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CH 1: Confusion

A figure watched the girl as she cried herself to sleep again. 'I could attack them at any moment and they would never know.' Naraku had been following the group of shard hunters for a few days. He had become obsessed with the miko that traveled with the group. Ever since she was able to think as quickly as to notice the shards he carried and shot at him. Her power was amazing to him, almost as much as her beauty. But what truly drew him in was her innocent nature. He couldn't understand how a person could put themselves through so much pain in order to make another happy. He had manipulated feelings and saw that in the end they always turned, but not her. She kept true to her feelings and they kept her from being fooled. But now she was in a great amount of pain and Naraku found himself thinking that he would do anything to help her make that pain go away.

He had made it a point to find out everything there was to know about the girl. He knew of the well and where she came from, he also knew what it was the haunted her in the night. He planned to help, but knew she would not accept it. He was her enemy, the truest form of evil, and yet he could think of nothing the past few days, but helping her.


Kagome woke in the middle of the night. Again the same nightmare haunted her. Her friends had been ecstatic when she had told them that she would be staying in the feudal period. She had told them it was because she had failed her tests and wouldn't be able to make it in her world anyway. They thought it was because of her love for Inu Yasha. None of them knew the truth. The truth as to why she cried herself to sleep and woke from nightmares. Kagome remembered the scene all too well.


"Okaasan, jichan, Souta I'm home." Kagome opened the door of the well shed and stared at the scene before her. Her house, it was gone. Nothing but a pile of burnt rubble. She ran over to it and started searching for something anything that could tell her what had happened. All she found was a necklace that belonged to her mother.

Kagome looked for a newspaper, surely it must tell something. It could tell her that her family was safe and staying with a friend. She found one lying on the ground a block from the shrine. It was about three days old. There on the front page was a picture of her burnt home. She read it and tears began to roll down her face. Certain phrases stuck in her mind. "No survivors," "daughter's body still missing," "no one knows what happened." Her family...was gone. Kagome broke down and cried. She was lost with no where to go. She headed back to the well knowing that there was no where else for her. She put her mother's necklace around her neck and jumped in without looking back.

*end flashback*

Tears fell onto her shirt. Kagome didn't want any of her friends to worry and decided to go to the river near by and wash up. She sat down and looked at her reflection in the water. She was completely unaware of the figure that followed her. Too deep in grief she couldn't sense the shards that he held or the evil aura. She began to wash her face to take away any signs that she had been crying. "Nothing will ever be the same." She pulled her knees to her chest and looked up at the night sky.

Kagome turned to leave, but then saw a figure in her path. She stood frozen trying to make out the figure in the darkness. "Who are you?"

"You've been fighting me all this time and can't even recognize me?" Naraku walked out of the shadows and Kagome's eyes widened with fear.

'Would it really matter if he were to kill me right now? I have nothing left, but my duty. There is Sango, Miroku, Shippou, and Inu Yasha. I can't let them go through the same pain that I went through. I won't let them feel anymore loss.' Kagome stood her ground. "What do you want Naraku?" Her voice betrayed none of the fear that she held only anger and annoyance.

"I only wonder why you are away from your friends dear miko." Naraku knew why she was there, but wanted her to say it.

"I have my reasons." Kagome tried to keep the thoughts of those reasons from coming back. "If you've come for the shards I won't give them up without a fight."

"You would risk your life for shards?" Naraku was actually interested as to why a girl would risk her life for something that she was not interested in possessing.

"My life isn't worth anything anyway." Kagome said, her voice barely above a whisper. She noticed that Naraku was advancing closer to her. 'Smart Kagome you come out here by yourself and you forget your bow back at camp.' She started taking steps back but soon she was at the edge of the river. She slipped and yelled as she was about to fall into the raging water, but the fall never came.

Kagome opened her eyes to see Naraku staring back at her, she almost swore there was concern in his eyes. Naraku had grabbed her waist to keep her from falling. He lifted her and set her down about three feet from the river. "Why?"

"Because your life is worth much more than you think." Naraku brought his hand to move a wayward strand of hair from her face, but she flinched from his touch. For some reason this gave Naraku a great pain in his chest. "I won't hurt you."

"Why should I believe that?"

"What can I do to make you believe that?" Kagome averted her eyes and thought over the question. There was really nothing she could think of that could make her trust Naraku.

"I don't know."

