Hi for yall who dont know about me I have written one Fanfic so far and the people reading Love Complex i'm sorry I haven't been uploading often I have been reading lots of Inuyasha crossovers and been doing homework(Thats a lie i do it at school). There will be OC but it will be like a doctor,classmates, or unimportant character. They wont be important characters so don't worry. So I hope you enjoy. One more thing when i have a name (Name) it's not P.O.V it's just where the character is in the story.

Disclaimer:I watched the first two seasons of Naruto and dropped it, but due to fanfics I will pick it up again for this fanfiction and I need a anime to watch.



Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.


The battle against Naraku has ended and Inuyasha and his group has won. Kagome was over Inuyasha,and Kikyo is revived taking a small chunk of Kagome soul with her. Just as expected Inuyasha chose his dead lover, but Kagome didn't feel hurt she was way over Inuyasha after Kikyo's death. Kagome went home for three years.

After three years Midoriko showed up in her dreams. "Hello child"

"Midoriko-sama"replied Kagome and she dropped into a bow.

"Rise child"

Kagome stood up. "What brings you here? Madam"

"First I want to thank you for freeing me from the shikon jewel. Since the jewel is gone your powers are too, but I will give them back to you and they will be stronger than before. You will also have a different power "

"Thank you, but why are you doing this?"A different power, I wonder what that it?!

"Because I need you to do something for me, before I died I was called a Multiverse traveler." Seeing the confusion on her face Midoriko explained some more. "We travelers go to different Universes and protect or save a certain world. After you destroyed the jewel the council of Multiverses decided to recruit you. You are one of the few people chosen for this job."

"What about Inuyasha, Miroku,Sango, or Shippo? Why me"

"Inuyasha is with Kikyo, the monk and slayer have children,and the kit is still a child."

"Oh" Sango and Miroku have children! I must visit them someday!

"So where will I be going"

"To a world of Ninjas or shinobi"

"Ninjas? Shinobi?"

"Yes child, the only thing I need from you is your approval."

"Ok when do we start?"

"We start now, you will be reborn and you will live then on. Kagome, you will keep you memories, skills, name(first and last),and looks are the same."

"What's my mission?"

"To protect the Jinchuuriki, Naruto and the surviving member of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke. You must also defeat all evil and train the pure."

"Ok, can I go say bye to my family?"

"No, we must start now. You will see them one again day."

"Do I need to know anything else?"

"Yes no one should know that you are a traveler, we do have exceptions, but it depends on the situation. To travel I will provide you a small jewel it looks like the shikon jewel and gives you the same power. It will not leave you like the beads of subjugation it cannot be taken off. The jewel contains more power and abilities then the shikon jewel you will learn about them as you venture through the new world. Your parents will not know about this and remember no one should know that you are a traveler. Good luck child. I will train you in your dreams.

And Midoriko disappeared. The next thing she knew she woke up. Not in her house but in a hospital and she was crying. Then she opened her eyes and saw a doctor looming above her. "It's a girl!" he called. Then she was out into a cloth and sleep took her away.

5 years later

Five year old Kagome was seated at a table and was a picture of Inuyasha and her friends with crayons and markers. Oh how I miss them. "Kagome could you come down here?!" she heard her mom Sora call. (I kept the name from Inuyasha because I don't want more OCs than I want).

"Ok mom" and little Kagome ran down stairs and out the door to where her mom was hanging the landry.

" I need you to pick up some food I ordered from the shop. Do you think you can do that for me?"


"Here" her mom handed her a slip of paper with the address and order.

"When you are done you can go outside and explore the village" her mom said knowing that Kagome loved to explore and go outside. "Just be sure that you come back in time ok?"

"Ok!" little Kagome cheered. She grabbed her bag and sped to the shop. When she got in she was greeted by a kind looking middle aged woman behind a counter. Kagome stood on her tippy toes and handed her the slip of paper.

"Oh! You must be Sora kid. Here."The woman pulled a box from under the counter and waved her goodbye. Kagome ran home with the box and handed it to her Kagome ran out of the house and started to look around.

"Come home by dinner time her mom called behind her"

"Ok mom!" Kagome was walking around town until she found a park. OOHH maybe I can get info here. And she walked into the park. I park and went in. The park had a big playground with monkey bars, slides,bridges, and a set of swing. Around the park were trees, ones of all sizes. Big trees, small ones, and a small pond. There were parent with young kids around her age,pre teens, teenagers, and some adultes. Looking around she saw a little boy with bright yellow hair sitting alone on the swings. Kagome also noticed that everyone was either far away from him or whispering and occasionally glancing at him. Then she felt the presence of a fox youkai coming from the boy. He must be Naruto. So curious Kagome started walking towards him. Only to feel a hand grip her wrist.

"You don't want to go near him" a boy around the age twelve said.

"Why" asked Kagome.

"Because my mom and dad says he's dangerous" the boy replied.

Kagome looked back at the boy on the swings and said "That's not a good reason" she took the boy's hand off her wrist and skipped to the boy on the swings.

"You'll regret it!" the boy who grabbed her wrist called behind her.

Kagome ignored the boy and kept skipping until she reached the swings. There she got a closer look at the boy. On his face here three line and on his right arm was a blue and purple bruise. "Hi she said to the boy on the swings"

"Hey, I think you should get away from me." he said.


"Cause you parents will take you away and scold you like all the others."

"I don't mind. Plus you seem lonely. Do you want to be friends?"


"Ya friends"

"Sure, but I can't"

"Why not? Cause if so, your parents are going to yell at you and take you away."

"Well then i'll just come back"

"You would?"

"Of course that's what friends are for after all. Right?"




"What's your name? Mines Kagome Higurashi."

"Im Naruto Uzumaki."

"Ok Naruto what do you want to do?" He looked at a group of kids and looked back at his bruise.

He must have gotten that bruise from those kids.

"Have you ever played a prank?" he asked with a mischievous smile.

"No, but I think I would know some" she smiled back and held her hand towards him. Naruto took it and got off the swings. Later in the village there were some rumors about some houses with horrid smells.

"Wow that was fun Kagome-chan" giggled Naruto.

"It sure was." she giggled back. "Its getting late. Your parents are going to be worried"

"No they won't"

"Why not"

"Because I don't have any" he said and looked down. "They died fighting the nine tailed fox"

"Oh well it's going to be ok Naruto-kun" Kagome said and placed her hand on his shoulder. What a poor boy, maybe i can get mom to adopt him. "Naruto, do you want to meet my parents?"

"No thanks" after begging and some bribery Kagome eventually convinced Naruto to go and meet her parents. They met him and instantly fell in love with him. Instead of seeing a demon they saw a boy who just wanted be accepted. So they filled the adoption forms and Naruto became a part of their family. Slowly people stopped treating Naruto as badly as before. They still abused him or spat at him. After a couple years together they became closer than brother and sister, and played many pranks and trained together.


So I got some of the ideas from this person and I promised I would do this. Sooooo ya.