In AD 2101

War was beginning.

Captain begin by running around in frantic says "What happen?" He good looking and has blonde hair but not knowing whatever happen?  Mechanic lament as wilted flower on rainy day, "Somebody set up us the bomb."  He not know what to do but very thankfully Operator soon talks instead says "We get signal."

Captain is stupid so panic.  He never know what is best he say or do so expels, "What!" Operator being of smartness saves day again and presents to them "Main screen turn on." 

The gigantic ignoramus enormous screen picture flickers and Cats appears in coolness of his swaddled in majestic purple cloak.  He not looking too unfriendly but Captain still upset he not know what to do before and say "It's you!!"  As if this proves something. 

Cats greets in kindly friendly tone of computerized robot, "How are you gentlemen!!"  He pause for only a micrometer but does not let stupid good looking blonde hair Captain talk again and declares "All your base are belong to us.  You are on the way to destruction."   Cats smirking as ever because he knowing he smarter than stupid Captain and waits for stupid remark of Captain.

Captain does not disappoint Cats and only replies with "What you say!!"

Cats very bored with stupidity of Captain and decides to not repeat again.  Instead he merely toy with mind as is fun to do and enunciate, "You have no chance to survive make your time."  Captain is saddening.  Cats is happy.  "Ha ha ha ha…."

Captain still in panic shout "Take off every 'zig'."  Operator who has much more sense not understand bizarre order of Captain.  Captain is not discouraged because he know he good looking so cannot die and only say, "You know what you doing."

Mechanic and Operator still befuddled start whispering to selves about joining side of Cats.  Captain now very livid and snarl.  "Move 'Zig.'"

Mechanic and Operator not caring that Captain is good looking and may not die.  They are not and they may!  Distraught as  pixie hovering into volcano of emerald hot lava they stay.  Captain grimace and push them to take off every Zig.  "For great justice."

Suddenly all see bright black-light and take off every Zig.  Cats is so unhappy because the Zig gets away and he now has new not so great enemy.