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Prologue - Last Days

2500 BC - Old Kingdom Dynasty

The night was warm. A girl stood against the palace balcony. Her raven black hair swept against the wind and the stars shown brightly as ever as she gazed at them. But yet her expression showed despair rather then joy. It was a look as if there was nothing the world could offer to comfort her. She paused for a moment in deep meditation. Her head bowed low, staring contently at the Nile River, it glimmered with the stars. It was so heavenly, she wished it would last forever.

She heard the sound of footsteps behind her, she didn't turn to look, she knew who it was already.

"Your Highness...." the man bowed slightly even though her back was turned.

"Why do you call me highness, my love?" she brushed the hair away from her face.

"Because that is who you are" he said plainly.

"But not someone I want to be" she replied. "Curse my fate that I should have to bare it's joys as well as it's pains." her face set in undisguised distress. She turned to face him. His eyes ached when both of them met his.

"You still have another chance, away from pain and sorrow"

"Without you I will still be in pain. I go because it is my duty, and I will follow it until the end"

His eyes pleaded, his structure stood strong but inside his heart it crumbles. "Your father will not allow this...."

"I do not care about my father's confinement towards me.

"Then I will not allow it." he objected.

She slowly walks up to him "You nor my father will stop me. You and I have a duty for our people. I will follow you until death."

"Do not do this...." he pleaded.

"I must, a life without you would be unbearable. I love you." she embraces him, while he strokes her hair gently. She was too strong willed to be easily swayed.

"We will be together in the next life" he said, trying to comfort her.

She smiles at him for his kind words, even though deep in her heart she is full of doubt. "This war will be over and we will go towards the heavens when it does"

Caressing her hand against his cheek, he bent slightly and kissed her passionately on their last days on earth.

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