He woke to a start, he had that same dream again except that this time it was more vivid and clear than before. He rubbed his head, damn it who were those people? The ones he remembered the most had black hair and another had red hair? Something about all that struck him hard making him feel sad, worried, angry and happy at the same time. Oh well, dream speculation could wait he was up and had a big day ahead of him.

He left his room and went downstairs to the kitchen where his mom was making breakfast. He smiled and hugged her from behind gently nudging the back of her head with his nose. He wanted to make it as meaningful as possible, he was going to arrive at Beacon within the week and would leave the house within the next few hours. After all, this might be the last chance he had to hug his mother in a while. He knew it and she also knew it by the way she held his arms.

He had already said goodbye to his father who was out on business in their quiet hometown of Sino and each of his 7 sisters, all of whom were now leading their own separate lives. He was the last one left, the last one still living in the house he grew up in. This day was without doubt one of the most monumental events in his life, he was starting his own life, leaving the nest and spreading his wings. Or so the expressions went.

He ate in silence across the table from his mother, he couldn't find the right words to say to her. He knew his mother was just as anxious as he was about the whole situation, she made that clear last night, the day before that, and everyday up till this morning. He couldn't really look at her either, he had the same conversations with her for weeks and half of the time it devolved into a pointless argument about his safety, what else he could do and anything else she could think of to try and get him to stay or take up a different career path. She had probably accepted he was leaving for Vale a few weeks ago but none the less kept trying to persuade him against his dream.

"I'll go check my things." he said placing his plate in the sink.

He sighed as he looked over his room. All his things were there, everything he was going to take with him to Beacon was already packed and checked over at least 5 times as of last night. He sighed and lay down on his bed staring into the slopped ceiling of a room immediately connected to the roof. His room, although he had sole ownership for only a few years he was busy saying his silent goodbyes. Minutes passed and he lay on his bed, memories of his life here passing through his head both rapidly and clearly. He would miss his home, so many things happened here. Playing with his sisters, learning common sense from his parents. Practicing dance to music his dad pulled from the attic, his first kiss taken by his older sister's hot -now married- friend and more. After an hour of emotional reminiscing he got up and picked up his bag. He still had plenty of time to spare but for an important event like departing for Beacon he didn't want to miss his boat.

He made his way downstairs to his mother as she just finished washing the plates. "I'll be going now mom."

"Wait." she said "I'll come with you."

"I need to go now." he said softly.

"You still have time. Let me get dressed then we shall go." He sighed at those words.

Better to let his mom get ready than get in another argument and slumped on the couch. He waited 30 minutes before his mother came back and his patients left. He got up and urged his mother to hurry up who in turn made some cheeky comment about him being too pushy. After another 10 minutes she still wasn't ready and he was debating the merits of just leaving on his own and letting his mother catch up to him on her own. Ultimately electing to wait as patiently as he could as the alternative would likely ruin the day with a pointless argument. After another 10 minutes she was finally ready and he ushered her out the door.

The two walked in silence through their hometown of Sino. While it wasn't the largest settlement on Remnant it was within the protection of the kingdom of Vale which allowed it to grow at a much more rapid rate than those outside the kingdom's protections. By the time Jaune was born it was a decent sized settlement with a population of over 15,000 people. Despite it's size people still preferred walking as their primary means of transportation within the town's walled border which usually meant there was almost no cars, wagons or the like. Not like in Vale where walking was preferred for short distances only. It was a change he would have to get used to, one among many. His memories flashed as he passed by each notable location he visited, some good, some bad, and more. He would miss this place, and most of the people here.

His travels to other villages may have been limited by how long his family would stay at the inns but he felt proud to call this place home. That pride is likely what drove him to go to Beacon in the first place. He wanted to be a hero or at the very least be able to defend his village from Grim attacks like the militia and huntsmen who lived here. Maybe he would meet his future wife there, that redhead from his dreams might be there his mind kept telling him. If she was then what would his mother think of her? He looked to his mother who seemed distant and felt a pang of guilt go through him. He was probably breaking his mother's heart doing this but he had to make something of himself and he was sure that he wouldn't be able to here.

