Hadrian Lucis Caelum

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(Start Christmas Morning)

"WHAT?!" Ron was heard from the guest common rooms as he looked to everyone.

"It's Luna's handwriting with the newspaper it's why Harry isn't in the best of moods right now." Stella confirmed as she looked to them.

"The fact it came from Lady Lunafreya herself may cement it since I detect now form of forgery on this." Hermione said as she didn't see a single forge note. "Furthermore only yourself; Harry, Prince Noctis, and Lady Lunafreya has access to Hedwig she wouldn't respond to anyone else otherwise." Hermione said as Ron heard this.

"So we're stuck here for the long run!?" Ron yelled as he heard this.

"Seems that way especially after what Harry and Stella read." Ventus said as he looked to them.

Stella nodded as she began to read to herself.

(Start Letter)

"Dearest Sister and Young Prince Harry:

I write this letter to you with great regret to inform you that during your absence the Crown City of Insomnia had fallen. The newspaper I had sent to you suggest that Nifelheim had killed your father and brother but that is a falsehood. Noctis lives and is no doubt working tirelessly to reclaim his throne. Harry your arrival in that realm was no coincidence as I feared for my younger sister's life as with your own. If Stella was captured by the imperials I feared they may have no doubt used her as a breeding mare to sire more Oracles. I know I have no right to ask this of you Harry or the rest of you as in my own way I may have manipulated you all to be sent to that realm but I Ask that you protect Stella and love her as you no doubt seen how Noctis feels about me. If not for my sake then please do so for Stella's sake. And for your cohorts who had arrived with you I ask the same as his majesty did of you to watch over each other and protect each other in times of need.

Though Regis was not your father by birth Harry I know that he loved you as if you were his own all the same.

With Love and Deepest Good Wills, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret"

(End Letter)

"So what are we supposed to do now?" Ron asked as they knew in all likely hood they were here to stay.

"We keep moving the lady and watch out for each other like Luna asked." Ventus said as they were stuck here for the long run.

Soon the door to Harry's room opened as he walked out of it as he seemed depressed but it seems he was bouncing back in his own way. "Hey Harry how you feeling?" Ron asked with concern over the Prince who was his best friend.

"Lousy." Harry said as he walked by as Stella saw this.

"Harry I." Stella began as Harry then stopped her.

"It's ok… it's not your fault." Harry said as he looked to Stella while sitting down. "I'm not like Noctis in some things mainly involving stuff like this." Harry said as he sat on the table. "One of us has to after all." Harry confirmed as he sat down calmly but inside he was in turmoil. He lost it all his home, his kingdom and family and now all he has left are memories and his closest friends as well as the items they had brought with them from home.

"Harry." Hermione began as she looked to Harry putting a comforting hand on his shoulder. "It's ok to weep if you must and know we all suffer from this tragedy… just don't keep it to yourself." Hermione said as she looked to Harry with concern.

"I know… it just hurts." Harry said as they knew what he meant.

"Hey I got an idea!" Ron called out as he stood up. "We didn't lose everything per say but if we keep living at least they will be alive in our hearts and minds… right?" Ron began as everyone looked to him as he was being sincere in his own way. "Plus not to be an ass but maybe we can try to build more sometimes family is more than just blood you know." Ron said as Harry heard this and smiled to his friend.

"Thanks… Ron." Harry said as he got up.

"Well I hear we all have presents for this Christmas holiday and despite us having to stay over for the Tournament it seems we are in no shortage of gifts." Stella said with a smile as she looked to the tower of presents in their personal common room.

"Ok then uh Merry Christmas then wish I got you all something." Ventus said as Hermione smiled.

"Well a few new recipes would due us good as well." Hermione said as they all got up to check it all out.

The group arrived at the meeting room of sorts as on the table were all the Spell books they had acquired. Hermione had already read through them while Harry and Ron were lagging behind a bit. Around the tree in the room were boxes of presents as Ron grabbed his camera. "Ok first holiday on Earth or Gaia or whatever lets party!" Ron cheered as Ventus sighed.

"Don't spoil it for everyone." Ventus said as he saw Ron taking pictures.

"Well the first present rightfully belongs to the champion his majesty himself." Hermione said as she then passed the first present to Harry.

But as Harry inspected it he saw no address or sender save for his name. Luckily they had made sure that their packages underwent a check in case someone decided to punk them with traps and such. As Harry nodded, he saw his friend were ready in case that Draco fellow or his little growth Pansy tried anything. Luckily Stella got Harry a 'spy,' in the snake pit in Daphne upon making the offer of a Kingsglaive or Crownsguard. He carefully picked up the note, as if expecting it to explode if he moved it too quickly, which with magic, it could for all they knew.

