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Sirius knew it was a bad idea, sneaking around a gigantic hospital in search of one person with your family and friends around every corner, but he couldn't help it. Last time he checked, Regulus was bleeding, mentally unstable, unconscious, and drugged with who knows what. Sirius had to see for himself that his baby brother was safe and sound.

The elder brother crept along the hallway, sticking close to the wall and trying to act normal. The bandage wrapped around his torso rubbed uncomfortably against the wound on his back, and every time he took a step, his fractured ribs were jostled. A migraine was quickly disorienting him, but Sirius refused to stop. Unless he lost the ability to move, he would continue walking until he found his baby brother.

The floor swayed under his feet, and the walls tilted, but he absolutely refused to stop. Regulus was close; Sirius could feel it.

Door after door was peaked through. A man struggling against the restraints tying him to the bed...

"They're coming for me!" He screamed. "The cl-clowns. They have snakes, and they're g-going to kill me!"

"The clowns and the snakes are not after you," his nurse stated, calmly. "It's time for your medication, Ben."

"No! You're trying to poison me!"

Sirius quickly shut the door.

The next room held an unconscious or sleeping middle aged woman with blonde hair. She had blood dripping down her forehead, and a nurse was cleaning the blood away while a doctor set out instruments to heal the wound.

In the third room, a teenage girl with auburn, wavy hair cried as she cradled her wrist to her chest. Blood soaked it, and bruises stained her skin from wrist to elbow. The bone was sticking out.

Sirius shut the door and fought down the urge to vomit at the mere sight of it. Wrists were not supposed to look like that...

In the fourth room, there was a little boy...

It was Reggie without a doubt, but Sirius could hardly tell with all the medical gear. Strolling over to the bundle of tubes, Sirius counted three in his stomach, one in each arm, and one in his mouth. Blood, clear fluid, and an orangish liquid (probably some kind of medicine) was being pumped into his baby brother. Bandages mummified him, and he was covered in cuts and scratches and lesions. A jagged line of stitches stretched painfully across his forehead.

Sirius fell to his knees, ignoring the arctic cold that seeped through his hospital gown, and wiped a smear of crimson from Reggie's lip. He let out a silent sob at the sight of his baby brother- who he'd vowed to protect- lying in a hospital bed.

As if sensing his brother beside him, Regulus stirred and murmured, "Siri?"

"I'm right here, Reg, and I'm not going anywhere," Sirius promised. "I won't leave you. Never again."

Sirius crawled into the chair beside his younger sibling and rested his head on Regulus's stomach, carefully avoided the tubes. He promptly passed out.

"Should we move him or wake him up and make him leave?" A harsh woman's voice interrupted his previously undisturbed sleep.

"Nah, let him sleep. Besides, we've had to sedate the younger one three times, and he actually looks remotely peaceful. He needs that," a kind man's voice said, going from a light chuckle to a much darker tone.

"The older one needs it, too."

"Trust me, they've got a long road ahead of them. I just pray that they're strong enough to survive it."

A door opened and closed, and footsteps faded into the distance. As soon as they were gone, Sirius slipped back into slumber.

He was standing in the woods, alone save for the birds and the trees. His heart thundered in his chest; his breath left his lips in short, quick gasps that didn't give him enough of the oxygen he so desperately needed.

A man crashed through the trees, a man he knew well. The man smiled an awful grin.

"You're gonna pay, you little brat," he chuckled, cruelly.

He broke into a sprint, dodging trees left and right. He was quickly tiring, and as he teetered on the edge of collapse, he paused to lean over, his hands on his knees, and spit out a mixture of water, blood, and stomach acid.

"Siri?" A tentative voice sounded from nearby.

"Reggie?" He choked as he straightened back up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Reggie!"

"Siri! Siri, help me, please!" The desperate screech sliced through the dense woods, like a knife through butter.

Sirius continued to race, bolting from area to area in search of a small boy with black hair and gray eyes so much like his own.

"Reggie! Reggie, please!"

Sirius waited for an answer, but there was only the sound of running footsteps chasing him and Sirius's own raspy breathing.


There, suspended from a tree branch, was his baby brother. Not that he looked anything like him at that moment.

His black hair, usually neatly combed and shiny and beautiful, was now matted with blood and mud, tangled into one massive knot. Pale and practically scratched to pieces, his skin was a deathly shade of white. His silver eyes gazed at Sirius in accusation as he swung back and forth on the rope that bound him by his neck to the tree branch.

"REGGIE!" Sirius cried in agonizing grief.

"Your fault," the voices hissed. They were coming from all directions, invading his mind with their snake like hissing. "All your fault."

"No! Please!"


"NO! Reggie, don't leave me! Please..."

"Your fault."

Sirius Black was left with only the voices and himself. His worst enemy.

