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Chapter 46: Things over the winter

"Ah, I recognize you. Professor Moody wasn't it?" said Professor Xavier.

"Just call me Mad eye. I was not much of a professor anyway." said Moody gruffly.

"So these three are the new recruits you were talking about Professor?" asked Scott.

"Yes. They wish assist us in same way James and Lily does." said Professor Xavier.

"What are your exact plans with Death Eaters and Voldemort?" asked Remus.

"Same thing you do to rabid dogs: remove their head from their body." said Logan.

"This guy has my respect." said Moody. "Lily was right. This place is the place I was looking for."

"What would Dumbledore say when he finds out you three are going to join us as well?" asked Scott.

"He's not going to be happy for sure. But I don't give a rat's ass about it. All three of us has lost respect for Dumbledore." said Sirius. "I lost my respect when he blindly trusted Snape and insisted that others do the same."

"He lost my respect when I saw his opinion of mutants. Who's to say he doesn't secretly feel the same way about my kind?" sighed Remus.

"He refused to do anything active for the war. I couldn't decide whether he was naive or senile when he said he believed that Death Eaters should have a chance to redeem themselves. Bullshit! They are nothing but murderers and criminals who should have been dealt with long time ago." said Moody angrily.

"Good. Why don't we get down to business? What have you got to share with us Lily?" asked Professor Xavier.

Lily begin to explain about various things that has been going on: recent movements in the Order, Dumbledore's stance and Arthur getting attacked.

"About that, I've been meaning to ask you a question." said Remus. "How did you know Arthur got attacked?"

"Well, in the middle of the night, Harry came knocking on my door and said Arthur got attacked and that he was in critical danger." said Lily.

"Harry told you?" said James in surprised voice.

"Harry, as in the boy you ditched long time ago?" asked Mad eye bluntly.

"Yes, it was Harry... Come to think of it, how did Harry know about Arthur's attack?" frowned Lily.

"I suppose you know the answer?" said Sirius as he turned to Professor Xavier. "You don't seem very surprised at all about Harry alerting us."

"First, give me your word that anything we discuss here will not leave this very manor." said Professor X.

"We all were prepared for that the moment we stepped in here." said James.

"Harry has some kind of connection with Voldemort." said Professor X.

"What?" said everyone in surprise.

"It's a rare instance but when Voldemort feels intense emotion, Harry has a vision of that event. Though, what strikes me as odd is that what Harry saw this time was Voldemort's snake, not Voldemort himself. Also, at least for someone like Voldemort, attacking someone is not an intense emotion. So we have not completely understood how this connection works, there is no doubt that Harry has those." explained Professor Xavier.

"What I want to know is how and why Potter has a connection with Voldemort." said Moody.

"When Harry first came to us, we discovered that there was piece of Voldemort within him." said Professor X.

"What do you mean by "piece of Voldemort"?" asked James.

"We are not entirely sure yet. Anyway, we have managed to get rid of that part but we found out many years later that that connection still exists. The connection is very weak, so Harry only has vision when Voldemort is feeling intense emotion. I believe that his connection will exist until either Voldemort or Harry dies." said Professor grimly.

James and Lily felt a chill going down their spines. Professor Xavier's word reminded them of the prophecy: the connection will exist until either Voldemort or Harry dies, for neither can live while the other survives.

Then, a thought went through their head.

"P-P-Professor. Is Harry the Boy-Who-Lived?" stammered Lily.

The others looked surprised at Lily's question and then they looked at Professor X for the answer.

"Yes. He is the Boy-Who-Lived" said Professor X.

Everyone gasped. "How long have you known about it?" said James as he grabbed a nearby chair for balance.

"I had a suspicion but it was confirmed during Harry and Voldemort's last confrontation. Voldemort told Harry about the night of the attack." said Professor Xavier.

Everyone looked completely speechless.

"But really, does it make any difference? Voldemort targets Harry and we will fight back. What Harry is does not matter in the war at all." said Professor simply.

"D-Does Dumbledore know about this?" asked Remus.