With a small bit of trepidation, Harry flipped the card over, half expecting something terrible to happen as he did so, but was rewarded with a short note written in elegant looping handwriting.

Your birth father left this in my possession before he died, I think it's past time it was passed on to you.

Use it well.

"Clear!" Ron called out as they were safe for now.

"So what is it?" Ventus asked as Harry rolled his eyes.

"We don't know I need to open it first." Harry said as he looked at the box curiously.

"Still remain vigilant it may be the trap is inside the package." Hermione said as the female werewolf was ready for the worse.

Harry agreed as he then set the note aside and looked straight at the lumpy package that laid out in front of him. He carefully pulled the string, still not sure what would happen should he open it all the way, but as he carefully pulled the paper off the Lucian Prince was rewarded with what looked like a cloak of some kind. "Huh?" Harry asked as he looked at the cloak in question. It wasn't a work of art but it wasn't ugly either, the cloak was made of a fluid-like, silky, silver material, it slipped through his fingers as he held it, and if he wasn't concentrating on it, then he almost swore that it disappeared from sight, as though it didn't want to be seen.

Cautiously, Harry pulled the cloak out, admiring it while it folded out to its full length, the cloak was a bit big for him at the moment, but he figured he'd grow into it in a few years, still he was curious as to what it would look like on him. Even if he had never met them save for his birth mother recently, his birth parents were still his family, something Harry was in desperately short supply of these days. Even more so after the tragic news of Insomnia and the Crown City as well as his adoptive fathers… death.

"It's a cloak." Stella said admiring it as she saw it.

"Clearly but why is it an heirloom?" Hermione asked as she looked it over herself.

"Hey Harry try it on." Ventus said as Ron smiled.

"Yeah buddy! Let's get some pictures here!" Ron called as he had his camera ready for pictures.

"Alright fine." Harry said as he took the cloak out and got ready for it. Harry then took the cloak and flung it around his shoulders and securing it before fastening the clasp on the front. As Harry did this though he heard a gasp from everyone as they saw something was up. "What?" Harry asked as Ron then took the picture in his stupor as Harry was confused.

He then looked over to the mirror to see if something was up until he gasped as well at what he saw, or in this case what he didn't see. He spun around in front of the mirror, partly in shock that his body had disappeared, and part child-like glee with the thoughts of what he could use the cloak for. "Harry I knew cloaks of invincibility were real! Take that Ventus!" Ron boasted as Ventus rolled his eyes a bit.

Harry then pulled the hood up as they saw his head vanish next as Harry was now 100% Invisible as they saw how he vanished. "Oh dear the things Ron would do with that." Hermione said as she realized Harry was basically a walking prank weapon for Ron and the twins to use around here.

Harry then removed the cloak as he looked upon the item in his hands, receiving a gift that had belonged to his birth parents had Harry immensely curious about them, it wasn't that he hadn't cared before, rather, he had just never met or heard anything about them. He had used to have nightmares of who Harry assumed was his birth mother, Lily Potter screaming and a sickly green light that had caused her coma. Of course he'd not had the nightmare for years now, his worst dreams instead being occupied by his grieving father telling him and Noctis their mother was never coming home, and the unpleasant sensation of his heart feeling like it had exploded as he learned what exactly that had meant.

Of course one other nightmare he had was his father holding Noctis close weeping holding his son for dear life fearing if he let him go he'd vanish and die. Harry then shook his head of the thoughts as he then agreed he would try to contact Lily later about his past with James. But for now he'd rather focus on the present. Harry then stored the cloak with the rest of his fear as it vanished into a crystalline blue glow joining with the rest of the gear he's collected so far.

"So presents!" Ron yelled as everyone chuckled at the boy's enthusiasm.

"Calm down everyone gets a turn." Ventus said as Ron can be such a child sometimes.

(Meanwhile Many Miles Away)

"Barty?" A man with a serpent like hiss to his words asked the man kneeling in the middle of them room. "How goes the plan to bring me Harry Potter?" His servant bowed even lower as he answered.

"Excellent, my Lord. She is advancing through the tournament nicely, even with his muggle weaponry. You should have no problem dealing with him come the night of the Third Task." He said with his eyes locked onto the floor, as if so much as looking at his Master was against the rules.

"Good, good, have you been dropping hints on how to figure out the egg's riddle Barty? We would hate for Miss Potter to be...unprepared, wouldn't we?" He asked with a slight chuckle. Barty nodded quickly from his place on the floor.

"Yes my Lord, I have been "suggesting" to the Longbottom boy as well as the boys friends that he should be assisting his friend rather than hold back because of school pride, or anything as inane as that. One of them should be helping the boy understand the riddle soon. Your will shall be done my Lord, even if I have to Imperius them all to do it." He stated with conviction. His Master made a sort of hissing noise in agreement.

