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Chapter Twenty-Four: Meet the Teachers and Sirius Matters

Severus knew that look on the Headmasters face well, and if it were not for the fact that Albus would stop at nothing to figure out a puzzle he would have just let the twinkling-eyed bugger stew. But for once Severus knew that the sooner Albus knew of the basics the more protected they all would be.

Clearing his throat he turned his attention back to Albus, "Well, Remus decided last night that it would be better for him if he disappeared for a while. He felt that his life was in danger with the Ministries new policies breathing down his neck."

Trying to suppress a chuckle he continued, "I believe that he said he wanted to visit the Australian Outback, and try his hand at roughing it and living in the wild." Severus said putting a slight emphasis on the word 'wild', hoping that Albus would catch where he was going with the hint. If he got what he was saying then it would save Albus from any type of truth serum or charm.

After all, as long as he didn't verify that Albus's speculation were indeed the truth then it was still just a speculation.

Albus had caught the stressed word in Severus's sentence and now for the life of him he couldn't fathom what it was that the man was trying to hint at. He knew what Severus was doing as they had done the same thing many times to protect him from Voldemort's infamous usage of Veritiserum.

Then it hit him as to what Severus was trying to say, the answer was right there in front of him plain as day.

Ian Snape's family name before it was Snape was Wylder. Wild.

It was brilliant and as much as he wanted to know how in the world they were able to pull this off he knew that he couldn't ask. Maybe one day when it was all over he would get the answers that he was interested in hearing. But now he was happy that the three young men that he had come to care for as sons would finally have something that they all had craved for, a family and a little happiness in the darkest of times.

It was situations like these that gave his heart hope in tomorrow and a renewed strength that they would come out the victors.

Smiling brightly for the first time in many days Albus turned his thoughts back onto the subject at hand.

"Well I am sad to hear that Remus has left the country, maybe someday I will be able to talk to him once more, but I hope that he finds happiness wherever his travels take him. Now, I believe that a delayed congratulation is in order for you and your husband, Severus."

Severus let out the breath that he had been unconsciously holding. He knew that Albus had gotten the hint.

"We decided that when Ian brought Lucian back from Griffin Academy it would be easier on all of us if we stayed here at Hogwarts, it will be the first time since Lucian was born that we all will be able to stay together." Severus said for Albus's benefit, this was a way for him to know what their cover story was going to be. After all it would defeat everything if they didn't have matching accounts of the rather important information.

Albus nodded his head and realized that what ever was done was more than likely going to be permanent, and he couldn't find a thing wrong with that. He knew that Remus as well as Lucian needed a new start where no one had any preconceived notions of them and they could be a normal family with out being thrust into the spotlight of the media. Getting his thoughts back on the real reason that he had come down to talk to Severus he cleared his throat and turned toward the two young men.

"There is one other matter that I think that you both should be aware of." He said seriously.

Severus didn't like that sound of Albus's voice, he knew that tone well and it was never connected with good news.

Albus braced himself for the inevitable outburst that he was sure would follow. "We have some 'guests' that I thought that you should know about before you ran into them in the corridors or the Great Hall." He paused gauging Severus's reaction before he continued. "Sirius is here with Bill Weasley."

Severus didn't say anything; he was honestly surprised that the mutt hadn't showed up sooner. "What does he know?"

Albus was rather shocked at the calm and collected Potions Master. "He knows the same things as the rest of the wizarding world." He knew that Severus was asking if he had told Sirius anything about Lucian.

Severus sighed in relief. "Good, keep it that way." Personally he wasn't all that concerned with the fact that Black was here, for all he cared the mutt could take a flying leap off of the highest tower without his wand, but that was his thoughts on the man. He glanced at Ian and noticed that other than a glimmer of sadness that flickered in his eyes there was no other outward appearance that the news had any effect on him. But then again it wasn't Ian that he was worried about. He knew that Ian could and would hold his own in any confrontations with minimal bloodshed but Lucian was a whole other story.

Severus had a nagging feeling that they would need to keep a close eye on Lucian for the duration of Black's stay. He didn't want the Aurors to have any real reason to come after his son.

"How long are the staying?" he asked glancing back at Albus.

Albus was relieved that there was no explosion. "They will be here until the next Order meeting which will be in two days time. It will be then that I introduce your son and your husband, and then bring up Lucius's outing as our spy."

Severus chuckled, "Oh I can just see it now, the Weasley's will be all over that one Albus. Are you prepared to stop the two most famous feuding family's in Wizarding history from killing each other when they realize that they have to work together." He said sighing thinking about the blatant and out and out hatred that the two families had for each other. So much had happened in the last few days and there were many times that he wished that he could just take a vacation.

Albus smiled, "I am sure that they will be able to control themselves for the short amount of time that they have to endure each others presences. But my main concern is how they will accept Lucian. I don't want him to be an outcast if he is re-sorted into Gryffindor." He said concernedly, in all actuality he was concerned with Lucian being an outcast in any house he was sorted into just because of who his father was and as much as he wanted the boy back in Gryffindor he knew that he would be better off in Slytherin.

