Welcome to the ten-shot challenge, a random writing challenge I made up for myself to do because I was bored! :D

In this challenge, you get a list of ten words. You have to choose a fandom, then write a oneshot for each word on the list.

I actually wanted to make this a hundred-shot challenge but, since I'm a huge procrastinator and I lose motivation kind of easily, I decided to just start small. However, if this gets finished and goes well, I might make the hundred-shot list... we'll see! :P Enjoy!

P.S. If anyone else wants to do this challenge, feel free! That would be really awesome! Please, though, give me credit for being the one to start this challenge in the first place :) Thanks!

(P.P.S. This is just writing practice. It's not a serious fanfiction at all, just something I'm doing to help me whenever I have writer's block. I'll still be focusing mainly on my ongoing story, Two Kingdoms. If you haven't read that one yet, please take a look! Thank you!)



1. Adrenaline

2. Friendship

3. Quiet

4. Dream

5. Snowing

6. Fruit

7. Wishes

8. Tired

9. Water

10. Wonder

My Fandom: Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Okay, here goes! :D Time to start the challenge!