"Of course it will Barty, or my name is not Lord Voldemort." Voldemort said but then Barty decided to voice one last thing.

"My Lord though I must inform you one minor hitch in this, the boy has shown magical ability unknown to many as the muggle weapons he has uses he summoned them out of the air itself as if with magic that will make it answer to him, and I noticed three of the weapons he wields seemed based around the Founders of Hogwarts." Barty confessed as he looked to Voldemort.

"Explain." He asked as he wanted more information.

"The Sword among the three he has was based around Gryffindor it may very well be the Sword of that house, next a spear that I noted was very much in tune with that of Salazar Slytherin." Barty began s Voldemort glared as it seems he rather not think Salazar would even use such a weapon. "And finally a crossbow that may belong to the house of Ravenclaw." Barty said as he looked to Voldemort.

"It seems the boy has a few tricks up his sleeve especially if he has power that he may be holding back. No matter I shall have a new body and my reign over the Wizarding World shall be supreme, after all there is only power and those too afraid to take it." Voldemort said before looking to Barty. "You are dismissed Barty. Bellatrix! I require your assistance!" He bellowed as his loyal spy rose and left the room, moving to the side as a woman with gray eyes, curly black hair, and a gaunt frame shouldered past him into the room.

(Scene Break back at Hogwarts)

"So any ideas on how to deal with this thing?" Ron asked as they surrounded the Egg again.

"Yes please do tell as I'd rather have this handled before the next full moon." Hermione confessed as she looked to the Egg.

"How come… oh yea." Ventus said remembering the new furry problem Hermione has.

"Well Fleur suggested we open it underwater… why not try that?" Stella asked as Harry shrugged in response to the suggestion.

"Worth a shot but where can we find enough water for that?" Harry asked as Ron then raised his hand.

"I got one!" He called out as everyone looked to him.

"You do?" Harry asked as they heard him.

"If it's legitimate then it will be a miracle." Hermione said as she saw Ron smiling at her hidden insult.

"Yeah…" Ron began only for the insult to catch up to him. "HEY!" Hey yelled as he didn't like being insulted.

"Come on." Ventus said as they began to head to Ron's lead as Ron himself lead them.


"You have got to be kidding me." Harry said as they had arrived at what is supposed to be a ladies bathroom that was ironically enough the same bathroom they had located the Chamber of Secrets.

"Don't worry Harry this place is legit found it one day when I was tossing around a ball and well…" Ron trailed off before a ghost shot out of one of the stalls surprising them.

"His ball hit me through the head!" The girl yelled as Ron saw this.

"I said I was sorry I didn't see you there!" Ron called out in his defense as the girl saw him and glared.

"Pardon me but… who are you?" Stella asked as they had the pleasure of meeting Sir Nickolas or Nearly Headless Nick of Gryffindor and the Bloody Baron of the Slytherin.

"Myrtle I was a student here when I died saw you go down to the Chamber of Secrets I did." Myrtle said as she looked to the group.

"Oh." Harry said as he saw her. "Well Myrtle um… do you have any tubs we can use?" Harry asked as Myrtle saw this.

"I got a big one." Myrtle said as it's been ages since she last saw a boy but she was more focused on Ventus more than anyone.

"How big?" Hermione asked as she looked to the ghost.

(Later still)

"Ok that's big." Ron said as he saw the tub was huge as in big enough for them to submerge themselves in.

"That's what she said." Ventus said as he smirked at Ron.

"Ok… I admit I walked into that one." Ron said as he knew he should have seen it coming after the number of times he had used that joke himself.

"Well time to see if it's worth it." Harry said taking off his coat while taking the Golden Egg. Harry then looked to the water and acted accordingly which was dumb his head and torso in with the others holding him. Once there Harry opened the egg as when he did he didn't hear the screeching sound this time around.

As Harry had his head below the water he heard a song under it as it was no doubt the clue he needed.

Come and seek us where our voices sound.

We cannot sing above the ground.

And while you're searching, ponder this:

We've taken what you'll sorely miss.

An hour long you'll have to look,

And to recover what we took.

But past an hour - the prospect's black.

Too late, it's gone, it won't come back.

When it was done Harry rose back up as they all saw him with a now closed egg. "Well what it is?" Ron asked as Harry looked to them.

"I'll answer with a question ever tried scuba fishing?" Harry asked as Ron heard this as did Ventus and Stella.

"Oh dear." Stella voiced as she realized the next task may be an underwater task.


"So let me get this straight." Ron began as he sat with the others in the common room. "You need to go swimming for an hour to find something that was taken or its gone forever, and said location is a lake to find the damn whatever it is." Ron said as, he paste back and forth.

"Furthermore you have to figure a means to breathe underwater for an hour to locate said item." Hermione added as she heard this from Harry.

"Basically." Harry said as Ventus saw this.