Severus could sense that there was something that Albus wasn't saying but he knew by now that when the Headmaster got that look on his face there wasn't a person in the world that could get what ever it was out of him if he didn't want to disclose it. A sudden thought flew into his mind and he knew that this was the perfect time to bring it up. " How many people know the truth as to who Lucian was?"

Albus smiled once again his eyes twinkling madly, "Well, I felt that it was necessary for Minerva and Poppy's memories to be altered. They both believe that Mr. Potter has died form his injuries inflicted by his uncle. The only people that know of his other identity are just those who are in your quarters, assuming that Lucius and Draco know of course."

Severus shook his head. "Yes they both know. Out of curiosities sake, how did the Mutt take the news?" he asked wondering if the man was grieving for what he had so carelessly thrown away.

Albus sighed, "He has taken Harry's death quite hard. It seems that it has in a way opened his eyes about how horridly he had treated both Harry and Remus. He had come to Hogwarts in hopes of mending the so-called bridges that he had burned when he left Remus. I imagine that he will be quite devastated with he learns that Remus is no longer in the country with no signs of him ever returning."

Albus said his eyes glinting, He had been appalled at the callous way that Sirius had treated Remus and he was personally glad that Remus Lupin had disappeared.

"Well then, I shall take my leave I have taken up enough of your morning as it is." Albus said as he stood and made his way back toward the door only to stop and turn back to Severus, "Do you and Lucius have your completed syllabus's done for the school governors?" he asked as the thought had just hit him.

Severus nodded and walked quickly to his and Ian's room. He picked up the folder that he had laid on his desk last night and made his way back to the living room. When he came back into the room he saw that Lucius was handing Albus a similar folder.

"Well, I will let you get back to your family time. And please once again accept my congratulations on your marriage Severus, even though it is several years late." Albus said with a smile.

Severus just smirked and then smiled broadly at the Headmaster, "Oh and Albus, be sure that you put the Mutt's reaction to you telling him that Remus has let the country indefinitely in a pensive for our viewing pleasure later." He heard Ian snort in the background.

Albus just shook his head chuckling as he walked out of the door.

Severus headed toward the kitchen in order to find out what Lucian and Draco had planned for today. Just as he opened the kitchen door both boys were coming through. "Were are you two headed?" he asked.

Lucian turned toward his father. "Homework, have to finish my potions essay. Draco has to finish his Transfiguration." He paused as a question came to his mind. "Do you think that I will have to turn in the same thing as what everyone else was assigned?" he hadn't really thought about how weird it would be to turn in assignments that he had never been assigned.

Severus stood there and thought for several seconds before he voiced his opinion. " I think that you should decide on which classes that you are going to be taking and then go around to those teachers and find out from them what they want you to do."

Lucian's mouth dropped open. "You mean to tell me that all of the work that I have done in the last two days are for nothing, and I don't even get to turn those essays in?" He couldn't believe that he had wasted all of that time when he could have been doing other more enjoyable things.

Severus just smiled innocently, "I'm afraid so."

Lucian sank down onto the couch and looked back at his father. His Dad was sitting beside him trying not to laugh, some support system he had. "You two are no help what so ever did you know that? What do you think the other professors will have me do?"

Severus smiled again at his son's obvious dislike of homework. "Well, I know that they will be wanting to know what a student from the prestigious Gryffin Academy has learned in compared to what they are teaching here at Hogwarts so I imagine that they will probably test you to some extent. Mainly to find out where you are ranked in the different classes."

He stopped when he heard Lucian groan. He then ushered the two boys out into the hallway. Severus just shook his head at their behavior, what it would be like to be young again. He shook his head, it was not good to dwell on the past.

Lucian turned to Draco once they had walked a good way down the hall, "Well what classes are you taking this year?"

Draco looked at Lucian and smiled, "I am taking Adv. Potions, Transfiguration, Adv. Charms, Herbology, Ancient Runes, History of Magic, and then Adv. Defense against the Dark Arts."

Lucian thought that the classes were easy enough and he hoped that he would get to have at least the Advanced classes with Draco. "Sounds good, lets go meet the teachers. Where to first?"

Draco thought about it and realized that it would be easier to make a complete circle and end up back in the Dungeons. "Charms first and the on to Ancient Runes. Do you even know anything about that class; I don't think that I ever saw you in that class."

Lucian smiled, "I didn't take it here I took it at Gryffin. Honestly Draco it would probably be easier to think of me as a new student and not who I was. It would be too easy for either of us to slip up in public and someone find out something that they shouldn't." he said seriously to the blonde his voice conveying the severity of the issue.

Draco nodded, he did understand how serious this was and he vowed to himself silently that he would never do anything that would put any of them in jeopardy.

