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Warning: Lemon!

Final Chapter

Four days later…
Karakura Grand Hotel; Penthouse Suite

"Ahhhhh…" Ichigo sighed as he got out of the hot shower, a white towel wrapped around him. "I needed that…"

He looked around and admired the amenities of their room. Ichigo didn't know how he managed to do it, but he had to give Kisuke credit for securing the most luxurious room on the top floor of the most expensive hotel in Karakura Town.

Wanting to help the couple wind down after such a harrowing ordeal, Kisuke had pulled some strings to secure a weekend getaway at the fancy hotel for Ichigo and Bambietta, who were more than grateful for the chance to unwind and get some much needed R&R. The couple had spent their first minutes soaking in the hot tub, cuddling together while pressing their bodies close. Bambietta explained what'd happened after she'd been captured by Soi-Fon, afterwards Ichigo recounted his battle with Kenpachi and Kyoraku. After stepping out of the hot tub they'd left to go shower in individual bathrooms.

As soon as he sat down on the bed, Bambietta opened the door to her shower and stepped out. Unlike Ichigo, Bambietta was buck naked, water dripping off her naked body as she stood in the doorway, licking her lips at the enticing treat in front of her.

"Towel. Off. Now."


"I have had the crap beat out of me, deal with my four backstabbing friends, stare right into the gates of hell and had to bow my head to a Soul Reaper. I need relief," she said with a lustful grin. "You are going to fuck me until either my hips are shattered or your balls are dried raisins."

Immediately Ichigo ripped the towel off of him. His manhood began to stand at attention from seeing the horny, naked Bambietta in front of him. With a wolfish grin, the horny girl ran over to her boyfriend and pounced, jumping on top of him and slamming him down on the bed. The Sternritter mashed her lips against her lover's and gave him the deepest kiss she could give. Her tongue slipped into his mouth while her hands ran through his wet orange hair. Ichigo met her tongue with his own, sucking on it while his hands reached around to cup her juicy, heart-shaped ass.

Taking the initiative, Bambietta grabbed Ichigo's wrists and held them above his head. Straddling his broad chest, the girl leaned up and smiled when she saw Ichigo staring at the large breasts in front of his face. "You want?" she teased before lowering herself and smothered Ichigo with her tits.

"Mmmmmmh…" Ichigo opened his mouth and started to lick the round melons pressing into his face, hearing Bambietta's moaning above him. His cock, already standing tall, throbbed as Bambietta started grinding her snatch against Ichigo's hard abs. A light wetness trailed across Ichigo's chest, a sign of how much Bambietta wanted him to rock her world.

"Ahhhh, yeeeeeahhh…" Bambietta slurred as Ichigo licked her tits, not ceasing her sensual grinding of her hips. "Suck my titties…" When lips wrapped around her tender tit and teeth gently bit down on her nipple. "Ahhh!" Bambietta threw her head back and cried out as Ichigo tenderized her sensitive tit. She closed her eyes and embraced the heat burning in her boobs from Ichigo's sucking and nibbling. "Ah!" she gasped again when Ichigo bit down again. "Ichigo, you dirty boy!" she grinned. "Milk's not going to come out no matter how hard you suck."

Taking his lips away from her abused nipple, Ichigo buried his face in Bambietta's cleavage, admiring the softness of her tits against his bare face. The hot wetness that was rubbing his stomach and chest inched slowly towards his erect manhood until he felt his cock become wedged between two soft cheeks. "I can fix that," he said, his voice muffled by Bambietta's boobs.

"I bet you could," Bambietta smirked. "Knowing your method of doing the impossible, you'd probably knock me up even with me on birth control…" she chuckled. She let out another gasp when Ichigo switched to her other nipple and bit down on it. Her grip on Ichigo's wrists weakened as the pleasure in her chest made her mind melt, her pussy dripping onto Ichigo's hips.