"Well this isn't good then." Ventus said as he looked to Harry.

"Well there is the bubble charm and a transfiguration charm to help breath but you know neither of those spells." Hermione said as she had read up on them.

"Jeez if we only knew someone who can get us caught up with the classes around here." Ron said as he sat on the couch mumbling about this day.

"Well we do know two people that could but one is busy with her duties and the other needs to be around Hermione for the Full Moons till we can undergo the ritual." Stella said as she looked to them.

"Wait… there is supposed to be one other who can help us, said person is suffering the same ailment as myself from what Mr. Black told me." Hermione said as she thought about it. "Prongs, Padfoot, Wormtail, and Moony." Hermione listed off as Harry heard this.

"Who or what?" Harry asked as Hermione looked to them.

"The Marauders Wormtail was the traitor, Prongs was your birth father so that only leaves one last person besides Padfoot." Hermione said as Harry went wide eyed.

"Wait so we need to get Werewolf guy here to get us caught up while also helping with the Animagus ritual?!" Ron called out as he then sat down. "Great something is actually going our way." Ron smiled as the convenience of the situation.

"Of course but now brings the most important part timing." Stella said as she looked to her friends before remembered something. "Oh and one other thing." Stella said as she grabbed some letters that came in for them.

"What's this?" Harry asked as Stella passed the letters to Harry.

"Part fan-mail and part resumes." Stella said as he saw one addressed from a Daphne Greengrass and another from Neville Longbottom.

"Resumes applying for what?" Harry asked as Stella smiled a bit.

"Well since we may be here for the long run I think it's time we start sharing our magic with this world by creating the Glaives and Crownsguards." Stella said as she looked to the group.

"Wait but." Harry began but Stella looked.

"Harry so long as you live the light of the crystal goes with you and with it the legacy of Lucis and Insomnia. I… don't want it to die out even if it lives in this world." Stella said as she looked to Harry as she gave him the look.

"Ok… I'll see what I can do but I won't make promises." Harry said as he looked to her.

"It's all I can ask." Stella said as Ron nodded to them.

"Well since we're all talking about staying for the long run I just want to bring up… THE LACK OF CHOCOBOS!" Ron yelled as Ventus laughed a bit.

"Why need an excuse for the tune without feeling sad?" Ventus joked as Ron glared at him.

"Shut up." Ron said as he wasn't holding high hopes for Chocobos to be in this world.

"Anyway we best retrieve a rebreather for Harry that way he can at least breathe underwater if we cannot locate any magical means for it." Hermione said as that would be their best bet due to their lack of magical prowess in this world.

"Got it." Harry said as they best get moving to locate what they needed as Stella cleared her throat.

"But first now that we have Hedwig back you need to rite Remus Lupin your letter." Stella said as Harry nodded to her.

"Alright." Harry said as Ron and Ventus chuckled at how Stella has Harry basically whipped here.

(Meanwhile unknown location)

"Wormtail! How goes the progress of getting the Potter brat through the tasks of the tournament!" A voice hissed from its position in a small cradle.

The aforementioned man whimpered slightly as he bowed in front of the cradle, careful to not raise his eyes above the legs, lest he be tortured once again. "I-It g-goes w-well m-my Lord." The pitiful man stuttered away in front of him. "He, j-just f-f-figured o-out the cl-clue t-to the second task. I-If he d-doesn't h-h-have a st-st-strategy i-in p-place b-by n-next w-week, I-I'll t-tell B-Barty t-to f-find a w-way t-to s-suggest s-something." He stuttered his way through the sentence, raising his head just enough so that the carpeted floors didn't absorb his report. He waited in a tense (to him anyways) silence, awaiting his master's verdict, hoping it didn't end in a Cruciatus once again.

"Hmm, I see, very good Wormtail! Be sure to report the possible need for a suggestion to Barty!" The being in the cradle hissed out. "We'll need him to have a sample ready. You are dismissed!" The man stood up and started to scurry out of the room with his head down, shoulders slightly less tense than usual. "Oh one more thing Wormtail!" It called out. His servant turned around to be addressed once more. "Crucio!"

(With Jonathan)

Jonathan was walking about outside the Dark Lake as he was fanning himself with his Fedora. "Oh dear such a horrible use for a wonderful waterfront." Jonathan said as if the dangers weren't present the Hogwarts Students and the Guests could have gone for a swim in the lake. "But alas Helga Hufflepuff was truly a masterful genius your shield awaits the King of Kings." Jonathan said with a smile as he looked upon the lake.

"Oh Death." Jonathan called snapping his fingers as Death appeared.

"You summon my master." Death greeted as she bowed to Jonathan.

"Ensure the Shield is ready for retrieval of the King will you… Oh and don't be afraid to put some monsters in the water as well." Jonathan offered as he looked to Death.

