Lucien pulled Jean flush up against him as she kissed him hungrily. Her fingers were absentmindedly playing with the edge of his shirt, but he keenly felt every touch. The scent of greenery in the sun room was heady in the warm air. It felt to Lucien like they were in another world. It was all he could do not to take her right then and there. Lucien placed kisses along Jean's jawline, growling into her ear.

"Mrs. Blake, I have a mind to take you to bed right now."

Lucien felt more than heard her low laugh.

"It's not Mrs. Blake yet. And you have patients in a few minutes. Besides, Doctor, I think you might need to take a few minutes to cool down before you see anyone."

Lucien looked confused. In response Jean moved closer, making Lucien aware of his urgent arousal pressed against her. Lucien's mouth went dry, caught between embarrassment and a desperate need to finish what they started. Jean took pity on him.

"But I promise you after we get married you can take me to bed whenever you want."

"Bed? Almost Mrs. Blake, I plan to have you right here."

Lucien gestured towards the rough hewn stone that made up the sun room floor. Jean lost her balance and nearly fell over. Lucien steadied her, grinning. Jean looked at him wide-eyed, then back down at the floor. She neatened her hair as she tried to compose herself.

"Well then," Jean replied breathlessly, "I'll make sure to give the floor a good sweep."

Lucien stared at her in shock as she hurried from the room.