Hadrian Lucis Caelum

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(Start Hogwarts Transfiguration Classroom)

As winter was fast approaching the group woke up to some new information as they were on their way to meet with Sirius and Hermione. "The Yule Ball?" Ron asked as he looked to the Teacher of Transfiguration in Hogwarts.

"Yes Mr. Weasley I mean Mr. Argentum I was going to inform the Gryffindor's of this as well but seeing as you and your friends are not locals or students I felt you should be made aware first." The Old Teacher said as Ventus nodded.

"Ok anything we should be made aware about this?" Ventus asked McGonagall as they looked to her.

"Yes… best to dress nice and further more practice your dancing skills." She said as the four then nodded to her and took their leave as Stella then gushed a bit once they were outside.

"Oh a ball it's been sometime since I had a chance to properly enjoy one." Stella said as she smiled to everyone.

"Hey didn't you and Harry meet at a ball and reunite at one as well?" Ron asked as Stella wasn't in Tenebrae when it was invaded so she was safe in Lucis at the time before going off to learn the etiquette involved for one of her status.

"Yeah seems like a lifetime ago." Harry confessed as Ventus smirked.

"Well you guys do realize this is basically a dance right?" Ventus said as Harry and Ron then went wide eyed at this as they began to panic a bit.

"A D-d-dance?" Ron asked as he began to panic a bit in response to this new information.

"He's doomed." Harry said as he already had a girl in mind to ask to the dance.

"Shut up!" Ron argued as he had met a large amount of girls in his time but very few seem to catch his eye as this of course caused the others to laugh at him a bit.

(Later Empty in a Classroom)

The group had gathered as Hermione sat with Sirius with Harry, Ron, Ventus, and Stella gathered at the opposing side of the table. "Now than before we begin I assume you all have been made aware of the Yule Ball?" Hermione asked adjusting her glasses a bit.

"Yeah Ronny here is panicking over it." Ventus said elbowing Ron a bit there.

"Shut up, Ven!" Ron argued as he glared at Ventus.

"Well then I will aiding you all in perfecting your waltz and ballroom dance skill as I'd rather not have you boys bumbling around like a bunch of prepubescent children." Hermione announced as Ron rolled his eyes at this.

"Great." Ron said as he didn't dance but was elbowed by Harry none the less.

"Now for the primary reason of your being here." Hermione said as she then pulled up her sleeve to show the bite scar from the werewolves. "It seems those creatures we met when hunting the Behemoth had a more long lasting effect on me then we had first thought." Hermione said as Ron looked to her.

"Are you dying?!" Ron asked shooting up as Hermione looked.

"No! But I have been infected with a sort of pathogen that to my unfortunate luck is a permanent one." Hermione confessed as she then sighed. "It appears I have been infected with Lycanthropy and will be forced to undergo the change into the beast every full Moon." Hermione said as Stella gasped at this.

"My word Hermione will you be ok?" Stella asked as everyone was concerned for her.

"Yeah Mione is there anything we can do maybe a cure if any exists?" Harry asked as he was worried for his friend.

"For now your concern is all I can ask for but I have research possible ways to help ease it at times beyond a Wolfsbane Potion which I'm afraid are very expensive to acquire." Hermione said as then Sirius spoke up.

"Yeah my old friend Remus or Mooney was also a werewolf so me, James, and Peter." Sirius began as when he said Peter's name he almost spat the name with venom and a cold tone. "Became Animagus to help him during his Full Moon time." Sirius said as he looked to the gathered group here.

"Wait Animagus?" Ron asked as that was the first he had heard of it.

"Yes basically wizards who can transform into animals once they undergo a particular ritual." Hermione said as they all looked to her as she noticed their confused glances. "I read a lot in my spare time." Hermione confessed as Ron saw this.

"Not kidding." Ron said as he knew Hermione was a basic bibliophile when left alone.

It was then Harry had an idea as he then looked to Sirius. "I know this is a big secret and not sure how and if it will work but… I want to become an Animagus." Harry said as Sirius then yelped in shock before he ended up frowning as did Hermione.

"Highness you should not trouble yourself with me from my readings the risks of becoming an Animagus is great." Hermione said as Sirius nodded in agreement as well.

"Becoming an Animagus is not something to do lightly Harry, especially when you're young." He warned as a part of him wanted to deter Harry from this but another part wanted to see his resolve on this life changing choice

"It's difficult, dangerous magic, and it's irreversible. Your mother would not approve of you taking a risk like that."

"I'm aware of the risks." Harry began with an even tone. "But I also know that you and my birth father both became Animagi in order to spare your friend Remus from being alone during his transformations. Do you really think I would do less for Hermione?" Harry said as he looked to his godfather. "Furthermore if I don't stand by her how can I expect her to stand by me?" Harry asked as he looked to Hermione who simply adjusted her glasses proud of what Harry was becoming.

"Ok how does becoming one of those Animagus people help Mione?" Ron asked as he looked to Harry.

"Transformed werewolves will attack humans on instinct, but they exhibit no aggression at all toward animals. It is true – as Harry knows – that his birth father, our friend Peter and myself all became Animagi in order to spend the nights of the full moon keeping Remus company while we were at Hogwarts. Transformed werewolves who are both alone and confined often become agitated and can harm themselves. However, what James and I did was also stupid and impulsive, and our parents rightly kicked our asses for performing the ritual without permission or supervision." Sirius explained as he looked to the group standing before him.

"That's why I'm asking for both because I think I'll have a better chance if you help me. But I will figure out how to do it on my own if you won't help." Harry said as he looked to Sirius undeterred from this choice.

"Look at it this way if you don't help us we'll do it ourselves and make the risk greater." Ventus said as it was clear they were going to do this with or without permission.

Sirius then sighed as he knew he was in a tight spot. "Fine but Lily should be made aware of this and one of you will write a letter to Remus to ask him to come here to help and have Professor McGonagall help as well!" Sirius countered as they were in agreement on this path.

"Seems reasonable enough." Stella said as Ron smiled as well.