"As you command my master." She said to the infamous Master of Death.

"Good now let the games begin." Jonathan said as he smiled as he knew what was to come about soon.

(Scene Break day of the Second Task the Great Hall)

"Hey where's Stella and Hermione?" Harry asked as he and the others were up with Ventus and Ron.

"Beats me probably went on ahead of us." Ventus said as they ate their breakfast lake with Harry's new Rebreather gear ready for use for the second task.

"I doubt it I mean it's completely unlike the both to disappear without letting us know." Ron said as he ate with his two friends.

"Don't worry they'll probably meet us at the second task." Ventus said as they ate a strong meal to be at full strength for the task at the lake today.

Harry nodded in response deciding to trust in his friends who stood by him even after the loss of Lucis and the crown city of Insomnia. "Yeah I'm sure your right." Harry said as he walked with his friends. 'But why do I still feel worried?' Harry wondered to himself as he knew Stella well enough that she never miss something like this for him.

"You did remember to bring that rebreather, right?" Ventus asked as Harry then summoned it from its storage in a crystalline light.

"Yeah of course I did." Harry confirmed as he looked to his friends.

"Good don't want you drowning Harry." Ron said as he smiled to his best friend.

"You wish." Harry chuckled as they all smiled to this.

"Hey eat up and get your strength up don't want you tasking on an empty stomach." Ventus said as Harry smiled to his trusted friend.

"Don't need to tell me twice." Harry said as he went back to eating his food.

(Scene Break Dark Lake)

Harry wasn't one to be nervous so easily but he was already nervous to begin with but had hidden it well. Though right now his nervousness was tripled when the call for the champions to assemble at the lake was called out, not having seen Stella or Hermione at all that day, and going by the fact that he had Hedwig and the invisibility cloak was hanging in his room, not that he had the chance to cherish it all that much (but the people in this world just seemed to automatically assume he loved his birth parents far more than anything else), and he still had his wand in its storage through his magic. Though now he had his wand on his wrist told him that perhaps they didn't mean "objects".

He was beginning to think that maybe the "thing he'd sorely miss" was a person, not a thing. This of course made Harry deeply worried not only for both his fiancé and best friend but anyone else who may be stuck underwater also.

"The champions have all had someone dear kidnapped from them last night, and now they must rescue them from the Mer village in the Black Lake within an hour, or they may not see them again!" Ludo's voice ringing around the lake brought Harry back to the present as Harry quickly buried his worry deep down for now to focus.

Harry began to suit up by summoning the scuba gear as he was lucky he could store it like his other stuff as normally it included potions, a fishing rod, and his weapons. Harry got into position as Ventus was nearby behind Harry with Ron in the same spot as the two looked to him. "Ok hurry get him suit up." Ventus said as they worked on getting Harry who was in his swim wear into the rebreather.

"On it!" Ron said as they got Harry ready.

"Thanks guys." Harry said glad to have Ron and Ventus in his corner.

"Don't worry brother we got your back." Ventus said as he smirked at the dethroned prince proud to be in his corner.

"Harry is Hermione and Stella are actually down there." Ron began as his voice began to waver.

"Don't worry I'll get them out both of them." Harry said as he wasn't going to abandon his friends and the woman he loved to death.

"Don't worry Ronny we'll be up here waiting for them to come back!" Ventus said as Harry was all suited up now.

"Right." Ron said as they had lost Lucis so they won't lose their friend either.

"Three! Two! One! Go!" Ludo called out, firing a cannon blast into the air from his wand, causing Harry to put the apparatus in his mouth, switching it on as he adjusted his goggles, diving into the murky depths of the Black Lake.

'Don't worry guys I'm coming.' Harry thought as he was underwater while he switched on a small flashlight connected to one of the straps of his rebreather, making it far easier to see where she was going, she couldn't imagine going at this with only a wand like everyone else did, that would be near suicidal.

Harry began to swim around as he began to look for his friends while he looked about. As he swam about he heard the sound of the Mermaids music and figured he may be getting close. So he in turn summoned his spear weapon and got ready for anything that may pop up and attack.

As Harry swam about he then heard a sound and got ready only to nearly attack another Champion. He calmed down of course as he began to swim as he inwardly sighed glad he didn't kill another Champion in a panic. Even more glad that it was Ventus possible girlfriend in the French Witch Fleur.

But as Harry roamed about he soon saw Fleur vanish as he then went wide eyed and acted quickly. He threw the Spear of Slytherin to where she was and ported there and saw the octopus like creatures. He then began to slash them away while holding Fleur close to her as he began to cut and stab at them. Fleur saw this as Harry held her close and in turn used his spear to port them away.

