Friday, at breakfast, Linden was disappointed that neither her cousins nor Remus had written her back, yet. She was so impatient and eager, that everyday, when the owls swooped in, her heart leapt in anticipation, then dropped when nothing was received.

It had taken her forever to pen the letter to Andromeda and Ted. She had wanted to sound calm and nonchalant and had made sure not to mention the encounter with Draco Malfoy or anything the blonde lad had told her. He was rotten and deserved no place in her letter.

Throughout her first few days at Hogwarts, Draco and his mates continuously sent her odd looks or smirks and sniggered each time she happened to pass them in the corridors. It unnerved her.

But the love for her new classes, made none of it matter.

Just as she had predicted outwardly to her cousins, she loved Astronomy and didn't care that she had to stay up late Wednesday night. Staying up made her feel like a grownup. Her only complaint was that the class was held only on Wednesdays.

History of Magic was a bit of a bore, taught by a doubty ghost named Professor Binns. There was Herbology taught three times a week, where they went out to the greenhouses with a dumpy little witch called Professor Sprout. That was interesting enough.

However, Linden had worried tremendously about Transfiguration. It was taught by Professor McGonagall, and Linden had a strong urge to make her proud. She figured the Head of House had to be quite special, otherwise Linden wouldn't have been named after her.

Though by the end of the class, after taking loads of notes, Linden had been more than gutted when she couldn't turn her match into a needle. Only Hermione had been able to do it.

Defense Against The Dark Arts, like History of Magic had been boring too; and Linden was embarrassed to admit that she fancied the way Professor Quirrell's classroom smelled strongly of garlic. She liked garlic, but all Professor Quirrell did was stutter through stories that sounded less than truthful and talk about the weather.

"Hoo," Linden startled out of her thoughts when something soft nudged her arm and she turned to see Hedwig, eyeing her expectantly.

"She wants your toast," Harry instructed, pointing to Linden's untouched plate, "Aren't you going to eat?"

"Oh," Linden looked down at her plate, "I guess not," she handed the piece of toast to Hedwig who chomped her beak around it. Harry, she noticed, had received a scrap of parchment, but couldn't read what was written on it.

Putting more thought into it, Linden decided that she was a bit hungry and took a bite of her sugared porridge. After what had happened in the corridor, Eloise had yet to speak to Linden and she never saw Hannah or Anthony. It made her sad, but George and Fred continued to let her sit with them.

"Bet she's nervous," overhearing Ron's poor whisper, Linden glanced to the side, "We have Double Potions, today…with the Slytherins," said Ron to Harry, "Snape's Head of Slytherin House. They say he always favors them—we'll be able to see if it's true."

"Wish McGonagall favored us," Harry murmured.

Linden stopped listening after that and took a big sip of her pumpkin juice. She had mentioned Professor Snape in her letter to Moony and could have definitely used his words of wisdom before this particular class.

When the time to head to the dungeons came, she had her lip between her teeth the entire time. She could hear Andromeda's voice scolding her in her head.

The potions room was creepy. It was drafty and cold, filled with worktables and cauldrons. It was sort of dark and there were preserved animal parts floating in glass jars all along the walls.

She kept her head down and chose a desk towards the back, hoping to keep out of sight. Eloise must have had the same idea, because that's who ended up being Linden's partner. It both worried and relieved Linden, but neither girl said anything to each other, keeping their gazes on the marked up tabletop.

The slamming of the door surprised the entire class and Professor Snape stalked into the room, his robes billowing behind him.

Linden's leg bounced under the table and she began to chew on her lip. Seeing him up close, she couldn't imagine being in Slytherin now and having to report to this man every time she had a problem or a question.

His skin was sallow and more pale than she had thought and he looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here, the frown on his face making Linden wonder if he ever smiled.

Professor Snape began to take roll call and his voice matched him perfectly. It was soft and had the potential to be soothing, yet instead, it was monotone and almost dangerous.

Before Linden knew what had happened, his voice came to a halt and it seemed as though she and Professor Snape were having a staring contact. She was always bad at those…Dory always won and sometimes she cheated by clapping her hands or changing her appearance to make Linden laugh.

Only, this time, it was a staring contest Linden didn't want to win and she felt she couldn't look away. Her eyes were stuck on Snape's dark orbs.

"Linden Black," he spat her name with such disgust, Linden swore she saw his face turn a little green, "Bathing in our infamy, are we?"

