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"Geesh, Reg, let go of my shirt; you're embarrassing me," Sirius Black snapped at his younger brother, who currently had his sleeve gripped in his small fingers. "Now, I'm going to go find James. Go over by the water fountain and don't move."

"But Mother said we have to stick together," Regulus reminded him.

"What Mother doesn't know won't hurt her. Now, go, and don't wander off."

Regulus grumbled, but he, reluctantly, released his hold on his brother and dragged his trunk over to the water fountain. If it weren't Sirius, he would've pursued the arguement, but Sirius was his older brother, and he practically worshipped the ground he walked on; in their duo, Sirius was leader. And just like employees don't talk back to their boss (unless they want to get fired), Regulus didn't talk back to Sirius.

The young child sighed and plopped down on his trunk beside the steel water fountains, watching the enormous mass of people march past him; he followed his brother's retreating back until Sirius disappeared into the crowd. Now, all he has to do was sit here and wait.

"Hello, little fella," a voice interrupted the raven haired boy's thoughts. "What's your name?"

Startled by the sudden voice, Regulus jumped and whirled around to see a tall man standing behind him. He was in his late twenties, early thirties and had black hair pinned down by a baseball cap. His clothes were obviously Muggle and consisted of a red shirt, blue jeans, and a brown jacket that was left unzipped. At six foot, he didn't lack muscle, and he had tan skin. Under the shade of his hat, Regulus could see a hint of stubble on his chin and cheeks, along with a friendly smile and brown eyes that seemed to twinkle with kindness. All in all, he seemed like a pretty nice guy, but even at eleven (especially since he was born into a 'dark' family), Regulus knew better than to judge a person based on appearance.

The boy didn't reapond, so the man continued talking.

"I'm Johnathon. Where are your parents? A nice boy like you shouldn't be out here all alone."

Okay, that was majorly creepy, but this man obviously wasn't going to leave him alone until he got an answer. A little information, but not too much.

"My parents are around here somewhere, and they told my brother to watch me. He just went to fetch his friends before coming back to get me. Should be back any time now, actually," Regulus explained before pretending to scan the platform, knowing his brother couldn't have found his friends so fast at the crowded station.

"Well, that wasn't very nice of him. Sounds like he values his friends over his family."

"Yeah, he does," Regulus agreed, wistfully, before realizing that he was opening up and shut his mouth tight.

What are you doing, Black? He scolded himself. You don't open up to the creepy man at the train station. That's not getting kidnapped 101, as is running away!

At least he hasn't offered me candy yet, Regulus thought. If he did, I would've been gone.

"So, kid, you still haven't told me your name," Jonathan smiled, sitting beside Regulus on the trunk. "I told you mine, so now, you've gotta tell me your's."

Hesitating, the eleven year old answered, "Regulus."

He didn't offer anymore information because his parents had always told him not to talk to strangers, but they'd also told him to listen to his brother, and Sirius had told him not to move.

"Well, Regulus, if I were your brother, I wouldn't have left you all alone in a crowded train station. How about you come with me, and I'll help you find your brother?"

"Um, no, thanks. He told me not to move," Regulus declined.

"Come on, Regulus, what kind of person would I be if I left you in the middle of a train station, where you could be picked up by anybody?"

"I said no, and besides, Sirius should be here any- oh, there you are, Sirius!" He exclaimed, looking behind Johnathon.

Johnathon turned around, only to find empty air, and Regulus stood, running into the crowd. He'd come back for his trunk when Johnathon left.

He didn't get very far; Regulus was hoping he could disappear, but Johnathon found him, yanking him back towards the water fountains. No one even noticed, and if they did, they certainly didn't help.

"Oh, you're not going anywhere, boy," a cold voice snapped, and Johnathon tightened his hold around Regulus's midsection until Regulus couldn't even breathe. The frigid blade of a knife dug into his side, the sharp edge cutting his skin ever so slightly, just enough to draw blood.

"Now, unless, you want me to stab you and leave you to bleed out on the side walk, I suggest you come with me."

Regulus nodded, slowly. "Yes, sir."

