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Chapter 08: Six vs. One

Danny and the Ultimates were coming upon the scene and he was more determined than ever to stop the Hulk. Looking at the destruction and the fires that were spread across this section of the city he knew that they needed to end this quickly.

"Oh my god. Did Banner really do all this in just ten minutes?" Giant-man said as the helicopters the others were riding in arrived. If the situation wasn't so serious he would have been making jokes about how Hank was strapped under the helicopters.

"According to sat-pics he's murdered dozens of people, drunk a truck full of beer, and right now it looks like he's stealing a huge pair of pants from a fat corpse Giant-man." Fury said in our ear pieces from the Triskelion.

"You imagine what he is going to do with that girlfriend of his when he catches her with Freddy Prinze Jr.?" Fury asked and the image in Danny's mind was that it would not be good.

"I still can't believe he tried to justify taking the Hulk serum again by saying that he wanted to give the team something newsworthy to fight." Janet said back in a helicopter.

"The man is clearly insane." Danny said looking across to her. She was suited up and wearing a coat over it with a helmet. He was just letting his white hair hang free and naturally spiky.

He still couldn't believe a scientist came up with this sort of idea. He didn't even think about what it would mean for the team if he was found out to be the Hulk or about the people he was putting in danger.

This would be the plot of a movie. No one should have thought this was a good idea in real life.

"Still, at least the antidote he left out for us seem kosher enough…. Right down to the adamantium-tipped needle." Janet said that but he wasn't so confident. This was a man who decided to experiment on himself and turn him into a monster. To Danny that didn't seem like a guy who would double check his data.

He told the others that too.

"Do you have a better plan?" Stark asked condescendingly. Danny really did not like being the youngest. It made the others look down on him. Even though he was the strongest one on the team.

"I do not but I will let you know when I do." He said thinking about how best to have this team deal with the Hulk.

Tony asked if Thor would be coming to help. The answer was not what they would have liked to hear.

He would only help if President Bush would double on the international aids budget.

"Wonderful so we are effectively out on our own here?" Stark asked flying by the helicopters.

"Five against one is still pretty good odds, Stark. Besides I haven't lost a fight since nineteen forty-two and I've no intention of losing one now." Steve said hanging off the ledge. Janet was laughing and going along with this.

Danny was wondering if they remembered that he hadn't been in a fight since the forties and that ended up with the captain being frozen in ice for decades.

Danny knew that it was here that he would have to step in as he was the only one thinking of a plan besides hit the Hulk.

That was a part of it but there were still more things involved in the plan.

"Alright I have got a plan." He announced to the others and while they cautiously turned towards him he began to explain.

"Iron-man and I will deal with the Hulk, Captain America, Wasp, and Giant-man focus on getting the people to safety." Danny said. The others looked unsure of why they were doing this.

"Kid don't you think we should all fight the Hulk?" Stark questioned him. The others looked like they agreed with Stark which made him sigh internally.

They totally did not get it. Wasp and Giant-man were perfect for search and rescue. She could shrink and find injured people and he was big and strong enough to help them and lead the way. He could also protect them from falling buildings that were destroyed during the fight.

Captain America was a symbol for hope. He could get the civilian to not panic and follow the giant man in the red suit and not trample over each other in an act of self-preservation.

It was sad that he had to explain it to them like this. He was younger than all of them.

"No way I want to take down the Hulk." Hank complained. Danny liked Hank. He really did but when his ego got in the way of saving people then they had a problem.

"It's not about you!" he shouted to Hank. Ego and pride were fine in manageable doses and situations but this wasn't the time or the place.

"Fine." Hank said sulking but serious.

"Betty!" The Hulk shouted and now they knew it was time to move out.

"Come on Iron man." He said as the flew down to where the Hulk was. He was climbing up a building King Kong style. Except he was grey, cannibalistic, and could talk. He wondered if this was how the soldi8ers felt in the Godzilla or King Kong Movies.

"Get away from Freddie Prinze Jr., Betty! You're supposed to be Banner's girlfriend." Hulk said as he climbed up higher and higher.

"Fire on three." Danny said as he and Iron man flew closer to the Hulk. A ghost ray and a repulsor blast sent him off the building and skidding to the ground in a huge crash.