Linden had no idea what infamy was, but she was sure it wasn't a good thing and a few people laughed, though quickly fell silent as Snape continued as though that hadn't just happened.

She forced herself to take a deep breath, right when the Professor stopped again. This time, he was glaring at Harry.

"Ah, yes," Snape said softly, "And Harry Potter graces us with his presence, as well. Our new—celebrity."

'But that's not a bad thing,' Linden sighed through Snape's continuation, 'At least people like him. They'd fly through fire to be his friend.'

After finishing roll call, Snape began to speak again, "You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion making. As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don't expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses... I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death," he glanced at Linden and held her gaze when he said this, then looked away, "If you aren't as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach."

That actually sounded quite fascinating and Linden would have been eager to prove that she could understand the beauty and bottle all of those things, if Snape didn't scare her half to death. She was not a dunderhead and had always liked school.

"Black!" he had snapped at her so suddenly, that Linden jumped, almost falling out her chair. Before she could respond, he had slammed his hand on the desk, making Eloise whimper, "What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood!?"

Linden knew this, she did and she had opened her mouth so say the correct answer, but Snape's lips curled after a mere second, ignoring Hermione's hand that had shot into the air.

"For your information, you insolent girl," Snape sneered, cutting her off, "Asphodel and wormwood make a sleeping potion so powerful it is known as the Draught of Living Death. Something I figured you would take an interest in."

Linden's gasped and she sat there, stunned as Snape stormed off in a flourish of his robes, towards Harry's desk.

"Potter!" said Snape, "Where would you look if I told you to find me a bezoar?"

Linden didn't hear Harry's answer. That was so rude. An adult had never spoken to her that way and she had done nothing to deserve it.

'I'm not gonna cry,' she chastised herself, rubbing her eyes, just in case.

"Let's try again. Potter, where would you look if I told you to find me a bezoar?"

"I know the answer!" Linden blurted, without raising her hand.

At least he wasn't only picking on her, but how could he ask Harry those questions, when he wasn't even raising his hand?

Snape slowly turned towards her, "Do you?"

She nodded, "Inside the stomach of a goat," it was an easy question and something Andromeda had stored in her drawers.

She thought her answer would have been satisfying or would at least prove that she wasn't insolent, but Snape only used this as another opportunity to pick on Harry.

"Thought you'd have someone do your work for you, eh, Potter?" Snape demanded, "Thought you wouldn't open a book before coming, did you?" he was still ignoring Hermione's hand, "What is the difference, Potter, between monkshood and wolfsbane?"

Linden glanced over when Hermione jumped out of her chair, her hand stretching so high, it almost touched the ceiling. Still, no one payed attention to her, much too eager to hear Harry's answer or Snape's next question.

"I don't know," said Harry quietly. "I think Hermione does, though, why don't you try her?"

Linden laughed as did a few other people. Snape, however, was not pleased and proceeded to lecture them on the correct answers, while they all hurried to copy it down. Part of the lecture, included the question that Linden had gotten right.

"A point," Snape announced over the sound of scratching quills, "Will be taken from Gryffindor for your cheek, Potter and two points will be taken for Black's lack of basic classroom manners."

"I have classroom manners!" Linden argued, "And I gave the correct answer."

She really didn't like this man. He was rude and according to Dory, there was no reason ever to tolerate rude people.

Be that as it may, her outburst caused her to lose another point and Eloise huffed beside her. The lesson hadn't even started, but Gryffindor had already lost four points!

Things didn't get better. Paired with their desk mates, they were set to mix up a potion to cure boils.

Even with the bad start, Linden was happy that they actually got to work instead of taking notes.

"I'll crush up the snake fangs and weigh the dried nettles!" Linden offered happily.

"I'll cut up the pungous onions, then," Eloise decided, "The nettles are the third ingredient."

Linden nodded absently, making use of her mortar and pestle.

'This is fun,' she thought, though she tensed whenever Snape approached her desk, 'It's like magical baking!'

When the snake fangs were crushed into a fine powder, she added them to the cauldron while Eloise stirred.

'We're doing a good job,' Linden was sure of it, though all Snape did was praise Malfoy, using him as a great example for the way he had stewed his horned slugs.

"Hand me the porcupine quil-

A loud hissing interrupted Eloise's request. The sound filled the dungeon, along with clouds of acid green smoke that obscured Linden's vision.