Johnathon chuckled. "The sir was a nice touch. You are going to treat me like I'm your father or a relative. If you tip anybody off that I'm not, there won't be a tomorrow for you, kid."

Regulus nodded. "Yes, sir."

"And keep in mind, I saw your brother earlier. I've changed my mind; make one wrong move, and I won't kill you. I'll go after him and make you watch me slice your poor older brother to pieces."

Regulus felt slightly sick and the image invaded his brain, and forcing back tears, he nodded.

"Please, sir, I'll do anything. Just don't hurt Sirius."

Johnathon was so close to him, he could feel Johnathon's movements as he nodded.

"Good. Walk."

And Regulus was shoved into the crowd, the knife against his back, and he kept his eyes trained on the ground. The image of his brother dead and 'sliced to pieces' kept him from mouthing help or even looking up so that someone could see his tears and frightened expression.

Regulus Black, at age eleven, found himself traveling down a treacherous path that could either end his life or change it.

Maybe even both...

"James!" Sirius shouted for his best friend when he caught sight of the famous Potter hair standing out in the crowd.

He found himself laughing. The Potter hair was a lot like the Black family looks. Both traits were basically a neon sign reading 'Hello, there! I'm a Potter/Black!'

James turned, and the sunlight glinted off of his wire rimmed spectacles, his white teeth shining as he grinned.

"Hey, Sirius, long time, no see!" James tackled his best friend in an embrace, nearly sending both of them to the pavement. "I missed you, buddy."

"Me, too, pal."

"Hey, I already found Remus and Pete. They're over on the benches waiting for us."

The pair strolled over to their friends; Remus was reading his book (already!), and Peter was daydreaming. When Sirius and James were spotted, however, Remus dropped his book, and Peter snapped back to reality before embracing their friend.

"So, guys, we'd better find a compartment before they're all taken," Remus pointed out, but Remus, James, and Peter hadn't taken a single second before Sirius sighed and stopped them.

"Oh, man, wait. My brother's starting this year, and my parents made me promise I'd sit with him."

James and Peter slumped, slightly, but Remus nodded and assured him, "He can sit with us. Where is he?"

"I told him to wait by the water fountains while I came to get you."

"Um, Sirius, are you sure he's over there?" James frowned, peering over Sirius's shoulder.

"Yeah. He'd never disobey me, and he knows better than to wander off."

"Uh, Sirius... turn around," Remus said, nervously, as though waiting for an atomic bomb to go off.

The teenager spun on his heel and found that his little brother wasn't where he left him!

"That little git!" Sirius exclaimed before storming over to the water fountains. "He's gone."

"Sirius, is this his trunk?" Peter asked, gesturing to an abandoned school trunk.

Sirius knelt beside it and ran his fingers over the small name tag, identifying the trunk as Regulus Arcturus Black's.

"Yeah, so his trunk is here. Now, where's he?" Sirius demanded, scanning the crowd.

"The loo?" James suggested.

"Nah, he hasn't used a public bathroom since a guy molested him in the bathroom a few years ago."

(I assure you: normally, Sirius wouldn't give that information out, but these were his best friends. He told them literally everything... almost everything, anyway)


"Yeah, long story. I'll tell you later, but right now, we need to find Reggie. If my parents find out I lost him, there will be one less Marauder."

Just then, as if the universe had heard him and listened, he caught sight of his brother's black hair and pale skin swimming in the sea of people. A scar barely peaked out from under his brother's hair, making the boy's identity unmistakable.

"Reggie!" He called. "Regulus Black, get your butt over here!"

Regulus stopped, and slowly, he turned to face his brother; Sirius saw him speaking, and for the first time, Sirius noticed a stranger gripping Regulus by the arm.

As soon as Regulus finished speaking, the stranger's eyes landed on Sirius.

And then, the stranger started running, dragging Regulus with him.

"No!" Sirius cried, startling his friends. "Reggie!"

The boy froze, causing the man to bump into him, and looked around, his terrified eyes zeroing in on Sirius once more.

He whispered something that Sirius couldn't hear over the noise of hundreds of people speaking at once, although it may have been help me.

