The Daddy Factor

Characters: Lacy Coleridge- windowed Mother of four trying to work a small farm in Mountain View, Montana and a job as well as running a craft making business from her home.

Ethan Coleridge- 10 years old, Lacy's oldest child. Picked on and bullied by bigger kids, all he wants is a father.

Jenna Coleridge- 7 years old, Lacy's daughter. Spunky and full of mischief, the trouble maker of the family.

Zoe and Faith Coleridge- Lacy's  twin nieces. 3 years old. She's raising them since her sister and brother in law died in a car wreck 2 years ago.

Mark Callaway- retired wrestler. Passing down a road near The Coleridge farm, he swerves to avoid a cat and runs his car in a tree; he comes away with a cut on his head and no memory of who he is. That's where the fun begins.


Summary: Ethan Coleridge after witnessing Mark's wreak, runs to help. He realizes it The Undertaker from wrestling. When Ethan realizes Mark has lost his memory, he decides to put Mark to good use as a father and husband.

Ethan rode his bike up and down the dirt road thinking. He was tired of getting beat up everyday by Jake and his friends. Ethan was small and thin for his 10 years and as a result was bullied by the bigger boys, he was an easy target. Not that Ethan ever backed down, he didn't. He just got beat up a lot. He wished his dad was here. He didn't really remember his dad. Ethan was only three when he died. What he did remember was vague. But he thought his dad and mom must have fought a lot. He remembered his dad yelling at his mom all the time. He worried about his mom too. She was always working, cleaning, cooking or running the small farm they had. A woman didn't have no business doing the kind of hard work she did on the farm. Ethan helped but he knew it wasn't enough. Too many kids and not enough money coming in, Mom told him not to worry about stuff like that, but he couldn't help it. He turned his bike to head toward home. He could watch the little ones for mom while she worked on the Afghans she sold in town, maybe help start dinner. Ethan watched as a car passed him. He saw a cat run in front of the car and the car swerve out of the way. Ethan gasped as the car hit the tree head on. He rode over quickly and jumped off his bike. Ethan was able to get the driver door open. God this guy was huge and from the looks of it had hit his head pretty hard. Ethan undid his seat belt and shook the man. He seen the tats on his arms and realized who it was. It was the Undertaker. Ethan loved wrestling, he never missed it. The Undertaker had retired 6 months ago. He just couldn't believe this.

"Hey wake up. Are you all right?" Ethan said shaking the man.

Ethan hoped he at least got an autograph out of this. He looked at the long gash on his head. Mom could clean it up for him.

Mark opened his eyes and looked blankly around. He tried to piece together what was going on, but it escaped him. He saw a young boy standing over him. He had red hair and freckles and brown eyes.'

"Are you alright?" Ethan asked.

"I don't know what I'm doing here." Mark said confused.

Ethan figured he had just taken a hard knock to the head.

"Do you know what year it is?" Ethan asked.

"No." Mark said confused.

Okay that's not good thought Ethan.

"Do you know your name?" Ethan asked.

"No." Marks mind was a total blank.

Ethan wheels started turning. He didn't know who he was. What was the harm? They needed him. And he happened to know for a fact his mom thought the Undertaker was cute. It was perfect.

"Who are you?" mark asked looking at the boy.

"I'm Ethan, don't you know me? You're name is Mark Coleridge and I'm your son." Ethan said.

Mark looked at him blankly. He couldn't remember ever laying eyes on this boy.

"Come on lets get you home to mom. She'll know what to do." Ethan said.