Ichigo seized the opportunity of Bambietta's weakened grip and slipped free. Grabbing her shoulders, Ichigo rolled over and pinned Bambietta to the bed. Not willing to let herself fall into Ichigo's pace so quickly, Bambietta playfully struggled against her boyfriend. With grins on both their faces, they grappled with each other on the bed, exchanging kisses all the while and Ichigo's manhood brushing against her wet lower mouth.

Getting dirty, Ichigo let go of his girlfriend's arms and squeezed her breasts, pressing his knee into her crotch. Bambietta went stiff as a board in response, her mind turning to mush as Ichigo sucked on her tongue. As they parted, a string of saliva connecting their mouths, Bambietta glared at him. "That's…dirty!" she panted.

"All's fair in love," Ichigo teased. He lay slid down next to Bambietta's side and lifted her leg up into the air, one arm reaching underneath her to grab her boob. Capturing Bambietta's lips again, he slid his hand down and pressed two fingers against her entrance.

"Mmmmmh!" Bambietta moaned lewdly into Ichigo's lips as her folds gave way, feeling the digits invade her. She turned her head away and arched her back as the digits scissored inside of her. "Nghhhhh!" Her hand reached up and grabbed Ichigo's hair, digging her fingers into him while he fingered her. "Yeah, that's it…" she panted, turning her head to steal another kiss. "I've…been wanting this since I…got back…"

"Really? I'd have thought you'd storm into my bedroom as soon as we got back," Ichigo whispered into her ear as he pumped his fingers in and out of her, the wet tightness gripping his digits.

"Oh trust me, I wanted nothing more than to sneak into your room and have you break your bed with me," Bambietta panted. "But I wanted this to be special…"

Ichigo too had been waiting almost impatiently for the past four days. He wanted Bambietta to recover from her ordeal but he couldn't hold back anymore. He was going to fuck the memory of her capture right out of her pretty head. He pulled his fingers out of her cunt and gave them a lick, tasting her juices before letting Bambietta have a taste. "You ready?" he asked. Without waiting for an answer, he let go of Bambietta's leg and rolled on top of her. He cupped Bambietta's face and kissed her while he aimed his cock at her wet entrance. Bambietta dug her nails into his shoulders, sighing as the tip entered her. "Fuck me…" she begged.

The couple let out a heavy moan as Ichigo speared Bambietta's cunt, becoming one with his girlfriend. Ichigo didn't wait to start fucking Bambietta like a savage, his hips slapping her hips like a machine. Bambietta's eyes widened as Ichigo stretched her cunt, already feeling him hit her sweet spots and her cervix. 'Fuck! It hasn't been that long since we had sex yet he feels bigger than ever!' "Ahhh! Ohhh!" Her tits bounced wildly as Ichigo rocked her world, her heels digging into his back. She raked her nails down his back, scratching his tanned skin.

Ichigo was in love with the faces Bambietta made each time he plunged into her depths, intending on fucking her brains out. "Bambi…" he panted, sweat dripping down his back.

Deciding that getting fucked missionary-style was too boring, Bambietta decided to up her game. She stopped Ichigo for a moment and told him to pull out. Ichigo did as requested as she sat up and slid off the bed, getting down on the floor. "Come on, big boy…" Bambietta winked as she shook her naked ass in front of him. "Fuck me on the floor like an animal!"

The girl's increasing horniness excited Ichigo to new heights. Getting down on the floor behind his girlfriend, Ichigo spread her round cheeks and slammed back inside her cunt. "Bambi…" Ichigo moaned repeatedly as he moved hard and fast, his hips slamming brutally into Bambietta's ass while his cock reshaped her pussy.

