Authors Note: Well after reading stories by TheWhiteTitan, Goliath101, and Spidey108 I decided to do my own Danny Phantom story however I wasn't fond of all the angst and mopey Danny's that crossover usually had so I had decided to write one without that type of Danny and then I remembered that he had an almost perfect clone that died and so here came this. A Danny story without dead friends and family Danny.

This Clone Danny is from the prologue and could be considered prime clone Danny

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom or Ultimate Marvel.

Chapter 01: Brand New World

New York was a city of marvels and mayhem, called the city that never sleeps, a place of wonder and tragedy. Home of many heroes and soon to be even more.

It was a late night. Nothing out of the ordinary. People walking by either coming home from work or just hanging out without a goal in mind.

It was Friday night around ten o clock when a portal opened up in a back alley. Out came a teenager. This teenager was someone you would take a second look at given his glowing green eyes and literal snow white hair. On his chest was a logo that logo that looked like a black letter P inside of a dark letter D.

This was the symbol of a hero in another world however he wasn't that hero he was someone else and this was his story.


Danny took a step on the ground glad that ghosts had perfect equilibrium otherwise that trip in the portal may have been uncomfortable. With all the spinning and the swirling. The colors were also a surprise he had walked into that dark portal thinking it would be a simple trip to this universe.

What he got was the feeling that he was trapped in a giant kaleidoscope and was afraid he would have gone blind with all those shifting colors.

Looking down at his costume Danny knew that he would have to make a change. This costume may have been fine for Danny Fenton but Danny Masters was going to need something more original if only to help his sanity.

He had agreed to this to find his own purpose and meaning in life and he couldn't do that if he continued to look like Danny Fenton/Phantom. He would need a new costume but that could be solved later.

Wondering about where he was going to live was his first concern and the answer came to him almost immediately. As he was thinking his mind showed him that apparently the alien that sent him here had already thought of that and gave him a backstory.

Well at least he knew where he was going. With a sigh Danny transformed back into his human form and left the alley and began walking down the street.

Without a care in the world Danny began walking to his new home. He took in all the building and the people with his own eyes. Most of his knowledge came from the original Danny's memories so he was happy to be creating memories and seeing sights on his own for the first time.

He was fifteen. A year older than Danny when he first got his powers but he had all of Danny's memories so control wouldn't be an issue he would face. He hoped that was true.

Walking down the street Danny heard some people following him. He sped up trying to see if he was being paranoid or if they were really after him. As he heard several footsteps following him and not turning or talking to each other he knew that they were following him.

Danny turned in an alley wanting to see if they would still follow him. He wasn't going to start this fight but if they wanted to continue this course of action he would let them. It wasn't like he was in any real danger.

As Danny reached the end of the alley he turned around and saw that he was surrounded by five people. They were all guys. Two had purple hoods and three had red. They looked to be around the same age as he did.

"Do you need something?" Danny asked wondering how much force he should use in this situation. The guys looked between each other before one of the guys in the purple hood stepped forward and pulled out a knife.

"Give us your money." The guy said trying to Intimidate Danny. Honestly the only thing Danny felt was excitement. He had memories of Danny fighting but this would be his first one and while it probably wouldn't be that long or that exciting he still wanted to do it.

"What if I don't" Danny said challenging them and as they looked at each other the leader took a step forward and said threateningly "We'll put you in the hospital."

At that point Danny was ready to go. If they were willing to go this far then he would have some fun before he was finished with these guys.

"Bring it then." Not a really clever line on Danny's part but he was still new to this. It took original Danny a long time to get use to the witty banter that he was known for.

The thugs in red picked up pipes that were lying next to the dumpsters. Normally in situations like this it was not good to be alone going against the group with bigger numbers. But when Danny factored in the fact that he had superpowers and they did not the situation reversed itself.

The leader charged at Danny fully intent on stabbing him. Danny only had to swiftly turn to get out of the knife's range. True while not transformed Danny only had access to regular human reflexes and strength and limited ghost powers but it was enough for this situation.

