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"Hmm?" Carlisle flipped through to the next page in the journal he was reading. One of his residents had an interesting case, and he was close to figuring it out. He could feel it. If only—


Carlisle sucked in a breath and raised his head. His husband was in front of him, on his knees, with his arms clasped behind his back. Waiting. "Oh."

Even after all these years together, the devastating challenges they'd face, the sight of Edward on his knees, giving himself over to him so fully and completely, would never not be profound to Carlisle. The roles of sub and Dom were precious, different than what they were as partners, parents, husbands.

Carlisle stood up slowly, his eyes on Edward's. He cupped Edward's cheek. "What are you doing there, baby boy?"

The corner of Edward's mouth turned up. He turned his head to press a kiss to Carlisle's palm. "It's Daddy's Day. Well. Almost. I was wondering how I could serve you, Daddy."

His eyes darted to Carlisle's crotch, and he licked his lips before he raised his gaze back up. Carlisle shivered, stiffening at the implication. It was a tempting offer. How he loved to be enveloped in his boy's slick, hot mouth.

"Hmm." Carlisle let his fingers thread through Edward's silky hair. "What to do with my beautiful brat." He drew his finger along Edward's bottom lip, his lust building as Edward's tongue darted out to lick the tip. His voice went husky with need. "The possibilities are endless."

He kept them both waiting. He did so love to watch Edward squirm. Patience was never going to be one of his strong suits, especially when it came to this, to them and this beautiful thing they were together.

"Stand up," Carlisle said. "And turn to face the bed."

When Edward obeyed, Carlisle went to stand in front of him. He tugged up on Edward's shirt, and his brat allowed him to pull it off. He leaned in, kissing Edward, teasing his tongue at his lips, as he unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down. Edward sighed into his mouth and raised his hands to Carlisle's sides.

Instantly, Carlisle broke their kiss and took Edward's wrists in a hard grip. Edward gasped, his eyes gone dark as their gazes locked. Carlisle clucked his tongue. "Did I say you could touch me, pet?"

Edward licked his lips. "No, sir."

"Put your hands on your head. Maybe you'll remember to keep them to yourself next time."

"Yes, sir." Edward put his hands on top of his head, watching intently.

After he let him stew for another few moments under his gaze, Carlisle leaned in again. He kissed his boy gently, knowing full well the other man would have preferred hot and heavy. They were busy fathers and busy doctors; finding time to be together like this could be tricky. As a result, they were more often so needy for each other, slow just wasn't going to happen.

Tonight, though, Carlisle was determined. He kissed Edward almost chastely, all the while running his fingertips up and down Edward's front. This, too, was a tease as he never got quite low enough to touch his husband where he most wanted to be touched. He was careful to let no part of him brush Edward's straining erection.

As for his own erection, well, he was studiously ignoring it for now.

Keeping his lips on Edward's, he guided him one step forward, helping him step out of the puddle of his pants. He deepened the kiss only a little, stroking his tongue along Edward's until he elicited a soft whimper from the other man. He stroked his fingers along Edward's sides and then up and down his spine.

When Edward leaned forward, chasing a deeper kiss, Carlisle pulled back, taking a step away. Edward whined—a tiny sound in the back of his throat—his lips parted as he stared longingly at Carlisle.

Carlisle cocked his head. "You have something to say, pet?"

Edward quite obviously did have something to say, but he pressed his lips together and shook his head. Carlisle chuckled, pressing both his thumbs over Edward's nipples and rubbing them in circles as a reward. "Such a good boy you are."

He gifted his boy with a peck to each of his nipples, flicking them with his tongue as he did. Edward sucked in a breath and Carlisle pulled away again. "Rest your arms and face forward," he said, giving Edward's ass a hearty but playful smack as he moved to the chest they kept tucked in a corner of the closet.

When he came back, he stepped up behind Edward, ghosting a kiss along the line of his neck to his shoulders. Edward shivered but managed to stay still as Carlisle drew his hands behind his back and bound them at the wrist. "Okay?" he murmured, checking as he always did to make sure the ties were comfy.

"Just ducky," his brat said. The words came out kind of breathless.

"Good." Carlisle came around to his front and kissed Edward. Another long, languid kiss as he curled his fingers in the coarse hair nestled above his husband's straining cock.

A full minute passed before Carlisle stepped back, crooking a hand at his chin as he let his eyes sweep up and down Edward's body. He stepped to the side and then, crossing one foot in front of the other as he made his way around. He had to press his tongue to the roof of his mouth to keep from grinning. Edward was trying his best to be still, but he was twitching—little movements of his fingers, a shift in his stance.

On the second pass, Edward's head moved the slightest bit, trying to follow Carlisle's movement. "Ah." Carlisle came to stand behind Edward and caught his head between his hand, forcing him to face forward. "Did I tell you to turn around?"

"No, sir."