"Oh, my god! He's found us, Nick! That deranged, little freak found out where Freddie and I were dining." She shouted to Fury to get him to understand the danger she was in. she knew that answering Banner's call was going to make her life harder but she answered anyway.

Banner got really creepy and so she begged them to send everyone even the ghost kid with energy blasts. She didn't care what happened to Banner right now but she would not 'sit tight' and wait like Fury suggested.

She then watched as he was blasted off of the building and while it started to fall it was caught by Giant-man.

"Everybody okay?" He asked looking at all the clearly terrified people.

"We are here to save you." Janet said as she and her husband got the people inside to calm down and lifted them out before the soldiers began taking them to a safe area.

She and Freddie however apparently had to stay since the Hulk was chasing them. Though for two entirely different but still horrible reasons.


Holding up a building with two hands while a giant was something he had not thought that he would do when he was younger. When he was younger he knew he would be famous when he was got older probably also rich for his scientific discoveries but being a superhero wasn't one those things he believed possible for him.

Looking down at the building that was full of Hulk sized finger marks made him really glad that they had listened to the kid.

"Janet you okay?" he asked his asian wife that was down on the ground helping people.

"I'm doing fine how are you holding up?" she asked in return. The giant-man serum was still new and they did not know how much he could hold up. He knew she would worry a lot. she would feel responsible if he got hurt since he based the serum on data he got from his wife's powers.

"Fine I could hold this for a week." he boasted. He did wonder if this would be featured on the news and that he hoped that if it was they got his good side.

"Okay but be careful." she said before she flew off.


Facing the Hulk Danny was truly wondering why someone would willingly turn themselves into a monster. Part of it was probably the Hulk but a part of it had to come from Banner too given the words he was using to describe what he would do to him.

That's not even mentioning what he said he would do Hank if he got his hands on him.

Apparently the Hulk was going to tear off Hanks head and use it as a toilet bowl. Danny had to blink a couple times.

"You are one sick ticket Hulk." Danny said. That was worse than both the Box ghost and the Lunch lady and Vlad and Spectra.

"Hulk smash puny man!" Hulk said as he charged right at Danny. Hulk jumped into the air and came for a spike with both hands like Danny was a volley ball.

Seeing him coming down on him like that he did a perfectly rational thing. He blasted the Hulk with a ghost ray that sent him flying backwards in a daze and crashing into the earth.

"Big, strong, and ugly. Not so smart." Danny said as Iron man blasted him from the sky. After getting a check in from Wasp and Giant-man he returned to the fight.

"Here we go big guy." Danny said as he lifted Hulk up with telekinesis. Since Hulk was such a fan of volleyball he decided to return the favor.

He served the Hulk up and Iron man slammed him down into Grand Central Station. The soldiers and the others had emptied the building out beforehand so no one was in there.

He flew right after the both of them. He knew Iron man couldn't take out the Hulk on his own.


"Tony, it's Nick. We're minus visual for thirty seconds. Give me a sit-rep, man. You okay in there?" Fury asked liked it was perfectly normal to slam a giant monster through a building in a metal suit of armor and act like it wouldn't hurt.

"Are you kidding? first the silo door jams and they take eight minutes to launch me, now the sights in this thing are knocked six inches to the left…" it may seem simple but this stuff was incredibly important not to mention he was fighting a cannibal with super strength so perfect vision was important.

"Shut up dog breath." Hulk said grabbing on to him.

"Tony." Nick said but he wasn't focusing on that so much now that he was being grabbed and squashed.

"Little man smells like canned meat! Hulk wants to know if you taste like canned meat too!" Hulk said grabbing him and squeezing him until his helmet popped off. Nick was asking questions but he didn't have time to answer.

"Iron man isn't on the menu." Phantom said appearing from behind Hulk and then tossing him over his shoulders.

"I can give you a knuckle sandwich if you're hungry." He said as he looked down at the Hulk with his green eyes glowing and his voice promising nothing but pain. Tony would like to watch but he had to check how much power his suit still had left.

He just hoped that the kid could wait that long. Fighting the Hulk was dangerous enough as a group but alone it would be considered suicidal.

He hoped Phantom lived up to his name or the kid was toast.