"Alright then when do we get furry or feathery?!" Ron asked as he smiled to Sirius.

"Just wait until Remus can respond as the more help we have the better." Sirius said as he knew Lily would put up quiet the stink when she finds out about this fiasco.

"If I may ask why is becoming an Animagus so dangerous?" Stella asked as she looked to Sirius and Hermione.

"There are two risks associated with undergoing the Animagus ritual. The first and most common problem is that it fails and damages the magical core of the wizard in question, permanently weakening their magic. That's happened in about two percent of all rituals attempted. The second and far less common problem is that the ritual goes a bit too well. The wizard is transformed into an animal… but loses all desire to change back." Hermione explained as this sounded like a huge risk considering their magic foreign to this world.

"Alright then guess it's all in for us!" Ron called as he smiled a bit wondering what animal he'd end up becoming.

"You al don't have to do this I have begun researching ways to control or make peace with the beast inside." Hermione said as she looked to them.

"Yeah we figured but until then better you don't hurt yourself as a wolf now." Ventus added as he smiled to Hermione who then smiled back.

"Then you have my humblest of thanks." Hermione responded as she was lucky to have such loyal and lifelong friends surrounding her.

"It's no problem but in exchange don't go crazy with dance lessons." Harry joked as Hermione smiled back as well.

"Heh kids these days." Sirius mused as he began to realize… he was getting old and was still single. "I may need to settle down soon." Sirius said as he knew this was their time now.

(Scene Break Guest Dorms later that day)

Harry snapped his golden egg shut as he tried to cover his head with a pillow to drown out the sound of the ear piercing shriek it produced whenever it opened. "They call that a hint?" Harry moaned despairingly as he hung his head in frustration.

"Maybe the next task we need to be deft for it." Ron suggested as Stella looked to him.

"Despite how unlikely that is I wouldn't leave it off the table either." Stella said as she was grabbing ear plugs to hopefully silence the screeching sound.

"I'm sure there's some way to crack it" Hermione said sensibly while rubbing her temples to try to drive the sound out of her head. "I'm just...not sure what it could be, which means we'll be needing to visit the library again" she said as she got up and headed towards the door to their suite.

"Oh but we've been going there every day for three hours a day." Ron complained as Ventus glared at him.

"Well what else should we do then?" Ventus countered as that was there best shot at getting answers.

Ron then got into a deep thinking pose before he snapped his fingers in realization. "I got it! You can ask Fleur for help." Ron suggested as Ventus glared at him for that.

"And what makes you think she'll tell me?" Ventus asked as he looked to Ron.

"Well you two have been hitting it off I figured it was worth a shot." Ron said as Stella looked to Ron with a scolding glare.

"Ron we aren't using Ventus relationship to help us further ourselves." Stella said as she glared at Ron.

"Hey it was worth a shot." Ron defended as he looked to the others who all glared at him with a scolding look. "Fine lead the way." Ron said admitting defeat as they nodded as Harry took his egg and headed to the Library to start researching.

(Later down the hall)

As the grouped walked Hermione examined her nails a bit as Ron looked to her. "Mione and manicures don't mix so what's up?" Ron asked as he looked to Hermione as they walked.

"Just curious if they could be used as weapons." Hermione said as she looked her nails over.

"Well if they can we'll eventually find out." Ventus said as he smiled to Hermione.

But as they walked they began to walk passed a group of Slytherin's as Harry had his hands in his pocket. "Filthy Mudbloods not only do they let their rubbish here but now a feral Weasley to boot." The one with platinum blond hair said as the group stopped.

As Harry was about to go at them Ventus stopped him. "Don't do it." Ventus warned as he wasn't going to let this guy get under his skin as Hermione had this handled.

"Pardon me but it did not escape my notice that you had referred to us as 'Mudbloods,' which I have noted has been dropped around other students on a day to day basis." Hermione said as she walked over to them. "If my research shows anything the term 'Mudblood,' is a derogatory term meaning 'dirty blood,' so shall you humble this mudblood as to your reasoning's behind it?" Hermione asked as she looked to the leader of this pack of snakes.

"Besides the fact you stole magic from the true purebloods." Draco began as Hermione then stopped him.

"Allow me to halt your poor excuse for a counter but I fail to see how I or my friend Ventus or Stella had in your words 'stolen magic,' from your kind. For starters our magic is foreign to you all but we may still wield wands if we so wish." Hermione said as she wasn't done. "Furthermore magical prowess seems to be something one is born with and I have nary seen a fetus or an infant capable of a theft of that caliber." Hermione said as she saw she had begun poking Holes in this young man's logic.

"And let me just add that if blood purity was such a concern then bringing in fresh blood should help boost your numbers considering the fact pureblood in your misguided and antiquated logic would lead to inbreeding that would result in more harm than good to you." Hermione said using pure logic.

"And how would that harm us?!" The boy asked as Hermione then pulled out a text book from her person and handed it to Draco.

"Read this magic cannot undue the natural order when it comes to biology read review and then you can talk to me about whose right or wrong." Hermione said simply as he saw the blond haired boy glare at him. "Unless your inbreeding has removed your ability to read and if so you're probably suffering from the notable effects of inbreeding which is known to cause a wide assortment of Birth Defects and deceases which I highly suggest you seek out a medical expert soon before it gets worse." Hermione said as Ron saw this.

"Tata then." Hermione said as the boy then glared at him.

"Why you disgusting little!" He began only to find multiple blades pointed at him with guns from Ron mid wand draw.

"Apologies who were you again?" Stella asked as she looked to the boy.

"Draco Malfoy." Draco introduced as Stella nodded.

"I highly suggest you and your brutes walk away otherwise my friends may slip and cause you some harm." Stella said as her trident was even pointed directly at Draco and his cohorts.

Draco looked ready to draw but the blade in turn got closer as the crystalline form didn't hide the fact they were very much real. "Try it I dare you." Harry said as he glared at the Slytherin students.

"My father will hear about this." Draco called as Ron smirked at him as he and his friends ran for it.

"That's right keep running you inbred hillbillies!" Ron called out as he grinned at the purebloods.