He finally reached the boat, a small ferry more suited to river transportation than anything else currently disembarking the passengers stopping at Sino. He looked to his mother and breathed in.

"It's time for me to go now mom." he said with as much confidence as he could muster at the time.

She looked like she was on the verge of tears, not only was her only son leaving the town but he was also going to apply for one of the most dangerous professions on remnant. Given the circumstances he could understand everything she was feeling, so he gave her a loving hug, she returned it squeezing with as much strength as her body could muster.

He leaned in and kissed her birthmark, she giggled slightly. It was a curious thing, it was in the shape of a 5 pointed star and slightly darker in color than the rest of the skin surrounding it. It was placed just below the back of the neck next to the spine of the left side but above the shoulder blades. Everyone save his dad had the same birth mark in the same place. How was a question nobody could really answer, but much to his dismay and that of his sisters it was slightly ticklish and anyone who kissed or touched it made him giggle. Something his mother exploited almost ruthlessly when he and his sisters were growing up.

She looked up at him when they separated "Just remember Jaune. If anything goes wrong, or it's too dangerous don't be a hero, come home. You will always have a home here."

He smiled "Don't worry I'll be fine." he said as the call to board the ship came.

He climbed up the ramp and claimed a place by the edge, taking the opportunity to wave goodbye to his mother as the boat slowly pulled from the dock after the last passengers sat in their seats. No matter what he would remember his mother's face as she waved goodbye. A proud expression that contrasted the worried mood she had for weeks up till this point. He knew when he saw that face that no matter what obstacles he faces, no matter what challenges he met he would be ready to face them head on and overcome them.


He leaned over the edge of the rail and upturned the contents of his stomach into the river. He believed that he could face any obstacle, as the last of his breakfast fell from his jaw he realized some problems were probably too big for him. As he tried to will himself from getting worse he knew that he wasn't ready to face this challenge. It did serve as 2 valuable lessons for him though; 1. pack medicine and other necessities whenever he got the chance and 2. be more observant so events like this would never happen again.

He groaned who's idea was it to go via boat? Oh right his mother's. His mother had managed to convince him to go via boat to one of Vale's harbors weeks ago with arguments that it would be safer for him and allow him to get to Vale faster so he could leave later than he originally wanted to and spend that time with the used all kinds of tactics and arguments to try and get him to stay short of confiscating his gear and actual sabotage.

He gave up trying to argue with her on those points weeks ago and just accepted that it would be better to go via boat and spend the extra weeks with his family while doing some additional preparation. He regretted letting her convince him of that. A strange thought crept into his mind 'It was probably better to discover it here where it is relatively safe.' he groaned and spat some stomach bile into the river, this wasn't "better" by any definition of the word.

He was still puking his guts out and he would still need to walk partway across Vale's territory to get to his hotel for the night. He groaned and slid back into his seat finding that everyone within a 5 seat radius had vanished. He looked around and realized that they didn't 'vanish', they had just found a different seat and a reason to be there. Nobody dared come near him, and even the children on board were restrained to a degree. He groaned as he looked back and leaned over the edge of the boat, sure it was understandable but it still hurt his feelings to be in this situation. He glanced ahead of him and groaned a sad, low tune, they wouldn't reach the dock close to Vale for another several hours. He sighed and knelt by the edge of the boat and began to focus and calming his mind. Soon he was deep in meditation and left the world of Remnant for his own private realm.

The realm had a light pink background with large chunks of shattered glass floating about, various giant clocks in various states of functionality and disrepair floated by but never collided no matter how long he waited. He found his footing and looked down at a very familiar sight. The closed lid of a giant pocket watch made up the floor. It's gold metal plating never reflecting any 'light' from the realm. In the center which he assumed was some kind of button was a table with a short white cloth on it, two chairs and a tea set for 2 as well. Jaune smiled as he made his way to his seat and sat opposed to the only other occupant of the dimension. His mentor, his guide through life, friend and confidant. The man who encouraged and pushed Jaune onward to get in shape and constantly improve himself no matter what. A man he admired and hopped to one day emulate.

Dio Brando.