"Do you think he knows? Ask yourself. If Dumbledore knew that Harry was the real Boy-Who-Lived, what do you think will be his reaction?" asked Professor X.

"Easy. He'll do everything he's doing to Aiden Potter. Give him training, treat him as if he's the greatest thing since himself." said Mad eye gruffly.

"Exactly. Dumbledore does not know about this at all. He's so arrogant that he believes he could not possibly wrong, to the point he won't consider any other possibility." said Professor X.

"Crap… So Dumbledore's been training the wrong kid all these years." muttered Sirius.

"But as Professor said, it's not a big deal for us. We are training everyone to their fullest potential. Dumbledore seems to be completely relying on the "Boy-Who-Lived" to win this war. Relying on one strategy without any back up plans is a very poor strategy. " said Scott, shaking his head. "When is the next Order meeting?" asked Scott.

"Dumbledore said we will have one next Thursday." said Moody.

"Fabulous. And I'm certain that you are all capable of protecting your minds?" asked Professor X.

"Occlumency is one of the skills needed to be an auror." said Sirius. "Legilimency don't work on Werewolf and Lily can do occlumency quite well."

"Is that so?" said Professor Xavier and he immediately attacked their minds. All of them, with the exception of Moody, looked startled for a moment and tried to push Professor Xavier out of their mind.

Professor Xavier pulled out of their minds. "Not bad. With that much power, you will be able to resist Dumbledore before he sees any crucial information. If that is all, I'll be seeing you next week."

"Last one. 30 push up. Start now." ordered Logan as he observed the trainees in front of him. Everyone looked exhausted from training. But they started their push up, as they knew arguing with Logan was worse than doing push ups.

"I know you only did 29 push up. Give me 10 more." said Logan to Lavender.

"I did 29. Surely skipping one won't hurt!" complained Lavender.

"Let me make it clear pretty face." growled Logan into her face. "There is going to be a war and whatever side you are in, if you don't build your body up, you can get your pretty ass handed over in less then a second. There are scums out there that will do things to you that your little mind won't even imagine. I'll make easy to understand: suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Choose."

Lavender immediately begin to do more push ups. When everyone was finished, Harry addressed the members of the X Mage.

"Another great meeting everyone. Have a great winter holiday. Relax, but exercise once in a while ok?" said Harry. Everyone said ok and started to head out.

"I'll see you in few days." said Harry as he saw Logan going towards the exit that led to Hogs Head (The room of requirement never ceases to amaze people).

Harry saw Neville, Hermione and Luna waiting for him. According to Hermione, all Weasley children left the school when they heard about their father. Harry missed Ginny but he cheered himself by reminding him that she wasn't going away to attend a funeral. Ginny's father was alive and that's what mattered.

"So, what are your plans for the break?" asked Harry.

"Daddy says he's going to take me to France." said Luna dreamily. "There we might find the Crumple horned snorkack."

"I'll be at home." said Hermione.

"You should come over to the new base Hermione. Bobby really misses you." said Harry and he chuckled when he saw Hermione blush.

"What about you Neville? You should come by to our new base." said Harry.

"I'm sorry but I don't think I can go." said Neville.

"Why not?" asked Harry.

"Well, on winter break, my gran and I always visit my parents." said Neville.

"Oh." said Harry, not knowing what to say.

"Yeah. Thanks for the offer though." said Neville.

As Harry parted with his friends, Harry opened his computer and contacted Professor X.

"There she is Professor." said Harry as he pushed Professor Xavier's wheelchair towards a Leaky cauldron table in the corner.

"Lady Augusta Longbottom I presume?" asked Professor X.

"Yes. And you must be Professor Xavier and Mr Harry Potter. Neville told me a great deal about you and what I heard from you is that you are very different from that other Potter." said the old lady.

"Thank you." said Harry politely.

"Do I need to go over what today's meeting is about?" asked Professor X.

"Can you really heal my son and daughter in law?" asked Mrs Longbottom.