"Ow! Blimey, my shoes!" Seamus yelled.

People started screaming and Linden saw that it was Seamus and Neville who had initially caused the commotion. Neville had melted their cauldron into a twisted blob, and their potion was seeping across the stone floor, burning holes in people's shoes as per Seamus' outcry.

Linden squeaked and copied everyone else, by climbing onto her stool, avoiding contact with the floor.

She felt bad for Neville, who was moaning in pain. He had been drenched in his failed potion, causing angry red boils to spring up all over his arms and legs.

The sight sickened her and she winced, having to look away. In any other, situation, she would have offered to take him to the hospital wing, but she had no idea where it was, and Snape, who cleared the potion away, had all ready demanded that Seamus do it.

As soon as the two boys left the room, Snape rounded on Harry and Ron as they had been the pair working next to Neville.

"You—Potter—why didn't you tell him not to add the quills? Thought he'd make you look good if he got it wrong, did you? That's another point you've lost for Gryffindor."

Linden's mouth fell open. Back to sitting properly on her stool, she turned to watch the interaction, just in time to see Harry being silenced by a quick kick from Ron.

She was so furious. Andromeda, Ted and Remus and had raised her to be the utmost respectful to adults and those older than her, but had also taught her to stand up for others. Remus, especially had made that a point, and she thought of her father as well as James, who Remus always said stood up for him and Peter.

"That's unfair! He was working on his own potion!" Linden exclaimed, right when Snape walked past her desk, "Even if he had stopped Neville, you would have been upset that he was giving help and accused him of cheating! Harry would never intentionally cause harm to someone to make himself look good. You're taking a point because he was doing his own work!"

"That's another three points and a detention, Black!"

She did the math in her head when Hermione made a noise of disapproval. If she had already lost two and now, three more, then that was five…and Harry had lost two points. So, that was seven points in total! Almost ten!

And now she had detention and it was going to be dreadful. She had never been in trouble, before.

Her mind was racing. Losing points was only going to push her further away from making friends and this lowered her mood, greatly. Who wanted to be friends with someone if they were going to lose their entire house five points every Potions class?

An hour later, she was climbing the steps out of the dungeon, her head lowered by the whispers that followed behind her. Some people were even accusing her of losing points on purpose, in order to help Slytherin win the House Cup. Merlin, and what would Professor McGonagall think of her now?

"Hey, Linden?"

"Oh," Linden turned her head, to see that Harry, and reluctantly Ron, had caught up to walk beside her, "Hullo, Harry."

Harry smiled at her, his green eyes lit up, looking oddly chuffed, "Thanks for standing up for me! It was really nice."

"Oh," she said again, blinking, "Right. You're welcome. I'm sorry you got picked on."

"S'all right," Harry promised. He looked at Ron, who was climbing the steps at a much slower pace, "Hey, at three, I'm going to see-

"Nothing!" Ron piped, quickly climbing the steps, "We're busy, we have stuff to do."

Right. They had Friday afternoons off.

"Busy with what?" she asked curiously. Harry had said 'I' not 'We', which made her think Ron's statement wasn't quite true.

They had made it out of the dungeon and the temperature was much warmer, and much more pleasant.

"We just have stuff to do," Ron's ears went pink as he held his ground, "So, we'll be going now."

Linden's shoulders fell. Andromeda had been hoping that she would make friends with the Weasleys, but Ron was the only one here that was her age and in her House, but it appeared that Ron couldn't stand her, even though both his older brothers had no problem being nice to her.

"Well, fine, then!" she snapped at him, sticking her tongue out, "I didn't care, anyway!"

She turned on her heel, narrowly missing hitting Harry with her bag and stormed off towards the Fat Lady's portrait. She'd probably go to the Common Room and read a book or take a nap. The armchairs had looked plush and comfy.

"Miss Black!"

The firm voice stopped Linden in her tracks and she turned, paling when she saw Professor McGonagall approaching her. She didn't look very happy.

"Yes, ma'am?" Linden said quietly. She clutched the strap of her bag tighter.

Professor McGonagall's eyes flashed behind her glasses, "Come with me, please."

And then she turned around, walking with quick and smooth strides, making Linden have to jog in order to keep up and she wasn't much of a runner.

It was silent, and Linden was lead to the first-floor corridor, into a small office.

There was a desk, a large fire and windows overlooking what looked like a Quidditch pitch.