Sirius screamed as he bolted awake. People were rushing in and out of his vision; Sirius didn't know who they were, nor did he care. His little brother was dead, and it was all his fault. Didn't any of them care about that?


Was that James? Why would he want to speak to Sirius? After all, Sirius killed Reggie and almost got James, Lily, Peter, Severus, and Remus killed. Sirius wouldn't forgive himself, so why would James?


Dad? Sirius practically murdered his baby brother, even if he wasn't the one that put his head through the noose. Why would his parents ever want to talk to him again?

"Kid, calm down!"

Uncle Alphard? What was he doing here?

"Sirius, calm down."


"We need to sedate him," an unfamiliar voice stated.

Apparently, someone else had a different idea. Arms supported Sirius behind his back and under his knees before he was lifted up bridal style. People were protesting, but whoever was carrying him either didn't notice or didn't care.

White hallways flashed in his vision; walls were stretching toward the ceiling above his head. Other objects and people passed through his blurred vision before Sirius was finally placed in a white chair.

His hand brushed against another, even more familiar than his own. He inhaled the scent of his baby brother and started crying. His hand was warm under Sirius's; he was alive.

Sieius rested his head on Regulus's stomach, which fell evenly with his breathing.

"Reggie," he sobbed. "Reggie."

Only then did he fully understand what the doctor meant by 'a long road ahead of them.'

The next several weeks were spent attending therapy for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder... a fancy term for the word traumatized) and separation anxiety (pretty self explanatory, considering Sirius couldn't stand being away from Reggie for more than a few hours).

He had so many medications, he actually wondered if it was healthy. Anxiety medication, antidepressants, something to help him sleep, appetite inducer (considering Sirius had almost no appetite), tranquilizers for panic attacks, and too many more to count. And this wasn't even mentioning the potions; that was just the pills.

Sirius wasn't attending Hogwarts at the moment. His school work was sent home, but no one pushed him to do it. He was anxious enough without piling school on top of everything else; still, Sirius did the work to distract him. He'd often do all his work while sitting with Reggie, who was now comatose (apparently, the drugs were still in his system and mixing it with medications at the hospital had resulted in a coma).

Sirius had settled into a schedule during the past few weeks, but it was more like going through the motions than anything.

Three AM- wake up in bed, no matter where he went to sleep (courtesy of his dad), and stare at the ceiling until the sunrise had passed.

Eight AM- pull himself out of bed and take his morning meds (anxiety, antidepressants, appetite inducer, and an energy potion since he no longer had the energy to get through the day)

Eight thirty AM- pick at his breakfast and ignore the concerned glances of his parents until he can escape the table

Nine AM- look through the messages on his phone and the two way mirror and seeing well over a dozen, but not answering any

Ten AM- get dressed and Floo to St. Mungos to see Reggie

Noon- take his 'lunch time' meds, as his therapist calls them (appetite inducer, anxiety medication, and a potion to suppress flashbacks)

One PM- claim he's not hungry and brush off the begs from his parents to eat something

One thirty to three thirty PM- spent at Reggie's bedside

Four PM- attend therapy session with Dr. Martin

Five thirty PM- take his 'dinner' meds (Once again, labeled by the therapist). These include appetite inducer and antidepressants

Six PM- muddle through dinner and try to eat a meal, even though he feels sick after a couple of bites

Seven PM- 'bed time' meds, including a sleep potion, a dreamless potion, and insomnia treatment (to regulate the wake and sleep chemicals in his brain)

Try to sleep without dreaming. Wake up. Do it all again tomorrow.

It was a never ending cycle. That is, until someone decided to break the circle.

It was Saturday, and Sirius's family was down in the cafe, eating lunch; Sirius was at Regulus's bed side, having chosen to spend time with his brother rather than eating.

His baby brother had been comatose for two weeks now, and nothing Sirius or the doctors did could wake him up.

Sirius Black was almost asleep with his head resting on his brother's chest, listening to the soft beating of Regulus's heart under his ear. His tears soaked the sheets covering Reggie's form, and sobs racked his frame.

Hopelessness was seeping in. Sirius Black was optimistic, hopeful, and always looked on the bright side of things, but now... he wasn't sure if there was a bright side.

A hand patted him on the head.

"Don't cry, Siri," a small voice rasped.

Sirius froze, thinking that there was no way. He slowly raised his head.

"R-Reg?" He stammered.

"Hey," Regulus replied, casually.

Sirius's eyes met Regulus's, which were open and filled with confusion.

"Why are you crying?" The younger boy asked.

"I thought we lost you," Sirius responded before throwing himself at Regulus and bawling into his bony chest.

Regulus wanted to ask what was going on and why he was so sleepy, but he decided not to. He'd missed his brother; he'd missed him since he'd been kidnapped and had missed him even more in the darkness he'd fallen into for what felt like forever. They were together again; that was what mattered.

They were together again, and nothing, not even the universe itself, would pull them apart.

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