So if anyone may remember, I mentioned at the end of the last chapter that if anyone wanted me to do so, I would write up an alternative ending, well it just so happens that I was requested via private messaging to write this alternative ending and here is the alternative ending that they requested. Also another thing I want to point out regarding a guest review that was left on her, stating that Henry's last name was Stein, if the person who left that review ever comes across this chapter, I just want to point out that I started writing this fanfic back in 2017, just before Chapter 3 was released and at the time, Henry's last name was unknown, hence why I made one up for him. I would have replied directly and explained but members cannot reply to guest reviews unfortunately.

Alternative ending

After Henry raced through the maze like room, flipping the switches all while the Ink Demon taunted him, having turned into his beast form and taking his Ten year old Daughter Lily captive and her terrified cries made Henry all that more determined to get back into the throne room, play the end reel, destroy the Demon and save his little girl.

"You'll never save her Henry, once I've killed you I will keep your little girl here forever, she belongs to me now" the monstrous voice of beast bendy echoed around the room as Henry growled in anger, he wasn't going to let the demon kill him and keep his little girl trapped in this hellish place, she was just an innocent child and didn't deserve any of this.

"NEVER, SHE'S MY DAUGHTER, YOU CAN'T HAVE HER" Henry yelled, only for Bendy to chuckle in response whilst Lily sobbed in fear whilst the beast held her in his giant hand, mocking Henry's attempts to destroy him and save the only thing he had left in his life.

"Stop your crying child" the Demon hissed, tightening his grip on the little girl "daddy's not going to save you, you're mine now." A terrified Lily shook her head and insisted that Henry will save her and defeat him if it was the last thing he would do.

"M..My daddy will save me" the little girl stated, her voice shaking with fear, only for Bendy to chuckle evilly at her in response, telling her that Henry will die before he gets a chance to save her and she will remain in this place for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, Henry had made it to the room with the four Ink pipes and as soon as he turned the wheel over on the right wall, draining the ink from the tubes, he suddenly felt a sharp pain as he was struck to the floor. Dazed, he looked up to see Beast Bendy standing over him, a terrified and crying Lily clenched in his giant hand. "Well, well, well, it looks as if we've come to the end of the road, Henry old buddy" the Ink Demon sneered as he pinned Henry down with his other large hand, ignoring Lily's cries and pleas for him not to hurt her daddy "but don't you worry pal, I'll make your death quick and painless, and also, don't worry about your little girl" his grin grew wider as he put his face up close to Henry's "no harm will come to her, as long as she is a good girl and cooperates." Struggling, Henry stated that Bendy will not take Lily, he was going to save her from his Ink clutches, destroy him and the pair of them will get out of the studio.

"D..daddy" Lily sobbed.

"Be quiet child" Bendy growled at the terrified Ten year old girl he held in his large hand, whilst pinning Henry down to the floor with is other "I have to take care of your daddy here, but don't worry, I'll try and make it as quick and painless as possible." He then threw Lily to the floor, before summoning two searchers to hold the little girl down whilst he dealt with Henry. As the two searchers came up from the floor, the pair of them held the child down tot he floor whilst Bendy dealt with Henry and all Lily could do was squeeze her eyes shut, unable to watch as the Ink Demon attacked her daddy, all she could here was his anguished screams of pain which seemed to last for an eternity until eventually, he became silent.

After killing Henry, Bendy reverted back to his Ink Demon form, the form that had been pursuing Henry and Lily during their time in the studio. He turned around and walked over to the two searchers that were holding Lily down and ordered them to release her. As soon as they did, Lily stood up and looked over to Henry's lifeless body, letting out an anguished scream and was about to run over to him, but Bendy grabbed her, picked her up and carried her into the throne room as she kicked and screamed before setting her down on the throne. "You killed my daddy, YOU KILLED HIM" the little girl screamed before jumping of the throne and swung her tiny fists at the Ink Demon, attempting to hit him, only for him to snarl and grabbed hold of her wrists before she got a chance to hit.

"Foolish child, he deserved it for abandoning me all those years ago" he stated as Lily struggled in his grip "you should be grateful that I kept you alive, mostly I don't let any one live, but you, Little Lily, you could be of some use to me. Don't worry, I'll make sure you won't remember anything that happened here during your time in this place, even your daddy's unfortunate end." Before Lily could protest, Bendy placed his large gloved hand over her face, causing her to struggle as a searing pain swam through her head with the Ink Demon telling her not to fight it and the child continued to struggle and put up a fight until her vision became nothing but darkness and she fell limp with Bendy catching her before she fell the floor. "Sleep now little one" he sneered at the now unconscious little girl as he laid her down on the floor "you won't remember anything when you wake up, the only thing you'll remember is your loyalty to me."

3 months later

The door to the old abandoned studio creaked open and two girls, no older than 16 years old to be exact walked in and began making their way inside, looking at their surroundings.

"So, this is old abandoned cartoon studio right Melissa?" the girl with shoulder length strawberry blonde hair asked her friend who was slightly taller than she was and had light blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. "Yep, it is Gabrielle, apparently they closed it down because a lot of weird things happened here and apparently, it's rumoured that a Demon roams the empty halls."

"Oh shut up, there's no such thing as Demons" Melissa replied, playfully punching Gabrielle on the arm "anyway, I can't believe that Tiffany and Charlotte betted us ten dollars each to explore this dump." The two teens made their way further into the building when suddenly, they heard what sounded like a soft, child like voice saying "help me, help me." Both girls looked at each other, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from before following the source of the child like voice as it continued to ask for help until they came across a little girl, no older than ten years old to be exact, standing at the end of the corridor. "What the, why is there a kid in here?" Melissa questioned as the small girl slowly walked over to them, she had long brown hair and had a pale face with dark circles under her eyes.

"Please help me, I'm lost and I can't find my way out" the little girl said, her voice sounded kind of dreamy and far away "please, I just wanna go home." Both Melissa and Gabrielle looked at each other before looking over at the little girl. "How did you end up in here and where are your parents?" Gabrielle asked but the child didn't responded, she just seemed to be staring straight ahead with a far away look in her eyes, like she was in some kind of a trance" hey, you alright" Gabrielle gave the little girl a shake "can you hear me?" all of a sudden, a tall, dark figure emerged from the wall behind the little girl and stood behind her, causing both Melissa and Gabrielle to stumble back, but for some weird reason, the little girl didn't seemed to be fazed by the demonic creature that had just emerged. It appeared to be around 8 feet tall and bore a striking resemblance to the little cartoon devil they had seen on the posters, only they had Ink covering it's face, with their grin only visible. Both of the two teens tried to get the little girl to run away from the tall figure that stood behind her, towering over her tiny form, but the child didn't even flinch, she just remained in a trance like state. With it's grin growing slightly wider, the Ink Demon began making his way to the two girls who began backing away and before they could even run, he grabbed hold of them both and carried them to the Ink Machine room as they both screamed and screamed until eventually, they became silent.

The little girl remained in the corridor, seemingly unfazed by the fact that this demonic creature had dragged away two teenage girls and still remained in a trance like state as it emerged from the Ink Machine room and slowly approached the child.

"You have done well Lily in luring those two humans to me. Now I can make them into a new set of ink creatures" the Ink Demon spoke, patting the girl on the head as she slowly looked up at him, her expression remaining emotionless as she spoke in a trance like tone.

"Thank you, my lord."