoda merely sighed.

"Sense sadness within him, I do." Yoda thought as Naruto gathered the things he needed, mostly clothes and some practice shuriken. "Your weapons, you will not need them." He said as Naruto ignored him, attaching the small holster to his right thigh. He knew why the child was sad and angry, he was leaving the only home he knew, even if that home had ignored him for most of his life.

"Led the way old man." Naruto said as he grabbed his bag. He was leaving the village, and every single rude person in it, behind. He still somewhat hoped in his heart that after mastering this Jedi thing he could come and become Hokage one day. Yoda nodded and started to head out, at a very slow pace. Naruto exited his apartment with Yoda and shuddered a bit. The night was quite chilling. As he followed Yoda, he wondered how no one was throwing questionable look at Yoda.

"Not to be rude, but why is no one looking at you?" Naruto questioned Yoda who chuckled.

"Weak, their minds are. Easily manipulated by the Force, they are." Yoda answered cryptically as Naruto sweat dropped, what did he expect from this old man? An actual answer? He didn't know how long it took them, but they walked on and on, passing the gates of the village and through the woods that surrounded the village.

"How much longer?" Naruto questioned, a bit annoyed.

"Patience, it is the beginning of a Jedi." Yoda responded as Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Sure." Naruto replied as Yoda finally stopped. Naruto's jaws almost fell to the floor as he saw this odd thing before him.

"W-What is this?!" Naruto questioned as Yoda started to board the strange structure.

"A starship, this is." Yoda answered as Naruto shook his head and followed Yoda into the starship as Yoda called it. As he walked through the hallway, he found it quite large on the inside. As he followed Yoda, they entered what Naruto thought was a gathering area for the crew. On the right wall of the ship were some letters and numbers.

"YT-1760?" Naruto questioned as dropped his stuff on one of the tables.

"The ship's model, that is." Yoda responded, from a different area of the ship. Naruto started to explore the ship, finding many different rooms, mostly for the rest of the crew that was missing from the ship. Then he stumbled into the room where Yoda was. The end of the room consisted of glass and he could see the forest outside. There were many different buttons and other piece of technology around the room.

"What room is this?" Naruto questioned, it wasn't crew quarters, that was for sure.

"The cockpit, this is. Pilot the ship, from here you can." Yoda answered as he was punching in some numbers. Naruto marveled at it, but stumbled as the ship shook.

"W-What's going on?" Naruto questioned as the forest started to descend? He walked up to the cockpit and once again he was given a shock of his life time, they were flying!

"Holy… w-we're flying!" Naruto yelled, while looking down at the forest below that was getting smaller and smaller.

"Taking a seat, I recommend." Yoda advised with an amused smile. Naruto blinked, but was suddenly thrown back as the ship started to accelerate at great speeds.

"You could have told me that before old man!" Naruto yelled at Yoda, who was chuckling at the blonde's expense. What the two of them didn't know was that they had changed the future of Naruto's world and that of the Galaxy as a whole.

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