"Take a seat," Professor McGonagall gestured to the one chair in front of her desk.

Nervously, Linden did as she was told, biting her lip and crossing her legs at her ankles. Was she going to get kicked out of Gryffindor house for losing so many points?

"Would you like some tea?"

"I—what?" Linden frowned at Professor McGonagall's expectant stare, "Oh, um, yes please! Thank you!"

This made Linden relax and she accepted the cup gratefully, taking a sip as soon as she had her hold on it.

"Thank you," she said again, taking another sip.

"Of course, deary," Professor McGonagall's lips twitched into a faint smile, "Now, tell me, how on Earth did you manage to lose five points in one class sitting?" she sounded exhausted.

"I don't like Snape," Linden said immediately, "He's an oily git."

Surprisingly, Professor McGonahall didn't gasp or frown or even scold Linden for the unladylike language. Instead, her eyes seemed to light up and then she looked sad.

"I see," she finally said, after a long moment.

"He's a bully," Linden continued, "He picks on me…and Harry, too!"

"Harry?" Professor McGonagall said as if she had never heard the name, "Harry Potter?"

"Yes," Linden nodded firmly, "Neville made a mistake on his and Seamus' potion and Snape yelled at Harry for not stopping him. I talked back and got detention. But I was just standing up for, Harry, honest!"

"Of course you were, deary," Professor McGonagall's smile was very sad, now, "I believe you. Nonetheless, you'll still have to serve the detention. I'm afraid I can't do anything about that."

Linden sulked, but she was glad she hadn't been yelled at, or scolded.

"Most likely, you'll have to clean cauldrons," Professor McGonagall informed her, "And it's your first detention. It should only last an hour or so."

Linden nodded, bringing her cup to her lips. That wouldn't be so bad if Snape didn't hate her so much. He was bound to make her detention experience as miserable as possible.

She hoped her cousins wouldn't be informed. They would be so disappointed that she got into trouble her first week away from home.

"Is there anything you'd like to talk about?" Professor McGonagall asked gently, "Any troubles?"

"No," Linden shook her head, "I'm all right," she hadn't seen anyone else going to their Head of House. She didn't want to come off as a baby.

"Very well," McGonagall placed her teacup down, "Just know, you're able to come to me if you have any problems or questions. You may go, now, deary. I wouldn't want to take up your entire afternoon, would I?"

Linden smiled widely and placed her cup down, "Thank you!"

"You're welcome," Professor McGonagall patted her hand affectionately, moving Linden's teacup.

Linden was feeling in much better spirits than earlier and left the office with a pep in her step.


"Hullo," she immediately recognized Fred's voice and turned, right when the Weasley twins, and Lee, stopped in front of her.

They all wore the same expression on their faces, it was comical. Their eyes were wide and sparkling with mischief and they wore huge grins.

"Is it true!?" Lee demanded.

Even with the cheery tone, Linden's heart sank and she shifted her weight. Now what had been said?

"Is what true?" she asked the trio, arching an eyebrow.

"Everyone's talking about it," Lee said, not answering the question, "No one's saying good things, but that's beside the point."

"You lost five points and got detention!" George exclaimed.

"In one class!" Fred reminded.

"All for telling off Snape!" George said proudly, "Of course, we might not get the cup," he mumbled dejectedly.

"But you told off Snape," Fred waved his brother off.

"And that's points in our books!" Lee piped up.

Linden's cheeks pinked, "Cheers," she glanced at George, "I'm sorry about losing the points."

"We'll get them back!" Fred hurriedly reassured her, flustered, "That oily git takes points from us all the time. It's really no problem."

Linden smiled up at Fred. He was always so nice.

"Yes, we'll get them back," she agreed.

"Walk with us dear, Linden," George had swooped his arm through Linden's, Lee on her other side, the two dragging her down the corridor.

She was rather startled by this and struggled to keep up.

"McGonagall, huh?" Lee started, jabbing a thumb behind him, "She yell at you?"

"Nevermind that," Fred said, "How did Snape react? Tell us what happened! How did you lose five points and get detention before the class was even half over?"

Quietly, Linden relayed the story, being careful when it came to Snape picking on Harry. It wasn't her business and she knew better than to talk about people behind their back.

"Wicked!" Fred's eyes were sparkling, "Don't worry, his detentions aren't as bad as you'd think. Y'just clean a few cauldrons by hand while he grades papers."