"What you waiting for? Get him!" The leader shouted and the others member of his gang as he kept trying to slash Danny.

While the thug kept trying to stab Danny one of the red hoods came from behind him and tried swinging the pipe at his head.

Danny ducked and winced as the purple guy with the knife got hit in the chest with the pipe and fell to the ground.

"That's going to leave a bruise in the morning." They weren't happy with his comment as the other purple hood came and tried to bash his head in.

It didn't work out that way however because when the pipe got close to Danny's head for his comfort he turned intangible. Danny was really glad Intangibility was one of the more common ghost powers along with flight and invisibility. He would see what other ones that he had gotten later but now wasn't the time.

Turning intangible however did not make the thugs any happier in fact in Danny's opinion it just made them angrier.

"Kid's a mutant." One of the guys in the back said with so much anger that it surprised Danny. Focusing in the memories of this timeline Danny found out the opinion the people of this universe had about mutants and he wasn't happy.

Danny sympathized a lot with these people and to find out these kids were racists well that just made him change his mind from messing with them to giving what he thought was a well-deserved lesson in respect.

Danny charged right at the purple guy that was still standing up and gave him a kick to the face. While he was down Danny turned toward the thugs in red who were now even angrier than before.

"Mutant trash you should know your place." One said charging at him pipe in mid-swing still not learning the lesson from before but a well-timed uppercut that sent him into the air probably taught him that was a bad idea.

"Now it's just two on one" Danny said as he faced the last two guys in red and by the look on their faces he knew that they didn't want to fight anymore.

"Run." Danny said and with that they just sprinted out of the alley and down the street. They had run so fast that their pipes were still clanging as they fell to the ground.

Looking at the leader lying on the ground and abandoned by his friends Danny was really tempted to see how strong his ghost ray was but at that moment he realized that he was acting a lot more like Plasmius then he would have liked.

He then thought of a better idea. Transforming into his ghost form he picked up the thug and carried him over to a dumpster. Without a care for how it looked he dropped the guy in there turned invisible began to fly to his new home.

The guy would wake up tomorrow a little sore but still fully alive. Danny was going to try to enjoy the rest of the night and wouldn't let a bunch of hateful people ruin the first day of his new life.


Danny walked around his house in his human form and took a look at everything there was. It was a simple house in Queen's New York. Very different from his memories of the Fenton Works building in Amity Park. There were two levels above ground level. The outside was painted red and the walls inside were blue.

Picking up a picture that was lying down on a coffee table he was shocked to see what the picture was. In the image was three people Danny recognized himself easily enough but it was the other two in the picture that shocked him.

Standing behind him were a man and a woman. The woman had bright orange hair and green eyes. The man had long gray hair that was tied into a ponytail and blue eyes.

Danny knew that he had a backstory for this world but to be the child of Penelope Spectra and Vlad Plasmius was something he hadn't expected.

This is not funny!" He shouted to the sky unable to believe that again he was the son of Vlad Masters and that he and Spectra were married to each other in this reality.

It was an idea equal to the knowledge that the box ghost and the lunch lady had to be together to create box lunch.

Putting the picture down he took a deep breath. He couldn't imagine how in this universe such a match was possible but given their personalities from the old world it could make a certain amount of sense. Especially if he wasn't obsessed with Maddie Fenton.

Going back into the memories he was given for this timeline he learned that this version of himself was living by himself. His 'parents' were traveling the world or something. It still brought a chill to him that he had to think of them as parents.

There on the dining room table was a letter. With a deep breath, he moved to read it. Thankfully it was from the alien that sent him here and not Vlad and or Spectra.

Basically, the letter stated that the entire backstory for his existence had been completed and he had about a month before school started. He would be attending midtown high.

From his memories of Fenton's life, he wasn't so sure he would enjoy going to school. Hopefully he had the power of duplication so that could be taken care of.