"Now then lets head off we shouldn't hear from him for the time being." Hermione said as they began to walk away.

"Amen." Ventus said as he followed after her with the others.

"Mindless sheep the lot of them." Stella said as she followed after the others.

(Later at the Library)

"Ok got a few more books on research right here." Ventus said as he dropped some of the books down as they began to try to see if anything about the egg matches it from runes to unknown languages.

"It may take some time so we best get to it." Hermione said as they began their little research study.

(About an hour later)

"GAUH!" Ron called out as he shot up only to be shushed.

"Quiet!" Harry scolded as Ron looked.

"But it's so boring!" Ron called out as he couldn't take this boredom anymore then he currently was.

"How about you entertain yourself." Ventus said as he took note to the Veela nearby as she was doing her own reading with her sister Gabrielle nearby.

"Can I see that Harry?" Ron asked as he looked over to Harry.

"Um why?" Harry asked as Ron took the egg.

"Just watch." Ron said before he then proceeded to open the egg while it snapped open releasing the screeching sound as this got the entire library in an uproar a bit. Ron then closed it as Ventus glared at Ron as did his friends as he caught Fleur's attention.

"Ron what the hell was that for?!" Ventus scolded but Ron wasn't done.

"Hey Fleur Ventus has a huge!" Ron yelled only for Ventus to shut him up with a head lock but too late Fleur heard them.

"Bonjour to you then Van and Ronald." Fleur greeted as she looked to them as Ventus then let go of Ron who was snickering.

"Hello to you to." Ventus greeted as he was nervous a bit as he coughed into his mouth.

"Oh is Ventus bashful now this is rich." Ron said as it was clear he made his own entertainment.

"I see monsieur Harry hadn't learned ze clue from hiz egg yet." Fleur said as she saw Harry was in a rut for it.

"Sorry we haven't." Ventus said as Harry nodded.

"Yeah I'd rather not hear screaming again anytime soon." Harry said as he pointed to the egg in question.

"You sure?" Ron asked as Stella then pushed him off his chair as he laughed at this as well.

"Vell I would be willing to share the secret if you answer a request of mine." Fleur said as Ventus saw this.

"Ok shoot." Ventus said as he looked to Fleur.

"I vas hoping you'd do me ze privilege of attending ze Yule Ball as my escort." Fleur said as they all heard this as Ventus was nervous a bit as he looked to his friends as they gave him the go for it gesture.

"Um… sure I'd be happy to go." Ventus said as Fleur was fetching to him despite her Veela origins.

"Ok Zank you then az for ze clue put ze egg under water." Fleur said as Ventus heard this.

"Ok I'll meet you at the courtyard for the ball." Ventus said as Fleur nodded to her.

"Zat vould be lovely." Fleur responded as Ron saw this as she walked away to return to Gabrielle.

"Am I a wing man or what?" Ron asked as Ventus then sighed and pushed Ron down to the floor again before walking away.

"Well that settles that fiasco." Hermione said as she stood up.

"So Mione you heading to the ball?" Ron asked he looked to Hermione while getting back up.

"I am intended to as long as there is no full moon on that night." Hermione said as she adjusted her glasses a bit. "And even then I will more than likely go alone as dating as you would put is has never been my fortitude." Hermione said as she looked to her friends.

"Yeah that personality on Iggy makes him a hunk to the farer gender on you it's a major turn off for guys." Harry joked as Hermione glared a bit a bit.

"Need I remind you I cook most of, your meals?" Hermione added as Ron smirked at him.

"Smooth Harry my friend." Ron said as Harry glared at his blood brother there.

"Dammit." Harry cursed as he glared at Ron as they took their leave.

(With Lily and Sirius)

Lily was still using the cane as she walked around a bit as she sat down trying to hold back a weathered grunt as she calmly sat upon the seat in the guest chambers of Hogwarts. Lily was no fool she knew the risks of the rings power but she had to do it for Harry's sake alone. She didn't tell this to either Sirius or Severus and most certainly not Remus or any of the Hogwarts staff but the Ring of the Magi was sapping away at her strength to provide a protective shield around her son.

As she caught her breath again she sat down and started to notice signs of age upon her skin as it wasn't noticeable but she knew she was exerting her strength a bit with this Tri-Wizard Tournament currently going on. It was then that Sirius walked in as he saw the state Lily was in.

"Hey Lily I brought the potion you asked for from Snape." Sirius said as Lily nodded to him.

"Yes thank you Sirius." Lily said as she too the potion as it was one of Severus' newest creations modeled after the potions and such from Eos.

"So mind me asking why you need this stuff?" Sirius asked as he was concerned for Lily.

"Sirius you know why." Lily said as she began to relax as she looked down to her hand with the Ring of the Magi.

"Oh yeah that… still feels like we never stood a chance." Sirius said as Lily looked to the Marauder.

"I know… but it can't be helped. If I could take his placed I'd do it in a heartbeat but it has to be a Potter and Harry is the last one by blood." Lily said as she sat there trying to ease her nerves and heart. "Now my only wish for him is to stand tall." Lily said as she knew Harry had the strength inside him to do so with his friend's aid.

"Yeah…" Sirius said as even though Snape wasn't his friend… they had come to a begrudged truce for the time being as this Prophesy that hung over all their heads. All he could hope for though was that somehow Harry manages to survive what was to come.

(Meanwhile with Stella)

After the event with Ventus getting his date for the Yule ball Stella had opted to roam about by herself not really with an intent course in mind but simply to clear her thoughts. With recent events such as Hermione's new condition and the Tri-Wizard Tournament she nary had time to spend for her own.

As she roamed about though she looked to the walls of the school as she graced her hands on them as she felt the magic both ancient and powerful flowing through it all. "Such an ancient place these walls no doubt hold stories long since forgotten." Stella said as she looked at the ancient stone.

"That's putting it mildly." Came a new voice as Stella looked and saw a silver haired young woman of the Slytherin house as she looked to Stella with some scorn upon her face.

