Chloe usually tried to pay some attention in class, but today was different. Today her mom would be coming from New York to Paris- and that meant for the next four-or-so days Chloe's life would be flipped upside down.

She popped her chewing gum loudly, receiving a dirty look from the teacher. Chloe didn't care; the gum helped her calm down, and right now she needed to be calmed.

Chloe's mother, Carla, was a force of nature; she swooped in, destroyed anything she didn't like, then left just as fast. Normally, Carla only came to Paris once a year for Christmas, but she had a business trip planned in Paris, and had decided to stay for a few days.

Carla worked in New York as a fashion designer, and would be coming to Paris to meet with Gabriel Agreste, Adrien's father.

Chloe smiled, as she remembered the pleasant memories. That was how Adrien and Chloe had first met. Back in pre-school, the two kids would meet for play-dates while their parents worked.

She cast her eyes towards the front row to see Adrien. He, like always, was fully enveloped in the lesson. Adrien had always loved to learn.

Chloe had had a crush on him since before she could remember. Everything about him was perfect; his personality, his looks, his lineage- she loved it all. And she loved him, she really did. Part of her knew it wouldn't work- but she had opted to ignore that part of her. Chloe wouldn't give up hope. Not yet.

Adrien's phone shook slightly, and he picked it up to check it. After a moment he turned to Alya in the row behind him, eyebrows raised in question.

Alya nodded to him grimly.

He turned himself back towards the lesson, frowning. He shifted his position, putting his phone into his pocket.

Behind him, Marinette grabbed a handful of tissues out of her bag and pressed them hastily to her face.

Alya raised her hand into the air quickly. "Mrs. Bustier?" She called. "Marinette has a really bad nose bleed. Can we go to the washroom?"

The teacher turned briefly from the chalkboard and nodded. "Try not to a mess."

Chloe scowled. Marinette obviously didn't have a nose bleed. The girls were up to something.

Marinette and Alya slid out of their booth quickly, not waiting to found out.

Adrien raised his hand shortly after. "Sorry to interrupt, but could I be excused as well?"

Mrs. Bustier didn't even turn from the board this time. "Of course, Mr. Agreste."

He too, stood quickly, but walked much more calmly out the door.

The intercom crackled on, and the Principal's voice carried through the speakers. "Code purple, I repeat, Code purple. There has been an Akuma attack nearby."

The teacher acted quickly, putting down her piece of chalk and moving toward the windows. "Alright, everyone under your desks. You know the drill. Lila, could you please get the girls from the washroom? Nino, Could you get Adrien?" She pulled the cord to shut the blinds over the window.

Nino nodded, immediately jogging out into the hallway.

However, Lila didn't get up. She curled her lip. "I am not going out there. Not while there's an Akuma on the loose. I don't trust Ladybug worth shit."

"Watch your language." Mrs. Bustier said before turning to Sabrina. "could you please check on the girls for me, Sabrina?"

Sabrina nodded and stood. "Yes, Madame."

Chloe raised her hand proudly, but didn't wit to be called on. She spoke with an innocent voice. "Um, Mrs. Bustier? Can I go with Sabrina? Lila was right, it's pretty dangerous out there. If a student got hurt during an Akuma attack, you would probably lose your job."

The Teacher sighed and nodded. "You may go with her. Don't Dally."

Chloe hopped out of her chair and strutted towards the door. Sabrina followed her out into the hallway.

Sabrina sped up to keep pace with Chloe. She laced her hands behind her back meekly. "You know, you probably shouldn't threaten the teacher."

Chloe shrugged. "Gets paid to teach us, not to tell us how to live. She needs to remember who's in charge here."

Sabrina tilted her head in question. "Your Dad?"

Chloe placed her hand lightly on the door to the washroom, she paused and smirked. "Me." She pushed the door open, and the two walked inside.

The bathroom was silent and seemingly empty.

"Hello?" Sabrina called, reviving no response. "Alya? Marinette?" Still, nothing. She walked over to the further stalls, bending over to check under the stalls for feet. "Nobodies here."

Chloe pushed the door to the nearest stall open. She laughed indignantly. "I knew Marinette didn't have a nose bleed!" She placed her hands on her hips triumphantly. "I'm going to get those two in so much trouble."

Sabrina walked back toward her. "Where do you think they went?"

"Alya probably wants to record the Akuma attack, Marinette just went with her."

"They could be in danger!"

Chloe shook her head. "Doubt it. Ladybug will keep them safe. And it's probably for the best that Alya's recording- The Ladyblog is my main source of Ladybug content." She leaned forward over the sink, checking her hair in the mirror. "That doesn't mean I have to like the person uploading it." Chloe pulled back. "Anyway, there's no reason to stay in here, let's head back."

The two exited the washroom and climbed up the stairs towards the classroom. Once they reached the top they heard a voice from behind them.

"Hey!" Nino ran up the stairs two at a time to catch up to them. "Did you guy's find Alya and Marinette? I couldn't find Adrien."

Sabrina shook her head. "No, the bathroom was empty."

"My guess was that Alya suck out to film the fight." Chloe explained.

"Okay, that makes sense." He admitted. "But why would Adrien be missing? That's not really his sort of thing."