"Fuck! FUCK!" Bambietta shouted, bucking into Ichigo's thrusts, her ass shaking like mad and her breasts bouncing with each thrust. "So…deep! You're so fucking deep!" Her nails dug into the carpet, heavy panting mixed with her moans. "ARGH!" she shouted when Ichigo suddenly grabbed a handful of her long, dark hair and pulled. "Oh fuck!" Her back arched in response, letting Ichigo fuck her at a slightly deeper angle. Bambietta's head fogged up as the pleasure overwhelmed her. She wanted Ichigo to fuck her into oblivion and she was going to get her wish. "Fuck!" she groaned quickly before climaxing.

The debauchery only continued from there. Ichigo didn't miss a beat even as Bambietta climaxed around him. He let go of her hair and reached around to grab her breasts. "Bambi…" he grunted as he pulled her close, his hips not stopping despite the increased tightness of Bambietta's pussy around him. "I can't stop fucking you!" he grunted into her ear.

"Don't stop!" Bambietta moaned. She turned her head and captured Ichigo's lips in a sloppy kiss. She reached behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Mmmmh!" The two happily fucked on the floor, standing on their knees as their bodies clung to each other. Bambietta's head rolled back onto Ichigo's shoulder when she felt his strong hands squeeze her breasts, moaning as lewdly as she could.

Ichigo hips slapping hers was like thunder to the horny boy. He could feel the encroaching pressure in his loins start to build up and wanted to drown in that sublime feeling. Taking his hands away from his girlfriend's breasts, Ichigo quickly pulled out of Bambietta and stood up. Bambietta took his hand and stood up, confused why he stopped when she was so close to a second orgasm, when Ichigo suddenly wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up. His hands grabbing her soft ass, Ichigo slammed her against the wall. "Ahhh…" Ichigo moaned as he plunged back into Bambietta's cunt. Keeping Bambietta pinned against the wall, Ichigo started to thrust into her as fast as he could. "Yeah…" he groaned. "Ohhhhh…"

"Oh! Fuck! Ohhhhh! Fuuuuuck!" Bambietta shouted as she clung to Ichigo, her arms and legs wrapped around his frame, clinging to him for dear life. "Gonna…gonna cum!" she grunted through clenched teeth. "Fuck, you're gonna make me cum again!" She could feel Ichigo's cock slam in and out of her rapidly, her loins on fire from his thrusts. Even when he was in his Human body he could make love with such passion it was like she was fucking him in his hybrid state. She dug her heels into his back hard.

"Ah! Bambi! Bambi!" Ichigo repeated nonstop. His balls tightened as he fucked her with all his inhuman strength. He'd been restraining himself since he got back from the Soul Society so his endurance was wearing thin. "I'm…gonna…blow…"

"In…inside…" Bambietta panted, tears stinging the edge of her eyes as Ichigo hammered the door to her womb. The two lovers reached their peaks together. So lost in the feel of her body in rapture was Bambietta that she couldn't even make a sound. A voiceless scream left her lips as she threw her head back, banging it against the wall while her pussy gushed all over Ichigo's manhood and his balls. Ichigo was the vocal one of the pair, giving a loud moan as he released inside his girlfriend and filling her with his cum.

Grabbing Ichigo by the back of her head, Bambietta pulled him in for another sloppy kiss. Ichigo's thrusts slowly came to a stop while they made out, a white trickle of cum leaking from Bambietta's plugged pussy. When they pulled away from the kiss, Bambietta smiled at Ichigo with love replacing the lust in her eyes. "I love you."

"I love you too, Bambietta," Ichigo replied back, caressing her cheek.

Looking around, Bambietta got another dirty idea. "You want to make Kisuke pay for the damage we're about to do this place?"

Ichigo's eyes lit up. "You don't even need to ask!" Pulling Bambietta away from the wall, Ichigo carried her over to the hot tub for another round of debauchery, the next of many they would share over their stay at the hotel…

Twelve Years Later…


Two young ladies were waiting outside the front door to the house. One was about to jump up and down in excitement while holding a bag of soda while the other waited patiently holding several bags of chips.

