Chapter 2: First Night, and A Conversation

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3rd Person POV:

…By now, Marcus was almost entirely sure that the phone call was the result of one of two things. The first was that it was some kind of sick joke all the other employees were playing on him, hoping to get him to panic for the entire night while they watched from a hidden camera somewhere. The second was that at the time of the recording, what the Phone Guy had been talking about was a very real threat, and he was warning anyone he could "discreetly".

At the moment, Marcus wasn't sure which one was more likely, but he figured it had to be one of the two. After all, it was just past 2:30, and none of the Animatronics had moved off the stage. In fact, none of them had moved since raising their heads when it first became midnight. With that being said, by this point, Marcus was leaning back in his chair, relaxing as he allowed all the stress from earlier to exit his body as he lazily switched through the camera feeds.

Honestly, I shoulda figured that it was one of the two. Either a joke on the new guy, or a glitch in the past that they fixed when upgrading the Animatronics. Guess I let the panic get to me. He thinks to himself with a small smile, relieved that he wasn't actually in any real danger of being stuffed into a suit. He didn't feel like dying just yet, and he figured that going out that way would also be fairly painful the entire time. Whatever, either I can laugh and joke about how the rest of the staff got me tomorrow, or I can ask Mr. Fazbear about the message on the phone tomorrow and see if he knows anything about it. He thinks with a shrug, glancing through the feeds once again.

Shutting off the tablet and leaning back in his chair, Marcus rests for a few minutes, allowing his mind to wander. Guess I should probably bring something to do tomorrow. I mean, I have my phone, but I kinda doubt they have Wi-Fi available right now. And even if they do, I don't think I'd want to waste it since I only have a limited amount of power to use for the cameras. He thinks to himself rocking slightly in his chair. Guess I could bring a book or something… Maybe my laptop or a notepad to write on… He thinks to himself, before leaning forward and planting his feet on the ground, grabbing the tablet to look through the feeds again.

He glances through the empty Arcade area, Bathroom hallway, Main party area, the camera facing those closed curtains from earlier, the stage with two Animatronics, the right hallway… Wait. Marcus blinks a couple times, before going back to the stage area, and sees that there are indeed, only two Animatronics on stage. When he sees this, a bit of sweat appears on his forehead, and he quickly glances through the other camera feeds that he'd yet to check. The supply closet, left hallway, and the areas between his doors and the back wall.

It was when he checked in the Parts and Services room that he found the rabbit, and when he did, he nearly dropped the tablet. Because instead of walking through the room, the Animatronic was instead staring directly at the camera. Taking a shaky breath, Roy quickly looked at the camera facing the stage again, making sure that the other two were still standing on stage, before switching back to the Parts and Services room to see the rabbit still standing there, staring at the camera. As he continues to stare at the feed, he saw one of Bonnie's ears twitch, but that was all the movement he saw from the Animatronic.

Unfortunately, through the fear that was slowly growing in Marcus, his mind saw fit to remind him that his job here was as the Night Guard… Meaning he couldn't put all his attention on the Animatronics. He also had to look through the camera feeds to see if there was anything else going on with the pizzeria, such as someone trying to break in. Releasing another shaky breath, Marcus switched the camera feed to the main party area, then to the camera facing the main entrance. As he does so, he realizes just how bad it would be if someone did try to break into the pizzeria after hours.

Forget about protecting myself from intruders, I'd probably have to make sure the intruders made it out alive to make sure the place doesn't get closed down. He thinks to himself, before pausing as the camera continues to face the main entrance. Actually, why would I want to stop the place from getting closed down? Anyone working here after hours, meaning me, runs the risk of being killed by the things we're supposed to be looking after. Why the hell wouldn't I want this place to be shut down for that? He thinks to himself, before realizing he was thinking about this, and wasn't checking the cameras. After realizing this, he quickly switched over to the Parts and Services feed, only to see the rabbit wasn't there.

When he sees this, Marcus is quick to search through all the other feeds, finally finding the rabbit standing in front of the door at the end of the left hallway. When he sees this, his eyes go wide, before he goes to slam on the Door button. However, he quickly remembers the warning from Phone Guy about conserving power, and stops himself just in time. Attempting to take a few breaths to calm down, he glances at the tablet again, and sees that the Rabbit is still standing at the end of the hallway. Sighing in relief that it seems like it won't be moving for a little while, he quickly cycles through the other camera feeds to both make sure everything is alright in the building, and make sure neither of the other two have moved.