"Can I help you?" Stella asked as she looked to the Slytherin ready to summon her trident if and when it was needed to defender her wellbeing.

"Yes I've been meaning to ask you about certain subjects pertaining to yourself and your betrothed." The girl said as Stella looked to her as Stella noted how the word 'betrothed,' left the girls mouth like venom.

"And what would those questions be?" Stella asked as she saw this was a deep subject for this girl who was unknown to her but was apparently known by the other. No doubt due to her close proximity with Harry since they arrived.

"Why?" The girl began as she looked to the confused Stella.

"Pardon?" Stella asked as she didn't understand the question.

"How can you just sit back and allow yourself to be married off like that?" The girl asked as Stella glared at Daphne on that.

"I can understand why most would find it a problem but certain reasons in my form of this 'situation,' aren't like most." Stella said as she looked the girl.

"Then explain." The girl said as she glared at Stella.

"Simply put the main and public reason was to ensure the Fleuret bloodline had some form of heir if anything were to happen as well as ensuring that Harry would officially be part of the Lucian Bloodline." Stella explained as she looked to the girl. "But for it also involves a personal reason why I chose to go through with this." Stella said as the girl looked confused at interdimensional traveler.

"And that would be?" The girl asked as she didn't mean to pry but Stella looked to strong and independent of a girl to be tied down by a betrothal contract from her earlier observations of her during the year.

"He and I have known each other since we were children if I was married off to some random stray without consent I'd have possible reacted violently but I was happy that it was Harry because of our past together and how much time we spent together." Stella said as she looked to the girl.

The girl looked away with a show of envy and jealousy but also respect and admiration as she looked to Stella. "I kind of envy you for that." The girl responded as she looked to Stella.

"Pardon?" Stella asked as she looked to the girl.

"It's nothing." The girl said but before she could walk away Stella stopped her.

"Clearly it's not if you wish to talk I'm willing to listen if you so desire." Stella said as the girl then sighed.

"Very well please follow me." The girl said as Stella held her back as she looked again.

"A name would be appropriate I am Stella Nox Fleuret of Tenebrae and you are?" Stella offered as she looked to the girl.

"Daphne… Daphne Greengrass at your service." Daphne responded as she looked to Stella as it seems these two were becoming friends.

"Well then let us be off to discuss your situations." Stella said as she wanted to help or at least hear Daphne out. Unknown to them the students who saw this were whispering about 'Daphne the Ice Queen of Slytherin,' as they saw her and Stella walking off to talk about some problem Daphne was having.


The two were soon in the courtyard as Stella figured it would be a suitable place for them to have this talk despite their differences. Plus Stella was able to see that the matter that Daphne had been having problems may be the source of her Ice Queen like turmoil.

"So what troubles you?" Stella asked as she looked to Daphne Greengrass.

"Honestly… I envy you." Daphne began as Stella was confused as to why. "I envy you for two reasons to be engaged to someone who clearly cares deeply for you and facing it with courage despite any objections you may have." Daphne said as Stella saw what she meant.

"In all honesty I was actually thrilled of the idea." Stella said surprising Daphne. "I didn't put up much of a fight but Harry and I had known each other since childhood so our bond was already quite strong as is but this engagement for political reasons was also my way to see if Harry and I shared those feelings." Stella said as she did love Harry as it started as friendship and evolved into a schoolgirl crush until now.

"If what I had been hearing around the rumor mill is true you too are trapped in an engagement but one you had no say in thus fight against it despite the futility of it." Stella said as Daphne heard what Stella said. "If I was in that position engaged to someone I despised to be his brood mare of a glorified sex slave I'd fight it as well but accept it due to political reasons hence why I envy you for it if the rumors hold truth." Stella said as Daphne heard this and looked to Stella.

"How did you know?" Daphne asked as Stella then smiled playfully to her.

"Fleuret woman intuition… and magic." Stella joked as Daphne laughed a bit at what Stella said and the irony of it as well.

"Funny." Daphne joked as the two sat together.

"Well if you wish I may know of a way to break you out of that engagement if I Can convince Harry to do it." Stella said as she looked to Daphne.

"How so?" Daphne asked as she looked to Stella. "And why do you wish to help me what do you gain out of this?" Daphne asked as Stella smiled a bit.

"Two things another lady friend to help balance the testosterone me and Hermione suffer through and two for Harry a protector if you so desire." Stella asked as Daphne looked to Sella with curiosity.

"A Protector?" Daphne asked as she looked to the Princess from another magical dimension.

"Tell me what are your thoughts on the terms Kingsglaive, or Crownsguard." Stella asked as she looked to Daphne who was now curious about it.

(Scene Break the group)

"Now one two three one two three one two three." Hermione instructed as she helped Harry learn to dance with Ron being helped by Stella with the other Weasley's watching.

"Never going to let them forget this?" Ventus asked as he knew how much of a piss dancer Harry was.

"Never." The twins agreed as Ginny saw he situation Harry was in.

"So… Fred… and George right?" Ventus asked making sure the twins were the twins he mentioned.

"That we are mate that we are." Fred said agreeing with who Ventus pointed out to each of them.

"Um Ventus… what is the story between Harry and Stella?" Ginny asked as she had a crush on Harry from the stories she had read on him but to see he was possibly already off the market was hurtful.

"Oh long story short he and Stella are engaged to get hitched and had known each other since they were kids. And our prince here is oblivious to what Stella feels for him and the same for Stella to Harry." Ventus said as he whispered it a bit to Ginny.

"So we heard you taking the Veela girl to the Yule Ball Ventus my friend." Fred said as he looked to Ventus.

"Our brother Charlie had met her before and going to be a bit heartbroken she's taken a shine to you." George said as Ventus shrugged a bit.

"It's just one dance doesn't mean I'm getting hitched anytime soon." Ventus said as then Ron was heard.

"Oh you never know!" Ron called as Stella then stomped on his foot a bit as he yelped and was seen hoping around holding said foot in pain causing the others to laugh at him.

"So where did the Mrs. Potter run off to?" Ron asked as he began to calm down.