"Yuzu, if you keep jumping like that the soda will be too shaken up to drink," Karin scowled from her sister's excitement.

"I can't help it, Karin! I want to see Ichigo's kids so much so I can hug them!" she said with sparkles in her eyes.

Her twin sister sighed. She hid it better than Yuzu but she wanted to do the same thing too. "Fine, but let's switch stuff so the soda doesn't rocket you into outer space."

As they swap, the door opened. Now a young man in his prime, Ichigo happily greeted his sisters. "Yuzu, Karin! You made it!"

"Of course we did, Ichigo! You live next door to us after all," Karin pointed out, cocking a thumb to the clinic.

Years after Ichigo and his friends rescued Bambietta and brought her back home, Ichigo wanted a place of his own where he and Bambietta could live together. After talking it over with Kisuke, the shopkeeper pulled a few strings and gave Ichigo the same large house Rurichiyo used for a short time near his house. After he moved, his sisters began to visit often.

"Don't be a smartass, Karin," Ichigo said while patting his sister's head and hugging her.

"Auntie Karin! Auntie Yuzu!" cried a tiny voice from behind Ichigo. Running past the orange-haired man came a nine-year old girl with brown eyes and raven-black hair."

Yuzu squealed in delight. "Kaida!" She handed Ichigo the chips and gave her niece a warm hug. "You look so much like your mother!"

"Want to step inside? Everyone is almost here," said Kaida's father.


"Still waiting for Rukia, Renji and Ichika. They should be here soon," Ichigo replied. He let his sisters in before closing the front door.

"Come on, honey! Show that wannabe who he's messing with! GO, GO, GO!" yelled out Tatsuki, cheering on a certain someone on the big screen.

Shaking his head at her, Ichigo had to calm his best friend's excitement. "Jeez, Tatsuki, the fight's not for another hour and your screaming at the trailers."

Tatsuki's face turned red in embarrassment. "Right, sorry about that. I guess I'm just anxious. But I can't help it! It's Chad's biggest match!"

About four years ago Chad proposed to Tatsuki, surprising everybody. But the real shock was when Tatsuki instantly said yes, much to everyone's delight. Ichigo was happy for his two friends, glad that they found happiness with each other.

"It's fine. You've always been the one for extremes when you get excited."

Tatsuki glared at her friend. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Before he could answer, someone was launched out of the kitchen and rolled like a bowling ball until he hit the couch. "OUCH! All I did was ask for help and Bambi power-kicked me!" Keigo grumbled, rubbing his sore gut while Ichigo helped him to his feet.

Sitting next to Tatsuki on the couch, Mizuiro observed the scene and chuckled. "Bambietta did say she and Orihime were cooking and didn't want to be disturbed until they were done, Keigo."

"I didn't hear that! I was in the restroom and when I asked if I missed anything, you said no!" Keigo glared fiercely at his friend who turned away with an innocent look on his face.

"He's not wrong," someone muttered nearby.

Turning his head, Ichigo saw Uryu leaning back against the wall while looking outside on the back porch.

Walking next to him, both men looked outside and saw three children playing with Nelliel. Ichigo smiled and gave a light chuckle from the heartwarming sight. "Those boys really love playing with Nel."

"I imagine the feeling is mutual?"

"She loves coming by often to play with the kids."

"Especially since you told her she could come over whenever she wanted. Things back in Hueco mundo must not be very busy." Another thought came to Uryu. "Speaking of which, I overheard Nelliel talking about Grimmjow achieving the Segunda Etapa release state some time ago."

Ichigo sighed. "Yeah…he did. That lunatic almost came barging into my house a few years back. I had to go to Los Noches myself to take him down. I'm just glad Halibel and Nel are able to keep him on a leash." His expression soured. "After I beat him, he said 'This isn't the end, Ichigo! I will keep coming back stronger until I rip your heart out'," Ichigo said while acting like the homicidal Grimmjow.