Naraku sat down about a foot across from Kagome and studied her. He took in the fairness of her skin, her silky raven hair, and her blue eyes that now only held sadness. He had never been able to study her so closely before and he found himself noticing all the differences between Kagome and Kikyou. For one, Kagome's eyes were blue whereas the dead miko's were a dull brown. Her hair was wavier. Also she seemed to have a warmer aura that put him at ease.

Kagome was getting uneasy under all the scrutiny. She looked up and her eyes met Naraku's. "Why do you keep staring at me?"

"I'm captivated by your beauty." Naraku admitted. That was not the answer that Kagome was expecting and she was in a slight shock after the words processed. Naraku stood and held out his hand to her. Kagome just stared at it for a bit. "I won't hurt you," Naraku repeated. Figuring that she had so little to live for any way Kagome took his hand and he pulled her to her feet.

Naraku reluctantly let go of Kagome's hand, missing its softness and warmth. He again brought his hand up to her face and this time was relieved that she did not flinch away. He brushed the back of his hand over her cheek.

Kagome was surprised a second time. 'Is this really Naraku? Is this really the guy who has tried to kill me so many times? Why is he being so...gentle?' Kagome surprised herself further when she discovered she enjoyed the gentle touch. But she caught herself before she gave into it. 'It's probably just one of his tricks.'

Kagome turned to leave, but Naraku grabbed her arm. "Either kill me now or let me go." Kagome's voice was lacking in emotions.

'Does she really not care if she died at this moment?' Naraku put his hand under her chin and made her look him in the eye. "I said I would not harm you and shall keep my word." He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and was gone. Kagome was left standing in the clearing completely confused.

'What just happened?'

Kagome returned to camp and sat down next to Shippou. Almost as if he could sense her near, the little kitsune cuddled up against his adopted mother. 'I could never leave you, Shippou. You've been through so much loss already. Come to think of it all of them had gone through some loss but me. I guess now I'm more part of the group, but how is it that they get pass all the pain?'

Kagome cuddled against the pup in her arms and fell asleep again, praying that no nightmares would come.

Naraku returned to one of his many castles. He was very confused and sat by the window of his room thinking. He wondered as to why when she turned away from him that first time it had hurt. He couldn't understand how something so small could hurt almost as bad as a physical blow. All of the youkai that were contained within him held no real explanation. He then turned to the part of him that he despised, Oni Gumo.

When thinking about what had happened, Naraku got memories from Oni Gumo of Kikyou. Naraku himself despised the dead miko. She had power over him because of the feelings of Oni Gumo, and for that he hated her. Naraku hated the fact that he shared a body with the weak human soul, Naraku wished to be his own person in a way. Free to think for himself rather than have Oni Gumo at the back of his mind.

But why was it that when he thought of the feelings he had felt when with Kagome did Oni Gumo think of Kikyou. He knew that the weak human had loved the dead miko. 'Does this me that I am in love with Kagome? Surely, the most evil youkai this world has seen has no sense of such a feeling.' However, it was undeniable. His mind had been plagued of thoughts of Kagome for days. 'Could it be that I, Naraku, hold a heart as Oni Gumo once did?'

Naraku was plighted by the thought that he could possibly have a heart and be capable of such weak human emotions. But then again did not many full youkais find love at times. He had noticed how Sesshoumaru took great care of his human ward and thought it was ridiculous, but perhaps the demon lord actually cared for the child. There would also be no such thing as life mates if youkais were not capable of love.

'So if I am indeed in love with the girl then what is it I should do now?' Naraku could think of nothing but wanting to be with her. To rid her of the grief that plagued her and make sure she would smile till the end of her days. He had witnessed one of her pure smiles, though it had been directed at Inu Yasha. It had taken his breath away. Such a pure smile that asked for nothing in return.

'I need to make her mine.' Naraku knew only this fact, but did not know how. She would not go with him willingly thins much he was sure of. She had already shown that she did not trust him. How was he to make her love him?

So many thoughts and so much confusion were giving the hanyou a headache. Tomorrow he would return to following the group, perhaps then he would find a chance to make a move on the unsuspecting miko.


"Can't you move any faster?" Inu Yasha was in another of his bad moods. He had been complaining about how slow humans were all day. Sango and Miroku were ready to slap him. Kagome just wanted a rest. She was rather indifferent to the curses that Inu Yasha was yelling.

Kagome had been thinking about her problems all day. She had come to the conclusion that being with friends is what had taken away the pain of her friends' loss. However, she also though she had to give credit to love. Sango was obviously over a lot of her pain because of her love for Miroku which kept her rather occupied at times. 'Perhaps Inu Yasha will take away my pain.'

