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CH: 9 Finale

Kagome couldn't believe the enormous evil aura that she was feeling as they got closer. Both Ryuichi and Naraku could feel her unease and swore that nothing would happen to her. They came upon a totally decimated village. Blood was staining every inch of the ground. Kagome felt like she was going to be sick. She moved closer to Naraku as they walked through the area. "It's still here." She said as they walked through the village. Naraku couldn't smell anything over the blood that was everywhere. Ryuichi could still sense Waruryo, but couldn't pinpoint where he was.

They all suddenly sensed something right behind them and dodged just as a giant tail came down on the spot they were just standing. Kagome pulled herself off the ground and looked up to see a giant blood red dragon youkai hovering over them. She noticed he resembled the one who had killed Inu Yasha's father.

"Finally, I found you." Waruryo said as he glared down at the woman who had destroyed the youkai world. He then noticed Naraku and Ryuichi. "So the boy came back to save his parents. How sweet. You'll die with them too." He swatted at Kagome with his tail and second time, but this time she saw it coming and easily dodged.

Naraku snarled at the youkai who dared attack his mate. "So you're as protective of her now as you are in the future." Waruryo observed. He smirked and brought one of his claws down at Naraku. Naraku dodged and released a haze of miasma at the youkai. Waruryo seemed unfazed, but was hit back when Ryuichi slashed at him with his claws.

Ryuichi came at Waruryo a second time and seemed as if he would get the dragon youkai in the neck, but was grabbed by the waist by Waruryo's tail and was slammed into the ground. Dust flew everywhere and the evil youkai pulled back his tail. "Pathetic." Waruryo stated.

"Ryuichi!" Kagome ran to her son. Waruryo was going to use the distraction to attack Kagome, but was slashed across the face by Naraku.

"That was foolish." Waruryo laughed and hit Naraku into a wooden hut and he went crashing through the wall. Naraku slowly pulled himself back up and stepped out of the hole he had created. He wiped a line of blood off his chin and sneered at the youkai who had thrown him. "In the future you may have been able to defeat me, but right now as a hanyou, you are nothing compared to me."

Naraku wasn't listening and attacked again. Waruryo may have been big, but he did have a lot of speed and before Naraku could get in his attack, one of Waruryo's clawed hands grasped Naraku mid-attack. He squeezed the hanyou in his grasp and his claws dug into Naraku's back. Naraku refused to even wince as he felt the Waruro's claws piercing his skin. Blood began to stain Naraku's clothing and trickle down Waruryo's claws. Waruryo smirking as the scent of Naraku's blood reached his senses. "Now you die hanyou."

Something akin to a pink comet shot through Waruryo's arm and it fell to the ground releasing Naraku from its grasp. Waruryo let out a cry of pain and turned to see Kagome standing near Ryuichi with her bow raised and a second arrow strung. She fired again, but this time he was ready and ducked down. The arrow whizzed above him.

Ryuichi winced and rubbed his head. He looked up to see Kagome poised over him facing forward with a determined look and letting loose an arrow. He sat up and saw the giant dragon youkai crash down on what was now three legs and the arrow fly just over him. Waruryo's tail flicked back and forth behind him and then shot forward at Kagome.

Ryichi jumped up and grabbed Kagome, pulling her out of the way. Kagome lost the grip on her bow as Ryuichi grabbed her and it fell to the ground to be crushed to pieces by the force of Waruryo's tail smashing down on it.

"Help father, I'll distract him." Ryuichi said and ran at the dragon youkai. Kagome didn't even get a chance to say anything. She ran to Naraku and helped him to his feet. Ryuichi collected a ball of light in his hand which transformed into a sword of blue energy. He jumped up and lunged at Waruryo. The dragon youkai had little time to dodge and ended up losing a claw. He growled and swiped at Ryuichi, but Ryuichi dodged. However, while dodging he ran into straight into Waruryo's second attack and was thrown by his tail. 'Kami I wish mother and father had trained me better.' Ryuichi thought as he pulled himself off the ground a second time.

