Harry Lucis Caelum

ESKK: Hey this is a Harry Potter crossover with Final Fantasy XV with Eos and a few major things you may or may not scene. Now this is not a reincarnation story or a WBWL or a bashing story of any kind and most of all its not a Master of Death Harry Story, those stories are so cliché and over done that I've literally gotten sick of it that people can't see how J.K. Rowling intended Dumbledore to be. Ok my ranting is done for now let's begin now shall we.

(Start after the Potters went into hiding)

A man in a black suit was walking down to the house hidden in Grimwald Place. As he walked he was also wearing a Fedora hat and black gloves as it was night time a cool September Night as he smirked at the house he desired. He saw it was hidden by charms and wards to alert them of anything. But alas this strapping young man has been around for a very long time and knew how to break through those wards and charms without so much as a peep from them. Plus it helped to be a blood relative here as he then entered the boundary. He felt his body tingle for but a moment but then the moment pass as he could feel the wards lose sight of him and now just see him as none threatening.

The man walked over to the door and knew knocking would alert the lady within while the lord of this house was away. He then sighed and reached for his fedora hat and with his free hand snapped his fingers and vanished.

(With Lily Potter nee Evans)

Lily was caring for her young child as Harry now a year old was in her arms as she smiled at her son. Harry her son who she would protect with her life if she must. The War had taken its toll but Lily had often questioned why Dumbledore was so intended of trying to repent Death Eaters. Lily tried to leave killing as a last resort but sometimes her enemies force her hand and even then she regretted and hated such an attack.

"Pad Foot!" The toddler Harry called as he wanted Sirius here.

"Sorry darling." Lily began as she looked at her son. "But Sirius won't make it today perhaps tomorrow." Lily said as she looked to her son.

"Daddy!" the Toddler called as Lily then looked at the sofa Harry was looking at and saw who she thought was James at first glance but his demeanor and form was wrong. This man was wearing a pitch black suit with a tie, a black fedora, and even black glove, His shirt in the suit was white of course but the most notable thing about him was the single pin with a red object on it as she saw in his hand was a glass of wine. He looked like James in facial features but his eyes unlike James blue were a dark red almost brown as his hair was a light brown almost blond color as he was admiring his drink swirling it in the cup before taking a sip.

"I must say madam your taste in wines is quite a shock for me." He said showing he may enjoy it but he was only shocked that she enjoyed the same wine.

"I don't drink it save for parties and such." Lily said as she reached for her wand as the man then sighed already seeing it coming.

The man reached with his hand as Lily's wand to her shock then vanished and appeared in this man's waiting hand as he looked upon it. "Hmm an Ollivander Wand quite a feat I must say since their dawning years but it's still outdated and under the bar compared to me." He said condescendingly as he admired the Wand a bit. "10 ½ inches Willow if I am correct, right Lady Potter?" The man asked in a regal tone as Lily was nervous as she saw the man then toss her and to the side not even bothering to use it.

The man then got up and did a small bow as he tipped his fedora to her. "Pardon my rudeness Lady Potter I don't normally drop in like this and more so I don't normally greet people such as you but my rudeness was uncalled for on this piece of business I came to discuss with you." The man said as he then got up as he sounded very respectful to Lily but Lily was trying to figure out how he got in past the ward.

"Oh don't worry let's just say I've been around long enough to find loop holes and back doors in these types of spells." The man said as Lily was surprised. "Your Occlumency is impressive I won't deny or praise that Lady Potter but if you were any way like me you would learn quickly such skills are useless even in the hands of a true master of your time." The man said as he then looked. "But I fear that I have yet to learn your name or you of my name so allow me to rectify that problem by giving you not my birth name but the name I had given myself in this era." He said as Lily saw he sounded like he was in a play of sorts one of his own creation.

"Jonathan Kendell Rowling is my name and might I be so bold as to inquire you full name Lady Potter?" He asked reaching a hand to her as if to take her hand.

"Uh… Lily Potter nee Evans." Lily said taking his man as the woman part of her would not deny this man was quiet the gentlemen for a possible assassin.

"Well then Lady Potter it pleases me to finally make your acquaintance." Jonathan said before kissing her hand as Lily kept herself in check as to not let her mind wander and keep it completely blank.

"Why are you here?" Lily asked as she looked to the man.

"My reason for being here well I can assure you it's not to kill you or your son but to offer a sort of escape route for your son." Jonathan said as he took out an object from his person which he gave to Lily which then turned into a scroll.