"She had some matters to attend to with the Ministry of Magic and the Wizarding Bank and had to head out with Sirius." Hermione said walking over to the record player and turning it off.

"Well when the dance does arrive its best we be ready with suits and dresses." Hermione said as Stella smiled a bit.

"Yes a pity I had forgone my best dresses and wedding gown back on Eos." Stella said as her and Harry's road trip wasn't having those in mind.

"Yeah damn shame." Ventus said as Ron looked to her.

"Well I bet you if you ask Mrs. Potter nicely she'd give you one of her dresses from her youth." Ron said as he looked to Stella.

"Yes but she would still need a date." Ginny spoke up as Ron laughed a bit as Harry saw what Ron was implying.

"I… need to go out." Harry said as he needed to go clear his head a bit.

"Where too?" Ventus asked as he saw Harry leave.

"Training." Harry lied as when Harry left they all looked and saw he left his training equipment behind in the room.

"Wow… he is hopeless." Ron said as they all saw it save for Stella.

"How so?" Stella asked as that was case and point.

"One day." Hermione said as they all began to take their leave of the room.

"What?" Stella asked again as she looked confused at the moment.

(With Harry)

Harry was in area of the lake as he held a flower he acquired from nearby as he looked about. "Ok simple just go and do it." Harry said as he stretched a bit and got ready for his practice.

"Stella… I, uh. Well, how are you first of all? Good? Um, good for me two. I'm fine." Harry said unaware of someone walking by seeing this as Harry was practicing. "I saw this flower and thought of you because it's pretty while reminding me of the crowns we made from the flowers in Tenebrae, and well, you know I'm not a big flower fan, but I thought you might like it because your pretty. But I think you're beautiful anyway, I- uh." Harry began as he sighed and sat down on a log and rubbed his head in defeat.

"I'm doomed." Harry said as he sat there realizing he was in a tough spot. He won't lie as for a long time he had seen Stella as more than a friend as she was the reason he snuck away from the others to save her during Niflhiems invasion of Tenebrae. He was in trouble but together he and Stella got away and back to Lucis where his father well adoptive father gave him a stern scolding but also of how proud he was of what he did.

He didn't want to lose Stella to any of the other guys here but he was worried she was only with him because of the engagement which put a bad taste in Harry's mouth that he basically took away her ability to choose for herself.

Though when he said how doomed he was a new voice was heard as well. "With a demeanor like that you would be ore then doomed Potter." Severus Snape was heard as Harry went wide eyed and saw the Potions Master.

"Snape?!" Harry cried out in shock as he got up. "How much of that did you see?" Harry asked as Severus sighed a bit.

"Enough." He drawled as he saw how Harry reacted. "Imagine my surprise coming to pick up a rare potion ingredient that had grown here to find you failing tirelessly to confess to that Fleuret girl." Snape said as he looked to Harry with a glare. "If she had heard that type of confessions she would have rejected you instantly. I could whip you a love potion for her but." Snape said only to find Harry glaring at him.

"Not in a million years." Harry said as he wasn't going to drug Stella into loving him.

"Let me finish Potter. I said but as the Potion can't do anything for something that is already there." Snape said as Harry heard this.

"What?" He asked as Snape sighed.

"Like your blasted father too much of a dunderhead to see the bigger picture." Snape said as Harry glared at him a bit. "You do not require tricks or the like to woo her over take it from one with 'experience,' just go to her and tell her to her face and hope for the best." Snape drawled as Harry looked to him realizing what he meant. "What is the worst she can say Potter?" Snape asked as Harry heard this.

"Geez." Harry said as he realized what Snape was doing and that was giving dating advice. "Thanks." He said as Snape ignored him and walked away from him. When Snape was gone Harry breathed in and knew what he had to do now. "Well here goes nothing." Harry said as he began to make his way back to their dorms.

(Scene Break Dorm)

It was evening as Harry arrived and found Stella reading a book by the fire as she read through it. "Um Stella." Harry began as he walked over to her as she closed the book.

"Oh Harry how can I help you?" Stella asked as she looked to her fiancé.

"Well what were you reading first of all?" Harry asked as he looked to Stella.

"Well I was reading up on mermaids when the thought of the Hydrean came to mind and it pointed me torts Mermaids and how they responded to the land." Stella explained as Harry saw even now she was trying to help him win this tournament.

"Oh that's useful to know." Harry said as it may point them to solving the Egg sooner than expected. "Um Stella I was hoping if possible you would consider maybe." Harry began but stopped as Stella looked to him and saw how he blushed.

"Yes Harry?" Stella asked as she was wondering what Harry was trying to ask of her.

Harry then sighed and then swallowed his resolve. "Stella would you please be my date to the Yule Ball coming up." Harry asked as he looked to Stella who heard him and then smiled kindly.

"I hope you aren't joking…" She began while smiling to Harry as she then offered her hand to him. "Because I'd be more than happy to… after all we may be engaged but I don't believe we had a chance to 'date,' like normal children would." Stella said as she smiled to Harry. "Plus I had hoped to discuss with you on some matters that had come up as of late." Stella said as she smiled to Harry.

"I… uh." Harry began as he was happy Stella accepted his offer only for him to take her hand and kiss it as Stella smiled to him.

"Now then enough talk we best work on getting Ronald and Hermione dates as well." Stella said as she wanted all of those in their group to attend the dance.

(With Lily)

"Yes thank you Griphook." Lily said as she thanked the Goblin. Lily knew a Goblin can easily be bribed but she had to take care of certain situations as she looked to the Goblin. "I'll be sure you and your Goblins are paid handsomely for your services double if they go above and beyond." Lily said as that sounded like a challenge which Lily intended it to be as she knew how much Goblins took pride in their work.

"Of course Lady Potter we shall ensure your desired item is given to Ms. Stella Nox Fleuret in a timely manner before Christmas Eve." Griphook a goblin said grinning at the Lady Lily Potter's challenge as ever since she had awoken she had risen to become a very valuable client to Gringotts even taking part in their investments and learning their laws as well.