Harry once they were in a safe area panicked before taking a deep breath in as he saw Fleur's air bubble had popped. He then put the breathing device to her mouth as Fleur in her panic had taken it and was now breathing normally. Fleur seeing she was limited on time knew she was short on options as she couldn't use her wand to make another air bubble and Harry was already taking a risk to help her.

Fleur knew she had to do something but it was Harry who acted as he used the Power of the Kings to form a shield around her body as she then noted that she was breathing better. She saw her body was glowing blue as it flashed in certain intervals showing how much time she had. Fleur then nodded to him and in turn created another air bubble for herself as Harry put his rebreather back on and took in some much needed air for his lungs.

Harry was about to move on as with Fleur before the two took notice to something glowing. They both looked and saw something glowing below them in the water almost like it was calling Harry. Harry looked and was wide eyed as he saw a tomb there much like the ones he had found for Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw.

Harry pointed to the tomb as Fleur saw this as she nodded agreeing to head on ahead. After all Harry wasn't interested in winning clearly but it seems he was focus on saving someone. But before Fleur could move she was attacked by another creature a snake like one as Harry was wide eyed. He knew this one as Fleur avoided it to the best of her abilities as Harry quickly used his spear to keep it at bay.

Harry kept Fleur close as he quickly summoned a spare spear of his and passed it over to Fleur as she took it as Harry made gestures to show it can hurt this creature as he made another one to show that it was native to his world. Fleur understood and stood close to Harry as the battle began for them.

The creature swam around and ate another one as Harry saw this as he looked to a weak spot. Harry kept Fleur close as he began to move in for the attack as he took out a Blizzard Spell for use. HE knew he had to be fast with it as he slashed at the creature as it made a gash causing it great pain.

Fleur didn't know what was going on but this creature was clearly hunting so in turn she knew she had to help take it down. But as she tried to fire a spell at it the creature went for the attack to which Harry moved her out of the way in time but alas her bubble head charm was beaten again. Fleur saw she had to leave while holding her breath as well. She then gave Harry a pleading look before making her escape as Harry saw it was for the best she got out of here.

Harry then charged in as he then threw his Trident at the side of its head as he held on. The Monster roared in pain as it began to swim around trying to force Harry off of it. Harry would not have it as he held on tightly as he waited for the chance to use the spell he was holding. The Monster began to hit into what appeared to be old ruins or mermish buildings as he tried to get the beast. As this occurred Harry made sure to keep his magic on his rebreather gear as he knew if it got hit or destroyed he would be dead in the water.

The monster roared in fury as when it did Harry took the chance and forced the Blizzard Spell down its throat as he then let go as the monster roared out as soon he spell went off in its stomach. Its torso area began to reveal frost as Harry saw this and took aim with his trident. He then threw the weapon forth as it went through the water and stabbed into the ice. Harry wasn't done as he then switched to Ragnarock and proceeded to slash down on the spot as the serpent like beast roared out before going limp as its blood mixed with the water.

Harry then nodded before he began to swim away for the task. But as Harry tried to take his leave he was soon wide eyed as he felt a pull and looked and saw something. It was a Royal Tomb like the ones he had been finding in this world lately. Harry began to swim torts it and saw this tomb must have deliberately been hidden here or it had sunk here were the weapon now rested. Harry then moved the mildew from the engraving and mentally read it to himself.

'Helga Hufflepuff?' He thought before looking to the weapon and saw a shield. 'The Shield of Hufflepuff.' Harry thought as he saw what this meant.

Harry then reached his hand out and in turn the shield began to gloat upward before pointing itself torts him and in turn flying straight at him where it joined the other royal arms he had gathered in a crystalline form.

Harry began to swim away to the Mermaid village as he knew something or someone may be stuck there. It didn't take long for Harry to arrive at the village itself as he saw all the mermaids swimming around as Harry was weary of them. He was a guests so he wanted to leave on good terms as he began to walk away. But oddly enough the Mermaids looked to Harry with whispers and such as if he was a hero of sorts or a powerful warrior.

But as Harry swam to the village center where he knew the stands were above them he was wide eyed at who he saw in the water. First up he was shocked to find that it was Stella of all people as his hostage. He then looked and was even angered that Hermione was Krum's hostage as Harry didn't know whether or not to punch Dumbledore, Krum, Fudge, or Bagman for putting his friends in danger like this his last link to his home city of Insomnia.

Harry then went to Stella first as he then proceeded to use his sword to cut her loose as he had a firm grip on her. Harry was then cut off by another sound as he looked and saw Cedric swim in with a bubble head charm. He then got to Cho Chang as he began to untie her as well before gesturing to his watch as Harry nodded to him.

Harry was about to cut Hermione loose next only to have the Mermaids come at him with their Tridents ready as they glared at him. But they were then shocked as they saw Harry's weapons drawn pointed at them ready to attack as this was a Texas Standoff. "Back off now." Harry warned through a speaker on his scuba gear as he glared at them.

