8 - Tired

Jackie Lynn Thomas rode her skateboard through the park. The wheels of the board made a crunching sound against the dirt path, the only noise in the still, nighttime air.

Sighing, Jackie hopped off her skateboard and flipped it up into her hand. She continued to stroll through the park, using the full moon as her light source.

School had been awful. Jackie had gotten back her grades for three old tests, and she had failed all of them. On top of that, there had been a pop-quiz today that she hadn't known a single answer for, and, even worse, her signature purple skateboarding helmet was gone! She was positive that she had left it in her locker in the morning, but when she returned to her locker at the end of school, the helmet wasn't there.

She ruffled her short blond hair and looked down at her beloved skateboard skeptically. She wasn't used to riding without a helmet, and, to be honest, it was kind of scary.

"Why am I even here?" Jackie murmured to herself. "In the park? At night?"

She shivered slightly, goosebumps prickling up her arms as a breeze made the leaves around her rustle.

"It's creepy here," Jackie admitted aloud, to nobody in particular. She filled the eerie silence with her own voice. "And, like, since when do I skateboard to the park at night?"

After walking deeper into the trees, Jackie decided that it would be best to go home. She didn't know what had compelled her to come to the park, but staying probably wasn't her best option.

As she turned around and began to walk down the park trail, she froze in her tracks.

A haunting, melancholy melody drifted through the air. Jackie's mouth hung open as she stood there, unmoving, listening to the music.

Without knowing what she was doing, Jackie was following the sound, weaving between bushes and trees, trying to find its source.

Finally, she did.

Jackie entered a grassy clearing lit by moonlight. Her eyes widened.

In the middle of the field, sitting on a large, gray rock, was Oskar Greason. His mop of dark brown hair flopped over his eyes. He was holding his keytar in his lap, playing the melody that disturbed the unnatural quiet of the park.

Oskar finished the last few notes of the musical piece, finally glancing up from his blue instrument. It was shaped like a guitar, only with piano keys instead of strings, and Jackie found it fascinating.

"Jackie?" Oskar called across the field. Jackie smiled and jogged over to his rock. She pushed herself onto the rock next to him, dropping her skateboard to the ground.

"Hey, Oskar," she said as he scooted over to give her more space to sit. "I… I heard you playing."

"Thanks," Oskar said slowly, as if trying to gauge what she was feeling. "What did you think?"

"It was incredible," Jackie answered honestly. She felt Oskar's blue-green eyes fix on her.

Oskar grinned. "Thanks, Jackie," he said genuinely. "I'm glad you liked it."

Jackie paused for a moment. "One question," she asked, "I thought you played rock music? That was more like, I dunno, classical, or something."

"I'm an artist," was Oskar's only response. "I play all sorts of music."

Jackie nodded. "That's cool," she said. She lay down across the flat rock, staring up at the sky.

"What's wrong?" Oskar asked.

"I'm just… tired, you know?"

"Yeah," Oskar replied, "I know. Was it school?"

Jackie nodded. "It's getting seriously hard lately. I have so much work to do and never enough time to do it. And my skateboarding helmet got stolen today, and-"

"Ah," Oskar interrupted sheepishly. "About that…"

Jackie sat up suddenly. "You know where my helmet is?" she asked accusingly.

"Janna has it," Oskar admitted. "I saw her take it, but I honestly didn't want to get involved."

"Janna," Jackie groaned. "Of course." She really did love her friend, but even she knew that Janna was a slight kleptomaniac.

"Why are you playing music out here this late?" Jackie asked.

"The park is relaxing at night," Oskar responded.

Jackie thought for a moment. She had thought it was creepy, but now that Oskar mentioned it, she could see why the stillness and quiet could be considered soothing.

"Do you… do you mind if I keep playing?" Oskar asked hesitantly.

Jackie smiled, closing her eyes. "That would be great, Oskar."

Oskar began to play his keytar once again, the music drifting through the air like a lullaby.

Before she knew it, Jackie was fast asleep.

All my oneshots so far have been focusing on Star and Marco as the main characters, so I decided to write something that talked about Jackie and Oskar. I hope you liked it!