He was facing down the Hulk and truly wished that right now he had managed to get the ghostly wail power but nope it still wouldn't work for him. So he would have to use pure brute force to beat the Hulk.

He created a duplicate and sent it to overshadow the Hulk. It worked as he could see the Hulk yes begin to glow green. However, it looked like the Hulk was fighting the possession.

Guess having two different personalities made it easier to develop a resistance to and be able to fight a third personality trying to take over.

"Hurry." Overshadowed Hulk said struggling to stop himself from moving.

Danny wasted no time just flying to the Hulk and started punching him. No holding back. It might hurt the duplicate but they were aware of what they had planned the moment that they had split up.

The fact that the Hulk was struggling meant that there was no way that could stop him while holding back.

Giving an uppercut that sent the Hulk flying towards the ceiling Danny flew to reach the surface before him. Sticking to the walls he gave a punch to the Hulk's stomach that sent him crashing into the ground.

The Hulk was then blasted five times from ghost rays from both hands.

Danny came in intending to punch him even more while the Hulk was possessed except through sheer willpower he pushed out the duplicate.

Eyes widened Danny kept going and the Hulk tried to smash him between his hands only for Danny to turn intangible and invisible.

"Show yourself! Hulk smash tiny Child!" Hulk said turning around constantly trying to find him.

Guess the Hulk didn't like pain.

"Right here." Danny said from behind Hulk and giving a punch that was strong enough to shatter a normal person's spine. To the Hulk with his strength and hard skin it just sent him flying into a column holding the upper floor.

"Hulk crush puny man." He said when their eyes met. The rage in them visible to Danny like the sun on a cloudless day.

"Yeah change your speech patterns. It is always the same thing with you." Danny said as he charged right at the Hulk and used his body as a battering ram to break through some of the columns.

Not enough to bring down the upper floor but enough that the building would need to be repaired so an accident wouldn't happen.

He would let them either give the bill to S.H.I.E.L.D. or Stark. He knew both could take care of the issue.

Holding the Hulk up with one hand against a column they hadn't destroyed Danny used ectoplasm to stick him to the structure.

Then he began punching the Hulk.

"This is for the people you hurt." He said as he gave one punch. He gave another for the destruction to the city with the other and kept switching hands to punch with. One for doing this purposefully. Another because of how stupid he was.

He lost count after thirty punches.

Taking a look at the Hulk he could see that the Hulk was hurt going of the blood dripping from his mouth and the bruises on his face.

"Had enough?" he asked the Hulk expecting the answer to be a yes. That was why when the Hulk gave him a bloody smile and broke free of the ectoplasm and wrapped both of his hands around Danny's body he knew what the answer was.

"No. Boy hurt Hulk, Hulk kill boy." At least he was changing his speech patterns. Hulk then began to squeeze his arms trying to crush Danny

"Okay." He said as he phased out of the Hulk's hand and backed up a little. His hand glowing as he created his strongest ghost ray yet.

"Hey Hulk. Beware!" he shouted as he blasted Hulk outside the station.

Looking at Tony he learned that while he had been fighting the Hulk Tony had been trying to assess the damages to his armor. His armor was at apparently below twenty-five percent. Given that he was also covered in Hulk saliva. Danny thought that Tony was not having a good day.

He told him that too. While Tony was glaring at him they learned that Backup was coming to deal with Hulk.

Danny not one to be left out flew out of the hole he had made when he blasted the Hulk outside the station. He left a duplicate to watch over Tony until some people came to help him with his suit.


Danny paused at what he was seeing. Janet had decided that the best way to stop the Hulk was to flash him her breasts. Danny admitted that it had caused him to stop and stare as well for a few minutes before he remembered why he was there.

"A double PhD and the only way you can think of to distract him is a Mardi Gras special." Fury said. Danny decided that Fury was on the side that killed all joy.

Danny was really glad he decided to accept the deal that landed him in this universe. Living here while annoying at times had its rewards.

Seeing that the Hulk was distracted too Danny decided that it was time to blast him again.

Captain America then rolled up in a tank. The tank however did not last long against the Hulk. He ripped through it like cardboard. Given that Danny could probably do the same it wasn't that impressive to him.

Steve didn't let that stop him. He rushed straight at the Hulk without a hesitation. He threw punches and kicks and even hit him with his shield but the Hulk still would not go down so easily even after all the earlier abuse that Danny gave him.