"Only one." The Mermaid hissed at him as Harry glared.

'If only I had the Hydrean's blessing.' Harry thought as he could really use Leviathan's help about now.

Soon the Mermaids began to panic as they swam away as Harry began to call off his swords as he knew trouble was near. "There's always a bigger fish." Harry said as soon he turned around in time to go wide eye as a Shark came at him. But it missed and cut Hermione loose revealing it had a human body as Harry was wide eyed at the fact it was Victor Krum who then began to swim away.

"Show off." Harry grumbled to himself mentally as he then began to look around when he saw Gabrielle Delacour. He looked for Fleur before remembering what had happened and the pleading look she gave him. Harry then went for Fleur and cut her loose before grabbing her as he looked to them. He began to swim upward as he had to hurry before they ran out of air.

(In the Surface)

The first to rise was Cedric with Cho as he gasped for air with Cho as everyone cheered for the Hogwarts Champion. Next up was Victor and Hermione as Hermione gasped for air and scoffed before making her way back to the docks.

In the docks Ron and Ventus helped her up as they realized what happened as Ron looked to her. "Wait, where's, Harry and Stella?" Ron asked as he began to panic as Hermione coughed some more but Ventus realized this.

"Come on Harry hurry up." Ventus said as he knew Harry was still down there. He then looked to Fleur who was also panicked as he realized she was worried for someone as well. And he knew that if the hostages were close to the champion then that meant Stella was also down there with Gabrielle. "That reckless dumbass." Ventus cursed as he didn't know whether to respect Harry for his heroic deed or punch him if and when he comes back up.

(Back with Harry, Stella, and Gabrielle)

As Harry swam upward he was soon attacked as he looked at his legs and saw octopus like creature as they began to swarm at him and attack. Harry cursed as he was forced to let both Stella and Gabrielle go to the surface by floating as they swarmed at him. Harry began slashing them away as he reached for another item of his as he had to hurry quickly. As the creature pulled him lower Harry bashed them away with his new shield as he had to hurry or die. He soon saw bubbles as he looked and was shocked to see his gear was damaged as he pulled in as much air as he could and held it knowing he had to act quickly.

Harry then activated the spell as soon a powerful current of thunder went about as the creatures were hit with it and in turn stiff as they floated away. They then began to swim away as Harry had to act fast before he took out his trident and focused as much as he could. He only had one shot at this before he threw the Trident as it flew upward for Harry to Warp.


Stella and Gabrielle arrived at the surface as Stella was coughing and gasping for air as she regained her self. "Harry!" Stella called out but then noticed Gabrielle wasn't coughing out the water. Soon a Trident was seen as Stella tried to old onto Gabrielle to keep her from going back under as soon Harry appeared with the Trident and disengaged it.

"Stella!" Harry called out as he swam to Stella as she held Gabrielle.

"She's not breathing." Stella urged as many have heard this as Fudge will no doubt be panicking.

"Help me get her to the docks." Harry said as the two began to work on getting Gabrielle to the docks.

Once they were on the docks Fleur was there as Ventus and Ron ran up to them as Hermione was also ok now as they saw Gabrielle. "What's wrong with her?" Fleur asked as she saw her baby sister wasn't breathing.

"She has too much water in her lungs." Ventus said as he got ready. "She needs air fast!" Ventus said as Hermione looked and nodded to him.

Ventus began to perform CPR on Gabrielle as he held her nose and forced air into her mouth as many saw this. He then pushed down on at the center of her chest three times before repeating the process as Fleur felt like hours were rolling by.

"Ven it's not working!" Ron cried out as Ventus glared as he then roared.

"Come on BREATH!" Ventus yelled before slamming his hand at the same spot again and this time Gabrielle was heard coughing as the water exited her lungs at long last. Ventus sighed in relief as he gave her a brief look over and saw she was fine… waterlogged by fine. "She's ok for now just needs some rest." Ventus said as he looked to Fleur who smiled widely at Ventus.

"Are you ok Ventus could be wrong?" Harry asked as he then saw the little girl nod to him as Harry nodded as she was soon covered in a thick towel wrapped around her before being picked up and hugged fiercely by Fleur. The sight caused Harry to smile, it reminded him of Noctis in a way. "You saved 'er, even though she wasn't yours to save!" Fleur said happily, as Stella also had similar thought but for Luna.

"Your right… but Ventus did all the work here." Harry said as he pushed Ventus forward a bit. "Luckily he knew CPR and did what he had to do to save her." Harry said as he smirked at Ventus. 'You so owe me for this.' Harry was playing matchmaker for Ventus.

Soon Harry found himself in an extra tight hug from the French Veela and then Ventus got a kiss from the Veela as Harry saw this as did Ron.