Luckily, neither Chica nor Freddy had moved from their spots on the stage since the last time he checked, and nothing had changed about the pizzeria either. Cycling through the other feeds, he saw that everything remained the same as it had been. Honestly, thinking about it, I called this afternoon, a full day after the ad was put in the paper… Maybe the people who have lived here longer than I have somehow knew about what happened at night at the last one, so they didn't want to risk the job? He wonders to himself, sighing at that thought. If that's the case, maybe I only need to worry about myself… He thinks to himself, before checking the feeds again.

However, while doing so, he noticed that he couldn't see Bonnie on the hallway feed… Scratch that, he couldn't see anything on the left hallway feed. Blinking a couple times in surprise, Marcus was quick to search through all the feeds that went along the left hallway. When every single one of them came up with a black screen, he didn't even think, he just slammed his hand into the Door button, bringing said door down to the floor with a loud crash.

After making sure that the door was closed, he quickly raised the tablet again, and started to circle through the feeds to try and find the only Animatronic that was moving around so far. Unfortunately, all the cameras along the left hallway were still glitching out, and he couldn't find the rabbit in the main room, arcade, or back on the stage. As he continued to frantically check through the cameras, the one in the supply closet turned back on just as he switched off it, making him quickly go back to find Bonnie standing there, staring up at the camera out of the corner of his eyes.

Giving a sigh of relief at finding the Animatronic, Marcus raised the door in order to conserve his power, calming himself down after doing so while checking to make sure the rabbit was still in the closet, sagging in his chair when he saw the Animatronic still standing there. He checked through the other feeds to make sure the other two were still on stage, feeling relief flood his system when he saw that they still hadn't moved off the stage.

Nodding to himself as he straightens up in his chair, Marcus switched back to the supply closet feed, only to find the rabbit missing. Fear once more filled his body as he switched through all the cameras at a rapid pace, every time he failed to find the rabbit making him more and more nervous. After checking the left hallway cameras a second time, he realized that there was one blind spot for each camera that he'd forgotten about as fear overtook his mind. And that was right outside his door.

With that thought flying through his mind, he lifted his head and pressed the light button, and the sight that greeted him made him drop the tablet to the floor in horror. Because standing right there, ready to enter the room, was none other than Bonnie. As the tablet impacted the ground, Marcus didn't think, and leapt out of the chair, slamming his palm into the Door button in order to trap Bonnie on the other side.

"SCREEEEE!" With a screech of what Marcus could only assume was rage, Bonnie pounded his fist into the door a few times, making the Marcus frantically check the power, to find that he was at 90% and dropping by 5% with every hit to the door. At the sight, Marcus' eyes widen in horror, slowly backing up towards the back wall as Bonnie continued to hit the door. A few seconds later, the banging stopped, and Marcus only relaxed after picking up the tablet and seeing that Bonnie had gone back to the main party room.

When he sees that the other two Animatronics were still on stage, he raised the door and double checked the power, finding that it was now at 45%, while a quick glance at the tablet showed that it was already 3:30. I have another two and half hours of this shit to get through… I may not go to church, but God help me get through this… He thinks, now focused entirely on the tablet in his hands, and not allowing himself to relax as he constantly switch's through the feeds, doing his best to pay attention to all three Animatronics that were currently a very real threat to his life…

It was an hour later that Marcus was forced to close the door a second time in order to make sure that Bonnie didn't get into his office. After doing so, he immediately went back to the tablet, frantically checking the feeds for the other two. By this point, Chica had gotten off the stage, and was now wandering around the building, while Freddy had remained on the stage. Unfortunately, seeing as said Animatronic was now constantly staring at the camera, that didn't do much to give Marcus any relief.

As he continues to flip through the feeds, he eventually finds the Kitchen one, which much like every other time he's switched to it, was pitch black with text at the bottom stating "Audio Only". However, unlike all the other times, instead of the feed being pitch black and silent, now it was pitch black, but had the sounds of pots and pans banging together in the background.

After switching through all the other feeds, and raising the door after he saw Bonnie standing in the main party room, Marcus guessed that the sounds were being made by Chica, since he couldn't find her in any other feed, and she wasn't standing in front of his door. He released another sigh as he switched through the feeds, taking a second to glance at the amount of power he had left, which was shown on the monitor as 40%. Making a note, Marcus allowed a breath to escape him in slight relief.

If I can make it to 5:30 and keep the power above at least 20%, I might be able to just close the doors and wait out the rest of the night… Marcus thinks to himself, his eyes darting over the tablet as he continues to switch feeds. That means another hour of making sure nothing happens… Damn it.

