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This poem is about my feelings as someone useless.

Dimmed Light

As I looked out of the dusty window I'm curious.

Am I useful, to anyone? I often get very furious at myself.

I see the Shuffle Aliance all together as comrades, my heart seem to drag on the floor.

I laid on an old mattress wondering could be I used in a useful manner? To someone not as abuseful as Urube.

Sigh perhaps I'm just a mere shadow, and some who has no use.

I feel a strong pool of doubt is to come about me.

I want to see ,can I be usefull to anyone other than someone who has brought misery.

Although misery seems to be the only sanctuary I have. Many people do not agree alas they do not see.

What life is like for me.

How I hope and pray that the Shuffle Alliance won't be led a stary.

I also hope they would stay away .

I cry late night because of the thought of this constant fright.

That the Shuffle Alliance would show defiance toward Urube to save me.

Althought there's no need to save me even though I'm miserable the death of the Shuffle Alliance

Would be hurt ,as well unbearable to me and I hope what I forsee. Is just an illusion of my constant confusion between wether or not I should comply?

I have often wished I could just die. That way the Shuffle Aliance wouldn't show defiance and end thier lives miserably.
I hear voices in the night,trying to set things right. Alas the glimer of the light of hope was quickly dimmed.

Agian the room seems so grim. I wonder should I keep holding on to what's been gone for years?

I feel long painful tears running down my cheek, as doubt begins to leek. I often see the Shuffle Alliance gathering ,talking, and sharing good times.

I begin to smile softly and say please stay away from here. If you don't you'll lose something dear to you all. I suddenly feel that I begin to fall back on the mattress.

I had more tears falling, I then say please I hear the calling of my name don't lead them here.

I don't want them to see what life is about for me. As my light grows dim I often worry about him.

(God this is deep, well anyway please R and R other then a few grammer erorrs it should be good.)