"No." Carlisle drew his fingertips down the side of Edward's cheek and then his shoulder. He pressed a soft kiss to his neck. "That's alright, pet. I'm here to help." He drew a silk blindfold out of his pocket, trailing the edge of the fabric along Edward's spine. Edward sucked in a sharp breath, but he kept his face forward. He was impressively still as Carlisle tied the blindfold over his eyes.

"Careful now, pet," Carlisle murmured, taking Edward by the arm to lead him to the bed.

They moved seamlessly together, Edward trusting Carlisle so completely that he moved without hesitation at his gentle direction. Carlisle arranged them so he was propped up against the headboard and Edward was settled between his spread legs, his back to Carlisle's chest.

Carlisle hummed in satisfaction, happy to have his little boy brat so open and accessible to him. He looked down Edward's body—the body he'd worshipped so many ways over the last near-decade they'd been together—and tried to decide how he wanted to touch his husband first.

"You're so beautiful, baby," he said, his lips to Edward's ear. He took the lobe in his mouth, biting down just a little.

He traced circles along Edward's skin, only skimming his erogenous zones with the barest of touches. His proud, straining cock got no attention save for the light breeze Carlisle's palm made when he moved it down to Edward's thigh and snapped it back up to his belly.

"Daddy," Edward said, breathless.

"Yes, little one?"

"I wanted… Oh." Edward tilted his head to the side as Carlisle sucked gently at his neck."I, uh… I wanted to serve you. To, ah… to please you."

Carlisle laughed. He thrust his hips, trapping his own erection against the cleft of Edward's ass. "Do you think I'm not pleased with this? With you? Look at you." He drew his fingers down Edward's sides, across his belly. Edward's fingers, behind his back, flexed, tickling the tip of Carlisle's erection as he began to squirm under his touch. "You see how your body works for me?

"Believe me, little boy." Carlisle cupped a hand, trapping Edward's cock against his belly without stimulating or stroking him at all. "It serves my purpose well to have you like this." He put his lips to Edward's ear again, his voice gone low and dangerous. "I could do anything to you like this, can't I?"

Quick as a flash, Carlisle reached up, taking both of Edward's nipples between his fingers and twisting hard. Edward cried out, a deliberately soft sound though his head was thrown back, his mouth open wide, and his back arched up.

They had gotten very good at being very quiet over the last three years.

Carlisle tweaked his nipples again. "I asked you a question, little boy. I said, I can do anything to you, can't I?"

"Yes," Edward panted. "Yes, Daddy, please."

Nipping again at his neck, Carlisle skimmed his fingers down Edward's body. This time, he began to explore Edward's cock, his touch teasing even as his teeth scraped. He listened, hearing each gasp Edward made, each moan. He played his husband like a harp until he keened a gorgeous song, begging for him, needing him.

Only then did Carlisle guide Edward forward, his movement rough but his grip sure. He pushed Edward so his head was on the bed, and he was on his knees, his ass in the air and his legs spread wide. He murmured filthy things, telling Edward he was beautiful and his and such a good little boy as he took Edward's cock in his hand and stroked, stroked, stroked.

Then, when he knew Edward was close, he backed off, releasing his cock though his little brat whined. His hands, still bound behind his back clenched and released. His whole body was flush.

He entered his husband first with lube-slicked fingers, pumping him slow again, driving him crazy, watching as Edward thrust back on him in need.

When he was sure they would both go out of their minds if he didn't act, Carlisle thrust his cock into his husband, burying himself to the hilt. They both cried out—a little too loud—and froze.

Nearly a decade, and Carlisle didn't think he'd ever have enough of this man. He'd driven them both to a frenzy, and fucked him like he'd wanted all night. Now wasn't the time for slow and teasing. When Edward lost control of his volume, Carlisle clapped a hand over his mouth. Only when he felt Edward's body begin to jolt with a powerful orgasm did Carlisle give in to his own. He came with a low, guttural moan, his hand gripping Edward's hip hard enough to leave a red mark.

Some minutes later, when they could both breathe again and Carlisle had undone Edward's binds, they lay facing each other. They kissed languorously, tangled up in each other's arms.

When they pulled back, a tenderness Carlisle never had gotten used to washed over him. His husband was so incredibly precious to him. Edward smiled, a small, soft thing; his green eyes peaceful and happy. With his face flushed and his hair mussed, he looked like the bright-eyed, mischievous misfit he'd been when they first met.

"Happy Daddy's Day," Edward whispered, waggling his eyebrows playfully.

Carlisle cupped the back of his head and brought him forward for a kiss. "I love you, baby boy."



Edward groaned in response to his husband's gentle, sing-song voice. Carlisle was trying to charm him awake, and it wasn't going to work. It was his own fault too. He'd worn Edward out good and proper the night before.

"Edward, wake up."

That just wasn't going to happen. He was off work today; he was sure of that. And he'd been having a very delicious dream. One he was going to whisper in Carlisle's ear when he was ready to get up, which was not now.


Edward's eyes flew open as a chorus rang out.

"Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Wake. Up. Wake. Up." Accompanied by pat, pat, pats all over his body.

He opened his eyes and rolled onto his back, smiling as three tiny children swarmed him, their little hands and feet assailing his body at random. They all tumbled over, peppering his face with wet kisses.

Izzi sat up on his chest and threw her arms out wide. "Happy Daddy Day!"

Carlisle came and sat on the side of the bed, peeling a couple of kids off him so he could lean in for a sweet kiss of his own. The look in his eyes was so bright and happy, matching the love and warmth Edward felt welling in him, threatening to make his heart explode in his chest. "Happy Father's Day," Carlisle murmured.

"Happy Father's Day."

Ethan and Izzi escaped Carlisle's hold and climbed over Edward—who winced as he caught a chubby elbow to the gut and foot to his inner thigh—babbling excitedly the whole while.

"Daddy, we made breakfast," Izzi said.

"Eggs and bacon and waffles," Ethan said. They both sat facing Edward on the side of the bed Carlisle usually occupied.

"You made all that all by yourself?" Edward asked, raising an arm so Lucas could curl up against him.

"Well, Daddy cooked." Ethan looked to Carlisle.

"We can't use the fire," Lucas said solemnly.

"But we patted the bacon to dry it." Izzi said. "And I picked the very best strawberries."

"It looks delicious and very special," Edward said.

There was more jostling as they all found a space to sit. Edward and Carlisle sat up at the head of the bed with Lucas tucked between them and Ethan and Izzi facing them. Edward didn't even care that they'd have to wash all the blankets when they were done—there was no such thing as eating neatly with three almost-three-year-olds.

Syrup stains were worth spending this time with his beautiful family.

As he listened to Ethan sternly informing him that he absolutely had to cook dinner because Carlisle was a daddy too, Edward's mind wandered briefly to his own father. His heart gave a guilty squeeze that he pushed away as firmly as he could.

His father had made his own bed, played more than his part in their current lack of relationship. He'd preferred to think that Edward was making the wrong choices rather than trying to understand they were different people who wanted very different things. Edward Masen Sr. wasn't a father Edward ever wanted to celebrate again.

Anyway, even before their estrangement, in his adult life, Edward's duty on Father's Day had been to make a phone call. They'd have chatted politely, Edward would wish him a good day, and that was that.

Watching his beloved children, Edward couldn't imagine a day would come when he'd be anything less than fascinated by them. Even now, he was so curious, wondering who they would be when they grew up. He wanted to be the kind of father his adult children would want to celebrate with.

"Are you all right?" Carlisle asked, speaking quietly near his ear. "You look a little spaced out."

Edward looked down as Lucas stretched a hand up, offering him a bite of strawberry from his sticky fingers. Edward obliged, taking a bite of the tip, and raised his head to look at his husband. "I'm so beyond all right, my love."

Carlisle smiled at the endearment and leaned forward to kiss him over their son's head.

Sometime later, when they had all rolled out of bed and everyone was finally dressed and ready, Carlisle's phone rang. He stepped into the hallway, leaving Edward to the task of triple checking that all three of the kids had everything they needed for their outing.

Edward joined in with the kids fifth rendition of their current favorite song, singing along until he heard the sharp, strained tenor of Carlisle's voice from a short distance away. Instantly, he was on alert. He turned and peered, catching sight of Carlisle's profile. His expression was calm, but that was actually a bad sign. Carlisle's response to extreme emotion was often a carefully blank expression. His shoulders were hunched. He pressed the fingertips of his free hand against his temple.

"Hey, kiddos." Edward caught his childrens' attention as quickly as he could, sending up a quick prayer that they would all listen just this once. "Can you guys go to the living room and play a second? I need to talk to Daddy."

Izzi scrunched up her face. "We have to go."

"Just for a minute. You can play on the iPad."

Those were the magic words. They had gotten the toy taken away from them for the weekend. It wasn't the best parenting move, but Edward needed to be by Carlisle's side more than he needed to be the consistent parent at the moment.

The kids didn't need to be told twice. They knew where it was kept and hurried to be the first ones to get a hold of it.

Seeing that they were fine, Edward hurried to Carlisle's side.

"Yes. Yes, I'm still here," Carlisle said. He sounded odd. Not strained or struggling, just off somehow Edward couldn't put his finger on.

Edward wrapped an arm around Carlisle's waist and his husband started. He looked down and wordlessly returned Edward's embrace, squeezing hard.

"I understand," Carlisle said into the phone. "I need…" He took a deep breath. "I need to call you back. Give me an hour, and I'll call you back."

He didn't wait for the answer, instead bringing the phone down away from his ear. He stared straight ahead, his eyes sightless.

"Carlisle?" Edward stroked his cheek, tamping down his panic and speaking around the lump in his throat. "What is it? What's happened?"

"It's my dad," Carlisle said, his voice soft.

Edward blinked. "What?"

"My dad. He's in the hospital." He took a deep breath. "I think he needs me."

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