Luckily for Marcus, it seemed that whatever was in the kitchen was interesting enough to Chica that it kept her preoccupied for a good while. Looking through the feeds, he noticed that Bonnie had once again moved to stand at the end of the left hallway, while Freddy remained staring at the camera from on stage.

His eyes flickered to the doorway, before they moved back to the tablet as he changed back to the feed for the hallway, keeping an eye on Bonnie. Keeping the feed focused on Bonnie for a few minutes, he quickly switched back to Freddy to double check on the bear, before switching back to the rabbit. Unfortunately, during that time, Bonnie had decided to move, and Marcus quickly looked through the other feeds on the cameras close to his previous location.

After a few seconds, he found the rabbit inside the supply closet, and frowned as his eyes moved once more to the doorway, knowing that the rabbit was that much closer to making him drain more power with the door once again. However, after a few seconds, Marcus thought of something. If I can make it half an hour using two doors and only going through twenty percent… Could I last an hour with one door closed and waste twenty percent? He wonders, his eyes widening at that thought, before he decides to test it.

Pressing his hand against the Door button, the left door comes down with a crash, allowing Marcus to focus back on the tablet. From the looks of things, Bonnie only comes down the left hallway… Meaning that Chica will probably come at me from the right if she ever leaves the kitchen… He thinks to himself, switching to the camera feed for the kitchen to listen for the sounds of pots and pans banging against one another. Luckily, it seemed that Chica was still there, meaning he wouldn't have to worry about her attacking him for at least a little longer.

As the minutes continued to stretch out, Marcus would continuously switch through the feeds to check on all the Animatronics. At one point, he completely lost sight of Bonnie, and could only assume that the rabbit was now outside the closed door. Luckily, it seemed that Freddy was deciding to remain on the stage tonight, although since he never looked away from the camera, that was less of a comfort, and more than a bit disturbing. Finally, the time on the tablet read 5:30, and Marcus wasted no time slamming his fist into the Door button on his right, before finally slumping in his chair, and allowing the tablet in his hands to fall onto the desk.

I made it… I made it… Now, I just can't piss off the Animatronics. Because if I do, I definitely don't have the power left to weather another beating from one of them… He thinks to himself, his eyes flickering between the two doors on either side, before he picks up the tablet with shaky hands. Guess I should do my "job" for the rest of the night… He thinks to himself, switching through the feeds to look through the pizzeria, and make sure everything was still the same, even as his eyes constantly flickered between the tablet in his hands, and the doors on either side…

At 6:00, the restaurant powered up, all the lights turning on and illuminating the different areas, while the arcade machines all powered up and started to give off their different tunes and sound effects. Five minutes later, the doors to the restaurant were unlocked, and in stepped Mr. Fazbear. While that wasn't his real name, that's what everyone had come to know him as, since he was the new owner of the establishment. As he slowly stepped into the restaurant, he looked around the first area he found himself in.

From the looks of things, nothing had been moved in the arcade, nor in the main party area, which he hoped was a good sign. Looking up at the stage, he saw the three Animatronics standing there, their heads bowed as they rested, waiting to be properly activated for the first time in the new establishment. I hope… Mr. Fazbear thought, continuing his rounds. The curtain leading to pirate's cove was still closed, while a quick glance in the kitchen showed that at a glance, it didn't appear as if anything was moved. Maybe the glitch was fixed after all… He thinks to himself.

He took a glance at the Parts and Services door, before deciding he would check there last. He wanted to hold onto his hope for as long as possible, so he instead walked over to the "Employee's Only" door that led to the "Left Hallway". Walking through, he allowed a smile to come to his face at the sight of the office door being closed. Perhaps he spent the whole night watching the restaurant through the cameras. He thinks, his pace quickening as he walks over to the door, before tapping on it. When he received no answer, he frowned.

"Hello, Mr. Shmidt, are you there?" He asks, now a bit more worried as he taps the door a bit harder. After a few seconds, Mr. Fazbear was ready to turn and rush to the Parts and Services room in fear, before the door raised into the ceiling. This brought a bright smile to Mr. Fazbear's face since it meant that the new Night Watchman was still here, and maybe the glitch had been fixed like he hoped. However, that smile quickly disappeared at the sight that greeted him.

The teen that he'd hired had obviously seen better days. His black hair was all over the place, while his Caucasian skin seemed paler than it should be, and his silver-blue eyes darted from the tablet to where the door previously was. The plain blue shirt that he had on was drenched with sweat, while his jeans were a bit crumpled along his upper legs, as if he'd gripped the area a few times. His right leg was constantly rising and falling as the back of his foot tapped the floor at a constant pace. Then, he finally seemed to acknowledge that Mr. Fazbear was standing there, and all movement stopped as he stared at the man.