"I believe there should be no problem." said Professor Xavier. "I will give you a note with the meeting location, date and time. Harry will pick you up from there and bring you to our facility." said Professor Xavier as he wrote down the address of a place nearby the new base.

Mrs Longbottom picked up the note and looked at it. "I will be seeing you in three days time then…. Professor Xavier I really hope you can help them. St Mungo's declared them incurable…"

"I'll do everything in my power Madame." said Professor X.

"Are you sure this is the right place one eye?" grunted Logan.

"Lily told us that this is the place of an upcoming attack Snape told the order. Or should I say, attack that should happen either today or tomorrow, based on the fact that the spy is highly untrustworthy." said Scott.

"Shh. I can sense someone's coming." shushed Jean.

Soon, various popping sound were heard and about a dozen Death Eaters wearing the mask appeared.

"The Dark lord was generous enough to allow us to have this opportunity." said Gibbon, the leader of the group. "Do not disappoint him. Kill and torture any mudblood you see."

The group split off and a duo of Death Eaters blasted the door to one of the house and entered.

"I'm itching to do something." said one of the Death Eater.

"Be patient. And don't even think about hogging it all for yourself." said another.

"Why is it so bloody dark in here? Lumos." said the Death Eater as a light came out of the tip of his wand.

He only had brief seconds to see Logan shoving his claw down his chest, killing him instantly. Before the other Death Eater could yell to alert the others, Logan covered her mouth and sliced his claw across her neck.

In the other house, Scott let out his optic blast on the three Death Eaters. The shields they put up were shattered against the powerful blast and the trio were all blasted on to the wall.

Gibbon frowned when he looked around the houses. It was too quiet. Why wasn't we hearing any screams? Also, did that house just had a bright red light for a moment? He would have understood if it was a bright green light but red light? Cruciatus curses aren't known to display a bright light. Also was that a small black cloud forming over one of the house?

Gibbon was about to go into one of the houses when from the two story house, the window smashed and one of the Death Eater was tossed out from the window. Death Eater's face was bloody and looked as if it had been badly pummeled.

The door of the same house burst opened and a strong gust of wind blew out two Death Eaters who smashed against a nearby wall. They did not get up.

Then, Gibbon spotted an auburn haired women coming towards his way. He immediately fired a spell towards her and to his complete shock, she stopped it by raising one hand towards the direction of the spell.

Gibbon threw more spell and Jean was able to block every single one of them.

"How foolish. Do you really think you are a match for me?" scoffed Jean.

Gibbon charged at Jean and pointed his wand at her. "Avada-"

Jean extended her hand and to his surprise, Gibbon felt like he was choking and found himself floating in the air.

Jean then threw him hard on the ground and crack was heard, indicating few broken bones. Jean was about to do it again when Scott stopped him.

"Wait Jean. Don't kill him. We'll need one alive to send back to Voldemort." said Scott.

Logan, Ororo, and Hank begin to move the stabbed, electrified, beaten and burnt Death Eaters into one pile. Gibbon looked at the pile and realized all of the Death Eater he brought were dead.

Gibbon quickly touched the portkey in his pocket and disappeared.

"Professor? I brought the patients." said Harry.

Professor Xavier greeted Mrs Longbottom and two people who were very pale and clearly looked unwell.

"Welcome. Please, this way." said Professor Xavier as he lead the group to the infirmary.

"Lay them in the bed please." said Professor Xavier.

Harry and Mrs Longbottom helped Frank and Alice on bed. Professor X raised one hand over Frank Longbottom's head.

"It's going to take about half an hour." said Professor. "Jean, you can work on Alice Longbottom?"

Professor Xavier closed his eyes and begin to go through Frank's mind. The mind felt as if something was tangled up badly.

After thirty minutes, Professor X put down his hand. "I believe he should be waking up any minute now."

Mrs Longbottom rushed to his son's bed and looked at him.

Frank Longbottom slowly opened his eyes. "M-mother? Is that you?"

"My son." whispered Mrs Longbottom as she pulled him in for a hug.

