A Love Story

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Summary: Before Shakespeare fell in love; before Romeo found his Juliet there was a man and his elf. The greatest love story never told.


Legolas stood slightly behind his father, still clutching the back of his knee, his face scrunched up disapprovingly at the sight he saw when he peered over into the basket that everybody was crowded around.

"Is this it?" His little high-pitched voice asked. He had expected at least a jewel of some sort but instead it was a very angry baby Aragorn. Tharanduil chuckled softly as he gently ruffled his son's long locks.

"Not much to look at now but later, you'll see."

Looking up at his father Legolas half pouted and half frowned. "I'll see what?"

The King of Greenwood (A/N: I know, I Know but this is *MY* story now lol) was about to answer but the Lord of Rivendell suddenly entered the room.

"Ah, Tharanduil. You are early." Elrond smiled as he embraced the blonde elf.

"Have you ever known me to be late?" Tharanduil smiled back, while Legolas impatiently tugged at the sleeve of Elrond.

"Young prince." Elrond looked down at the grinning face of Legolas.

"I'm not young!" Legolas retorted looking insulted. "I'm nearly 300 years old," he boasted.

"Of course, of course." Elrond laughed, his attention turning back to the older elf. "They grow up so fast."

Legolas blinked ignorantly as Elrond and Tharanduil shared another laugh. The other elves and visitors continued to coo and giggle excitedly at baby Aragorn much to Legolas's dismay. He was always the one who got all the attention, now some shriveled up, pink; constantly crying thing had stolen his spotlight. Legolas's normally beautiful face was contorted in deep thought as he tried to figure out why.

"Have you met Aragorn?" Elrond's voice broke into his thoughts as he gently placed a hand on the slender shoulder of Legolas.

"Aragorn?" The Lord of Rivendell nodded and signaled towards the crib and as if on cue Aragorn began to cry again. Legolas frowned. "What is a Aragorn? Does it do anything else but cry? "

"Why, Legolas." His father interrupted. "That's all you did when you were a baby."

Legolas looked completely flabbergasted to hear that at a point in his life he had once acted like this baby. "Impossible." He replied indignantly. "Why would I cry?"

"That's what babies do." Elrond answered patiently.

"Babies?" Legolas stared blankly.

"For a 300 year old you know very little." Elrond said. Legolas looked offended missing the amusement in the older elf's words.

"I only know that I am a prince and that thing over there is annoying me." The young elf pointed to baby Aragorn who was now contently drooling and blowing bubbles with his own spit.

"Well, that thing over there as lovely as you put it, is a King." Tharanduil said plainly, watching his son's reaction and as he predicted Legolas's eyes widened, his jaw dropped and the arm he was holding out fell limply back at his side. "Which makes him of higher rank then you."

For once in his short life, Legolas was speechless; he still could not comprehend that something as small and seemingly as insignificant as this baby could be a king, a leader, and a ruler of a country.

"Would you like to meet him?" Elrond asked, extremely amused. When Legolas did not answer Elrond gently guided the shocked elf towards the crib.

Legolas raised both eyebrows as he had a closer look at the future King of Gondor. Little Aragorn stared back, in awe of the beautiful light that looked down on him. His round, brown eyes grew bigger and more drool passed his parted lips as a chubby, pink hand made a grab at strands of Legolas's blonde locks. The golden-haired elf still couldn't comprehend that something so small could be a king missed the hand make a grab at his precious hair, he cried out and recoiled.

"Little brat!" he seethed while rubbing his head, he was even more un- amused when he noticed his father and Lord Elrond laughing. The young prince narrowed his sapphire colored eyes as he turned his attention back to the now giggling Aragorn, who looked extremely proud of himself. "You, a King? Have the valars gone insane?"


((Much time has passed))

"I don't understand." A 20-something year old Estel blurted out.

"Of course you wouldn't" Elladan, the oldest of Elrond's twin sons replied rolling his emerald colored eyes.

Estel frowned, confused even more but he continued to walk after his brothers as they walked quickly down a corridor they both looked like they were about to break into a sprint at any moment.

"I still don't understand." Estel continued, feeling stupider every second

Elladan and Elrohir shared a secret smile but said nothing. Estel was beginning to get annoyed and was about to give the twins a piece of his mind when their father appeared in front of them.

"You are late." He said looking slightly annoyed. Instinctively Elladan pointed at Aragorn who pointed at Elrohir who in turn pointed back at Elladan. Elrond just sighed; he didn't even know why he still bothered. "Well, then hurry up." He pushed open the door, which led into his own study. Elladan and Elrohir grinned at their father before disappearing behind the door; Estel was a little more hesitant and looked at his adopted father who smiled encouragingly. "We will not force you to do anything you do not want to do." Aragorn nodded but actually had no idea what Elrond spoke of but obligingly followed his brother's into Elrond's study.

"Father." Elladan spoke as Elrond entered the study closing the door behind him. "Why would you say we are late when the Greenwood elves have yet to arrive?"

"They will be here very soon."

"Greenwood elves?" Estel said quietly, trying not to sound too ignorant.

Elrond raised a slight eyebrow at Estel who seemed embarrassed and looked to the ground. "Did Elrohir and Elladan not tell you?"

The twins looked at each other, grinning mischievously. "Oops." They said at the same time.

The Rivendell Lord turned his attention to his twin sons his raised eyebrow looking more menacing then quizzical this time. "Really you two, is it too much to ask of you to act your age?" Elrond didn't wait for a reply as he looked back at Estel who suddenly realized it wasn't his own ignorance that made him feel so lost. "You are to meet Prince Legolas today."

At the mention of Legolas both Elladan and Elrohir sighed, a dreamy look glazing over their eyes. It was Estel's turn to raise an eyebrow as he looked at his brothers. Although he was raised by elves there was a part of him that still did not approve of male and male relationships regardless of race.

Elrohir, noticing Estel's gaze shook his head slightly and muttered. "Humans, they know nothing."

Elladan nodded agreeing, but Estel wisely chose to ignore them. "Who is this prince you speak of?" he asked directing the question at their father but Elladan chose to answer it for him.

"He is only the most beautiful elf to have ever graced Middle Earth." The older twin answered impatiently as if it was as clear as day.

Estel seemingly only could register 'He' and 'beautiful.' "How can a male be beautiful?"

Elladan was beginning to look annoyed so Elrohir too over.

"Can they not?" he answered the question with a question.

"But-" Estel began but stopped realizing that either way he was going to lose this argument, if one should call it that.

"Perhaps," Their father finally spoke up. "We shall leave Estel to be the judge of this, shall we?"

The twins nodded begrudgingly, jealousy rippling through their normally unconcerned facial expression. Estel however was too caught up in his own thoughts to see the glares his brothers were giving him. How could he possibly ever think another male to be attractive? He had always like maidens, had his fair share of them too and he was sure that his gate didn't swing that way.. But all of his conscious thoughts disappeared as he looked up to see a glowing beauty enter the room. Anything else seemed dull and unimportant nothing else seemed to matter. The atmosphere was still and silent as all eyes were on this dazzling being.

"Who . who. by the valars is this?" Estel could barely construct a sentence as his eyes refused to leave the sight of the radiant ivory colored skin, the flowing hair which looked much like the golden rays of the sun, the beautiful sapphire tinted eyes, the lithe, slender body.

Elrohir leaned in close to his brothers his eyes too glued to the sheer perfection of this individual. "That, my little, deprived brother," He breathed "is Legolas."

And Estel's jaw dropped, the reason having little to do with his state of shock.


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