"…I want a raise." Was the first thing he said, but it came out as barely a whisper. In response, Mr. Fazbear looked at the teen in front of him in pity. He'd hoped and prayed that the glitch had gone away with the upgrades, but obviously that wasn't the case.

"…Come with me, Mr. Shmidt." He says in what he hopes is a soft voice, making his way past the teen sitting in the chair, and opening the other door to walk through it. He heard the sound of the teen getting up behind him, and following him as he walks down the right hallway, before stopping at a doorway on the left wall, which he opened to reveal his office. It was pretty plain, a desk with chairs on either side so that he could face his employees, a computer, some shelves, as well as a few posters of the Fazbear Group from back when they still had their first appearance.

Mr. Fazbear walks around his desk to sit in his chair, while Marcus sits down in the one facing him, his leg immediately starting to bounce once again. Poor kid… The least I could do is give him a raise… Mr. Fazbear thinks to himself with a frown. "So, Mr. Shmidt, you want a raise?" He asks, figuring he'd see if he could at least get the teen to calm down somewhat. At the sound of his voice, Marcus freezes, before relaxing slightly as he brings his attention to the man in front of him.

"Y-yeah… Also… Sir, if you don't mind… Could-could I ask a few things?" He asks with a stutter that definitely wasn't there on the phone call the previous day. In response, Mr. Fazbear nods to him, allowing Marcus to sigh in an attempt to calm down. "First… Sir, did-did you know about the… conditions of the Animatronics?" He asks, getting a sigh from the man in front of him in response.

"Unfortunately, I've heard of what happened in the past. I had hoped that with the new upgrades to the Animatronics, that… Glitch, would have gone away… But it appears that it hasn't." Mr. Fazbear admits, making Marcus freeze.

"…You knew?" Marcus asks a second time, getting a sad look from Mr. Fazbear in response.

"Yes, Mr. Shmidt. I'm afraid that I did… And I'm terribly sorry for what I put you through last night." He admits, making it so that Marcus loses most of his fear, and instead replaces it with anger.

"You knew… You knew and you still sent me into that?! What if it had been someone else?! What if they'd died?! I almost died last night!" He exclaims, standing up and yelling at Mr. Fazbear. Now, most bosses would immediately fire their employees on the spot for yelling in their face like this. However, Mr. Fazbear understood what the teen went through the previous night, and was willing to let him get this out of his system. It was better than him jumping at every little sound at the moment at least.

"Yes, and again, I'm terribly sorry for what I've forced you to go through. However… If you're willing to stay, you can be assured I will do everything I can to make sure that your stay here is… safer." He says, making it so that the anger leaves Marcus in an instant as he hears those words. Although, that was only a small part of what got rid of the anger. A larger part was because after the previous night, he was too tired mentally to stay angry for too long. Honestly, at the moment, he just wanted to go home, and sleep.

But, if talking with Mr. Fazbear would make it so that things changed enough that tonight would be easier, then he'd gladly hold off on sleeping for another hour, if it took that long. "Alright… Alright. Not like I have much of a choice anyways, the position was for a week anyways, right?" He asks, getting a guilty look from Mr. Fazbear. At the look, Marcus sighed. "Alright… Fine. But I do have one more thing to ask first." He says, getting a nod from Mr. Fazbear in response.

"Ask away." The man says, getting a sigh from Marcus in response.

"Alright… What's up with Chica?" He asks with a raised eyebrow, the little fact having been niggling (Niggle, niggle, it went…) away at the back of his mind the entire night. making Mr. Fazbear chuckle a bit.

"Ah, yes. Why is she more feminine you mean?" He asks the teen, getting a nod from Marcus in response. "Well… I may own the restaurant, but in regards to the upgrades, I don't know too much. Although, if I were to make a guess… It's most likely because of the complaints the company itself got in the past." He states, making Marcus raise an eyebrow in confusion. "The company got a number of letters complaining about how Chica "Didn't look like a woman"… As a result, when the second location opened with the newer Toy Models, Chica was changed to appear more like a female." He explains, getting a nod from Marcus.

"So basically, this Chica had her appearance changed when she was "upgraded" so that just like the Toy Model, she appeared more feminine so that the same complaints wouldn't come in?" He asks, getting a nod from Mr. Fazbear in response.

"Exactly. Is that the only question you had?" He asks, getting a nod from Marcus in response.

"Yeah… So… Upgrades that will help me…" He says, making Mr. Fazbear nod.