Uryu pushed his glasses up. "Sounds to me this is becoming a tradition between you two?"

"I hope not. I already have one psycho who wants to fight me again. Two is more than I can handle…" Ichigo imagined chibi versions of Kenpachi and Grimmjow banging on his head to fight him again and groaned.

"Come to think of it, I thought Yoruichi and Kisuke were coming by today?" Uryu wondered out loud.

"They were here earlier. They couldn't stay long because they said their squads needed attention. They'll be back in a bit." Ichigo recalled after they rescued Bambietta, Kisuke and Yoruichi were appalled by the state of their old squads and decided to whip them back into shape. Despite their assistance in Ichigo's little rescue attempt to save Bambietta, Kyoraku was okay with letting the two return to their positions since they were in need of new director for the R&D department and Soi-Fon practically begged him to let Yoruichi return to lead the Punishment Force again. With Mayuri dead, Kisuke reclaimed his old captaincy. The shopkeeper surprised everyone by handling his old squad while running his candy shop with no trouble at all.

Uryu pushed up his glasses. "I heard they're bringing Nemu as well?"

"Yeah. She's coming with them when they get back. Kisuke said Nemu loves coming here to play with the kids."

"Speaking of which, I think they should come back inside since Chad's fight will start soon?"

"Right. Kazui! Nagisa! It's time to come back in!" Ichigo called out to his boys, getting their attention.

"You too, Kenichi!" Uryu called out to his own son. The boys ran back inside, leaving a pouty Nelliel behind.

The former Espada joined the father's on the porch, dressed in a simple shirt and shorts provided by Orihime. "I was really having fun playing Eternal Tag with the boys. Too bad Pesche and Dondochakka couldn't come and join. They're too shy of the Human World."

Ichigo mentally sighed, grateful that Nel's brothers didn't come along with her. He didn't want his children mixed up with those two weirdos. The three joined the others in the living room. Just when Ichigo was about to join the kitchen to check up on his wife the doorbell rang. "Ah, that must be them. Nel? Could you go check on Bambi and Orihime and see if they need help?" Nodding, Nelliel headed for the kitchen while Ichigo walked to the front door. His smile grew when he opened it and saw Rukia and Renji.

"Hey, Ichigo!" Rukia greeted.

"Long time no see!" said Renji.

Ichigo had been relieved that the two lieutenants were not punished too harshly for aiding him in his rescue attempt. Their punishment had been more of a slap on the wrist by Kyoraku and Byakuya, a harsh lecture about "duty over personal emotions" and being left in charge of cleaning up the mess Ichigo and his friends had caused in the wake of Bambietta's rescue.

Seeing only the two of them, Ichigo looked around and wondered where their daughter was. "Hey, where's Ichika?"

The two parents looked behind them and saw nothing but air.

"Guess she ran off again?" Suddenly Rukia started acting like Isshin. "Oh Ichika!" she called out while looking for her little girl. "Come back to mommy, my little princess!"

Ichigo sighed. Rukia had strangely taken a page out of Isshin's book when it came to her maternal antics. "What do you mean she ran off again? And why are you saying that like it's no big deal while smiling?" he questioned, earning a sharp glare from the two.

Renji stepped in between them. "Calm down, Ichigo. I just saw Ichika sneak up into Kaida's room. She's rather adventurous. Those two are best friends, after all."

Ichigo had to agree with Renji. Kaida and Ichika always got into mischief whenever they were together, often dragging Nemu Urahara into it when she came by for a sleepover.

Suddenly the two men were pulled by Rukia into the house, the woman clearly tired of the present conversation. "C'mon, boys! Let's head in! I want to see what Chad does to the poor sap who goes up against him."

Upstairs in Kaida's room, Ichigo and Bambietta's daughter was getting something. She felt Ichika's spirit energy and wanted to surprise her friend. Just like her parents, Kaida and her younger brothers inherited spiritual powers.