'That doesn't sound too awful,' Linden thought, looking around the corridor they had walked down.

"What were you guys doing?" she asked. She would think that the older students would rather be outside or hanging out in the common room.

"Exploring!" George remarked as though it should have been obvious.

"Oh?" Linden asked, her curiosity peaked.

"This castle," Fred deadpanned dramatically, "Is full of secrets."

"How do you know?" Linden asked.

All three boys fell silent and she was released from their grip as they all glanced at each other.

Linden stared at them, perplexed by their reaction. It was a very simple question and she thought it would be a simple answer.

"Can I explore with you, then?" she asked hopefully, "I won't tell anyone."

"Hmmm," Lee hummed, "I don't know. It wouldn't look good of us…corrupting an ickle first year."

George looked down at her, "Have you ever pulled a prank before?"

Linden's nose wrinkled, "A prank?" she parroted in clear distaste, "No!"

Both Lee and George gasped loudly.

"No!?" Fred squawked, a hand clutching his chest, "And just when I thought you were a girl after my own heart!"

"Oh well, now he's going to be even more insufferable," Lee grinned down at her, "Sorry Black, maybe next time. We'll see you around."

Linden nodded. She didn't think she'd be good at pranks, anyway. She much preferred the stories about them.

"See you around," she agreed and turned her head, just as Fred winked at her.

Dear Cub,

I'm doing as well as I can, not to worry. I miss you too and you have been in my thoughts, constantly. Please, tell me about your first week as I am quite eager to hear about it. Was Astronomy and Charms everything you thought it would be?

I'm so unbelievably proud of you and know that you will flourish immensely in Gryffindor House. We knew that there would be some trouble; but it sounds like things have settled down, yes? Professor Dumbledore and Hagrid have always been kind. Gryffindor was their House, too.

Ahh, the Weasley Twins. I haven't had the pleasure to make their acquaintance, but have heard that they're quite the pranksters. It sounds like you're making friends.

Keep thinking positively and perhaps look into Quidditch. I can't recall a first year ever making the team, but it never hurts to try, does it, Cub?

I love you very much,

Uncle Moony

Curled up in her bed, Linden's eyebrows knitted together. That was it? It was barely a full page!

She was glad he had written back, but he hadn't mentioned Harry or anything about Snape. She had hoped he'd have some words of encouragement or maybe he'd want to her relay a message to Harry, but he had skipped over those subjects entirely. Those were the two things she had been most excited and impatient for him to respond too.

Had he been too tired to acknowledge everything? Did he not care? Was he getting sicker? Was he not being taken care of like she had asked?

She moved to open the letter from her cousins, but paused when she heard footsteps approaching her room. Panicky and not knowing what else to do, she shoved the letters under her pillow and flopped down on her bed, curling up in a proper position to feign sleep.

"Honestly, the front page said he wasoh!" that had been the audible gasp of Lavender, "She startled me!"

"Shhh," came Parvati's sharp hiss, "She's sleeping."

"What is she so tired from? Could you believe the stunt she pulled in Potions?" Lavender's voice turned bitter, "I heard McGonagall really let her have it."

"Maybe," Parvati drawled, "But I think she did well on her potion. Ask Eloise, she has to work with Linden."

Linden tried not to frown. Has to? Maybe she hadn't meant to, but Parvati made it sound like Eloise was forced to be her partner. Which was not true at all. They were friends…at least, Linden hoped that they still were.

She stiffened when she heard the sound of rummaging through trunks. She heard some mumbling, but was so tense, couldn't make out what was being said.

"Stop that, Lavender!" Parvati scolded, "Obviously, she's a nice person. She's nice to Eloise and she stood up for Harry and I don't even think they're friends."

"She's trying to get in Harry Potter's good graces, I bet," Lavender announced, "I heard someone in Hufflepuff say that their mum was complaining."

"Quiet, you're going to wake her," Parvati said, "Oh, look, there it is. Grab it and let's go."

"Fine," Lavender's trunk shut, "And we'll meet your sister in the library tomorrow, right? I can't believe they put your twin in a whole different…"

Lavender's voice faded, along with their footsteps as they exited the shared dormitory and Linden sighed with relief. She had quickly learned, that the talk and the whispers followed her all over the castle, no matter where she was and she worried they always would.

She let her eyes flutter open and she returned to her sitting position. During the evenings, after dinner, most of Gryffindor spent their time in the common room socializing and studying.