Kagome set Naraku down and was about to run back to help Ryuichi, but was held back by Naraku's hand gripping her sleeve. "Get away from here." Naraku said and used his grip on her sleeve to toss her back a bit. He ran forward just as Ryuichi had been tossed to the ground. He lunged and pulled a knife from his haori. The blade plunged into Waruryo's neck and the youkai bucked up tossing the hanyou off him, but the blade remained in his flesh. A black thick fluid, like oil, flowed from the wound. Ryuichi took this as his chance to attack again.

He gathered his energy into a sword again and slashed Waruryo across the chest as the youkai was arched back in pain. The dragon youkai fell to the ground, but was not ready to give in. He pulled himself up and his dark green eyes began to change to a deep shade of red. Waves of black youki began to surround him and lunged at Ryuichi with renewed strength. Ryuichi dodged an attack by the youkai's tail, but was then slashed by his claws. Ryuichi went flying pass Kagome and landed to the ground with a sickening thud.

Kagome ran over to him seeing the gaping wound on his chest. She raised her hands to heal him, but he grabbed her wrist. "Don't...don't waste you energy. Just get away from here." Kagome could feel tears coming to her eyes. Though she had not known him for long she had already loved him like a son. "I'll be fine, just get away." Ryuichi whispered to her as the blood loss got to him and unconsciousness took hold. Kagome checked to make sure he was still breathing and found very shallow and erratic breaths, but they were still there.

Kagome stood and unsheathed her sword. She purified the blade with her miko powers and ran at the dragon youkai. He smirked when he saw her coming. He swung his tail at her, but she was surprisingly quick and dodged. His claws came at her the same time she swung her blade. The same dark liquid flowed from Waruryo's shoulder, but Kagome went flying crashing to the ground and a cloud of dust surrounded her.

Kagome moaned and opened her eyes. She had a wound in her right arm and couldn't lift her sword. She brought up her left hand to fan the dust out of her face so she could breathe better. When the dust cleared she saw Waruryo standing over her. He was bleeding from multiple wounds, but still looked determined to kill. "Why?" Kagome gasped out as she leaned on her left arm pushing herself to sit up.

"Why?" Waruryo repeated her barely audible question. "Because of you we are forced to hide and ningens were allowed to rule the world. You made the most evil youkai of this time weaker and as the years went by his the evil within him was lost. Naraku and you became powerful enough that you could make the world bow down and yet you lived in luxury, yet not as royalty. You play the ningen games of corporations and no longer use the way of the sword and blood. You have lost sight of what made this world great, what made us youkai rulers of the world, and because of that all of us suffer. When we get out of line and attack ningens you destroy us. It is because of your love of the ningen race that we are forced to hide. You brought us nothing but shame and for that you will die." Waruryo ranted.

Naraku got up half way through Waruryo's rant and ran as fast as he could to stand in front of Kagome. He got there as Waruryo finished his speech and sat back on his two back legs preparing to attack Kagome. Waruryo raised his front claws and was ready to slash at Kagome when Naraku got in the way. "So you are willing to lose your life for her. You always were a fool for loving that miko." His claws began to descend on the hanyou.

Kagome couldn't bring herself to stand. She couldn't believe she would be forced to lose another person she loved. Tears began to fill her eyes and flow down her cheeks. She felt a pulsing from her chest and saw the Shikon glow a bright pink and pulsing with a strong aura. 'Please give him the power to defeat this evil youkai.' Kagome wished.

A bright light consumed the area and Waruryo was forced to pull back his attack. He turned his head to the side and diverted his gaze from the brightness. Kagome also averted her gaze not able to raise her arm to block the light because she was leaning on it. When the light faded both Kagome and Waruryo turned to Naraku and were surprised by what they saw.

Naraku's felt a warmth consume him and felt an unimaginable power flow through his veins. When the light was gone, his wounds were healed. Only the blood stains on his clothing would allude to that fact that he had been injured. His ears were now slightly pointed and his tongue ran over the new fangs in his mouth. He smirked at the surprised look Waruryo gave him.