"Frank? Augusta? Where are we?" said Alice from other bed.

"All in good time Alice. All in good time." said Mrs Longbottom.

"Thank you. Thank you so much. You have no idea what this means to me and Neville…" said Mrs Longbottom, unable to let go of Professor Xavier and Jean's hand.

"I'm glad we could have been help." said Jean.

Harry was watching the scene with a content smile, when he suddenly felt a headache. And he begin to see something.

Below Voldemort's feet, lied dead Gibbon.

"Remove this filth from my sight." spat Voldemort as couple of Death Eater rushed over and took the corpse out.

"Snape." said Voldemort softly.

"Yes my lord." said Snape as he kissed the hem of Voldemort's robe.

"Explain how despite the fact that you supposedly gave the order the wrong date of the attack, dozen recruit failed their mission and were utterly defeated." said Voldemort.

"I can offer no explanation my lord." said Snape truthfully.

"Crucio." said Voldemort and Snape begin to scream painfully and writhed on the ground. "This better not happen again Snape."

"O-of course my lord." said Snape as he stood up while his legs shook.

"My lord." said Parkinson. "Gibbon stated one who attacked him somehow blocked his attack without a wand. Could Dumbledore have gathered more people capable of wandless magic?"

"Don't be ridiculous." scoffed Goyle. "Everyone knows that wandless magic is impossible. Gibbon obviously mistook it. He never was a bright person."

"Wandless magic is not impossible. My daughter told me that Harry Potter was capable of wandless magic. Didn't your kid tell you that?" said Parkinson.

"Crucio" hissed Voldemort and Parkinson let out a painful begin to scream. "Never mention that name in my presence."

"Y-yes my lord." stammered Parkinson.

"If I may offer my opinion my lord." said Lucius Malfoy. "What if those who attacked Gibbon and the recruits were mutants? I did hear that those mutants have various powers."

"You think Dumbledore is using the mutants? Dumbledore did nothing when there was that Anti Mutant law for a short while. I think that shows what he thinks about them." said Mulcibir.

"Silence Mulcibir." sad Voldemort coldly. "So, you think the Mutants are behind this Lucius? Interesting. Because I recall saying that Mutants will have as much uses as werewolves as they are nothing mut mudbloods. Are you implying that the recruits I picked were so incompetent that they were beaten by bunch of mudbloods?"

"N-no my lord." said Lucius, knowing what was about to happen next.


Line beak

"Harry. Harry!" said Hank as he shook Harry who opened his eyes.

"Dr McCoy?" said Harry sleepily. "How long was I out for?"

"About one hour Harry." said Scott.

"I just saw Voldemort." said Harry. "You remember that Death Eater who you let go? Voldemort killed him. He was not happy when he heard that the recruits got their asses kicked."

"Did Voldemort said anything about us?" asked Hank.

"No. He dismissed the idea that mere mudbloods could have defeated bunch of purebloods." said Harry. "One of the Death Eater suggested that Dumbledore was using us. Can you believe that?"

"So, Voldemort is not seeing us as threat?" said Hank.

"I don't think he even knows that we are in this war." said Harry.

"Well, the later he learns it, the better. More time for us to prepare and attack." said Scott.

"Neville, are you ready to go?" asked Mrs Longbottom.

"Yes gran." said Neville. Neville about to do his annual winter visit to his parents. Even though they didn't recognize him, he still felt happy when he saw his parents.

"Alright Neville, grab my arm." said Augusta. Neville grabbed his grandmother's arm and the two apparated.

To Neville's confusion, he did not arrive in St Mungo's.

"Gran? I think we are in a wrong place." said Neville.

"Oh, we are in the right place Neville." said Agusta.

"You're here. This way please." said Harry.

"Harry? What are you doing here?" said Neville in surprise.

"I'm the one who's supposed to take you to our new base. It's under fidelius so you need to go in with me." said Harry.

"New base? Gran, aren't we supposed to vist mom and dad today?" asked Neville.