Jonathan then walked over to a cloak on the wall as Lily was wide eyed as that was the cloak of invisibility as he then took it and saw how it glowed in his hands unlike James. "Ah my old friend it has been some time now has it now." He said as Lily looked at him confusingly. Jonathan saw this and chuckled as his blunder there. "Please Milady pardon that blunder it's just I have not seen that particular Deathly Hollow for quite some time. If I may be so bold as to ask if Albus Dumbledore still holds the Elder Wand?" Jonathan asked as Lily looked surprised.

"That's the Deathly Hollow?" Lily asked as she always suspected it to be so but never did she find that the Potters and Albus had such items in their possession.

"Yes of course it seems I provided spoilers though Spoilers that would prove useless to you in the long run." Jonathan said as he then sighed to himself. "No my reason for coming here is quiet simple I wish to visit the one who would kill me to see his potential." The man said as Lily was shocked. "Please note milady I said see his potential not kill him while he's weak. And also as I said before offer you a way to protect him." Jonathan said as Lily looked shocked.

"Why give me it if he will kill you one day?" Lily asked as Jonathan chuckled as he then snapped his fingers causing Lily's wand to return.

"Lady Potter if I may be so bold to request that you perform the Killing Curse upon me and your answer will be made clear." Jonathan requested with a respectful and elegant bow as Lily was shocked.

"N-no I won't do it!" Lily said but before she could use a stun spell she felt her body freeze up as the man smiled. Lily wanted to scream but her body would not obey as her hand moved against her will to perform the spell as it even went through the movement. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Lily screamed out against her will as her body shot the killing curse at Jonathan who welcomed it as it then hit him in the chest giving Lily movement of her body once more.

"Oh no what, what did I do?!" She called in shock dropping her wand but soon the man breathed out chuckling as he then began to rise up to Lily's ever knowing and seeing shock.

"Now you see why Lady Potter." Jonathan said as he was up and looked to Lily with an elegant bow.

"How can you survive that it shouldn't be possible?" Lily said as the man smirked.

"Milady allow me to explain in simplest terms… I cannot die." HE said surprising Lily she was facing a true immortal being. "My reasons well, the Deathly Hollows are the reason that and the work of a being of pure flames and the Scourge that will soon appear in this world." Jonathan said as he looked to Lily with a smile on his face.

"The story says that he who gathers the Hollows becomes the…" Lily began but couldn't bring herself to say it as this man was beyond even Voldemort's power after all he can still be killed this man well, how does one kill the un-killable.

"Now that scroll there will allow you to contact five beings of an Astral plain they can take your son to a place he will be loved if requirements are met and I feel your requirement is that his Godfather is unable to look after him and in turn Albus will use the blood magic to put him with Petunia to protect him." The man's aid as he smiled at Lily who was shocked that Jonathan seemed to know so much here.

"You want my son to kill you don't you?" Lily asked realizing the, prophesy wasn't referring the Voldemort but Jonathan.

"Perhaps I do wish that, or perhaps I simply find it amusing to see people challenge me." He said with a smile on his face as he then summoned a Long Sword weapon shocking Lily only to see it relinquished from him to her. "Use this in the spell you wish to perform." He began as Lily saw the weapon was well made but when she put her hand on the blade to draw blood she found it did not even cut her. "That weapon can only be used in the hands of those with the Royal Power without it the sword is nothing more than a trinket." He said as Lily was amazed by it as the sword was beaming with power yet it did not acknowledged her as its master. "It is one of 13 in this world the boy must retrieve before the promised time. So be sure the spell is ready before then." HE said before he began taking his leave.

"Wait who are, you really!?" Lily demanded as Harry was nearby playing with some toys of his as Jonathan stopped for but a short minor moment.

"A man of no great importance." Jonathan said before he began to take his leave once more. "Oh and I know it is belated but I do wish the young boy a happy birthday from a distant 'friend,' to a distant youth." Jonathan said before he left and vanished leaving a red crystal like after image which also vanished.

(Scene Break October 1st)

Lily had prepared it all after she received the scroll from Jonathan Lily looked him up and found no references of him except he was the Queen of England's High Chancellor to the Wizarding Community and that was after cross referencing him with Wizard Community. Basically he's the diplomat between the two sides and provides his council as an advisor to both the Minister and the Queen when dealing with the magical world.

But Lily saw this man wasn't human and the fact he lived for so many centuries pointed that he must have used his age's worth of experience and connections to put himself in such a position. Of course Lily had prepared the spell after reviewing the scroll as it needed the Royal Arm as Jonathan explained and with it the Blood of Nobles or Royalty. Lily used Harry's blood for that one as she of course made it quick and once she did so calmed down her son as James was currently at a meeting with his friends to discuss the plan with Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

Once Lily had everything she took the dagger she had Harry's blood on as the child was sleeping in his crib before Lily dropped the Blood into a basin of water which she had read had to be magically infused which she did so. Once it was all done the lights in the room soon went out as Lily who was on her knees felt the world go dark as even the floor was darkened. Soon green flames appeared as behind them were creatures she had never seen before.