Naraku lunged at the youkai with his new found power and slashed Waruryo across the cheek. Waruryo sneered and swiped at Naraku. His claws met with nothing, but air as Naraku was too fast. His tail attempted an attack as well, but Naraku easily dodged that.

Naraku went for his knife that was in Waruryo's neck and grabbed the hilt of the blade. He twisted the blade and brought it down opening the wound in the dragon youkai's neck further. Waruryo bellowed in pain and tried to attack again, but Naraku jumped up and out of the way. He then came down on the dragon youkai with his blade and sliced the youkai in half.

Naraku landed gracefully to the ground. He stood over the destroyed youkai, barely breathing hard. He put his knife back I his haori and then went over to Kagome.


After Naraku had been transformed and went to attack Waruryo, Kagome could feel herself becoming different as well. The Shikon's light had dissipated and it flew back into Kagome's body. She instantly passed out.

Kagome saw a woman standing in front of her. "Who are you?" Kagome said. She looked around at her surrounding and saw nothing, but a gray void.

"I think you know who I am." The woman turned to Kagome.

"Midoriko?" Kagome gasped in recognition. "But how?"

"The reason I was not able to defeat the youkai that attacked me and could only seal them was because of who led them. They were led by a very powerful taiyoukai, which I had fallen in love with." Midoriko admitted. Kagome was unable to say anything so she continued. "We couldn't bring ourselves to kill the other and we couldn't accept the love we held for the other and as a result we spend eternity fighting, but never truly killing the other."

"What does this have to do with me?" Kagome asked.

"You were able to accept you love for a youkai, something I could never do. I was too wrapped up in my duty as a miko to accept my feelings, but some how I know you could and that is why I chose you to wield the Shikon. Because of your unselfish wish for Naraku, we are now free." Midoriko said and a man appeared behind her. He was most definitely youkai with short dark green hair and light red eyes.

"Arigatou." He said to Kagome and held Midoriko to him.

"And now I leave you with a small gift." Midoriko said and the figures in front of Kagome blurred and faded.


"Kagome." Naraku said and lightly shook the unconscious girl. Kagome slowly opened her eyes. He gaze was hazy, but then focused on the face of Naraku or what she assumed was now Naraku. He was a full youkai she could sense it. He also had changed slightly in appearance.

Kagome brought her left hand up to his cheek and ran her fingertips over a dark red stripe on his cheek. He had two on each cheek and instead of brown his eyes were now a hazel color, a deep mixture of brown, green, and gold. "I thought I almost lost you." Naraku said and held Kagome's hand against his cheek.

"You've changed." Kagome whispered.

"As have you." Naraku stated and Kagome gave him a quizzical look. She then looked at her hand and saw her nails had grown into claws. She also saw dark purple stripes on her wrist. Naraku had been amazed when he had come upon her on the ground. Her hair had turned from its raven color to a dark midnight blue and she had a dark purple stripe on each cheek. When she opened her eyes they were a deep violet, but still held the same light and innocence he had come to love.

Naraku helped Kagome to her feet and supported her with an arm under hers and around her shoulder. Kagome turned her head to the side and saw the body of Waruryo torn in two. "So it's finally over." Kagome whispered and then she remembered something. "Ryuichi!"

Naraku brought her to the body on the ground. She knelt to the ground and lifted her left hand over the unmoving, but still barely alive body. Her hand glowed with her still existing miko powers and the wound across Ryuichi's stomach began to heal. When it was done healing, Ryuichi stirred a bit and opened his eyes.

He rubbed his head as he sat up and focused his eyes on the two before him. "Now those are the parents I remember." Ryuichi stated. Kagome practically tackled him in a tight hug, well as tight of a hug as she could with only one arm. She pulled back ad winced slightly when Naraku touched her right arm.

"It should heal if a couple days." Naraku said and helped Kagome to her feet.