"We will Neville. But there's someone who wants to meet you badly." said Augusta.

Harry led Agusta and Neville into the manor grounds. "Read this please." said Harry as he handed them a slip of paper with the address of the manor.

The trio entered the manor and Neville look around. "Wow. This is a very nice place."

"Thank you. Neville, go straight to the end of the hallway and there is a door leading to a room. Go in there."

"Ok. Aren't you coming?" asked Neville.

"Nah, I don't think I should be there. Plus, I have to prepare for a training tomorrow." said Harry. "I think I won't be seeing you until school starts so see you then."

Confused, Neville walked to the end of the corridor. He opened the door and to his complete shock, found his parents there.

"M-mom? Dad?" gasped Neville.

"It's us Neville." said Alice tearfully.

Neville froze. "Did you just call me Neville?"

"Of course she did. That's your name isn't it?" said Frank.

Neville looked completely speechless and just looked at his parents and the his grandmother. "Wh-wh. Bu-but how?"

"Your friend Harry introduced me to people who could heal them Neville." said Mrs Longbottom. "They were healed just few days ago. Now, are you just going to stand there? Or you going to properly greet your parents?"

Neville didn't need to be told twice. Neville immediately ran to his parents and engulfed them in hugs. Mr and Mrs Longbottom returned the hug with equal force.

A family was completed.

"Thank you, that will be 4 pounds." said the Yogurtland clerk.

Harry took the frozen yogurt, handed the clerk her money and headed over to Harry to the table, where Bobby, Peter and Jamie were waiting for him.

"Enjoy as much as we can. Cause this is the last break we will be having for a while." sighed Jamie.

"I wonder if we will still be alive after a month. I can't believe Logan and Scott are going to put us in eight hour training every single day!" said Bobby.

"Hey, at least you will be able to see your girlfriend once in a while." said Harry. "I won't be able to see Ginny until school starts."

"I get what they are trying to do. We will be fighting wizard Nazis in one day but eight hours a day? Bozhe moy." said Peter as he shook his head.

Harry finished his frozen dessert. "Let's head back. I'm gonna play video games for the rest of the day. I'm going to enjoy the remaining freedom as much as I can." The four boys left, not knowing that a hooded man who was sitting behind them had heard everything.

"So things went down to shit." muttered the hooded man.

"Hey red. Is something troubling you?" asked the attractive brunette who was sitting across him.

"Yeah. Hey babe, about that that promise I made?" said the hooded man.

"The one you promised to do anal under the bridge over river Thames?" asked Vanessa.

"Yeah, that one. How about I move it to some other time?" said the hooded man.

"Why, is something going on?" asked Vanessa.

"Yeah. I think I have to go kick some magical Nazi. Who knows? Maybe I will be able to work it out peacefully because their mother's name happens to be Martha as well." said the hooded man.

"Awww, red. I thought it was holiday. I guess the world just can't give you a break." said Vanessa.

"I'm sorry babe. I'll make it up to you. Why don't we throw in a ball gag to our promise?" said the hooded man.

"And a strap on." said Vanessa.

"Huh, I was under the impression I will be the one giving it. You know what? Screw it. Let's go with that." said the hooded man.

"Just don't come back too hurt ok? If the blood gets on the sheet we'll have to pay the hotel extra." said the brunette as she pulled the hooded man in for a kiss.

"Hey Mr Pool! I brought your frozen yogurt." said small Indian man. "Can I just say again that it's an honor that you brought me along in this trip-"

"Yeah, listen Dopinder. I brought you here so I won't pay any money on uber." said the hooded man. "You're gonna do some job for me."

"Of course Mr Pool." said Dopinder. "This is part of becoming a hero right?"

"Oh sure whatever. Just be ready to drive whenever I say so. We're off catch some wizards."

"Like David Copperfield?" asked Dopinder.

"No different ones." said the hooded man as he finished his dessert.

"Oh hey there. You see this?" said the hooded man as he turned to the screen and waved. "This called a foreshadowing."

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