"Found it! Ichika is going down when I use this secret weapon on her!" Kaida grinned as she held up a picture of something.

"Take me out with what?" said a voice while passing through the wall.

Kaida knew that voice and smirked. "You'll see…after I kick your butt!" Kaida faced Ichika and used Hirenkyaku, diving towards her. Ichika Flashstepped out of the way, making Kaida land on her bed.

"Too bad, Kaida! You're too slow and I saw that a mile away!" the small redhead laughed. But her enjoyment didn't last long when the girl tackled her.

"Who's too slow now, Ichika? Looks like you can't take this champ down!" Kaida gloated. Then she saw Ichika get up and grinned.

"You've done it now, hot head. Get ready for this!" Ichika lunged for her friend.

Back downstairs, everyone was waiting for the women to come out of the kitchen with lunch. After a few more minutes four women popped out of the kitchen with food in their hands.

"We have meatloaf!" a now adult Orihime cheered.

"We've got mac n' cheese!" said Ikumi, now older with a touch of gray in her hair.

Following Ikumi was Nel. "I've got the banana pudding!" she announced, holding a large bowl in her arms.

"Last but not least, some good bomb cookies!" The last to emerge was Bambietta Kurosaki, now a grown woman and Ichigo's wife and mother of their children. In one hand she held a plate of cookies while carrying a baby in her other arm. The baby was a little girl with bright orange hair.

After the four women put the food down on the table, Bambietta moved to go to the children's rooms. "I'll be right back. I'm going to get little Nozomi's favorite toy." She walked down the hallway with her baby girl in tow, passing by a large gallery of pictures.

Each picture on the wall showed the phases of Ichigo and Bambietta's life together. The first two was of Ichigo and Bambietta graduating high school, followed by a photo of them at the altar on their wedding day. After graduating from school and his father agreed to tutor him in medicine, Ichigo proposed to Bambietta, who readily said yes. Another photo showed the Ichigo and a very pregnant Bambi with their friends and family in front of their new house, bought with some help from Kisuke. The next few photos showed the Kurosaki family growing bigger, Kaida being born while being held by her new mother with tears of joy in Bambi's eyes and surrounded by family. Pictures of the twin boys, Kazui and Nagisa on the day of their birth followed by a more recent picture of their seventh birthday. Kaida had accidentally blown up the cake, resulting in the children laughing while having cake all over their faces. Another picture showed a sleeping Ichigo on the couch, joined by his three children napping next to him.

More photos followed of Ichigo and Bambi's anniversaries, vacations and their children's school photos. The last row showed the more recent events in Ichigo and Bambietta's life, of Nozomi coming home from the hospital after Bambi gave birth to her. The final picture showed the whole Kurosaki family in front of their house with Ichigo holding Nozomi in his arms, Karin, Yuzu, Isshin and Ikumi all joining in on the photo.

As she entered her daughter's room, Bambi heard familiar cries for mercy.

"Help me!" Kon pleaded while trying to escape little Nozomi's grasp, Bambietta handing the Mod Soul to her and the girl now grasping the plushy while nibbling on his ear, holding him tightly.

Seeing the poor stuffed animal suffer made Bambietta laugh wickedly. "Nozomi really loves her stuffed lion. Give it up, Kon. She's not going to let go anytime soon."

"I was already Kaida's, Kazui's and Nagisa's play toy to chew on! I don't need another one drooling all over me! I should report you all for stuffed animal abuse! I will have my retribution for my name is Kon-gaaaaahhhh!" Kon was cut short when Nozomi started hugging him tighter.

Bambietta Kurosaki giggled at Kon's torture. The stuffed lion had indeed been all of her children's favorite toy when they were little. Kaida used to squeeze Kon so tightly that the plushy would cough up his Mod Soul. Kazui and Nagisa would sometimes fight for him, playing tug-of-war with him and pulling out his stuffed arms, resulting in Uryu having to come by often to fix Kon back up. Now it was Nozomi's turn to torture Kon. Despite everything though, Kon was still part of the family and Bambietta could count on him to watch out for her children while she and Ichigo were out dealing with Hollows.