Kagome's thought were cut short when she sensed a jewel shard near by. "Guys, there's a shard over coming at us." Right after she had spoken a giant bear youkai came crashing out of the forest surroundings. "The shard's in its right paw."

Inu Yasha quickly cut off the appendage and the youkai shrank to a much more manageable size. Kagome ran over and took out the shard. It purified right when she touched it. Inu Yasha had been scratched in the process of getting rid of the youkai and now had a gash across his chest. Kagome ran over to help him, but he merely ignored her and walked by.

"Inu Yasha that needs to be looked at."

"Leave me alone, wench."

"Inu Yasha..." Kagome said in a warning tone. Inu Yasha halted a sighed. He sat against a tree and allowed her to clean his wounds.

The group resumed there travel till evening and then luckily found a spot near a hot spring to camp. (there's always a hotspring ne) They all unpacked and Kagome set about making ramen for everyone.

Naraku had been smart in hiding the shards he held in a magical pouch so as not to be detected. He had resumed his watch of the miko early in the morning and was watching as they ate. He had been surprised at the surge of jealousy he had felt when he had seen how Kagome worried over Inu Yasha. 'Stupid dog.' Naraku had tried desperately not to interfere, especially when the stupid hanyou had called Kagome a wench. He then noticed how the two women went off to take a bath. He wanted to follow.

'I should not go, that would be dishonorable. But then again when will I ever get the chance to see her in her most natural state again.' Naraku's hormone's won out and he followed the women to the springs.

"Hey Sango?"

"Nani, Kagome?"

"I was just wondering, do you get the feeling we're being watched?"

"Nah, if Miroku or Inu Yasha had followed us then Shippou would have warned us."

"I suppose you're right."

Naraku watched as Kagome undress and nearly fell off the branch he was standing on. Even in his most intense dreams he had never expected her to look so good. She had him acting like bubbling idiot unconsciously just by undressing. Naraku did not want to think about what she would be able to make him do if she actually came on to him. But then again he would do anything for that honor. 'I should leave before I lose control and go over there.' Naraku headed back to the camp site leaving the women to chat.

The day had been rather boring. There had been nothing more than walking and taking out one demon. However, all the humans in the group were exhausted because of their slave driving hanyou who insisted that they be able to keep up an inhuman pace. If not for Kirara the group probably would have collapsed.

Kagome stayed awake late again that night. She feared the demons in her dreams more than those in reality. She blamed herself for what had happened to her family. Maybe if she had been there to help, she could have prevented something. But she didn't even know what had happened to them and that was what was eating her up inside. The uncertainty of what had happened was killing her inside, she needed closure.

Kagome noticed that she probably wasn't going to fall asleep anytime soon and decided to walk around a bit. She remembered to grab her bow this time. For some reason she didn't fear Naraku if he were to show up, but he had definitely showed her that she could be snuck up on rather easily. She wandered a bit till she finally realized the she was lost. 'Smart move again Kagome. What are you going to do tomorrow night, walk off a cliff?'

"You seem a bit lost." Kagome turned to see Naraku again. She notched an arrow on her bow and aimed it at him. "Shoot if you feel the need, but I mean you no harm."

"Why do you keep saying that? You've done nothing, but try to kill me and my friends and now you're trying to be all nice." Kagome was confused which caused her to get rather irritated.

"You have captivated me and I want to help you."

Kagome sighed and lowered her bow. "If you want to help me you can get me back to my friends."

"Follow me." Kagome new she probably shouldn't be trusting him but at this point she didn't care. She began to follow him, but she didn't expect him to start making small talk.

"So what is it that fills you with such sadness?" Kagome turned and stared at him.

"What makes you think that I'm sad?"

"I have caused others enough pain to notice when someone is in pain. Also you do not seem like your usual cheerful self."

"So what if I'm sad. It should be of no concern to you."

"It shouldn't, but it is." They finally reached the campsite. Kagome was actually surprised that he hadn't led her to danger.

"Umm...thank you." Kagome turned to leave him and like last time he grabbed her arm.

"You should smile, it makes you much more beautiful, if that's possible." Naraku brushed his hand against her cheek and swept raven locks behind her ear. Kagome just stared in shock. He leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Then just like last time he was gone.

Kagome's heart was speeding. She brought a hand up to her cheek over where he had kissed her. She strangely felt warmed by the gesture, but then shook the thought from her head. 'He's your enemy Kagome. He's just playing with you.' Kagome turned and leaned against a tree near her friends.


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