As he finished loading up the last of the boxes into the moving van, Henry Bowen took one last look at the home he had shared with his wife for the past thirteen years before she was tragically killed in a road accident the previous month, leaving him to raise their Ten year old daughter Lily Bowen and right now the child was stood at his side, long brown hair reaching just near the bottom of her back whilst a dark purple headband sat on top of her head. After his wife had tragically passed away, Henry decided it was time they had a fresh start and he thought about moving back to his old home town which he had left at least thirty years ago, long before Lily had been born and that's what they were doing right now.

"Come on you" he said, placing his hand on the little girl's shoulder "time to go." As the van drivers packed up the rest of their belongings into the moving van, Henry and Lily got into the car before driving back to his old hometown, following behind the moving van.

"Dad, why are we moving to your old home town?" Lily asked curiously, the little girl was confused as to why Henry had suddenly wanted to move on such short notice.

"I've told you before, it would be a fresh new start for us and besides, I miss my old home town" he replied but that wasn't the truth, the truth was that his wife had been killed right outside their front lawn and he was unable to stay living in that house any moment longer, every time he looked out he saw the image of her crossing the street and being hit by a drunk driver, he could still see her motionless body lying in the road as the car sped off, even little Lily had witnessed it all too, he remembered how she stood on the front porch, clutching her teddy bear, the colour draining from her face as she witnessed the tragic death of her mother, that was the real reason why he wanted to move back to his old hometown.

"Do you think Mommy would be happy that we're having a fresh start?" the little girl asked "because I don't think she'd want you to be sad." Henry couldn't help but smile at his daughter, she may only be young but she did have a wise head on her shoulders.

"No, I don't think she would either" he smiled "right then young lady, it's time to go to our new home." The drive from their current home town all the way back to Henry's old home town took at least four hours and the pair didn't talk much throughout the journey, especially Lily who had remained almost perfectly silent, gazing out the car window, the child didn't like talking about her mother all that much, she was worried it would make her dad feel more sadder, she still remained silent when they arrived at Henry's old home and he had a feeling that something was bothering her and he instantly knew what it was.

"Hey come on now kiddo" he said, placing his hand on her shoulder "at least we still got each other, it's just you and me. We're a team, right?" Lily nodded, giving him a small smile "that's my girl, now, let's get unpacked shall we."

Two weeks later

Lily was sitting in the front yard reading when the mailman came by, saying he had a letter that was addressed to Henry before handing it over to her and the child ran inside the house.

"Dad, Daddy, there's a letter for you" she said, handing him the yellowish envelope which contained a letter from someone he used to know a long time ago, way before Lily had even been born.

"Oh" he said as he read the letter as Lily stood on her tip toes to get a look.

"What does it say?" the little girl asked curiously "who's it from?"

"It's from my old boss, Joey Drew" Henry replied "he wants me to go back to the workshop, says he has something to show me."

"Was he the person who made all those Bendy cartoons?" the child asked "and he wants you to go back to the place were you made them?" Henry nodded and the child's face immediately lit up "Oh please can I come with you if you are gonna go back, I've always wanted to go to the place where they made the cartoons." Henry stood and thought for a minute, it had been a long time since he had been at the old workshop but perhaps it couldn't have hurt if he did take Lily along with him, show her the place and perhaps introduce her to his old boss and after making his decision, he turned to the young girl.

"Well I don't see why not" he replied as Lily's face lit up, it was the first time he had seen her smile like that since her Mother passed away "no harm in showing you the place I used to work at long before you was born."

"Can we go today?" She asked.

"Not today honey, we still got to get the house sorted but we'll go tomorrow instead" Henry replied.

"Promise?" the little girl asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Promise" Henry replied, poking the child's nose in a playful manner "now do me a favour and take this box down to the basement then we'll get started on your room." He handed her a box of some things and she headed down to the basement which was pretty dark that it gave Lily the creeps but if she just put the box down somewhere and run back up the staircase then she's be fine. The child began making her away across the basement and set the box down in the corner but just as she was about to run back out, she saw something, a figure stood in the far corner and she began to back away, shaking before opening her mouth.

Back upstairs, Henry was carrying some boxes into Lily's room when he heard a high pitched scream coming from the basement and thinking that something had happened to Lily, he went down to investigate.

"Lily?" he called out as he rushed down the basement stairs "what's the matter?" he found her stood in the middle of the room, shaking and pointing at the far corner "what is it?"

"There's someone here" she whispered, pointing at the figure stood in the corner "someone's in our basement." Henry looked over to where Lily was pointing and went to investigate.