Together the two boys made their way slowly toward the Charms corridor and to Professor Flitwick's office.

When Draco finally knocked on the tiny professor's door it was close to 10'o'clock in the morning.

Filius Flitwick had been sitting at his desk in his office when he heard someone knocking on the door. "Come in." he called out was surprised when young Mr. Malfoy and another young man he had never seen before but looked extremely familiar walked in. He imagined that this was the transfer student from Gryffin Academy that Albus had told the rest of the staff about last night.

"Mr. Malfoy, was there something that I could do for you?"

Lucian smiled at the small professor; he had always liked Professor Flitwick. He stepped around Draco so that he was facing the Charms professor. "My father suggested that I come around to the professors and find out about the summer assignments, after all it would be very poor of me to show up at the start of term so ill prepared."

Filius smiled delighted at the politeness of the young man in front of him. "I take it that you are the transfer student from Gryffin then? Although come to think of it Albus never mentioned your name?" Now that he had gotten a better look at the new student he was amazed at the boys resemblance to Severus Snape when he was a Hogwarts as a student. He didn't think that was possible though, he had never heard that Severus had a family and he was sure that if he did in the seventeen years that he had worked as the Potions Professor he would have mentioned it to someone.

Lucian smiled and held his hand out to the small professor to shake his hand. "Well then let me introduce myself. My name is Lucian Snape and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He said as he tried to stop the bubble of laughter from erupting when he saw the shocked look on Professor Flitwick's face.

"Oh my, please forgive my rudeness. Are you any relation to our Potions Professor?" Filius asked trying to get over his obvious shock.

Lucian glanced over toward Draco who was smiling like and idiot; he was getting far too much enjoyment out of this. "Yes, he is my father." Lucian said trying to keep a straight face; he really didn't want to get on the bad sides of any of the professor's. He knew that no matter what house he go into he would have problems because of who his father was.

"Oh." Filius said and then paused briefly before he continued. "Well then, about the summer assignments. I won't expect you to do the same assignments that I have already assigned for the main reason I don't know what all you have already learned. I have hereā€¦" he stopped as he rummaged through the bottom drawer of his desk, "Ah, here it is." He said pulling out a rather large stack of parchments. " I need you to complete these to the best of your ability and turn them in before the start of term. I will then be able to tell where you are in comparison with the rest of the class."

Lucian tried to suppress the groan that was threatening to escape when he took the proffered stack of papers from the professor. He glanced at Draco out of the corner of his eyes and saw that he was smiling brightly. Lucian glared at Draco.

Draco realized that he was starting to irritate Lucian and figured that he had better stop before he was hexed. He looked down at his watch and saw that it was already 11:00, they needed to get a move on, they still had several other teachers to talk to before they had to head back to their quarters for lunch. He cleared his throat getting Lucian's attention and then subtly glanced at his watch trying to get the point across that they needed to get going.

Lucian got the message. "Well Professor it was nice meeting and I look forward to seeing what you can teach me in class. I will bring these papers back to you as soon as I can, but right now I need to head off to see the other professor's and find out what they want me to do as well." He said inclining his head in a farewell gesture.

Filius returned the gesture as he watched the two young men walk out of his office, his mind replaying the pleasant meeting with Severus's son. He wondered why the potions master had never mentioned that he had a son. This of course made him wonder if he was married and who it was that he had been or was married to. With these thoughts wondering through his mind he continued to prepare for the coming year.

It was close to three hours later when they finally found themselves heading back toward the dungeons. All of the teachers had decided on the same route as Professor Flitwick and had given him a ton of papers to complete and turn back in.

Lucian had just rounded a corner when he heard a very familiar voice, one that made a surge of hatred coarse painfully through his body. He felt Draco grab his hand and squeeze it gently letting him know that he was there for him. It helped him focus on that instead of the man that was walking toward them. Mentally pulling himself together he forcefully pushed the anger down, after all he was Lucian Salazar Snape and he had never met Sirius Black before.

Holding his head high Lucian and Draco continued walking down the hall toward the man that he hated nearly as much as he hated Voldemort.

Draco glanced at Lucian and realized that Sirius Black was about to find himself in a very precarious situation. He just hoped to god that the mutt knew how to keep his mouth shut. It was no secret about how much hate and animosity were between Black and Severus, Draco just hoped that when Black put two and two together and realized that Lucian was a Snape he would not let his feelings for the father reflect on the son as well. He had a feeling that when push came to shove, Lucian would not hold back and Merlin save whoever decided to try and stop him from killing Black because he knew that it wouldn't be pretty.

Lucian noticed that Draco's body had become rigid in anticipation of the confrontation that was sure to happen. He did not want to come to blows with the asshole and get into trouble with anyone. He didn't want to give the Ministry any thing to hang him with.

Lucian took another deep breath as he and Draco headed down the corridor on a collision course with Black.

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