A dragon with wings of swords as the armor showed it was that of royalty and power. Next to it a giant who Lily was quickly intimidated by yet calmed down by a gentle aura from it. Next to it slithering by was a serpent like creature who glared at her with a mother's glare which Lily returned and in turn Lily swore it softened its glare a bit. Next was an elder like being with a long flowing beard holding a staff as it looked upon, Lily with wise old eyes that showed centuries of Wisdom. Finally Lily saw a woman who looked like a sprite of sorts as she was the most human out of them all.

"You are in the presence of the Astral Gods of Eos why summon us here mortal in your realm." The Dragon asked as Lily looked.

"I'm sorry I did not wish to trouble you but please hear me out!" Lily begged as she wanted to save her son.

"I see… so your world also holds a Dark King made by the machination of the betrayer." The Dragon Creature said as the other four began to look to each other whispering. "Very well I am Bahamut the Draconian King of all Dragons and most of all leader of the Astral Gods." Bahamut said as he then looked to the others.

"I am Shiva the Glacian it is a pleasure to meet you." Shiva greeted as she looked upon Lily with a kind smile.

"I am Titan, the Archaean." Titan introduced as he looked to the young Lily as Lily saw the giant was in fact a gentle giant.

"You may call me Ramuh the Fulgurian." Ramuh greeted as he looked upon the human witch Lily.

"I am Leviathan the Hydaean but some have referred to me as the Tide Mother." Leviathan said to Lily showing she tolerated Lily at best which was a bonus for those who meet her and not anger her in anyway less they wish to drown and suffer a horrible painful death.

"Ok Bahamut please… my son he's part of a prophesy much larger then I had first thought and if you know who or what caused it please you must lend me of not my son his aid protect him until he's ready!" Lily begged as Bahamut looked at her as the Astral Beings discussed this amongst themselves.

"Lily Potter we have seen this worlds future, its end and its rebirth and it all spawns from your son and his legacy. Thus we have come to an agreement we cannot interfere openly but if your son is placed in an area where he will be unloved we will take him to our realm of Eos to a place where he will be beloved and shown love by all. But if you wish for this to carry out then you Lily must live as well here only seeing your son in sleep but he cannot see you." Bahamut said as Shiva walked over to Lily and kneeled down to her before kissing her forehead surprising Lily.

"What I have placed upon you is an outer shell if this false Dark Lord is to come kill you then that shield will protect you by locking your soul into your body and putting you into a coma this in turn will allow a part of your soul to shave off an act as a shield for Harry for this one task through sleep and in turn the spell will rebound and destroy Voldemort." Shiva explained as Bahamut nodded. "We shall also bring with him when they are ready two others one of None magical Origins and one of magical origins to go with the young man to Eos, and then we shall grant a single maiden of this world the power of the Oracle from then on fate shall work its gears to your sons destiny." Bahamut said but Lily saw the tone he used was a sad one filled with regret.

"What is wrong?" Lily asked as Bahamut looked.

"Your son's fate… he will die regardless but knowing this would you still accept this path?" Bahamut asked as he looked upon Lily.

"Is there another way?"Lily asked as she looked to Bahamut.

"I am sorry… there is not, the ritual to bring your world to providence requires your son's life be traded in this but fear not his legacy shall live on in his bloodline your son before the end shall father children who will then with the queen of his choosing shall rebuild your world under the light of the Crystal that will be born upon this world." Bahamut said as Lily had tears in her eyes. She didn't want to do it the mother in her didn't want to sacrifice her only son for a doomed world… but if she did something selfish and reject them… then she'll be dooming everyone friends, family, children, fathers and mothers, and families yet to from. Thus with a heavy heart and a tear stained face Lily answered them.

"Fine I accept." Lily said as Bahamut looked upon Lily sadly.

"If it is of any meaning to you, I am deeply sorry but Ifrit had forced our hands for this so please accept our deepest apologies for what you must suffer as a parent and a mother." Bahamut said as Lily appreciated it honestly she did but… it didn't make the pain go away.

(Scene Break #4 Pivot Dr. Little Whining's)

Jonathan arrived at the unwelcoming house staying hidden using his gifts to do so which helped since if you had the perception you could see a tall shadow following his footsteps. He soon sat upon a bench at a bus stop and saw his target his wands current holder and a cat who then transformed into a human elderly woman. "They're the worst sort of muggles imaginable! They really are-"

"They are the only family he has left now." A man with a beard that could rival Ramuh's if the two had a beard contest.

"He'll be famous Albus! Everyone in our world will know his name!"

