a/n: Hello! Thanks for clicking on my story. The idea for this came out of nowhere really, but I loved it so much, I had to run with it. It's meant to be mostly humorous, so I'll be upfront and confess that I didn't spend an overwhelming amount of time researching or trying to get every detail completely perfect. Hopefully it's worth reading, regardless. If you notice any mistakes (typos, factual errors, etc.), please let me know! Constructive criticism is always welcome. Flaming is not. And with that said, enough of my blabbing, and onto the story!

Chapter 1: In the Secret Room

Teah paused in front of the display, pressing her hands against the glass with a shriek of delight. A nearby museum worker cleared her throat, casting a glare at the teenage girl for what was probably the hundredth time. "Oh, right. Sorry," Teah said. She leaned away from the glass, clasping her hands behind her back, and shot a bright grin at the worker, who rolled her eyes.

Teah fished her phone from her pocket and turned around, holding the phone out for a selfie with one hand while her other formed a V-shape next to her face. [Lookie~ It's the Bunny Hood~!] She attached the pic to the message and hit 'send.' Turning back to the glass display, she was just about to push her nose against the case when she remembered the persnickety museum worker and managed to stop herself. The Bunny Hood was the epitome of cuteness. Her first memory was of gazing at the mask, longing to wear it and hop around, pretending to be a bunny. She didn't care about the mask's ability to increase running speed and jumping heights. All that mattered was how adorable it was.

A buzz vibrated against her thigh. Teah pulled the phone out and opened the new message. It was from Leta. [Yes, Teah. We've all seen the Bunny Hood before.]

Teah stuck her tongue out. [Meanie :P]

The phone vibrated before she even had a chance to exit from the group message between herself and her two long time best friends, Ari and Leta. [Aren't you gonna get left behind?] From Leta again.

Teah paused for a moment, trying to understand the message's meaning. "Oh!" she shouted. Hastily raising her head, she found that, as Leta had predicted, her class was nowhere to be seen. 'Ahh, I'm gonna get in trouble again! she moaned inwardly. She looked around, trying to figure out where her classmates had gone. There was no one in sight. Even the evil museum worker, who had practically been stalking her since they entered the museum almost an hour ago, was nowhere to be seen. Teah pursed her lips and tried to decide where they might be going next. The Magical Masks room continued forward to two other exhibits: Dangerous Organisms, which hosted preserved body parts of ancient deadly monsters; and Mystical Gems, which showcased an array of magical precious stones and jewelry. Knowing Professor Lorre, her monster-obsessed history teacher, she had a pretty good guess. Mind made up, Teah skipped off in the direction of the Dangerous Organisms exhibit.

Of all the museum's exhibits, Teah hated this one the most. The arched entryway led to a darkened room, where an assortment of tentacles, claws, and fangs glowed eerily beneath dim lights. She zipped her up her navy blue hoodie, pulling the hood over her short, auburn waves, and grabbed her phone, holding it up like a weapon as she tiptoed her way through the creepy displays. The room seemed to be completely empty. Maybe Professor Lorre was saving the 'best' for last. 'That must be it!' she decided, and was just about to head back when she turned around to find herself face to face with a pair of large, bulbous eyes staring out at her.

Teah screamed, stumbling backwards and proceeding to trip over her own feet. She fell to the tile floor with a thud and her phone slid from her grip, dropping with a clatter. "Ah!" she cried, reaching for it. Instead of successfully reclaiming the phone, her foot caught on the drawstring of her hoodie as she reached forward. She fell again, this time onto her face, and her outstretched fingers knocked the phone away. Teah watched with horror as it skidded beneath a case holding a scaly, clawed Lizalfos arm.

Her face fell. Releasing a whimpered moan, she crawled toward the case and bent her head to the floor, peering underneath. She sighed with relief. She could see the precious object glinting faintly just on the other side of the case. All she had to do was walk around and retrieve it. Standing, Teah whirled around and stuck her tongue out at the glass container holding the evil eyeballs. Then she stomped off to fetch her phone.

Fortunately, it had escaped unscathed from its recent adventure. Teah dusted off her beloved Bunny Hood phone charm, and returned the cell to the safety of her pocket. Now all she had to do was get out of this scary exhibit and find her class before Professor Lorre noticed she was missing. It would have been an easy task if she hadn't noticed at that moment that one of the staff only doors, roped off from the main walkway to discourage curious visitors from poking around, was open-just a crack, as if someone had entered and forgotten to close it.

It was an almost irresistible chance. No one was around to see. As long as she was sneaky enough, she could take a quick peek and be gone before anyone was the wiser. She'd always wondered what went on in those 'Staff Only' rooms. Leta always said it was probably just boring things, like cleaning supplies or something along those lines, but Teah liked to imagine that they hid deep, dark secrets. She looked around once, just to be sure she was truly alone, and darted toward the door, ducking underneath the rope barrier. Placing a hand on the handle, she opened it a little wider, just enough that she could peer inside.

It was darker than she had expected. Even with her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the Dangerous Organisms exhibit, Teah had to squint in order to see. A single, dusky orb light, the handiwork of a magician, lit the room from the far wall. The room was almost disappointingly void of anything except for a second door located next to the orb light. This door was much larger, made of a shiny, dark material that glistened in the orange light. It stretched nearly from floor to ceiling, easily taking up the majority of the tiny wall. Teah could feel the faint buzz of magic recently used.