Soon a flash was seen as Ron was holding his camera with a grin on his face as Ventus glared at him. "Oh-la-la! Pictures for the kids." Ron called out teasing them only to be smacked by Hermione causing him to yelp painfully from it.

"You've no idea how much little Gabrielle means to me! I thank you both of you!" Fleur said, Harry simply looked down in embarrassment before sparing a glance towards his friends who were like siblings to them as they who looked at him with a proud gaze.

"Actually Fleur," Harry said with a smile on her face directed at Hermione, Ron, and Ventus as he blushed a bit. "I think we got a pretty good idea." Harry said as he knew for him these three were his family his brothers and sister even if it's not by blood.

"If there iz anything I can do to repay you please ask." Fleur added as Harry and Ventus looked to each other as Harry then smirked to him.

"Actually there is one thing you can do." Harry said as Fleur looked to Harry a bit curious as even Ventus was confused.

"She can?" Ventus asked as Fleur looked to him as it seems even Ventus was out of the loop.

"If you and my buddy Ven here ever make it that far in a relationship… give me teasing material to use on him." Harry said as Ventus then went wide eyed as Fleur blushed as the big guy became bashful in that regard.

"Harry!" Ventus yelled as he then grabbed Harry in a headlock as Harry all the while laughed at his friend before Fleur then began to laugh as well.

"Don't worry your highness." Fleur getting the two boys attention as they may act childish in her eyes but they acted more like, brothers then childish people. "If all plays as it must… then I'm sure Ventus and I vill be very happy together." Fleur said with some of her own teasing as Harry then got freed as Ventus was blushing again as Harry laughed a bit. "Still I was meaning a bit of a deeper meaning of my debt." Fleur said as she looked to Harry as Harry looked back.

"Well if you want to save his life the closes thing I can think of is a Kingsglaive or Crownsguard." Ventus said as Fleur looked to him with curiosity.

"Kingsglaive? Crownsguard? Vat is that?" Fleur asked as she was interested if not curious of those terms.

"I'll explain after the task is over and done with." Ventus said as soon Lily walked up and put a hand on her sons shoulder as Harry saw her.

"You did great Harry." Lily said as she looked to her son with a smile as Harry was reminded of Regis.

"Yes um thanks." Harry said as Sirius saw this and smiled to his Godson.

"Hey no need to be shy here besides after what you did and the fact you got first place you might as well either be tied for the lead or taking first place all the same." Sirius said as Harry looked to Gabrielle as Stella saw this.

"Harry only did what was right Mr. Black if anything he wasn't expecting a reward. King Regis once told me that one must do the right thing because it's the right thing to do and there doesn't need to be any other reason for it." Stella said as Lily heard this and smiled a bit.

"He sounds wise." Lily said as Harry then looked down as did Stella as they almost forgot if what Lunafreya and the newspaper said is true King Regis is no longer among them.

Of course Lily knew deep down that Harry had lost his father for a second time in his life and with it his home and the people he once called his own. Lily was grateful for them to have sent him back to her but she hated herself and the price to make it so. Part of her was spiteful for this but another part of her wanted hold her son in her arms and never let him go again. But Lily Potter nee Evans knew that with Jonathan's schemes, Voldemort, and despite his best intention Albus Dumbledore she knew Harry may very well be fated to die if she doesn't find a way to stop it.

Lily wanted to save her son no matter what… but she was running out of options and she knew that Harry had located all four of the founder's weapons plus the sword he already has. This meant for Lily that Harry needed to find the other 10 to be ready to face down against Jonathan in the oncoming battle. The Final Battle between Kings, between blood, and the battle to save their star.

(With Jonathan)

Jonathan saw the whole event play out from his vantage point as he smirked at this. Centuries of planning, manipulation, infighting, and wars had set him for his ultimate victory. Dealing with the other Potters was easy as he had them systematically taken out through the ages and through two Dark Lords. It was a simple task for him as his main goal was to fine the One True Heir to the Cloak.

His brother who betrayed him all those centuries ago his descendant shall now feel his wrath and in turn the Potter lineage will at long last come to an end. No more shall he be forced to spend endless time in shadows as all he had to do was wait and guide him to his destiny.

"Soon the repentance shall arrive and we shall see if you will shine your light upon this world boy." Jonathan said as he focused on Harry who he knew was the one he had been waiting for. Jonathan began to walk away as he was heard humming the Final Fantasy victory fanfare as the Task was over for now. But Jonathan didn't need to stay as he already knew Harry would be either given first place or second place for what he did in this task this day.

But as he walked the Master of Death knew it was only a matter of time till his creation makes its move to revive itself. After all Ms. Gaunt was such a naïve fool for trusting him so fool heartedly.


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