The man with the beard nodded. "Exactly Minerva! Famous before he can walk and talk. He'll be much better off growing up away from all that." He produced a sheet of paper that Jonathan instantly recognized to be parchment despite his disconnection with the wizarding world. "I've written a letter explaining things." He took the infant from the third person, who was possibly the largest human she had ever seen.

"But Albus with his mother in a deep coma." Minerva said as she was surprised when she heard Lily survived the killing Curse of all things.

"With Lily in a coma she would be unable to care for Harry." Albus said as he looked to Minerva.

The man leaned over and gave the infant what must have been a very scratchy kiss on the forehead. Then he let out a great hiccupping sob.

"Now really Hagrid!" The woman said, sounding scandalized.

"Sorry professor." He sniffed.

Placing the infant on the doorstep, the other man patted him gently. "Now, now, you'll meet again."

The group hung abut for a few more minutes before the old one gently shooed them. He watched the woman turn on the spot and vanish, and the large man get on a motorcycle. The old man stayed for a while longer, before he too turned on the spot and vanished. When they were all gone Jonathan walked over to the infant Harry and looked to him seeing the spell already beginning.

"Gods speed young Potter soon we shall meet again and when we do… the Potter Bloodline shall end with both you and I." he said before he got up as the light soon shined its brightest and in turn Harry was gone as the man then smirked before taking his leave.

"What now my master?" Death asked as Jonathan looked to Death.

"For now we wait and bide our time but until then I do believe Hogwarts School will eventually need a DADA Teacher Voldemort will play his part as I intended it for him." Jonathan said as for him Voldemort was just a means to an end nothing more nothing less and like all pawns they will be booed off the stage as needed by the king piece.

(In Eos Lucis Capital City Insomnia the Citadel)

The Queen of Lucis was roaming the Castle grounds holding the hand of her young son as she smiled at young Noctis but was also saddened at her little boy being an only child. She will not lie her son was a blessing to her and Regus by the Astral Beings but she had learned recently that when Noctis was born she became unable to have any more children becoming barren. She had wanted a large family maybe a daughter but she was happy to have a son as well.

They were in the Garden as she walked about before there was a bright flash of light which as a mother she acted and shielded her sons eyes to keep him from being blinded as the light was accompanied by a load popping sound. When it died down the Queen looked as Noctis was curios and when she looked at it she saw a toddler no more than a year old with a parchment with him. The Queen then took the parchment when she noticed a thunderbolt shaped scar on his forehead as when she opened said parchment she saw his name and the person wishing for the reader to take care of him where he may be loved.

"Hmm I see." She said before she smiled and picked up little Harry.

"Momma?" Young Noctis asked as she smiled to her son.

"Come along Noctis the Astral Gods have blessed you with a younger brother." She said as she began to take Harry with her to see Regus and convince him to adopt Harry as Harry Lucis Calcium.

"Ok." Noctis said as he followed his mother to see his father.

(Scene Break 9 years later Harry is 10)

Harry was walking around the Citadel without a care in the world. His older brother Noctis was off with his friends Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus as Harry was a very happy child. The scar on his forehead had faded to being unnoticeable as accompanying him was Nyx the Hero.

"Come on squirt we gotta meet with the Royal Advisory soon." Nyx said as he saw how strong Harry was since the Queen's passing. Everyone knew Harry wasn't born with Royal Blood but somehow by some sort of miracle he was met with Bahamut who granted the boy the Royal Power making his Blood Royal and in turn a possible King. As Nyx lead Harry through the castle they soon arrived to where King Regis awaited them as with him was the father of Ignis with a young girl who had wild un-kept hair which was natural for one her age and with the girl was a boy with red hair and looked like he's been hanging out with Prompto a lot helping him lose weight.

"Hello Nyx, and Prince Harry." Ignis father greeted as Harry smiled.

"Hi sir hi father." Harry greeted as Regus smiled at his adopted son.

"Harry I'm glad Nyx was able to find you and how is he doing?" Regus asked as Nyx nodded.

"Well besides making flowers grow around him the normal." Nyx said as Regus chuckled as Nyx's response.

"Harry I would like you to meet Ignis's younger Sister Hermione Scentia and Prompto's younger brother Ronald Argentum." Regus introduced as Harry saw that Hermione was definitely Ignis sibling she had that same air of grace and elegance around him.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Harry." Hermione greeted as she did a respectful bow to the adopted prince as Ron smiled.

"Say cheese mate." Ron said pulling out his own camera taking a picture as Hermione then elbowed him after the picture which Harry laughed.

"It's nice to meet you guys but dad probably wanted us to be friends right?" Harry asked with a smile as he wanted to have friends like his elder brother did.