Now, her curiosity was really peaked. She tiptoed toward the second door and placed a hand on it. She had to put her weight into it, but it swung open. Her amber eyes shone with excitement, peering down the stone stairwell that stretched before her. Touching one wall for balance, she crept down. The stairs wound into blackness so thick, Teah couldn't see a thing. Reaching for her phone once again, she turned on the flashlight. Much better.

She continued on until a faint orange glow appeared not far below. As she came closer, it morphed into the shape of another orb light. Teah turned off her flashlight. At the bottom step, she paused, leaning around the corner of the wall and checking to make sure the coast was clear before she kept going. She didn't see anyone, but there was a third door, similar to the previous one, yet even larger and dancing with the fluorescent emblems of a barrier spell, across the room. It was something of extreme interest, but she would save it for the end. Satisfied that she was safe, at least for now, Teah cheerfully hopped off the stairs and into this new chamber.

Unlike the empty previous room, this one was filled almost entirely with a clutter of objects-an assortment of weapons, chests, and various other artifacts-scattered about the stone floor. Teah couldn't keep herself from beaming. It was so exciting! The entire room hummed with magic. Seals and barriers hung over each and every item. She didn't know what to examine first. Everything was fascinating.

Before she had time to decide, a hiss sounded from the other door. She looked up to see the lights of the barrier winking out and the door began to open. Teah gasped and, not knowing what else to do, jumped behind the nearest chest, just as a young man, no older than his early twenties and clutching a clipboard, entered. He paused, his eyes scanning the room.

"Is someone there?" he asked.

Teah held her breath, heart pounding, while he flicked his fingers and sent the orb light moving about the room. Her eyes widened with horror as she saw it nearing her, and she was certain that as soon as its light passed over her head, he would see her. She glanced at the door he had just exited, still wide open, not far from where she crouched. In the rush of the moment, she jumped for it, keeping herself low and quiet as possible, and rolled into its concealing shadows. The man did not seem to have noticed her. She watched from the darkness as the orb finished its circle of the other chamber and returned to hover at the man's side.

"Ahh, I must be jumpy after coming down here by myself," he groaned. "Why did I take this job, again?" He turned back to the door, and Teah slunk further into the shadows. The man pressed both hands against the door.

Too late, Teah realized her mistake. She gasped and jumped to her feet, crying, "Wait!" but before she could get the word out, the heavy door slammed shut, and a split second later, the lights of the barrier flickered back into place. Biting her lip, Teah reached a tentative hand toward the door. The barrier touched her skin with a painful zap. "Ow!" she exclaimed, quickly yanking her arm back and nursing her injured fingers. She was stuck.

Teah's lips pursed into a pout and she folded her arms across her chest. Leta was gonna laugh her head off once she got out of here. If she got out of here. Teah froze, realizing just how dire this situation might be. What if that man never came back? What if she never got out? 'Oh please, goddesses. Please get me out of here. If you do, I promise I'll be good. At least for a little while…' She watched the door expectantly, waiting for it to swing back open any minute in proof the goddesses' goodwill. Surely they couldn't be that mad at her, just for being a little curious...right?

A minute passed, and still the door remained firmly shut, held in place by the evil, zapping barrier of doom. It was no good. She would have to find another way out. Teah turned around, surveying the rest of the room. There was no orb light here to chase away the shadows. It was completely dark. Well, completely except for a hazy red and gold glow somewhere ahead. Making use of her phone's flashlight again, she shone it towards the glow, revealing its source. An enormous sword rested on a dark pedestal. It was made of some strange black metal, its edges jagged and menacing. A red aura surrounded it. In addition, several thick, heavy chains, wrapped themselves around the sword, shackling it to the pedestal and the floor. Large bands of golden light crackled in swirling masses around the chains.

Teah breathed out in awe. Forgetting that she was supposed to be looking for a way to escape, she darted toward the sword, bending close to examine it. Up close, it was even more enormous than she'd first thought. It had to be practically the same height as her, the blade as wide as her face. A red jewel adorned the hilt, and near the bottom of the blade was a familiar triangular shape, also in red. The only off thing about the Triforce emblem, other than the color, was that it was upside down. Teah had half a feeling that she knew that symbol from somewhere, but she was too fascinated by the sword before her to try to remember. She really, really wanted to touch it. Eyeing the crackling golden light surround the chains and the red aura of the sword, which seemed to have grown since she'd first noticed it and was pulsing as if alive, she debated if it was worth the risk. Her fingers still smarted from the door barrier. But this was a once in a lifetime chance! And she really, really wanted to touch it. Her mind made up, Teah reached for the blade.

Her fingertips touched the smooth metal. And an explosion erupted. Teah went flying across the room, hitting the far wall with such force that she nearly lost consciousness as she slid to the floor. Blinking away the spots from her vision, waiting for the swaying to still, Teah saw in the light of her phone, which had been knocked from her grip by the force of the explosion and landed several feet away, that the floor had been blasted apart and the pedestal and sword were completely obscured by a thick cloud of dust. From the dust, a figure stepped out, which was odd, because she should have been the only person in here.

"Master," a male voice said, "you've come for me at last."