Danny then went back to the letter and the part about checking out the subbasement. Feeling in no mood to have to walk to the door and down however man steps he just turned into his ghost form and phased through the floor.

Below in the subbasement Danny was met with a perfect replica of the lab in Fentonworks with its own ghost portal. According to his memories in this reality Danny had built it himself.

There on one of the benches was the infi-map. It was a map of the entire ghost zone. It could lead you anywhere from portals across time to portals in and out of the ghost zone.

Getting an idea Danny grabbed the map and opened the portal. There was something that he had to do before anything else could be done.


Flying through the ghost zone Danny knew exactly what path he wanted to take. Clockwork was the master of time and the reason for him being alive and since the ghost zone existed in this world there was a chance that there was a version of him here.

It would be great to have him on his side or at least not trying to kill him and or erase him from existence

It didn't take long to find clockwork's lair and he thought it was the reason that he given the infi-map. Looking at the clocktower from the outside was weird. He had Fenton's memories of his visits but this was the first time he came here personally and he took in the sights.

Landing in the lair and walking around he could see that not much was different from the one in his old reality. He knew that Clockwork knew where he was and what he was here for and the fact that he wasn't frozen yet was a very good sign.

Feeling his ghost sense go off Danny began looking around for Clockwork trying to spot his purple hood anywhere in this room surrounded by clocks.

"Hello Daniel." The voice came from behind him and he wondered if he had frozen time and appeared behind him before letting time resume.

There was Clockwork in his adult form with the red eyes, purple hood and time scepter in hand. What was surprising besides the scare he was given was the fact that Clockwork was using his legs instead of the spectral tail he was so used to.

"Hello Clockwork master of time and protector of reality." Danny began extremely politely. The other Clockwork may have saved his life but that ghost wasn't this one and so it was better to be polite before making an enemy of someone not restricted by the laws of time.

"Stop." Clockwork said holding a hand out in front of me and stopping me from continuing. "I know why you are here." He said and given that I wasn't sent back to the time of the dinosaurs or to the end of time Danny guessed he wasn't going to be killed.

"Do not worry I am not going to kill you." Clockwork said and Danny nodded relieved that this wasn't going to be as hard as he feared.

"Thank you." Danny said but Clockwork interrupted him before he could continue.

"Yes, I am serious and yes I will help you if I think you need it." Clockwork said since from his point of view they probably already had this conversation.

Clockwork turned back towards his viewing screens and Danny took that as a dismissal and used the map to lead back towards his portal home.

Danny still had many things to do like seeing what powers he had and getting a new costume for a start.

Keeping an eye out for any ghost that might get in his way for the map or to just attack him he was relieved when he made it back without any problems.


Sitting on the roof and staring at the sun as it rose was something that Danny was finding out that he enjoyed. The sky turning blue and the birds flying in the air while the sun rose in the air was something Danny found he enjoyed.

He couldn't help but be thankful for all the events that led him here. While his life may get complicated later he still couldn't help but be happy that he was alive. The joy may wear off later but he was going to enjoy this feeling for as long as possible.

After all his name was a promise to always remember where he came from and to always move forward after all according to the alien he was free to live his life.


(Ghost Zone)

Clockwork master of all time floated in his lair in child form looking over all the possible futures for this reality. He focused specifically on the city. Looking at the paths that the future could take he knew he needed to be a bit more proactive.

He could not let this universe be destroyed like its original was. He was restricted in what he could do but there was always a way to get around restrictions like those.

He had just met one of those loopholes. Daniel Masters was going to be very helpful in that regard. He could help him fix and prevent all the other problems the celestialsapiens left when they recreated the universe.

At least the whole infinity gauntlets and Kang the conqueror event along with the Galactus problem weren't happening in this universe.

So many lives ended in tragedy the last time around. Clockwork hoped he could prevent all that sadness, grief, and tragedy this time around.