Picking up her child with Kon in Nozomi's grasp, she headed back ot the living rom. Passing by the picture of the Kurosaki family all together, Bambietta suddenly stopped and saw something in the picture. It had only been a cursory glance but she'd noticed something in the picture now that she had not seen before, something that made her eyes widen.

Kon noticed Bambietta staring and was startled by her expression. "Bambi, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Bambietta said, smiling as she turned away and continued walking. "Just something I need to show Ichigo when I put Nozomi down somewhere.

Back in the living room, the housewife saw Kisuke and Yoruihci arrive with a young Nemu Urahara. The girl, a recreation of Project Nemuri, looked very much like her predecessor. Kenichi greeted her, making the little girl blush.

When the werecat saw Bambi with Nozomi, she walked over to them and started to coo from the baby's cuteness. "Aww! Is little Nozomi being a good girl today?" Yoruichi boobed the baby on the nose, making little Nozomi giggle.

"How are things with the Soul Society? I heard from Kisuke about major changes been going on there but I haven't heard the details."

"Well, you remember how Mayuri manipulated the captains and Central 46 into capturing you, right?" When Bambietta nodded, she continued. "After me and Kisuke got our old squads back in order, we made an investigation and we discovered lots of dirt the nobles made behind the scenes from the past attacks Ichigo were involved in. We told Squad Zero and they were outraged at everything they'd done." Yoruichi was still surprised by Squad Zero's anger. It was rather rare for Osho in particular to show rage. "They worked with Head-Captain Kyoraku to initiate a crackdown of all the corrupted nobles and putting more reliable, levelheaded members within Central 46 for a fresh new start for a better government. Honestly, we should have done this so much sooner." Yoruichi let out a long sigh. Still, her and Kisuke's efforts had come a long way to making the Soul Society a bit better.

"Guess we have Ichigo to thank for causing them trouble?" Both Bambietta and Yoruichi laughed.

Then Bambietta remembered something. "Yoruichi? Could you hold Nozomi for a second? There's something I need to show Ichigo real quick." She handed her baby over after Yoruichi nodded. She went to find Ichigo, only for her to nearly trip when her boys suddenly zoomed across the room.

"Can't catch me, Kazui!" Nagisa taunted his twin brother, Flashstepping around the room while his brother struggled catch him.

"No fair! You got a head start, bro!" Kazui whined.

Before any mayhem could ensue, both boys were suddenly grabbed by their faster mother and were yanked into the air until they were eye level with her. "What did I say about using your powers in the house and while we have guests?!" she scolded with the motherly temper she inherited from Ikumi, making both boys shiver. "If I catch you two doing that again, I'll give you both the belt! Is that clear?!" she demanded, her sons nodding as quickly as their necks allowed. She put her sons down and let them join Tatsuki quietly on the couch.

Now that her boys had clamed down, Bambietta resumed looking for her husband. She spotted him still speaking with Uryu and walked over to him. "Hey, Ichigo?"

Ichigo turned to his wife. "Yo? What's up?"

"I just saw something very amazing. It's on one of our family photos. I hadn't noticed until now. Let me show you-" Bambietta was cut off when she heard a loud noise going on upstairs. Right as they were about to bolt up the stairs in alarm, two small girls rolled down the stairs and bounced onto the floor. Kaida and Ichika were grappling with each other, neither one letting go of the other.

Rukia joined the couple and watched their daughters wrestling match. "Are they still competing with each other?"

Rukia and Bambietta looked at each other and then back to the girls. "This counts as competing?" Bambietta said.

"Go Ichika! Show Kaida who's boss!"

"Come on, Kaida! Kurosakis never lose!"

"Are you both crazy?!" Ichigo roared. "Now is not the time for this. Chad's match is almost starting!"