"Here's some help." he said to Captain America as he blasted the Huk from behind.

"Thanks. let's keep going." Captain America said as he and Danny kept attacking the Hulk. Danny at short range using punches with Captain America and using his ghost rays for long range and get the Hulk's attention.

"Hulk crush little boy." Hulk said as he grabbed a car and tried smashing Danny with it.

"No chance of that happening pal." Danny said phasing through the car. not even feeling the explosion. Just like before Danny sent an uppercut to Hulk that sent him in the air a few feet.

"Cap. it's your turn." Danny said and Captain America jumped off a car and slammed the Hulk into the ground with a flip kick.

"Banner's not the only one with super-soldier formula running through his heart, chum. Now get me a med-team pronto because this little guy isn't going to be in the best of shape when I jam this antidote into his neck." Cap said in response to a guy on the ear piece asking if they took out the Hulk.

Of course like he assumed earlier Banner had not really thought this through. He knew because as Captain America tried jabbing the needle into the Hulk's neck. It broke.

The neddle had done nothing except make the Hulk mad and when he got up. He and Captain america got into a struggle of strength. With the Hulk winning. Captain America was sent to the ground.

"Oh, my god! he broke the needle." Janet cried out back in her regular size.

Standing back Danny decided that he needed something a little stronger. green lightning was blasted at the Hulk and as he was hit with Danny's electrokinesis the Hulk roared in pain. Danny knew that it wasn't enough. He would have to hit him with more.

Luckily for him Thor came to help and with him came the lightning. According to Fury the president had complied with Thor's request and imcreased the budget for international aid.

"Your jaw is broken, your ribs are cracked and one of your lungs has just been punctured, Banner. Have you tasted enough of Mjolnir left?" Thor asked standing above a crater that held the Hulk.

"Nah Thor's hammer just made Hulk hornier for Betty again, hippie!" Hulk said in repsonse. Captain America then decided to step in and tell Hulk that Betty and Freddie Prinze Jr. had been put on a helicopter moving them far away from here.

Hulk took the bait like they thought he would and Wasp blasted him when he got near the helicopter and Gaint-man smacked him down to the earth with his giant hand.


"Now he turns back to Banner." Dannny said as he and the others looked down on Banner. Danny wished though that when he had turned back into Banner he had kept his huge pants.

Danny had seen way naked guys way more than he was capale with. he focused on the iamge of Wasp and Rouge naked to help him deal with this.

"Don't hurt me. Please." Banner cried out to them begging them to ignore the damage he did to the city, the people he ate, and them being the ones he ahd threatened.

Hank wasn't for that idea given what Banner had threatened to do to him. Danny wasn't in a forgiving mood either.

"I was only trying to help. This was all part of the plan you see. I was only trying to come up with a meance you could all get together and fight." Banner said trying to rationalize what he did. He was ignoring all the people that he had eaten and the others he could have killed.

"You do understand don't you? I mean, I hope you aren't going to punch or kick me or anything because I really couldn't handle that kind of thing right now Cap." Banner said pleading for them to let bygones be bygones.

"Don't be ridiculous. Why would I hit you Bruce? you're one of the gang for god's sake,... part of the team." Captain America said but he kept walking closer to Banner but while he may have said that Danny didn't really think he meant it

"I'm just here to make sure those cuts and bruises get the proper attention, pal. C'mere and let me get a closer look on that big gash on your cheek." He said and when Banner came closer saying he didn't have a gash Steve kicked him back down with his boots.

That knock Bruce out cold.

"You do now son. Dig out a straitjacket in a size thirty-four, general we're bringing him in." Captain America said walking away.

Danny did not agree with that idea. He wasn't sure it was such a good idea to let Banner live.

He told them that too. Looking at all the damage he didn't think it was a good idea to let Banner go if he could wind up doing this all over again.

He had turned his hand invisible and was prepared to pull out Banner's heart. He was unconscious so he probably wouldn't transform back into the Hulk.

Fury however had to stop him and say that he wasn't allowed to kill him. They had their orders and since they worked for and were paid by the government he had to listen. He reminded himself he was doing this to save millions of lives later.

So he waited with the others for the soldiers to come and pick Banner up.