"My means cannot escape your perception can it Harry?" Regus chuckled as Harry smiled at his father.

"Cool mate then that means we're already friends!" Ron cheered as Hermione nodded as it seems Harry made some fast friends here this very day.

"I suppose we are then." Hermione said as the three smiled at each other as this group of friends journey has begun in some way.

(Scene Break Harry, Ron, and Hermione Age 14)

The three plus one were now standing before King Regis as they had a task to perform as with them was on more friend of theirs named Ventus Valefor as he stood with his friends Ron and Hermione as Harry stood before his father. Harry was dressed differently as he was wearing a black duster like coat with a pouch handing from the side by a belt, black gloves that went a bit past his wrists, black baggy pants, and black combat boots as he still had the scar and glasses on his face but the Scar was faded to the point of being unnoticeable.

Behind him was Hermione as she has grown some being a member of the Royal Advisory much like her adopted family. Her blond/brown hair was straight yet still had some curls in it as the top of her hair looked very much like her elder brothers Ignis own hair, she was wearing a sort of business suit like uniform that seemed specially made for combat as it even had a neck tie under it. Though in oppose to the heels she was wearing a pair of flat soled shoes as she looked very stiff and orderly.

Next was Ron as he was wearing a white t-shirt under a black vest like jacket, his pants were black with a leather belt buckle on it as he also had some traveling boots on his feet.

Finally was Ventus as he was the largest of them all as he was black t-shirt under a button up short sleeved shirt which was being used as a jacket, some dark blue jeans, and his own combat boots but the jeans went over said boots. He had deep blue eyes and black hair that was stylized like a rock star but the aura he gave off was that of an older sibling.

"Harry I ask a task of you all." Regis said as Harry nodded.

"Of course father." Harry said as he looked to his adoptive father.

"Though seemingly simple this task is great and of high importance that I entrust to you, the danger of it is real so if you wish to entrust it to a Crownsguard or Kingsglaive I shall now stop you." Regis said as he then sighed. "There has been an odd energy that the Oracle Lady Lunafreya has been told by the Astral Beings holds great importance I wish for you all to go investigate and learn of its origins but she warned us that those not meant for it have met a grave end." Regis said as Harry nodded.

"Don't worry father me and my friends will handle it have some faith." Harry said as he smiled at Regis.

"Then go with my blessing prince Hadrian." Regis said from his throne high above.

"Thank you, your majesty." Harry said with a small bow to his adopted father.

"Take your leave, and go with in the grace of the Gods." Regis said as Harry got up.

"Right." Harry said before he began to leave as when he passed by Ventus he stepped aside before the three bowed down to Regis and took their leave as well as they headed to their ride which awaited them.


"So I heard Stella will be coming with us on this mission." Came the voice of Ventus as it was deep and a bit gruff but all the while very friendly.

"Oh Harry's little sweetheart." Ron teased as Harry was soon heard.

"Be quiet Ron." Harry countered as they walked.

Ron of course sighed as this seemed pretty normal here. "Princes will be princes both in there and out here." Ron said at Harry's attitude here.

"Not like you had to deliver a formal address." Ventus said as those things were nightmares for anyone celebrities, Government VIP's, and hell even the common folks.

"Your highness!" Came a voice as Harry looked behind their group and saw Regis walking down the steps carefully with his walking cane in hand as Harry saw the years did not do his father good in his brittle body but it made up for it with wisdom.

*Insert Final Fantasy XV OST: Departure

"Is something wrong father?" Harry asked as he looked to Regis who seemed worried about something most likely Harry himself.

Harry of course walked over to Regis as he didn't want his father straining himself more than he had to. "I fear I have left too much unsaid Hadrian." Regis said as Harry stood next to his father. "You though not of royal birth place a great burden on those who would bear with you." Regis said as Harry chuckled.

"Your one to talk dad." Harry said as he smiled to the man who had adopted him when he was but a year old.

"I ask not that you guide my adopted yet wayward son merely that you would remain by his and young Stella's side." Regis said as Hermione then bowed to Regis.

"Indeed your grace." She said being respectful to Lucis's great Sovereign.

"We'll make sure the prince and the princess make it to their destination and wedding if it's the last thing we see or do." Ventus said as Harry was surprised that Stella really was coming along on this trip.

"Yeah what he said." Ron said even though he wasn't very fond of dying anytime soon.

"Hate to break this up but Nyx has the motor running with Stella in mom's old car." Harry said as the Highwind was waiting for them. "Drautos he's in your hands." Harry said as he waved to his father's guard.

"And another thing." Regis began as Harry looked to his adopted father with a smile. "Do mind your manners around your charming bride-to-be she asked to accompany you on this excursion what with Lady Lunafreya and your elder brothers own wedding fast approaching." Regis said as Harry new Stella and Harry were like Noctis and Luna at their age.