"Good." Lily said as her main reason for coming here was two reason. She needed to research the Potter who was said to be a Dark Lord the first and only one in the family so she can see what she could learn about him. Her other reason was simple enough… she wanted to give her soon to be daughter-in-law a hand even if Harry doesn't see her as anything but a stranger to him.

Besides she had this dress for years and figured Stella would do better with it then letting it sit in a vault gathering dust. Plus the Goblins were generous enough to have it cleaned and repaired from age of time the dress had gone unused. Besides she felt Stella and Harry were meant to be somehow but no doubt Molly would be a bit disappointed but understanding of this event. Wonderful woman she was whose children are lucky to have her around with how hard she works to feed them.

(Scene Break Hogwarts)

"Hey check this out." Ron was heard as Ventus was seen practicing with his claymore as he, Harry, Stella, and Hermione saw this.

They saw Victor doing his own practice and it seems both he and Ventus were attracting a crowd of girls their way as they were both shirtless as Ventus tattoos were seen. "So it's official… Ventus is our group's hunk apparently." Harry stated as the pack of girls following him and Victor were seen clearly.

"Yeap." Ron said as Hermione looked to him.

"So still require aid in acquiring a date for this ball?" Hermione asked as Ron looked to her.

"No you offering?" Ron asked as he figured Hermione would not be getting a date due to her nature of things.

"Pardon?" Hermione asked as Ron looked to her.

"Well considering where we are and how they view you, plus they're lack of knowing about the new furry problem of yours…" Ron trailed off as Harry heard this as did Stella.

"Ron shut up man you're walking into a mine field." Harry urged as he looked to his two friends.

"Are you implying Ronald that I am unable to acquire a date to this event?" Hermione asked as it was too late Ron was in for a world of hurt.

"I mean come on your like Iggy with boobs and hips on him your personality is a magnet on you it's a repellant." Ron argued as Harry saw this and face palmed himself.

"Ron Hermione don't do this last time we all suffered for it." Ventus said as he broke away the pack of girls as he looked to his two friends.

"No let him speak I wish to see how he intends to ask me out? Perhaps you intend to take me on a 'pity date,' for the event." Hermione said making quotations with her fingers as it was apparent the woman was angered.

"Well I…" Ron began only for him to be given the glare which was Hermione adjusting her glasses in an angle that caused the light to reflect off them in a menacing way.

"It seems I do possess a date who offered and given me time to consider it… shame you failed to ask me sooner." Hermione said as she began to walk away. "And do remember Ronald… I cook most of our meals." Hermione said as she was soon gone as the guys then face palmed themselves.

"Welcome to Stag Ville Ronald population… you." Ventus said as he began to walk away.

"Way to go big mouth." Harry chipped in as he and Ventus left.

"Seems you don't understand woman Ronald." Stella said following after Harry and Ventus.

"Oh come on guys… guys!" Ron called but they were gone leaving him alone as he looked to his side and saw a toad. The Toad then croaked as Ron saw it. "Sup." He greeted before the toad hopped away. "Great." He said as he screwed up big time now.

"Hi Ron." A pair of twins greeted as Ron saw them and then had an idea. "Hey wait up!" HE called out hoping to have a date soon. "You two wouldn't happen to have a list of girls who haven't found a date yet?" Ron asked hoping for an answer from the Indian girls.

"Perhaps anyone you have in mind?" One of them asked as Ron looked.

"Just anyone who's single and doesn't need a date for a friend or sibling." Ron said as one looked to the other.

"We know a few but not really your best options there." the other said as Ron looked to them.

"Lay it on me I don't have much to lose here." Ron said as he looked to them.

"Ok just don't say we didn't warn you." They both agreed as Ron smiled hoping to get a lucky break here.

(Later that Evening)

Everyone was gathered at the Great Hall as Hermione was lucky to acquire ingredients for her meals today as despite Snape's objections she often compared cooking to potion making. A good comparison but not one Snape would agree with. But despite that Hermione wasn't cooking tonight since Ron got her quiet agitated with him so that meant not amazing food from her here.

As they were eating the Hogwarts feasts with the Gryffindor's owls were heard as they all looked. Despite what many believe sometimes an Owl would arrive in the evening with mail depending on the sender. The Owl then flew to Stella and dropped a package for her addressed for her as Stella was wide eyed at this.

"To Stella from Lily Potter." Stella began as she read it. "I had owned this in my youth I feel it should be yours now." Stella read aloud before opening it and pulling its contents out as Ginny saw this.

"So Beautiful." Ginny said as Stella pulled out an evening gown for parties and such as she found the size matched her near perfectly as she held it before herself.

"Wow." Harry said as he could already imagine her in that dress.

"I concur it seems Ms. Potter was generous enough to donate such a gown to you." Hermione agreed as she saw the gown in question.

"I agree." Ginny said as she looked upon it in pure wonder and slight jealousy.

"Hey Hermione." Harry began as he looked to Hermione.

"If your questioning if I have our formal wear in the car know that I always plan ahead and packed them in advance your majesty." Hermione said with a smirk as she adjusted her glasses a bit.

"Wait Ron already has a dress robe?" Ginny asked as she saw Ron really traded up for high class family in his vanishing act for years on end.

"Of course but not as robes mind you those are normally for ceremonial events." Hermione corrected as soon Ron walked in as he was wide eyed.

"What happened to you?" Ventus asked as they all saw him.

"Kill me now guys." Ron said as he sat down in shock.

"Why?" Harry asked as they saw him sit down.

"Because I just met a Cindy look-a-like today." Ron said as he had met Prompto's crush once or twice and was in shock over it.

"Wait Cindy as in Cid's grease monkey granddaughter?" Ventus asked as he heard this with the others.

"The same… but in this dimension he's her dad." Ron said as he sat there in shock.

"So… did you ask her out?" Ginny asked as she knew who he was talking about. "I mean Cindy Highwind isn't known for dating since most guys avoid her and her machines… but I mean did you?" Ginny asked as Ron nodded.

"I tried from behind." Ron said as they heard this.

"And she said no?" Harry asked as Ron turned his head.