"Of course. You were the one working here last night. Is there anything that you can think of that will be helpful?" He asks, getting a sigh from Marcus as the teen thinks about the question.

"Well… I can list a few things…"

Author's Note Part 2: Alright guys, that's about it for this chapter! Originally, I was planning on having this chapter only focus on the first night. However, after getting close to the end of it, I realized that the chapter was a bit shorter than I wanted it to be. So, I decided to bring in the conversation between Mr. Fazbear, and Marcus Shmidt.

(Yes, same last name as Mike, but I wanted my character to stay an OC, so he's not Mike. It's the same policy I take with my "Mercer" characters. They have the Blacklight Virus, but they aren't Alex Mercer. In this story, Marcus has taken the Night Guard job, but he's not Mike Shmidt.)

In regards to Mr. Fazbear himself, I've gone the same route as my other FNAF story, and made him an understanding boss, even though he's essentially getting people to take a deadly job. The reason I'm doing this in my FNAF stories is because in all but one that I've read up to now, they've made the Mr. Fazbear in their stories a greedy, manipulative bastard. So, I decided to go a different route, and have it so that while he is putting someone into danger while knowing about it, he's willing to "make amends" by helping them however he can.

I'll admit the conversation between the two mainly wrote itself, much like the night's events. Although, considering I'm watching a "No Death, Walkthrough" on YouTube in order to remind myself about the Animatronic's movement patters, there are a few scenes I took from that and incorporated into the chapter. Which I'll probably do a few more times in the future. Although, with the fact that the "Biggest Change" I talked about in the summary coming into play soon, the nights are going to start to be much different than how they play out in the game…

Anyways, all this being said, I got a review, the only one so far, from my good friend Anime PJ while I was in the middle of writing this chapter, so I guess that I actually have one to respond to. So, here it is!

Anime PJ:

Yeah, I don't think I actually realized it when I was writing out the first "scene" in the first chapter, but I think in the back of my mind, I actually did think about the fact that there was no real way to go about "fixing" the glitch for sure without a "trial run" of sorts. Hence the last paragraph in the first part of the previous chapter, about how the staff would "find out" on Tuesday if the glitch was fixed or not.

You can question if it's worth re-opening it all you want, but considering I'm just going off the first game, it's not like I made a completely new building. I just changed a couple things about the "first one" to fit it into modern days. Also, as you can see above, I did have Marcus call Mr. Fazbear out on sending him knowingly into danger. But, at the same time, I hope that I made it realistic in the way that he basically just "lost his steam" and just sat back down as he lost his anger due to the mental fatigue of what he went through.

On that unrelated note… I'll admit that I completely forgot that "Night at the Museum" was even a thing. Though you can be sure that since you've pointed this out, I'll see about making a reference in the future. (Also, while you might not have seen any references made, have you looked in the crossover category? I haven't, but I get the feeling there are probably a few stories that include crossovers between the two series.)

As you can see, I had him point out Chica's change in appearance to Mr. Fazbear, and asking about it, but I didn't go the "sick bastard" route. More of a "why?" route. I probably could have made it go in a direction where he called Mr. Fazbear a sick bastard, but instead I went a similar route as my AN from the bottom of the last chapter, and had Mr. Fazbear actually explain why the changes were made.

Well, to be fair, I've read A LOT of FNAF stories where they actually have the main character react this way… Of course, at the same time, those characters usually calm down pretty quickly. And by that, I mean that they're actually fairly "calm" (as much as you can be surrounded by killer robots) by the end of the first night. As you can see here, I've made it so that my character is still nervous as fuck, even after the night ended. I figured it'd be pretty realistic. At the same time, I know he probably seemed pretty calm by the end of the conversation on screen, but you can be sure that he'll still be nervous tomorrow… Though definitely less, considering I'm thinking about logical changes that can be made that would give him more peace of mind.

That's a very fair point that you make, and while I could have used that point in this chapter… I didn't because of the fact that I'm going to be addressing it in the next one, and actually give a reason for the power acting that way in regards to the door. I'm hoping it's a good one, and you'll like it. Though you do bring up a good point about how that's probably the reason Scott got rid of it in all the other games. XD

Thanks for the compliment, and as you can see, I got it out within a day, not two years! So ha! XD (Then again, with what's happening in a little while here, the next chapter may be a good amount of time away, considering what I told you earlier. XD)

(Side note: Did you see the Game Theory reference I made? If not, try re-reading the conversation between Mr. Fazbear and Marcus.)

Anyways guys, that's about it for this chapter. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this, and I hope to see you all next time!