The mothers laughed and decided to end their girls' little roughhouse. After sperating the pair, Bambietta grabbed Ichigo's arm and led him to the hallway to show him what she saw. While she was gone, Rukia ruffled the children's hair.

"You two love getting into mischief. But Ichigo's got a point. Chad's match is almost up and we can't wait to see it!" Rukia said with an excited smile. "Come on, you two. Let's join in with everybody."

Suddenly the doorbell rang. "Someone's here? I'll be right back!" Rukia got up to head for the front door.

Standing near the kitchen, Kaida dug something in her pocket and showed Ichika proudly. "Hey, Ichika, check it out! My own Quincy Cross!" She held up the cross by its chain. Her mother had given her a brand new Quincy Cross just a few days ago as a birthday present. Inheriting a traditional Quincy artifact was an honor, especially from her own mother. She wanted to be strong like her parents after hearing of some of the stories her father told her of his time in the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. Kaida shared her father's wish to become strong so she could protect her family and best friends.

The red-haired girl returned Kaida's proud smile with her own. "That is so cool. But look what I got. My own zanpakuto!" She made it appear in her hands and showed it to her best friend. It was a wakizashi, suiting her small size. "It was a gift from Uncle Byakuya. I can't wait till I achieve my Shikai and see what it becomes. I wonder if your brothers will be impressed?"

Smiling at her friend's excitement, Kaida got a gleam in her eye. "You mean Kazui especially?" Her response was met with Ichika's face matching her hair color. "Admit it, you've got a crush on my brother."

"I don't know what you're talking about! I don't feel that way! Not at all!" Ichika denied, shaking her head. But Kaida could see right through her.

"Okay, you can deny that. But you can't deny…this!" Kaida pulled out a picture, one that made Ichika to freeze like a statue.

"I-Is…th-that…" Ichika could barely speak as she stared at the picture.

"Yep. It's a poster for a new Chappy toy. I know you'd want to get this since you can't resist your favorite bunny." Kaida knew she got her friend good. Like with her mother, when it comes to Chappy, Ichika was all about the rabbit.

"We have to get it!" Ichika didn't bother denying it. "Chappy's the greatest animal in the world!"

"Let's ask our parents later. My dad's friend is almost on." The kids walked back to the living room. Kaida's face lit up when she saw her uncle, Kaoru walked in with Rukia. "Uncle Kaoru! You made it!"

"I thought I wasn't going to make it," Kaoru said, his shirt covered in sweat. He'd ran a few miles to make it to his brother-in-law's to watch his favorite boxer fight.

"Let's go! I'ts about to start!" She pulled her uncle over to the couch. Kaoru chuckled at his niece's pushy behavior. "Like mother, like daughter," he muttered.

In the hallway with Ichigo and Bambietta, Ichigo was staring at the picture and saw what Bambietta had seen. He couldn't believe his eyes. "Was she always there in the picture?"

Bambietta smiled warmly at Ichigo and hugged him from behind. "I guess when your dad killed Grand Fisher, her spirit was set free. But she was always watching over you. Not just in the picture, but in here." She put her hand up to touch Ichigo's heart.

Ichigo held back tears and turned around to hug his wife. "You're right. She always is. I love you, Bambi." He pressed his lips against Bambietta's in a sweet kiss.

"I love you too," Bambietta told her husband when they parted.

"Hey, you two! Chad's on! Hurry up or you're going to miss it!" Tatsuki shouted.

Their friend's voice snapping them out of the moment, the couple raced back to the living room. The last thing they needed was to get on Tatsuki's bad side.

Running behind him, Bambietta looked back at the photo. It was hard to see, but behind the group you could see a certain brown-haired woman looking very happy for her family.

Sitting down next to her husband, her mother, her brother, her children and her family, Bambietta could feel love radiating from everyone and smiled.

She felt right at home.

The End