"By the Gods she said yes?" Stella asked in shock as Ron once more turned his head to this.

"When I saw her face… I ran for it didn't even give the time for an answer I was too much in shock over it all guys." Ron said as he tried to wrap his head around it.

"I can ask her if you want I know her pretty well." Ginny said as Ron saw this.

"Please… I need to clear my head for a bit." Ron said as he tried to make sense of it all.

"Yes please do it would be for the best." Hermione said as she never seen Ron like this their normally happy-go-lucky friend in shock.

"Well this is surprising." Harry said as he saw the way Ron currently was at the moment.

"No kidding." Ventus agreed as Stella simply nodded herself.

"So I guess we all have partners for the event then." Stella smiled as she looked to everyone here.

"Yeap so let's make sure or tuxes or suits are up to par." Hermione said as they all agreed as Ron was still in shock over the Cindy look-a-like he had met today.

"Well then best be off now." Stella said as she left with Hermione, Ventus, and Harry as they headed off to make sure any needed things were ready for the dance.

(Scene Break Christmas Eve Yule Ball)

*Insert Final Fantasy XV OST Somnus

The rest of the month was uneventful as the group had switched to their winter wear for their daily routine. But didn't change the fact that they were all getting all gussied up for the dance. "Oh crap its school all over again." Ron said as he looked himself in a mirror as Harry saw this.

"Yeah except you aren't taking pictures of girls or waiting to be punk out by the jocks." Harry said as the guys were gathered all wearing suits each.

"Well at least if we do get pranked we'll look good doing it." Ventus said as he looked to them all.

"So you say but we'll get to that." Harry said as he figured they'd cross that bridge when they get there.

"Well come on then we got a dance to go to." Ventus said as they had dates to meet up with.

(Later at the Dance)

As Harry began to walk into the hall with Ventus and Ron Ventus looked around as he looked to his friends. "Well I need to meet my date so you guys don't burn the place down." Ventus warned as Harry and Ron shrugged to this.

"Got it." Ron said with a nod as they parted.

"So any idea where the girls are?" Harry asked as he looked Ron.

"No clue." Ron said as he had to find his date as well.

Soon Harry smelt a familiar scent in the air of a perfume he knew Stella was known for. As he looked he was wide eyed as he gawked at his approaching date descending the steps in the most graceful manner he had ever seen. In fact Harry could have sworn Stella had become a disciple of the Astral Gods at that moment as the dress his mother gave her suited her perfectly. In his eyes Harry wasn't looking at a princess or a queen to be no he was in fact looking at a Goddess in mortal coils.

As she walked down Harry went to meet her as Stella smiled to him and took his hand that he was offering. "You clean up nicely." Stella smiled as Harry nodded to her.

"Yeah and you look stunning." Harry said as he smiled to Stella who returned the smile.

"So you Highness are you just going to gawk all night, or are you going to escort me to the Ball Harry?" She asked, an uncharacteristic mischievousness to her tone as Harry caught sight of it.

"Of course." Harry said as he then offered his arm to her as Stella nodded and took the arm in return as they allowed their arms to link and thread around each other before walking on through easily weaving through the mess of people that were headed the same way as they were. It didn't take them long once they had managed to get through the massive throng of people to arrive at the antechamber where the champions were to wait for the order to go out for the opening dance.

Soon as they regrouped a familiar professor was seen as she saw them. "Oh there you are Mr. Potter are you and Mrs. Fleuret ready?" Minerva asked as she found them.

"Yeah as I'll ever be." Harry said as he looked to the Animagus Transfiguration teacher who nodded as Harry was glad Sirius and his birth mother informed him of this tradition in advance… that and the book they read in case of something like this.

"Well then Mr. Argentum please go meet with your partner at the Great Hall." She said before taking her leave to help the others.

"Lucky bastard." Ron said as he saw this before taking his leave into the Great Hall.

But as he left a new arrival was known. Hermione was soon seen walking down the steps as she herself was in a dress of her own as Stella saw this as well while Harry noted Cho Chang being Cedric's date. He met Cho a couple times but well he had strong feelings for Stella as in a way she was Harry's own Luna to his Noctis.

"Hermione looks beautiful." Stella said as she never expected Hermione of all people to like beautiful.

"Wait what?" Harry asked as he then saw this and was wide eyed as well.

Hermione was in a truly stunning dress as she had even done up her hair and replaced her spectacles for contacts as she began to walk in carrying a bag of her own. Soon Harry and Stella saw Victor Krum walk over to her before standing up straight before bowing to her and offering his arm which Hermione gladly took.

"Royal Advisor knows how to get them." Harry said as he saw how Hermione and Victor walked together as she then waved to Harry who nodded.

*End OST

(Later Ball's beginning)

The loud music of procession instruments was heard as the four champions and there dates arrived as Victor was seen in his tux with Fleur as Cedric and Cho lead the group of four champions followed by Victor and Hermione, Fleur and Ventus being third of course, and finally Harry and Stella coming in the rear.

Harry and Stella both saw the people applauding them as they walked into the ball room as Stella smiled as did Harry well practiced but it helped that they were together here. As they walked both of them saw Ron glare at Krum as Harry mentally sighed with Ron's budding jealousy as no doubt Hermione was reveling in it.

The four champions and there dates arrived at the dance floor as Harry took his dates waist and hand as the conductor got ready. "Ready Harry?" Stella asked as she offered her hand.

"Yeah." Harry said as he then took her hand into his with her free arm on his shoulder and his own free arm around her waist.

*Insert Final Fantasy VIII OST Symphonic remastered Waltz for the Moon

The dance soon started as Harry took the lead as he and Stella began to dance a traditional Lucian Dance. They first parted a bit as they held there right hands to each other as they began to move with the music stepping to either side in a small step before spinning around each other. They then did the same move again as they were clearly in synch and well-rehearsed as those who saw this clearly saw that it must be a traditional dance native to Lucis. It was elegant and it showed the harmony the two had as they continued their waltz.