Harry then smiled as he walked over to Regis as he smiled. "Your majesty as well to my brother and his bride-to-be." Harry said with a bow to Regis before he got up and took his leave. "And please don't do anything to antagonize our esteemed guests from Nefilheim I'll be back in time for the peace signing." Harry said as Regis found what Harry did humorous.

"You have no cause for concern." Regis said as Harry smiled.

"Nor do you." Harry said as Regis looked to his adopted son with a stern look upon him.

"Take heed. Once you set forth, you cannot turn back." Regis said knowing Harry's own fate was beyond even the Oracle Lady Lunafreya's great sight.

"You think I would dad?" Harry asked as Regis then looked to his son with worry and a hint of sorrow

"I only need know that you are ready to leave home behind." Regis said as Harry smiled.

"Don't know about you, but I'm ready as I'll ever be." Harry said as he then turned to leave but Regis then stopped him for a moment.

"Take care on the long road Hadrian the past you came from will aid you in deciding your present and writing your future." Regis as he then went to Harry. "Know that wherever you so go the line of Lucis though not of birth goes with you as do I and your mother." Regis said as he put his hand on Harry's shoulder as he looked deep into Harry's eyes knowing the time has come to say goodbye. "Walk tall my son." Regis said as Harry nodded before he took his leave.

*End OST

(Scene Break down the road)

In the Highwind being drove by Hermione was going down the road as in the back seat was Harry with Ron and between them was a girl with long blond hair light blue eyes, a white blouse with a red mini skirt, as her foot wear was black knee high boots as this was Stella Tera Aquaria she though is similar to Lady Lunafreya was merely a coincidence. In truth she as a distant cousin of hers born into a noble household in the Capital City Insomnia so it is possible for her to gain the Oracle power but it's a long shot that may very well kill her.

As they drove Stella saw Harry was already napping as she then sighed to her fiancé and his antics. "Just like your brother Harry." Stella said as in the car in a cage was their owl Hedwig. This strange Owl was given to the two one day and had taken a journal which they then wrote and sent to each other through the years. The owl always found where they were and always knew where to wait for them if they ever are on the road that it makes one wonder how Hedwig does it.

Hedwig cawed out as she looked around seeing her two owners in the car and saw Harry was once more being lazy and sleeping till they arrived at their destination as Hermione then spoke. "So love birds how is the engagement going?" Hermione teased as Stella blushed at this as she looked as this woke Harry up.

"Don't make it sound like that ok I'm still getting used to it." Stella said as she looked to Harry who was also feeling embarrassed by this.

"Oh sounds like an, 'I do,' is in the future then." Ron teased as Ventus looked to them.

"Hey knock it off you to its not his fault Lover boy can't keep a straight face when you mention his engagement." Ventus said as Harry looked.

"Would you guys cut it out you're the worst." Harry said as Stella looked.

"I agree on that but they are fun to accompany." Stella confessed as she smiled to Harry. "I see why you enjoy their friendship Harry." Stella said as this caused Harry to blush as he did love his friends but he loved Stella even more even if he won't admit it sometimes outside closed doors.

"Well our destination shouldn't be long the treaty isn't for a month so it should take us about half a month to drive there and another half to drive back." Hermione said as everyone could agree on that.

"Well then I'll take pictures to show your kids in the future so they can know how you guys hooked up and be traumatized for it." Ron said as he took a photo of the surprised Harry and Stella.

"Hermione are my CD's still there?" Harry asked as he needed to drown out Ron.

"Yes they should be unless someone took them out to add new CD's." Hermione said holding the CD book which she passed to Ventus.

"Can one of you put my traveling music you know which one." Harry asked as Ventus found it.

"Got it." Ventus said as he then inserted the disk and turned the volume up as they kept driving.

*Insert Stand by Me by: Florence and the Machine

As the song started Stella closed her eyes as she enjoyed the song as Harry smiled at it also as it was one of his favorite songs as it was a present from Noctis on his birthday. Ron smiled a bit as he leaned back and relaxed. "You know this song isn't so bad it's actually nice." Ron confessed as he leaned back and enjoyed the ride.

"Yeah I know." Ventus said as he leaned his chair back put his hands behind his back and just enjoyed the song.

Stella of course ended up moving to Harry and putting her head on his shoulder as she wrapped her arms around his own arm as Harry then yawned a bit and ended up putting his hand around her shoulder as in turn Ron took a silent picture as he swore those two were the perfect couple here.

