Author's Notice– 10-23-03

Sorry to say that this isn't the next chapter. I'm sure your all very disappointed when you see "Author's Notice" on the chapter selection. But hear me out...

It's been roughly 2 weeks and I don't think the chapter is going to come out any sooner. I'm sure you've all been through busy schedules. School, jobs, etc... For me this month is a very busy month because of school work, college applications and extracurricular activities. When I get home I'm too tired to write. Plus I have an art portfolio due for an interview and I'm furiously trying to finishing my art pieces before the deadline.

But it is being written (I'm writing it now as we speak) I have written almost half of the chapter, hitting a couple of writer blocks along the way, so it's a little tough. I hope to make it a long and well written chapter because I hate seeing chapters just thrown in without clearly thinking it out. So I'm here to point out that I'm not dead and I'm not going to stop writing. I'll finish the story sooner or later. If I'm gone for a month then you'll know that I'm extremely busy...etc...

A side note:

Towards writing the middle of the story I started playing with the idea of writing a sequel but then it turned into a prequel about Ancient Egypt and how it all plays into the story I'm currently writing now. So here I am trying to decide if I should write it. Here's what I have so far:

(Preview Summary)

Egypt...the land of riches. Once a vast nation of wealth and power through ancient times. From here tells the untold story of an unorthodox princess, who was compassionate and strong and earn her the title as "The Benevolent Goddess" in the eyes of her people. Some named her Sithathor (daughter of Hathor) others Neferet (beautiful woman), but in her royal family household she was simply Vari.

Through dynasties of kings and rulers, none were like a young Pharaoh named Yami who was wise beyond his years and peaceful ruler of his time. But as war brews between Egyptians and demons he faces the ominous destiny of his birth right as the weight of responsibilities grows heavier on his shoulders. Consulted by his six loyal high priests and wields the power of the millennium items passed on to them by his father. Ancient Duel Monsters were their guardians, controlling them through heka (magic) and ka (spirit souls) The fate for this young pharaoh is not yet clear.

Always strong and always seeking ways to surpass his abilities. High priest Seto wields the power of the millennium rod. Friends of Yami from childhood, his harsh exterior hides his inner feelings from the common eyes of others, until he falls in love with a certain princess shielded from him by her father.

Vari and her forbidden love affair between the young priest of Egypt sprung her free from morals, rules and society. They both learn the meanings of love and their pure souls. The choice between love or duty kept them apart as they struggle with troubles laid before them and a threatening war on the nation. No one can escape it's harsh winds, not for the young king, not for the beautiful princess or even the man that she loves.

Who is to say what destiny lies for them all?

Okay the summary sounds like a cheesy romance novel...but me a romantic. I love romance stories! ^_^ Remember the Prologue? Well this weaves in and out from that particular moment. This is still a rough draft of what I'm planning. Some things may be changed indefinitely. I based this on the Egyptian Arc Manga of Yugioh, but one thing their lacking is a good romance. And I mean a REAL romance, not some subtly hidden crush on each other.

You can give feedback and ideas! I'll be happy to credit you if I find your ideas are really good and can really contribute to the story so please feel free to tell me your ideas or your point of view.

Anyway...enough blabbering from me. It's late and I'm high on sugar and caffeine @_@ I will post the next chapter of Yugioh the Wakening hopefully as soon as I can!

Thanks for being patient!