Their dance continued as they began to walk around each other a bit as many wondered if they can pull that off as the steps they took was more dance or waltz like. AS they did this they linked again and began to repeat the movement a second tie as they moved in true harmony with each other showing that what they had may in fact be something beyond simple friendship. Something powerful and cherished my two and two alone.

As the two continued to dance they began to enter the main Waltz as soon Albus and Minerva joined the dance while Filtch just danced with his cat. Soon one Neville Longbottom and his date Ginny joined the dance but Harry's focus was completely on Stella as they shared a dance together.

It was almost like they were lovers in some aspects as Jonathan was also watching as a representative of the Queen and Ministry in case a Tri-Wizard Tragedy were to occur. It wasn't long till the students all joined in for the dance as for Harry the world was mainly focused upon Stella and no other.

*End OST

(Later that evening)

The Night was very eventful as despite there being four champions it seems that Harry and Stella upstaged everyone especially when a spotlight was seemingly put on them by magic as they waltz like nothing else outside their partner mattered to them. Needless to say many saw the two were made for each other when the waltz had ended it was proven more so when Fireworks where shot out from an unknown location which helped them seem more like a perfect pair.

But of course the festivities had ended as Lily and Sirius had been there as well when the rock music was heard as students started being teens. Of course the royal couple was out staged by the rock band but they ended up joining the screaming partying teens as Stella laughed as Harry cheered at this.

Nearby Ron was with a girl with blond hair but looked more like she belonged in a garage working on cars of machinery as the two saw this. "Not your thing?" Ron asked as he looked to her.

"Nah Pa-Pa never was one for this fancy sort of stuff maybe more to that stuff." The girl said in a western accent pointing to the party going on.

"Yeah… wanna ditch the heels and join them, Celia?" Ron asked as he got up.

"You read my mind Ronny." The girl said as the two went to join the festivities.

Ventus was seen with Fleur as the two were enjoying themselves laughing and partying while Hermione and Victor weren't too far away as they enjoyed their evening.

Nearby Sirius, Severus, and Lily were gathered together watching the children enjoy themselves. "I know what you did Severus." Lily began as Severus heard her. "My son was having lady troubles and you helped him in your own oddest of ways." Lily said as Severus looked to the side a bit.

"I was simply keeping a promise." Severus said as Lily looked and smiled as Sirius was surprised by this.

"You know you should give him a chance he's not like James you know sure he grew up as a royal but… it doesn't take a genius to see that royal life doesn't mean spoiled rotten." Lily said as Sirius saw this.

"Yeah Prongslet isn't like those spoiled brats of royalty, in fact I'm kind of jealous he found someone like that Stella girl." Sirius said as he saw this.

"Well I must be off I have duties here as well." Severus said as he took his leave as Sirius saw this.

"Bloody Hell Lily does, he know about the…" Sirius asked as Lily nodded showing the ring she was wearing again.

"Yes I made sure he was the first to know." Lily said as they hoped to locate Remus soon.

"I wish I could take that burden off of your shoulders Lily." Sirius said as Lily nodded.

"It's no problem Sirius if it means protecting my son I'd sacrifice everything for it." Lily said as she tried not to tear up.

Soon the music ended as everyone began to take their leave of the area to continue their festivities. Soon the five regrouped as Hermione saw her friends and their dates. "It seems Mr. Krum has offered to get drinks with me would any of you care to join us?" Hermione offered as Ventus looked to them.

"Yeah I'm parched." Ventus said as Ron saw this.

"Yeah what the hell if he's good enough well let me meet the guy." Ron said as he was always on Hermione's side even if he's not dating her.

"I also vould like a drink." Fleur commented as Celia nodded as well.

"Count me in ya'll." She said as she followed after them.

"I think I'll pass just going to clear my head for a bit." Harry said as he needed a bit of quiet.

"I shall join you Harry." Stella said as she looked to their friends.

"Alright don't stay out to late." Ventus said as Hermine nodded as well.

"And don't elope while we are gone as well." Hermione joked as Ron nodded.

"Yeah I plan to be your best man and wedding photographer and you can't stop me!" Ron said as he still had his camera with him as well as the two took their leave.

(Later outside)

The two arrived outside and just leaned on the balcony looking to the stars as they saw this. "It's beautiful out tonight huh?" Harry asked as he looked to Stella.

"Yes it is… Harry." Stella said as she looked as well but her mind had other thoughts as well. "And this strange world despite some similarities it's full of curiosity and wonders." Stella said as she looked up. "Sure it has its own fair of darkness and a few Daemons as well but if they aren't as big a threat as they are in Lucis… would that mean this world also has a Crystal?" Stella wondered aloud as Harry shrugged.

"I don't know but I was born here so… it must be something with great magic here." Harry said as he looked to the sky.

"Harry… what if… we can't make it back to Eos or Insomnia?" Stella asked as she looked to Harry who was shocked. "I mean what if we search for so long but never find a means back… do you think… it's possible we could build new lives here not as a prince and princess but as two regular folks around here." Stella said as Harry saw what she meant.

"Heh if I'm with you… anywhere can be home." Harry said as he looked to her as the two ended up blushing and looking away.

"Thank you." Stella said after a moment of silence as Harry looked. "For taking me out tonight." Stella said as she smiled to Harry.

"Your welcome." Harry said as he smiled to Stella as well.

Soon their faces were beginning to grow closer to each other as it seemed they were about to kiss as for them it would be their first kiss. But before lips can meet lips a hooting sound they were both familiar with was heard as they looked and saw a white bird standing there with the Lucian Crest around its neck.

"Hedwig." Harry said as he and Stella saw the snow white owl.

"What are you doing here?" Stella asked in shock as they didn't think Hedwig could make it to this world from Eos.

Hedwig then showed a package in her claws as she sadly pushed it to Harry and Stella. "It's from Luna." Stella said as the two began to open the package.

But inside despite how much joy they had here in the Yule Ball what they read was a newspaper article and on it the front cover words would bring their entire world crashing down on them. In front of them as they began to fall to their knees in shock as Stella tried to comfort Harry his scream as he began to break down at what he had read in big bold letters on the newspaper.



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