Linden thought she was rather good at studying. Though, she did poor at socializing. It was hard when you all ready had a bad reputation—when people avoided eye contact with you at all costs and flinched in fear whenever you moved.

Perhaps she had to be brave in order to socialize, but Linden still did not think of herself as brave. She was pretty sure that she could list a million things that terrified her. She didn't think she'd be able to face dragons or ogres or climb atop mountains made of fire or anything brave like that.

It was definitely a puzzle, Linden thought, falling back down to lie on her bed. She heard the crinkling of the letters, but didn't remove them from their hiding spot.

She opened her mouth in a wide yawn. It had been a long day and she was tired.

She rolled over, out of bed and went to freshen up for the night, changing into her pink nightgown. If she was tired, now, she didn't want to think how knackered she would be after she served her detention.

"Merlin, Andromeda's going to kill me," she moaned, shimmying under her covers.

She left the letters under her pillow, deciding to read the one from her cousins in the morning. It'd give her something to do and she still needed to think of a proper response to Remus' letter.

She could hear laughter bubble up from the common room and a pang of loneliness twinged her heart. Her family wouldn't be happy about this isolation, but she didn't want to go down there, now that she had been caught "sleeping".

She gasped when she heard more footsteps and quickly closed her eyes again, having to force her body to relax.

"I know you're not really asleep!"

The bossy voice of Hermione caused Linden to open her eyes and she stared at the other witch, who was glaring at Linden as if she had done something wrong, her arms folded across her chest.

Linden propped herself up on her elbows, "How'd you know?"

"Well," Hermione started, tapping her foot, "I don't know anyone in their right mind who would go to sleep without drawing their curtains closed," she gestured to the hangings and Linden followed with her eyes, "Ever heard of privacy? Do you really want everyone watching you sleep?"

"Oh," Linden blinked, "Um, I guess not."

Hermione stared at her another moment, then sniffed, making her way towards her own bed.

"Well, if you don't mind," she began to look through her trunk, "I'm going to get some studying done. I tried to do so in the common room—the fire's just so warm—but, everyone is so rowdy. I can't even hear myself think!"

Linden watched Hermione plop down on her bed and opened her mouth to say something, but closed it when Hermione huffed again and drew her curtains closed, obscuring herself from view.

Linden bit her lip, looking around. It was silent, except for the sound of Hermione's book and now, she didn't know what to do. She didn't want to disturb Hermione by talking to herself or moving around. Still, perhaps Hermione was right—she seemed like someone who usually was—it wouldn't hurt anyone to get some studying done.

After some debating, she heaved herself all the way up and crawled to the edge of her bed, towards her trunk. She couldn't see past the top in her uncomfortable position and wasn't that organized. It took some rummaging around.

Still, through the noise, she could hear Hermione's irritated sigh and the moving of her bed curtains.

"Could you be—what are those?"

"What?" Linden couldn't see and pushed herself with her feet until she was hanging awkwardly over her bed, "I'm trying to find my Magical Theory book. I know it's in here somewhere…"

She gave up and sighed, pushing herself to all fours and then to her knees. She climbed off her bed, going to sit in front of her trunk. When she had some time—maybe before breakfast, tomorrow—she'd have to reorganize it.

"No, those," she couldn't see what Hermione was pointing at, "Where did you get them?"

Linden turned to see what Hermione was referring to and saw that she was pointing at her opened trunk. She followed Hermione's finger.

"They're my stars," she told Hermione, "They used to be on the ceiling, but my cousin put them on my trunk for me. They glow in the dark."

"I know," Hermione almost sounded offended and Linden moved to look at her, "I have them too, but on my ceiling at home. I got them at school for winning a spelling bee."

"Brilliant," Linden said, "You miss your old school, then?"

She immediately felt bad, when Hermione's face fell.

"No!" Hermione said, "I prefer it here, really. Well, I best get back to studying," and then her curtains drew closed, tighter this time.

Linden eyed the curtains, but when she heard the sound of Hermione turning book pages, she went back to looking through her trunk.

"Oh!" she gasped quietly, when she spotted her Magical Drafts and Potions book.

'I should study this one,' she decided, plucking the text and closing her trunk, 'In case ProSnape decides to ask me more questions.'

She returned to snuggle under her covers and flipped open the book, studying the pages intently.

Snape, she decided, was never going to make a fool out of her ever again.

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