A black figure jumped nimbly onto the railing beside Chloe, surprising her. It was Chat Nior; Ladybug's right hand man. It was rumoured that they were even dating- But Chloe hoped not; Ladybug was way too awesome for him. Still, Chloe thought Chat Noir was pretty cool. He could be overtly cocky at times, and was pretty funny.

However, Chat Noir's voice was more authoritative than it's usual playful quality. "You should all get back to your classroom, someone very dangerous is coming this way."

Nino shook his head. "I can't. I need to find my friends first. I'm not going back without them."

Adrien, Marinette and Alya appeared and dashed up the stairs.

"Where were you guys?" Nino asked, relieved.

Alya voice was smooth. "Marinette and I were in the washroom."

Chloe raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms. "Uh, no you weren't."

"I'd think I'd remember where I was." Alya placed her hands on her hips, ready for Chloe's clap-back.

Chloe didn't get a chance.

Volpina jumped up onto the railing beside Chat Noir. Instead of crouching like he did, she stood, balancing perfectly on the railing. "We don't have much time till she gets here!" Volpina said to him. "Ladybug can't stall much longer."

Volpina was an new addition to the fighting team, and although she was no Ladybug, Chloe had nothing against her. According to most of the internet the Ladyblog, Volpina had come from China. The Heroine's first appearance was when Chloe's class had gone to Shanghai, three weeks ago.

Unlike Ladybug and Chat Noir, Volpina talked to journalists often, telling them many stories about her life. The problem was that she told too much. Every time Volpina met with a reporter she told a completely different origin story. It had gotten so bad that people had begin to create their own theories on where she came from, creating a mess of various origin stories.

Chat Noir turned to the students and repeated himself. "You guys have to get back to class."

"We still haven't found Adrien." Chloe said.

He stood and extended his staff. "He's safe, don't worry."

Volpina nodded. "I got him to the staff washroom. I told him to stay there until the fight was over. Now go."

"Come on guys." Alya said, drifting back toward the classroom.

The four of them walked followed her down the hall.

Nino took up pace beside Alya. "You're not going to try to go and film the fight?" He asked.

She shrugged. "Seems as if the fight is coming to us. Either way I have an- lets just say a friend filming for me."

Sabrina tilted her head to the side. "An employee?"

Alya smiled and placed her words carefully. "A business partner. I can't tell you much, but they've been... keeping me up to date. Ladybug isn't even fighting an Akuma right now- It's another hero."

"What!?" Chloe asked, louder than she expected. "Another hero? Like Dove?"

"No, someone new. I'll post everything I know on the blog tonight- but it might be late 'cause I have to be somewhere."

Chloe opened the door and the five of them headed inside. The lights we off and the room was quiet. The students all sat under desks on the inward side of the room. It was proper "Code Purple" procedure to stay away from windows.

The teacher beckoned for the new comers to sit under the tables as well.

Chloe sat down, but she didn't really feel like she was in any real danger. Ladybug would be there in a couple of minutes to fix things, and everything would go back to normal. Ladybug had never failed before, there was no way she would start now. She was a true hero.

Chloe leaned her head on the side of the desk. A hero was something she could never be. Although she wished it, Chloe knew she would never be like the scarlet heroine.

She had a role to play. Chloe was- and had always been- the mean blond. A rich, popular, socialite, who talked down to everyone That's just what people expected when they saw her. So that's what she became. Every story had a villain, and Chloe knew it had to be her.

This is who she was, and Chloe had accepted it.

And she couldn't lie- it wasn't half bad. When she wanted something, she got it. People stayed out of her way. All she needed was a call from Daddy, and that C+ would turn into an A+.

But living like she did was lonely. Sabrina, Chloe's best friend seemed to almost fear her at times. And Chloe feared that Sabrina only stayed around for Chloe's money and presents. The blond had never been great at showing affection, so she showed it in items; handbags, make-up, or jewellery. And weather she could express it or not, Chloe really cared about Sabrina.

Chloe had put up a sort of wall between her and many of the other students. Kim, for example had asked her out last Valentine's day, and Chloe had absolutely crushed him. Of course, it wasn't her fault that she didn't like him, but she knew she went over the top turning him down.

In her defence, she had been in a terrible mood that day. Adrien had completely ignored her that day, writing poems to some other girl. And so, when Kim asked her out, she over reacted. Even if she had been feeling better she would have rejected him, but maybe, just maybe, she would have let him down softer. Kim was cute, but he was no Adrien.


She hoped he was okay. She knew it was dumb- he was probably fine.

The sound of shattering glass exploded from the far side of the room. Beside her, Sabrina gasped and pulled her knees toward her chest.

Chloe's hands shook, but her curiosity got the better of her. She poked her head over the desk to see what happened.

There, standing surrounded by broken glass on the opposite side of the room was a furious woman.

She was obviously the other hero Alya had talked about- but she in no way seemed heroic. The woman wore a floor length blue dress with red dots on the bottom. She held a fan of blue feather throwing knives. But it was the woman's face that drew attention. She was pissed. She looked like she wanted to rip out someone's still-beating heart.

She bared her teeth, breathing heavily. "Were. Is. Adrien."