"Is this what you saw?" he asked, taking hold of the figure she saw and bringing it over to her revealing the figure to just be a card board cut out of Bendy "it's just a cut out, nothing to be afraid of."

"Why is there a Bendy cut out down here?" Lily asked "is this what you got from the workshop?"

"Yeah, yeah I think so, I must have left it down here before we moved" Henry replied "I forgot this little guy was down here, I'm surprised whoever lived here after I did didn't notice it down here."

"Maybe because it's pretty dark down here and it looks like no one's been down here for a long time" Lily pointed out "I think we should bring it upstairs, put it in the front room or something, I mean, you did create him after all and I think he must have been lonely, being down here all by himself for such a long time."

"You know that's not such a bad idea" Henry replied, picking up the cut out and holding it under his arm "you know I used to have one of these sitting by my desk in the old workshop all them years ago, even though it wasn't alive it made for pretty good company, now let's put him somewhere then think about having some lunch okay." Lily nodded and headed up the basement staircase with Henry following behind carrying the Bendy cut out and they both decided that they should have it in the front room, next to the writing desk.

"It'll be just like being back at the work shop" he said "and we'll see more of them when we go to the old workshop tomorrow."

"Do you think?" the little girl questioned.

"Sure we will, they had loads of Bendy cut outs around the place when I worked there so I imagine they'll still be there" Henry replied "still can't believe Joey wants me to go back there, after all these years, wonder what he wants to show me."

"Maybe he's opening the place up again" Lily replied with a shrug "maybe he wants you to come back and work there."

"Oh I don't think that's possible honey, he'll be an old man by now, but we'll still go along, see whatever it is he's wanting to show" Henry replied "anyway, hows about we go have some lunch, then we can think about finishing unpacking your room."

"Only if you give me a piggy back ride" Lily said with an innocent smile.

"What if I don't want to give you one" Henry teased, making the child cross her arms and scowl at him playfully "oh please don't say I have to do this."

"I'm afraid so, or we can't finish unpacking my things" the little girl teased and with a sigh of defeat, Henry knelt down, allowing the child to climb onto his back.

"Okay little miss, would you like me to escort you to the kitchen" he said, putting on an upper class British accent and the little girl nodded "right, kitchen it is then and our next destination is your room." Henry then strode into the kitchen with Lily clinging to his back, neither of them noticing that the eyes on the cut out seemed to move, as if they were watching both father and daughter. The next morning, they were getting ready to head to the old workshop and Henry insisted that Lily wear something warm as it might be a little cold inside the place, especially in the middle of October.

"Do you think Mr. Drew will be there?" Lily asked as she buttoned up her navy blue cartoon over her white polo shirt and dark green pinafore.

"I should hope so, if he recently sent the letter then he's probably gone there to wait in case I do show up, which I am going to do" Henry replied "now, are you ready to go?"

"I am if you are" the child replied as she finished buckling up her black Mary Jane shoes "and do you have the letter?" Henry patted his Jacket Pocket to indicate that the letter was in there and after both of them were ready, they got into the car.

"I can't wait to see the old workshop" Lily piped up as they pulled out of the driveway and onto the road "it'll be so amazing, but, I wish Mommy was still here, she could have come with us and I think she would have liked to come too."

"Oh I'm sure she would have honey" Henry replied, giving the child a reassuring smile "but we'll be fine you and me, going there together right?" Lily nodded as they pulled away from the house, unaware that the Bendy cut out had somehow moved itself from beside Henry's writing desk, all the way to the front room window, watching as his car drove away from the house, it's eye's moving again, following the car's movements.

The drive to the old workshop took at least an hour or so but once they arrived and got out the car, both Henry and Lily were shocked to see how run down the place looked, windows were boarded up and green moss was growing on the walls, and the entire place looked like it hadn't been used in years.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Lily asked as she caught sight of what state the building was in, looking up at an old worn picture of Bendy's face that was painted above the door "well there's a picture of Bendy over the door so this must be the right place, but why does it look so... abandoned?"

"Well, no one's worked here for a very long time, the last time I worked here was way before you were born, but Joey did ask me to come back here, so that means he's probably inside" Henry replied before taking hold of Lily's hand "well, shall we go inside and see what it is he wanted to show us?" Lily nodded silently and Henry pushed on the door which surprisingly opened very easily and the two walked through the door and into a dark hallway, inside the old workshop.

"Alright Joey, we're here, let's see if we can find what you wanted us to see."