Hermione saw all of this from her rearview mirror as she saw Harry was happy here while Ron was a jokester and Ventus was a great friend here. As they drove though they were unaware of their fates and their lives tied to the fate of another world beyond the vail of life and realities. As they drove though it was clear on one thing was fact here and now, all was right in the world.

"Hey guys maybe I should get a car of my own." Ron said as Ventus smirked.

"Yeah who's going to fix it then when you total it?" Ventus said as Ron glared.

"Hey I can drive." Ron said as Hermione chuckled a bit.

"Yes the go karts say otherwise." Hermione said as Ron deflated. "In fact they said in a complaint 'we are not bumper cars Ronald,' so if you wish for my advice stick to Chocobo's." Hermione said as Ventus laughed at this with Stella and Harry joining in.

"Ok but we better make pit stops I want this road trip to be awesome before we return for the peace signing." Ron said as the treaty between Lucis and Nefilheim would end the war and ensure the last Crystal remains in the hands of the Kingdom of Lucis.

"Way ahead of you." Harry said as Stella nodded.

"Of course what's a road trip other than the journey?" Stella asked as Ron smiled.

"Good someone gets it!" Ron cheered as they all got it it's just a majority of people in the world didn't.

"Hey Ron tone it down I'm trying to enjoy the radio!" Ventus said as they drove down the road to their important destination.

*End OST

(Scene Break 2 weeks later Hogwarts on Earth)

Back in Harry's original world, however, an ancient Headmaster was deeply worried, for the Boy-Who-Lived hadn't shown up for the first three years of his schooling, but there was nothing he could do. Point Me spells did nothing, and he knew the boy was alive, as the curious silver instrument he had sitting on his desk was still in one piece. If he had died it would have turned to ash at the very moment he passed.

Albus Dumbledore had sent many members of the Order of the Phoenix looking for the boy and had no clue where he could possibly be. He knew there was a Death Eater among them this year, though, and figured they were trying to lure Harry Potter out of hiding through the use of the Goblet of Fire. He thought this was a decent plan, and figured he would allow it to continue, only apprehending said Death Eater when the name came out of the Goblet, as he had absolutely no doubt it would. He just hoped and prayed that he would be up to the challenge of the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Little did, he know that he should have reversed that sentence.

With that thought, Professor Dumbledore summoned his hat and headed down to the Great Hall, where the students would be awaiting the Choosing of the Champions.

(Back on Eos)

"It seems we are going off road from here the road is too treacherous for foot travel." Hermione said as the roof was down as Harry stood up and saw the road was rocky and could causing people to get hurt on them.

"Good we can sit down and talk game plan." Ron said as Stella looked to him.

"If you plan on using the radio we don't have a radio signal here and music may cause some disaster." Stella said as this was a landslide zone during the rain and it had rained al day yesterday so they had to be careful.

"Oh… darn." Ron said as Hermione smirked.

"Perhaps you may finally pick up a book now Ronald." Hermione said as Ron looked.

"Don't teas Mione." Ron said as Stella looked.

"Ven can you handle heavy lifting?" Stella asked as Ven smirked.

"Do you even have to ask?" Ventus smirked as he was the group's powerhouse.

"Ok then let us go." Hermione said as she drove the car into this area to find their target as it was beyond this area where the odd occurrences happened the most.

(Later down the road)

Harry was feeling increasingly uneasy as time went on. He heard what sounded like a fire roaring in his ears, yet he knew for a fact there wasn't a fire near her. Unless he counted Ven when he got ticked, he thought, inwardly giggling at his joke. He quickly lost his amusement, however, when he started hearing an old, loud voice booming in his ears.

"The Champion for Beauxbatons is Fleur Delacour!" The voice boomed. The man sounded like someone out of his books, or one of the kid's movies he definitely didn't watch anymore. He chalked it up to pre mission anxiety, however, and merely started to catalogue their boxes of supplies he had sorted through to try to calm his mind and decided he'd take a nap.

"The Champion for Durmstrang is Viktor Krum!" The same voice said again, the roar of flames getting louder. Harry pushed the noise from his mind, trying to ignore it, wanting to focus on this investigation for now.

"The Champion for Hogwarts is Cedric Diggory!" The voice boomed, this time sounding happier. Harry stopped what he was doing at this point and rubbed his ears and shook his head, trying to ignore the voice and maybe figure out what his brain was dreaming about when she got to sleep.

"Harry Potter!?" The voice boomed, sounding alarmed, and Harry's eyes widened dramatically, looking around the room frantically. He'd not heard that last name in a VERY long time. On his fifth birthday, when he went with Regis to see the Crystal his hand had touched it and yes he blacked out but they had learned Bahamut had gifted him with the Royal Power of the Kings of Lucis.

"Stella did you hear that?" Harry asked as he looked to Stella.