Ryuichi followed suit and stood. "Well it seems like I survived this battle in more ways than one." He said and held a hand to Kagome's stomach.

"You should get back home. I'm sure I'm worried about you." Kagome said with a small smile.

"Five hundred years old and still having my mother telling me what to do." Ryuichi said with a small smile. "I should get back though to make sure everything is okay." Ryuichi hugged Kagome lightly and turned and bowed to Naraku. "Take good care of me." He said with a smirk and then ran off in the direction of the well.

Kagome smiled and leaned against Naraku. His arm was supporting her around her waist as she had her left arm around his shoulder and leaned her head on his chest. "You can return to the future now that the well has been cleared out." Naraku stated though he didn't want to let her go.

Kagome shook her head. "I like being here with you. And we'll see that time eventually anyway." She said with a smile. "Let's go home." Naraku nodded and picked her up bridal style and took off towards his castle.

Kagome nuzzled against his neck. Her senses seemed much stronger and she couldn't help, but wonder what she looked like now. Then as stupid as it was to wonder such a thing after such a great battle, Kagome wondered if Naraku still found her attractive in this new form, though she figured he must seeing as though they would still be together in five hundred years according to Ryuichi. "I wonder what I look like now." She whispered out loud.

"Still as radiant as ever." Naraku answered her. And she smiled and cuddled closer against him.


A baby's wail could be heard from the room down the hall. Naraku walked to the room and saw Kagome lying down with a small bundle in her arms. She was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and some of her hair was stuck to her forehead, but she glowed with a strange radiance. Naraku walked over to her and sat next to her on the futon.

"So what do you think of Ryuichi-chan?" Kagome asked as she held the newborn in her arms.

"I think he will grow to be quite loyal and helpful." Naraku replied.

Kagome gave a small laugh and playfully elbowed him in the side. She then leaned against him and his arm came around her. "I love you." She said softly and kissed Naraku on the cheek.

"I love you too." Naraku said and claimed Kagome's lips with his. The young Ryuichi looked up from his mother's arms not understanding a thing.

Kagome knew that her trials in life were not fully over. She still had to deal with a full youkai Naraku that still would have evil tendencies to all, but his immediate family. 'At least I know if I stick to it, I do get him to change.' Kagome thought with holding back a small smile.


Ryuichi looked up at the rubble blocking his way out of the well. There was barely enough room on the bottom of the well for him to stand. 'Well, atleast Waruryo has been dealt with.' Ryuichi thought as he began to dig himself out.

He could just barely see a bit of light and pulled a few more planks of wood out of the way. Just as he was reaching the top some of the rocks below him slid and he was about to fall back to the bottom of the well, but someone grabbed his wrist.

Ryuichi looked up and smiled. He pulled himself out of the well with some help and then brushed himself off. "You could have been killed you know. Pulling a stupid stunt like that. Where did you get such a suicidal mentality?"

"Says the woman who I probably inherited it from." Ryuichi said smiling at the now slightly older looking Kagome.

"Come on." Kagome said with a sigh. They both turned and she paused for a bit seeing the still destroyed shrine. It had been five hundred years since she had last visited this area.

"If you could have stopped it, if you could have changed everything..." Ryuichi started.

"Iie, some things are just meant to happen. If it didn't happen, I wouldn't have Naraku and you and all my other wonderful kids. We all experience some loss, but I have to say I got a lot out of it also. Come on, I'm hungry." Kagome said.

Ryuichi let out a small laugh as he looked as his mother's over sized stomach heavy with another brother or sister. "It's been five hundred years, don't you two ever stop."

"That's no way to talk to your mother." Kagome said and slapped him lightly on the arm as they continued their walk. "It's good to have you back my little Ryuichi-chan." Ryuichi just smiled and wondered when his mother was going to stop calling him that.

Everyone was amazed when the anomaly that had taken over Tokyo tower disappeared. It was attributed to some hoax. Few knew the truth and those that did weren't saying anything.


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