The man stopped trying to drag Regulus through the crowd, and he spun Regulus around to face him before slinging him over his shoulder, knocking the wind out of Sirius's brother.

The man shoved people out of the way, pushing his way through the ocean of bodies, and Sirius broke into a run, followed by his friends.

"Stop!" Sirius screamed. "Stop him! He has my brother!"

Dozens of people stopped, allowing Sirius to push past them, but they were all puzzled and shocked; no one was calm enough to help.

Sirius didn't care; he plowed his way through, kicking and punching people who got in his way, forgetting manners entirely.

Regulus was crying by now, but he wasn't screaming; Sirius realized how must've been threatened. Otherwise, Regulus would've started screaming bloody murder by now.

The kidnapped sprinted through the entrance to Platform 9 and 3/4, and Sirius followed, barely stumbling as he forced his way through the column. Muggles gasped at his sudden appearance, but Sirius didn't even notice.

"Help me!" He shouted, flailing his arms to get the attention of a Muggle policeman (his parents didn't like Muggles, but they still informed Regulus and Sirius about certain things to avoid looking like idiots on the rare occasions that they went into the Muggle world). "Please. That man has my brother."

That got the attention of quite a few people. Muggles screamed; mothers pulled their children closer; security guards dashed after the kidnapper, but none as fast as Sirius.

The kidnapper skidded to a stop beside a simple black car and tossed open the door, tossing Regulus into the back of the car, before he hopped into the driver's seat.

"Regulus!" Sirius sobbed.

He vaguely heard Regulus cry out for him, but the car had already started and was currently speeding off.

"No!" Sirius screamed, and he halted, quickly, as the car nearly ran him over before whirling out of the parking lot and diappearing into traffic.

Sirius went to race after the car (currently his brother's prison) but a hand grabbing his collar stopped him.

A Muggle policeman was standing behind him, and Sirius struggled against his strong grip.

"What are you doing? He's getting away with my little brother!" Sirius hollered, twisting to try and escape the man's grip.

"Kid, you can't chase after a moving car. At least not for long. We're going to find your brother, but not by simply chasing him."


"Kid, we're wasting time. If you do exactly as I say, we're going to find him, but arguing with me is not going to help," the man pointed out, firmly. "Now, tell me, where are your parents?"

Sirius knew he couldn't say Platform 9 and 3/4, but fortunately, he didn't even have to speak.

"SIRIUS!" His father yelled, appearing on the scene beside his mother.

"He took him, Father," Sirius explained, his voice shaking. "He took Reggie."

He cursed, silently. Why did he leave Regulus alone? He was eleven.

Eleven wasn't old enough for a lot of things. Drinking, sex, dating. Eleven was to young to be left alone in a crowded train staion, surrounded by strangers. Eleven was too young to feel abandoned. Eleven was too young to die.

"Who, Sirius? Who?" His father demanded, kneeling before his eldest and grabbing his upper arms, shaking him slightly.

"I don't know," Sirius whimpered, drops of water streaming down his cheeks.

"That's what we need to figure out," the Muggle policeman interrupted. "You must be their father."

Orion nodded, standing. Tears filled his eyes, but he refused to let them rain down his face. He had to be strong. For his wife. For his remaining son. He couldn't afford to break down. Not now.

He held out a hand. "Orion Black."

The officer shook Orion's hand, and for the first time in a long time, Orion didn't recoil from the touch of a Muggle.

"I'm Andrew Wilson. Let's go to my office, and I'll ask you some questions," he stated.

"Can my friends come to?" Sirius asked, trying to swallow the urge to fall to his knees and sob in grief.

James wrapped an arm around his shoulders, and Sirius felt like it was the only thing keeping him standing. His anchor.

Andrew smiled, and knowing the presence of his mates would keep Sirius calm during the difficult questioning, he nodded.

"Of course," the officer responded before escorting them to his office.

He sat behind an organized desk, and the six people sat in the chairs that had been brought in for them.

Andrew clicked his pen and touched it to a pad of paper.

"All right. Would it be okay if I asked you a few questions about Regulus?"

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