"Hear what?" Stella asked as she looked to her fiancé but Ron, Hermione, and Ventus saw the look of worry on the young prince's face as they looked to him.

"Hadrian what did you hear?" Hermione asked worried for her friend as Ventus looked.

"Come on Harry spill." Ventus said as this may get in the way of their important assignment from the King.

Harry shook involuntarily as he rubbed her scar again, his eyes getting a look of worry and panic as he tried his best to answer, "I heard someone yell my name..." He said quietly as Ventus looked confused.

"So everyone knows who you are Harry." Ventus said as Stella and Hedwig saw it was different as did Hermione and Ron.

To the four mentioned it should be close to impossible for anyone to know that particular name as Harry had given it up when the Royal family had taken him in as a prince and son to their royal line. "Harry...do you mean you heard someone yell...that name?" Stella asked tentatively. To be honest, it wasn't something worth being so upset over, only three people knew his birth last name other than Harry. The only reason He'd ever been Harry Potter was because it was clearly written in the odd letter they had found with the basket Harry had been found in.

Harry nodded frantically, wondering why he felt so panicked all of a sudden with a sense of dread.

"I...I don't know who it was… it sounded like some old guy...and there was fire noises...it's really creeping me out," he mumbled, his green eyes shooting around the room nervously.

"HARRY POTTER!?" The voice boomed again, making the mountain and car shake this time, though Harry was still the only one who heard it. He looked around fearfully as the rest of their group stopped the car and grabbed their weapons from the subspace storage and looked around the room, as Hermione's weapon were a pair of daggers, Ventus weapon was a claymore that was brutal and fast at the same time. Ron's weapon was a hand gun while Stella's weapon was a mystical trident weapon not the Trident of the Oracle mind you but a close resemblance in a very minor way in appearance.

"Guys...did you hear it that time?" Harry asked attentively, as he got up and summoned his own sword the Sword he called Ragnarock which like the Engine Sword was a weapon made in Nefilheim that his father had retrieved in a battlefield and in turn given it to Harry. Harry looking around the area of the car as if expecting the man, who he decided he didn't like, to appear out of thin air attacking or worse a Daemon to appear and attack them all.

The four in the group of five shook their heads no, still shooting glances around the area as they expected a possible attack of sorts as they made sure to leave no blind spots anywhere around them for a possible sneak attack from an unknown. But they forgot one spot they can never have covered in the Highwind… the area right below the car itself. The portal ripped open into a maelstrom of white light, blinding the five as they closed their eyes to shield themselves from the bright flash, not having enough time to force themselves to not be sucked through the portal directly to the Great Hall of Hogwarts.

(Back at Hogwarts Earth)

Dumbledore looked around the room stoically, though inside he was both giddy yet also feeling a sense of dread. Harry Potter would finally come to Hogwarts! The Wizarding World would find their savior! Yet, he couldn't help but feel uneasy at the prospect, and he was proven correct when the Goblet summoned a large white portal directly in front of itself, dropping not only Harry but a large vehicle as the car skidded to a halt when the driver hit the brakes hard creating tire marks on the floor as everyone was surprised by this. The muggle born among the students were shocked and were both envious and impressed with the vehicle before them as it seemed like one they could not afford in their life time or their families life time as it truly was a work of pure art.

Dumbledore though noticed that Harry was holding a weapon in his hand as he got up rubbing his head as he held his weapon ready in case of a possible attack of any sort. But what truly made Dumbledore happy was now at long last Lily can wake up as he had hoped if her son were to return she may be able to awaken from her deep magical induced coma to see her son held in her arms.

Harry then looked around almost shocked before he vanished leaving a blue after image and taking a battle stance as he held the sword in hand ready to fight as his friends got ready as well as he saw one held some sort of fire arm like musket as he swore this young boy looked like a Weasily as it seems these five were armed with weapons that they pulled out of nowhere like magic.

He smiled genuinely, as if five oddly dressed people which were, three boys and two girls, dropping in front of him were nothing out of the ordinary, and spread his arms wide in welcome.

"Harry Potter..." he said softly but equally loud, not noticing the boy's eyes widening before narrowing dangerously, "Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!"

(Meanwhile outside the school grounds)

Jonathan was looking into the School through the Elder Wand as he saw that at last the time has come to enact his scheme. He had waited a very long time for this and now his delightful little play shall now commence and he was the director while Harry was the star of this grand performance. "Welcome back to this world Hadrian James Potter, or perhaps I should call you Harry Lucis Caelum now." Jonathan said as he then smiled.

"Bum Bapapa bum, bum Bapapa!" He sang as it sounded like a victory fanfare for him as he had heard it once in this particular game a young child was playing on his Gameboy back at the Queen's Castle in London.


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